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March 26, 1963
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
Filed April 26, 1961
March 26, 1963
Filed April 26, 1961
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
United States Patent 0 " "ice
Patented Mar. 25, 1963
FIGS. 10 to 13 illustrate details of another embodiment
of the mirror assembly by a bottom view (FIGS. 10 and
11) in a partly sectional lateral view (FIG. 12) and a
Johann Gnehni, Via Anfossi 20, Milan, Italy
‘Filed Apr. 26, 1961, Ser. No. 105,744
Claims priority, application Italy May 9, 1960
2 Claims. (Cl. 128-16)
My invention relates to a speculum, particularly an
top view (FIG. 13) and FIGS. 10a, 11a are respective
UK sections along lines Ida-10a in FIG. 10 and Ila-11a
in FIG. 11.
According to FIGS. 1, 2 and 3, the speculum comprises
a tubular handle 3 which has a nipple piece 1 stuck into
one of its ends for attachment to an air-supply hose. The
oral mirror for stomatological purposes, and has for its 10 coupling nipple 1 is rotatably mounted and is sealed by
means of gaskets 2 of elastic material. The other end of
object, aside from re?ecting the area under observation,
the tubular handle 3 merges with a compressed-air nozzle
to also perform the functions of:
body 4 which is attached to the handle by soldering or
(a) Maintaining constant re?ectivity by simultaneous
in any other suitable manner. The nozzle body 4 con
and continuous cleaning and drying of the mirror sur
15 tains a sleeve 7 which forms a guide for the holder pin 8
of a mirror assembly separable from the handle. A set
(b) Cleaning and drying the area under observation;
screw 6 inserted into the other end of the sleeve 7 and
(0) Facilitating the use of the device by being easily
gripped and manipulated;
\(d) Acting as a brace for maintaining or widening the
mouth-opening angle;
(e) Permitting sterilization by any sterilizing method;
(f) Minimizing the tendency to cause vomiting;
(g) Preventing injury during use of the device.
The known speculurns for stomatological purposes con
engaging the end of pin 8 permits fastening the mirror
assembly in proper position.
The set screw 6 can be
20 turned by means of a screwdriver guided in a tubular
piece 5 attached to the handle 3 in coaxial relation to the
sleeve 7. The mirror 10 is partly covered by an inter
mediate piece h which completely covers the threaded
pin 8 of the mirror assembly and which serves as an abut
sist essentially of an elongated thin rod having a mirror 25 ment or brace relative to the nozzle body 4.
In the embodiment shown in FIGS. 7 to 9 the threaded
attached at one end for re?ecting the interior of cavities
8, the intermediate piece 9 and the mirror 10 are
and cavity areas to ‘be treated. As a rule, the device is
combined to form a single independent structural unit.
introduced into the body cavity for short intervals of time
In the embodiment according to FIGS. 10 to 13, the
and must repeatedly be removed for cleaning or exchange
screw pin 11 is directly connected with the mirror 15.
to take care of fogging and dust collection at the mirror
In this case, the mirror assembly is assembled with the
surface, also for the purpose of wetting the speculum by
nozzle body 4 according to FIGS. 4 to ‘6, with the aid of
coolants, as well as for cleaning and drying of the cavities
an intermediate piece 12 and together with an insert .14.
and treating areas. The thin holder rod of the conven
The intermediate piece ‘12 also serves as a cover for the
tional speculums is difficult to grip so that the hand of the
physician is continuously strained. This affects the ease
of manipulation and may impair the steady visibility of
the area under observation. The rod, serving only as a
carrier for the mirror, does not function as a support for
maintaining or widening the mouth-opening angle so that
the presence of an assistant may be required.
According to my invention, relating generally to medi
cal speculums, particularly to those for stomatological
purposes, the above-mentioned objectives are achieved by
providing the speculum near its mirror with a nozzle body
with an elongated, narrow ori?ce slot through which a
gaseous jet, particularly compressed air, issues onto the
mirror surface at a slight inclination relative to the mirror
surface. The jet forms a protective gaseous cover for
maintaining good visibility of the reflected area and also
functions as a cleaning and drying agent for the mirror
surface. The jet also forms a cleaning and drying agent
for the area under observation and its vicinit‘ , particu
larly in the mouth.
The speculum according to the invention is preferably
given tubular shape and has its rear end, remote from the
mirror, connected through a coupling piece and a flexible
hose with a source of compressed air.
The invention will be further described with reference
to the embodiments illustrated by way of example on the
accompanying drawings in which:
mirror and its threaded holder pin 11.
The nozzle body 4 is provided with a narrow slot-like
nozzle 21 (FIG. 4). The nozzle has a concave arcuate
pro?le 22 (FIGS. 4 and 6) whose mutually opposite lips
23 and 24 extend parallel to each other. The lower sur
face 25 of the nozzle is inclined and ‘?attened, and widens
outwardly toward the lower lip 24 as is particularly ap
parent from FIGS. 4 and '6. The top surface 26 of the
nozzle merges through a convex structure 27 with the
upper lip 23 of the nozzle ori?ce. The rounded portion
27 also widens outwardly in analogy to the lower nozzle
surface 25. The lower surface 25 of the nozzle head has
an opening 28 for the passage of the mirror pin 8 or 11.
Mainly by virtue of the spoon-shaped con?guration of
the transition from the mirror 10 or 15 to the nozzle
body 4, any irritation of the area being observed is
greatly reduced, such as irritation otherwise imposed on
the mucous oral membrane, and injury due to use of the
device is prevented.
The outwardly widening shape of the nozzle body 4
and the corresponding shape of the covering interme
diate piece 9 or 12 have the effect of functioning as a
brace for keeping the mouth open or widening the mouth
opening angle, thus improving the viewing conditions.
The tubular handle 3 which encloses and holds the
60 individual other components of the device, is far supe
rior to the conventional rod-shaped handles with respect
FIGS. 1, 2 and 3 show, respectively, a bottom view, a
to shape and dimensions, because it facilitates gripping,
longitudinal section and a top view of the speculum and
holding and manipulating the speculum.
FIGS. 1a and 3a are respective end views thereof.
The device is preferably made of stainless metal.
FIGS. 4, 5 and 6 show, respectively, a bottom view, a 65
This, in conjunction with the readily attachable and re
lateral view and a top view of an air nozzle body ap
movable coupling piece 1, facilitates reliable sterilization
plicable in a speculum according to the invention and
of the device.
FIG. 4a shows the nozzle opening.
FIGS. 7, 8 and 9 illustrate a bottom view, a partly sec
It is within the scope of my invention, and will be
tional lateral view and a top view, respectively, of a mir 70 understood by those skilled in the art upon studying this
disclosure, that the speculum can be given a design other
ror assembly for a speculum according to the invention,
than particularly illustrated and described herein, and
and FIG. 7a is a section along the line '7a-7a in FIG. 7.
may be provided with additional known auxiliaries such
as light, heat and cold sources and the like which, if de
sired, may operate in conjunction with the supply of
compressed air. Such and other modi?cations are avail
able without departure from the essential features of my
invention and within the scope of the claims annexed
I claim:
1. A medical speculum particularly for stomatological
sleeve in said holder extending axially along the interior
Wall of said holder, a mirror pin attached to said mirror,
screwing means at a free end of said mirror pin for en
gagement with said sleeve, said mirror pin having an outer
portion inclined with respect to its portion penetrating
said sleeve through said holder so as to bear said mirror
at a slight inclination with respect to the exit axis of said
ori?ce formed by said lips.
2. A medical speculum according to claim 1, compris
purposes, comprising an essentially circular mirror, a 10 ing further an intermediate piece between the mirror and
tubular elongated holder for said mirror, said holder
the holder forming a cover which partially covers the
being adapted to carry a fluid medium under pressure in
a storage-like-manner, said holder having an entrance end
and an exit end, a coupling nipple at said entrance end,
rear of said mirror and which completely covers said
pin, said cover forming an external boundary surface
substantially smooth and without protrusions in the con
through which said holder is connected to a ?uid-medium
source under pressure, a nozzle forming an ori?ce having
a knife-edge shape and a concavely-arcuate-contour at
said exit end, said contour extending along a circular are
nection zone between said mirror and said holder.
forming a portion of the peripheral border of said cir
cular mirror, said nozzle having upper and lower lips
extending parallel to each other, the lower surface of
said nozzle being ?at and inclined in respect of the axial
direction of said holder and having a shape ?ared out
wardly from said holder, the upper surface of said nozzle
having a conveXly rounded shape ?ared outwardly from 25
said holder, said upper nozzle surface merging with said
upper lip so that said nozzle forms a volume smaller by
a multiple in proportion to the volume of said holder, a
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