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March 26, 1963
s, Rlzzo
Filed March 27, 1961
Fl G. I
‘ United States
Saivatore Rizzo, 4028 W. Barry, Chicago, Eli.
Filed B121‘. 27, 1961, Ser- No. 98,509
1 Claim. (Cl. 211—-57)
This invention relates to an advertising display for
presenting literature removable by the interested patrons
of public transport facilities.
Patented Mar. 26, 1963
termined by the message it was to contain and the arrange
ments in the conveyance for locating such display-cards.
At one or more places on the card 4, depending upon
circumstances, is a hole or aperture 7. The positioning
of such hole or aperture '7 well might depend upon the
height of the display-card 4 in the conveyance and the
nature and amount of the literature 6 to be displayed.
The literature-mounting element 5 here is shown in the
form of a plate 8 an integral portion of which extends
On occasion advertisers desire to make available to 10 outwardly from one face 9 thereof to form an upwardly
opening hook 16. The element 5 may be rnetal, with a
medial portion thereof struck out and bent to form the
hook it}. ‘Or, the element 5 may be molded plastic.
stack of cards or lea?ets to a display-card or placing the
The shape and dimensions of the element 5, as well as
cards or lea?ets in a pocket attached to the display-card, 15 the substance from which it is structured, may be a mat
so that the cards or leaflets would be easily accessible to
ter of choice. The herein shown element 5 is a piece of
the patrons of public conveyances free literature explana
tory of a service or product presented in the display-card.
In the past this frequently has been done by stapling a
patrons possibly interested in the subject matter of the
sheet metal of elongated rectangular contour. A longi
tudinally-medial portion thereof, between the opposite
All too often a careless attempt to obtain a card or
ends, is struck out from the face 9 and bent into the
lea?et has resulted in the dislodgment, and sometimes 20 shape of the upwardly-opening hook 10. The hook 19
waste, of much, if not all, of the displayed literature.
thus is located adjacent what, in the normal use, is the
The main objects of this invention are to provide an
top end 11. Preferably the hook 10 is formed with the
improved advertising display for mounting literature read
two legs 12 and 13. The leg 12 is shown substantially
ily accessible for removal by interested patrons of public
straight and extends outwardly downward from the plate
transport conveyances; to provide an improved advertis 25 face § at ‘an angle of about 30 degrees from a plate normal
ing display-card mounting of this kind especially adapted
for suspending cards suitable for subsequent mailing; to
provide an improved and simple form of hook element
readily attachable to a display-card, of the type conven
tionally used in public transport vehicles, for the suspen
sion of “take one” literature; and to provide an improved
display-card mounting of this kind which is very eco
nomical to manufacture, easy to attach to a display-card
and which suspends a stack of cards for facile removal
one at a time without the likelihood of dislodging the
remaining cards, or dislodgment of the hook element, or
mutilating the display-card itself.
In the adaptation shown in the accompanying draw
FIGURE 1 is a diagrammatic outline of a conven
through the point of the leg juncture with the plate 8
(FIG. 3). The juncture of the legs 11 and 12 is rounded
and the leg 13 extends upwardly nearly parallel with the
plane of the plate 8. The outer extremity of the leg 12
is curved slightly away from the plate 8.
The element 5 is mounted on the display-card 4 by
inserting the hook 10 through the card hole or aperture
7, thereby positioning the plate flat against the back of
the displayecard 4 where it is held ?rmly in place. It
would be practically impossible to remove or tear the
hooked plate 3 ‘away from the card 4 without removal of
the literature 6 and removal of the card 4 from the posi
tion in the public conveyance, as will be explained
When such an advertising display-card 4, with its litera
ture 6 is used in public conveyances, the card 4, with the
sion mountings and attached in accordance with this
suspension element 5 in place, is ?exed to seat the lateral
edges of the card 4 in ‘grooves 14 in the conventional
FIG. 2 is an enlarged, fragmentary, vertical cross-sec 45 supporting frame 15 on the conveyance. The desired
tional view of the same taken on the plane of the line
amount of literature 6 would be placed on the hook 1!?
2—2 of FIG. 1;
ready for removal by interested patrons using the con
FIG. 3 is a perspective view of the improved form of
hooked mounting adapted for use with a display-card.
The literature 6 here is shown in the form of tear-cards.
Obviously, these would be of appropriate size for use
The essential concept of this invention involves a mount
ing element in the form of a ?at plate having a portion
with the display-card 4. Generally, these tear-cards
extending outwardly from one face of the plate and in
would be approximately post-card size, especially if they
the form of an upwardly-facing forwardly-disposed hook‘
were to be mailed. At one end each card is formed with
tional advertising display-card and two literature-suspen
insert-able through an apertured display-card to position
a punch-hole 15' to ?t over the hook 10 of the element 5.
the plate against the back of the display-card and dispose 55 Where desired, the cards could have a series of one or
the hook outwardly from the face of the display-card for
more transverse perforations 16 and 17. One such trans
verse perforation 16 could permit severing the main part
the suspension of literature readily removable, one piece
at a time, by interested persons, and also providing a
of the card from a narrow, punched-end section 18. An
mounting element which cannot be dislodged from the
other transverse perforation 17 could be intermediate the
display-card without removal of the whole card from its 60 ends of the card to permit severing the two portions, one
seating position.
to be mailed, the other to be retained by the person re
moving a card from the hook 10.
A literature-suspending display embodying the fore
going concept comprises a supporting display-card 4, a
From the foregoing it will be seen that a simply-formed
suspension element 5 and a stack of literature 6.
suspension element 5, of the kind herein illustrated, in~
The display-card 4 is a piece of calendered cardboard 65 serted through the hole or aperture 7 in the card 4 pro
such as conventionally used for display advertising in
vides a ?rm support for the literature 6 from which one
public conveyances, such as street cars, busses, suburban
trains and the like. On the face of the card 4 is printed,
in display type, a message designed to attract the atten
tion of patrons of the conveyance and to enlist their in
terest in appropriating the pieces of literature 6.
The dimensions of such a display-card 4 would be de
piece at a time can be removed with no intentional or
unintentional likelihood of dislodging the remaining pieces
of the literature, or even deliberate or unintentional re
moving the element 5 by the public, without destruction
of the card 4.
Although but one speci?c embodiment of this inven
tion is herein shown and described, it will be understood
that details ofthe construction shown may be altered or
omitted Without departing from the spirit of the inven
tion as de?ned vby the following claim.
I claim:
A literature-suspending advertising display comprising
a supporting, ‘?exible, paper-stock card rectangular in
contour and dimensioned for presenting a printed message
and adapted for mounting in a conventional public con
spaced from its juncture with the plate, the free end of the
struck-up portion extending beyond the plate to form an
upwardly-open hook, the plate being supported on the
card ?at against the back thereof solely by the hook being
inserted through the card aperture with the reentrant por
tion of the hook spaced outwardly of the face of the card
in substantially parallel disposition to suspend literature
therefrom accessible for removal by interested persons
without any possible dislodgment of the plate from the
veyance display rack, the card having an aperture therein 10 card or rupture of the card.v
inwardly adjacent from one edge thereof, and a thin, ?at,
metal plate of miniature dimension compared with that
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
of the card, [the plate having a medial portion thereof, in
width less than one-third the width of the plate, struck-up
from one face of the‘ plate, said struck-up portion being 15 1,728,603
Gates _______________ __ Sept. 17,
bent back upon itself to provide a reentrant portion
Luck ________________ __ Feb. 16, 1960‘
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