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April 2, 1-963 „
Filed Aug. 1'7, 1960
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Apríi 2, 1963
Filed Aug. 17, 1960
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Aprii 2, 1:963
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United States Patent O
Patented Apr. 2, mdd
another display constructed in accordance with the teach
ings of the present invention;
FlGURE 4 is a rear perspective View showing a dis
Daniel Goldstein, New York, NÄI., assigner to Schenley
Industries, luc., New York, NX., a corporation oi'
play formed of the blank of FIGURE 3;
FIGURE 5 is a front perspective View of a display
formed from the blank of FIGURE 3;
FIGURE 6 is a fragmentary perspective view showing
a fastener construction of the present invention;
FIGURE 7 is a front perspective View showing another
embodiment of display according to the teachings of the
Filed Ang. 17, lláëéll, Ser. No. 50,223
5 Claims. (Cl. #lll-124.1)
This invention relates generally to displays, and is
especially concerned with point-of-purchase displays.
As is well known to those versed in the art, point-of
purchase displays have in the past been limited by ex
cessive expense in manufacture, and expense and diiii
present invention;
FlGURE 8 is a front perspective View of the display
of FIGURE 7 in an intermediate stage of its erection;
FIGURE 9 is a plan view showing a blank adapted to
cuity in transportation and storage, as well as the difli
culties encountered in handling and erecting Window or 15 form the display of FIGURE 7; and
indoor displays.
FlGURE l0 is a partial rear perspective view showing
However, by the construction of the present inven
another embodiment of display in accordance with the
tion, indoor and window displays of the billboard type,
present invention.
may be economically manufactured, shipped, and stored,
Referring now more particularly to the drawings, and
and more quickly and easily handled and erected at the 20 specifically to FIGURES l and 2 thereof, a billboard
point of sale, all for increased merchandising elïects at
type display is there generally designated 2t? -and is in
substantial savings in costs,
It is a more particular object of the present invention
to provide a display structure which is adapted to be
- tegrally formed of a single blank of thin flexible sheet
material. The display includes a generally rectangular,
opstanding main portion or sheet 2l and a pair of up
fabricated from relatively thin and lightweight, llexible
stock, which may be similar to liffhtweight Bristol board,
standing wings 222 on opposite sides of the sheet 2l. The
wings 22 are integral with ythe sheet 2l, being hingedly
and wherein advertising copy, pictorial material and other
connected thereto by generally vertical fold lines 23 which
printed matter may be imprinted directly on the display
define the side edges of the sheet. In the illustrated
sheet. This, of course, eliminates the previously con
embodiment the wings Z2. extend vertically between the
sidered necessary use of silk screening on heavy card 30 lower and upper edges of the sheet 2l.
board which required an easel to stand, or printing and
A pair of lower and upper laterally extending reinforc
lithographing on paper which was subsequently mounted
ing pieces 24 and 25 are located respectively along the
on heavy cardboard, which also required an easel.
lower and upper edges of the sheet 2l, being integral
It is still a further object of the present invention to
therewith and hingedly connected thereto by fold lines 26
provide a large indoor or window display which etfec
and 27. The laterally extending reinforcing pieces 2A
tively reduces the warping of prior display constructions
and Z5 thus define ilanges or liaps preferably extending
caused by the eiiects of heat and humidity on corrugated
between and terminating at the side edges or fold lines
and cardboard backing members.
23 ofthe sheet 2l.
Another object of the present invention resides in the
Extending integrally from and hingedly connected to
provision of a merchandising display having sharp, true,
and rich color reproduction more economically produced
40 the lower end of each sidepiece or wing 22 is an anchor
ing íiap Si@ integral with and hingedly connected to the
than heretofore obtained with conventional corrugated
lower end of its respective wing by a fold line 3l.
fln the erected condition of FIGURES l and 2, it is
seen that the generally rectangular main sheet 2l is
disposed in upstanding or vertical relation, while the
wings Z2 extend generally vertically and rearward from
opposite sides of the sheet 2l. The reinforcing pieces or
flanges 24 and 25 are folded along their respective fold
lines 2.6 and Z7 to extend rearward from the lower and
upper edges of the main sheet 2l. Also, the »anchoring
ñaps 30 may, as shown in FIGURES 1 and 2, extend
cardboard displays.
lt is still a further object of the present invention
to provide unique means for stitlening and anchoring a
relatively large sheet of flexible display material, which
is extremely simple and very economical and which is a
practical way to eliminate the costly addition of a sup
porting easel.
It is yet another object of the present invention to pro
vide a display construction having the advantageous
characteristics mentioned in the preceding paragraphs,
which is simple and durable in construction, entirely
horizontally inward from their respective wings 22 gen
erally toward each other. In this embodiment, the anchor
reliable in use, and which can be manufactured and
ing flaps Sil and lower laterally extending reinforcing
distributed at substantial savings in freight, handling and
55 piece 24 are all adapted to seat on a horizontal support
packing costs.
ing surface or floor; and the anchoring flaps are located
@ther objects of the present invention will become
adjacent to opposite ends of the reinforcing piece. The
apparent upon reading the following speciñcation and
anchoring flaps 3l? and the adjacent ends of the reinforc
referring to the accompanying drawings, which form a
ing piece 24 may be square cut as indicated at 32a in
material par-t of this disclosure.
FIGURE l, -for overlapping engagement and may be
The invention accordingly consists in the features of 60 secured in this engagement in any suitable manner, for
construction, combinations of elements, and arrangements
example, by stapling or a suitable adhesive.
of parts, which will be exempliiied in the construction
Along the rearward vertical edges of the wings 22 are
hereinafter described, and of which the scope will be
provided generally vertically extending reinforcing ilaps
indicated -by the appended claims.
or flanges 32, each integrally connected with a respective
lIn the drawings:
wing by a fold line 33 and bent to extend inwardly there
FIGURE l is a rear elevational view showing one
from toward each other. The reinforcing liaps or flanges
embodiment of display constructed in accordance with
32 may be generally vertically coextensive with their re
the teachings of the present invention;
spective wings ‘22.
FIGURE 2 is a front perspective View showing the
display of FIGURE l;
FIGURE 3 is a blank for use in the formation of
Formed out of the material of each wing 22 is an en
gaging member or flap 3S connected to the respective
wing by a generally horizontal fold line or crease 36.
The «ñaps 35 are each formed with a central through
opening '37. An opening 3S is formed in each wing 22
by swinging of its flap 35 out of the plane of the wing
about the fold line 36. In the illustrated embodiment
the flaps 35 are swung inward to extend from their re
spective wings‘22 toward each other.
In this condition, a weight 39, which may be a bottle
or the like, is seated on the upper surface of each anchor
Hingedly connected to the .lower end of each wing 22a
by a fold line 31a is a generally rectangular anchoring
ñap 30a. Also, a generally rectangular `fastening flap 55
extends integrally from and is hingedly connected to the
upper end of each 4wing 22a by a fold line 56.
The wings 22a are each formed with a generally U
shaped interrupted cut 57 having its upper ends connected
together by a generally laterally `extending fold line 36a
and defining within the cutand fold line »a wing region
ing flap 39 to anchor the display in position on -a door
surface. The upper end or neck of the weight or bottle 10 35a. A circular interrupted cut 5S is formed in each
wing region 35a. Also, an inverted `generally U-shaped
39 is inserted upward through the opening 37 of the
interrupted cut 59 is formed in each wing 22a proximate
engaging member 35. That is, the engaging member 35
to and ove': the interrupted out 57. The lower ends of
is engaged over the upper end of the bottle or weight 59,
which further serves to retain the wings 22 upright.
the interrupted cut 59 are connected by a fold line 6i) to
the forward side or face of the sheet ZV1 may be provided
with any suitable advertising matter, as may be the outer
cut 62.
that a weight or bottle 39 is seated on each of the anchor
ñrst be removed or punched out along the cut 45. rThe
upper wing flaps or tabs 55 may be swung rearward about
their hinged connections ‘56, and the lower end tabs or
anchoring fla-ps 30a may be swung rearward about their
In this condition, _a staunch and stable display 20 is 15 deñne within each interrupted cut 59 and its associated
fold line 60 a wing region 61. Each Wing region 61 is
quickly and easily erected from the relatively flexible
formed therein with a generally circular interrupted
and lightweight sheet material. As seen in FIGURE. 2,
'In erection of the display 26a of FIGURES 4 and S
surfacesot the wings Y:22. Of course, it is understood 20 from «the blank of FIGURE 3, the sheet region 46 may
ing flaps 3Q and engage-d by -each of the engaging mem
bers 35. In displaying bottle goods, the wing openings
33 may «be configured -to advantageously expose a bottle
label to view therethrough. Also, an additional bottle 25 hinged connections Sla. Also, the rigidifying flanges or
liaps 32a may be swung rearward about their hinged
or piece of goods 40 may be displayed on a draped plat
connections 33a. The wings 22a may then be swung
f_orm` 4l in front of the sheet 21 for enhanced three
rearward about their hinged connections 23a. Also the
dimensional effect.
lower and> upper laterally extending reinforcing pieces
It is, of course, appreciated that the >display 2Q of
FIGURES 1 Aand 2 may be varied in many ways without 30 24a and 25a are swung rearward about their respective
hinged connections 26a and 27a, so that the anchoring
departingvfrom the spirit of the invention. For example,
fla-ps 36a are in overlying facing engagement with the end
the anchoring ñaps 3% may be swung to extend outward
portions of the reinforcing Vpiece 24a, and the end por
away from each other, as may the engaging members 35,
tions of the reinforcing piece 25a are in overlying facing
and the weights or bottles 39 arranged on the outer sides
35 engagement with the attachment tabs 55a. Also, the rigid
of the wings >2,2.
ifying strips or flaps 51 and 53 may be bent about their
In FlGURES 3-'6 is shown an important embodiment
respective fold lines 52 and 54.
of the present invention as may be >formed from the blank
The upper reinforcing piece 25a may be secured to the
of FIGURE 3. The blank may be integrally fabricated
wings 22a by staples or similar fasteners 65, and the lower
of a single sheet of relatively thin ilexible card stock,
such as Bristol board .orI the like, and includes a generally 40 reinforcing piece 24a similarly secured to the anchoring
flaps 30a. Also, the lower reinforcing piece 24a may be
rectangular main sheet 21a bounded on lits side edges by
secured to a supporting ldoor surface by staples or the
parallel fold lines 23u, and on its lower and upper edges
like, but this may be required only under extreme con
by parallel fold lines 26a and 27a. Centrally of the sheet
21o is formed an interrupted cut 45 of a decorative
closed-outline‘coniiguration for punch-out removal. The
region 46 within the interrupted cut 45 is formed with an
additional interrupted cut 47 of closed-outline coniigura
ltion bonnding'a ’generally Vcircular `portion 48 having a
pair of diametrically opposed radially ‘outstanding ex
tensions 49. The circular portion 48 is provided with 50
suitable advertising material, as is the front face of the
sheet 21a. The sheet 21a is also -formed with a pair of
generally parallel, vertically spaced through slots 50, for
purposes appearing presently.
ditions of use.
The circular interrupted cuts 5S and 62 are severed to
fionm openings in the regions 35a and 61, respectively; and,
the interrupted cuts 57 and 59~are severed andthe regions
Y35a and 61 swung -respectively upward and downward
to extend laterally inward from their adjacent wing 22a,
see FIGURE 4.
A bottle or other weight 39a may be seated on each
anchoring tab'âlla. The portions 35d and 61 of each
wing 22a when swung inward deñne overlying engaging
members adapted to engage 'over the upper end oí and
Extending laterally along the lower edge of the sheet 55 receive therethrough the »neck of a -b-ottle seated >on the
underlying' anchoring tab 36a. Obviously, this provides a
21a, coextensive therewith and hingedly connected there
-staunch andV sturdy display construction which is íirrnly
to by the fold line 26a is, a generally rectangular reinforc
anchored and supported in -position. If desired, one oi
ing piece strip or flap 24a; and, an additional rigidifying
the portions 61 and 35a may be omitted, say the upper
llap or iiange S1 extends laterally along and coextensive
with the piece 24a, being integral therewith and hingedly 60 portion 61, resulting in a construction similar vto 'FIG
URE l. 0r, the portions I61 may be omitted and the
connected thereto by a fold line 52.v
openings~59 retained.
A laterally extending upper reinforcing ypiece or llap
VlFrom'the removed sheet portion 46, the region 48 and
25a is híngedly connected to and coextensive with the
-its extensions 49 may be further removed by severance
upper edge of the sheet 21a ‘by the fold line 27a. An
additional rigidifying flap 53, is coextensive with, and 65 along the interrupted cut 47. In this condition, the ex
tensions 49 each include a generally-rectangular tab 67
integrally hinged to, the outer edge of the-piece 25a by
(FIG. 6) connected‘to theV periphery of the circular por
the fold line 54.
tion 4S, and a generally T-shaped extension 68 extend
Extending laterally outward from opposite sides of the
ing from the tab 67. The rtransverse portion or cross
sheet 21a, hingedly connected to the sheet by, andA co
of the ‘T-shaped extension 63 is foldable upon itself
Aextensive with,_ the fold lines 23a, are sidepieces 22a. 70 piece
and in its folded condition insertable through a yslot 50
The sidepieces 22a are `generally rectangular, each being
until “the standard 'or shank portion ofthe T-shaped ex
formed on its outer side with a rigidifying flange or iiap
tension is received in the slot andthe erosspiece is en
32a coextensive’ with the adjacent wing between the lower
tirely on the rearward side of the sheet 21a. The `folded
and upper edges of the sheet 21a and hingedly connected
to the ladjacent wing by a fold line 33a.
' 75 `crosspieœs are -then free to resiliently unfold, at least
partially, to prevent retraction through and withdrawal
from the receiving slot 50. This operation and resultant
edge of the :blank and combining therewith to define a
condition is shown in FIGURES 5 and 6.
A draped platform 41a may be associated with the
display 29a, either on the forward or rearward side there
of and carry a bottle or other article of goods 40a to be
24b. Also, the interrupted cuts 85 are configured to
form generally T-shaped extensions -86 on opposite ends
of the piece 241:, while lower and upper strips 87 are
displayed in conjunction with the sheet 21a. While the
laterally extending generally rectangular reinforcing piece
coextensive with the piece 24b and respectively hinged
thereto by fold lines S8.
bottle 48a is shown in front of the sheet 21a and specifi
The blank of FIGURE 9 is simply and quickly erected,
cally in front of the opening defined by removal of the
the upper blank portion 71 being removed by severance
sheet portion 45, it is of course understood that the plat 10 of the interrupted cut 27b and Ithe lower blank portion
form and bottle may be located rearwardly of the sheet
72 being removed by severance of the interrupted cut
and exposed through the sheet opening.
265. Prom the upper blank portion ’71 may be obtained
A further slightly modified embodiment of display
the laterally extending reinforcing piece 25b by severance
according to the present invention is shown at Zlib in
along the interrupted cuts 78, and the laterally extend
FIGURE 7, as may be formed from the blank of ‘FIG 15 ing reinforcing piece 2419 may be obtained from the lower
URE 9.
blank portion 72 by severance along the interrupted cuts
The blank is preferably fabricated of a single sheet of
relatively thin flexible material including a generally rec
The side strips or flaps 32b are folded rearward along
tangular major portion or sheet 2lb bounded 'on its lower
their hinged connections or fold lines 3312, and the fold
and upper edges by generally parallel interrupted cuts 261) 20 lines 2.31) folded slightly to bow the sheet 2lb rearward,
and 27b, and on its opposite sides by parallel fold lines
as seen in FIGURE 8. Also, the regions Sflb within
23h extending between the lower and upper edge cuts.
the cuts 70 and fold lines Slb are swung forward and
The lower-edge cut 26b extends laterally between the
upward to define anchoring flaps.
side fold lines 2312, and outward thereof on each side is
The rigidifying strips or :flanges 8f) and 82 are folded
formed with a generally U-shaped interrupted cut 70, 25 rearward along their respective fold lines S1 and 83,
while the upper-edge cut 27h may be entirely straight and
while the rigidifying strips or flanges S7 are folded rear
extend beyond the fold lines 2317 to the side extremities
ward along their fold lines S8. Also, the crosspieces of
or bounding edges of the blank. An upper blank region
the T-shaped extensions 79 and iS6 are folded for in
of generally rectangular' configuration is defined above the
sertion through the slots 75 and 76, respectively. This
interrupted cut Z711 and designated 7l, while a lower 30 serves to provide lateral reinforcement to the sheet 2lb
blank region 72 is defined below the interrupted out 26
and maintain the latter in its rearwardly bowed condi
and its U-shaped extensions 7l).
On opposite sides of the sheet 2lb, formed integral
The wing regions 35h may be swun-g forward and
therewith and hingedly connected thereto by the fold lines
upward about their hinged connections 36h upon severance
are a pair of generally rectangular sidepieces or wings 35 of the interrupted cuts 57h, and the circular cuts 58h re
2211 extending vertically between the lower and `upper
moved to `define openings in the regions 36b. In this
interrupted cuts Zeb and 27h. Further, each of the wings
manner, the forwardly swung regions 35b define engag
22h is laterally coextensive with and directly over a re
ing members or Iflaps adapted to engage over the upper
spective one of the U-shaped interrupted cuts 7l), The
ends of bottles or like weights 39b seated on the anchor
lower end of each wing 22h is defined by a fold line 40 ing >flaps âtìb.
extending in alignment with the cut Zeb and between the
"Obviously, this embodiment of the present invention
upper ends of the adjacent U-shaped cut 7d, whereby a
fully achieves the objects and advantages set forth herein
region Sfib is defined within each U-shaped cut 70 and
its associated fold line.
Another slightly modified embodiment is shown in
A generally vertically extending rigidifying strip or
FIGURE 10, which is similar to the embodiment of FIG
flange B2b is coextensive with and hingedly connected to 45 URES 7~9, but wherein an anchoring lñap Sile and an
the outer edge of each wing 22h by a fold line 33b. The
engaging member 35e have been swung rearward. Hence,
fold lines 33`b each extend between the upper laterally
a weight or bottle 3% seated on the anchoring flap 30C
extending interrupted cut 27h and the outer upper end
and engaged by the engaging member 35C is disposed rear
of a U-shaped interrupted cut 7 fl.
ward of the wing 22e. The bottle 39e may thus be hid
A pair of vertically spaced and vertically extending, 50 den, for the most part, and have its label presented to»
aligned slots 75 are formed in the upper region of sheet
view «through an opening 38C formed by swinging the en
2lb adjacent to each side boundary or fold line 23h;
gaging member 35s out of the plane of Wing 22C.
and, an additional vertical slot 76 is formed in the lower
It will now be appreciated that by the concept of
region of the sheet 2lb adjacent to each fold line 23b.
the present invention, the goods, such as bottled goods,
Also, a generally U-shaped interrupted cut 57i) is formed 55 advantageously serve a plurality of functions, in addi
in each wing 221i, having its upper ends connected by a
tion to their display function. For example, the goods
laterally extendin<y fold line 36]). The wing region 3511
serve to maintain the display construction in its properly
within each cut 57h and its associated fold line 35h is
‘bent or folded relation as by seating on certain elements
formed with a circular interrupted cut 58h.
prevent their movement out of the desired condition,
A pair of laterally spaced interrupted cuts 7 3 are for-med 60 to
and further serve to maintain the device upright without
in the upper blank region 71 extending from the inter
an easel or other support, this function being enhanced
r-upted cut 27b to the upper bounding edge of the blank.
A laterally extending generally rectangular region 25h
is defined within the interrupted cuts 7 8 and 27h, and the
by engagement of the display construction components
with an upper region of a bottle.
Of course, these func
upper bounding edge of the blank; and the interrupted 65 tions are interrelated and are stated separately only for
purposes of simplification. rFhus, the hereinbefore-de
cuts '78 are configured to define generally T-shaped exten
scribed structural combination of rigidifying folds, flaps,
sions 79 on opposite ends of the laterally extending piece
and the like, together with the bottles serving to hold the
25h. The laterally extending piece ZSb may have a co
several parts in `the `desired relationship serve to produce
xtensive strip or flap 80 connected hingedly along its
upper edge by a fold line 81, and a coextensive strip or 70 a long-lasting and fresh-looking `display of relatively thin
sheet material, to effect substantial economies in manu
flap 82 hingedly connected along its lower edge by a fold
line 83.
The lower portion 72 of the blank is formed with a
From the foregoing it is seen that >the present inven
pair of laterally spaced interrupted cuts 85 each extend
tion provides a display construction which fully accom
ing from the interrupted cut 26b to the lower bounding 75 plishes its intended objects and is well adapted to meet
3. An upright display device as claimed in claim l, in
cluding a ’stiiîening flange bent Vnormal to the lower edge
of said main .panel along a ‘fold ’line substantially coex
practical conditions of manufacture, distribution, erection
and use.
Although the present invention has been described in
tensive With such lower edge, said stilîening ñange being
some ¿detail by way of illustration and example for pur
united to each of said broad lilaps.
poses of clarity -of understanding, it is understood that
4. An upright display as claimed in claim 3, includ
certain changes and modiñc‘ations may be made within
ing a second stiiîening «ñ‘ange extending along the upper
the spirit of »the invention and .scope o'f the appended
edge of said main panel and bent substantially normal
thereto about a fold line extending along said upper edge',
What is claimed is:
l. An upright display `dev-ice of relatively thin and flexi 10 each side panel having a relatively 'broad flap extending
substantially normal thereto Vfrom 4a fold line along its
ble paper stock having a ñnished surface, such as light
upper edge; and means anchoring 'said second mentioned
AWeight Bristol board, comprising a relatively large sub
stantially rectangular 4mainpanel having parallel substan
relatively broad ñaps to said second mentioned stii’fening
tially rectilinear side edges, a pair of relatively narrow
5. An upright display device as claimed in claim 1, in
which said main panel is curved about an axis extending
Substantially parallel to .its side edges 'and is apertured ad
and extending at an angle to said main panel, said side
jacent its side edges; and reinforcing means of the same
panels lbeing substantially »coextensive with ‘s'aid side
material as said main and side panels and having headed
‘edges and having stiiîeni'ng ’flanges extending »at an angle
thereto from fold lines along the outer longer edges of 20 llaps extending through and interlocked behind said aper
tures, the >reinforcing means having a length less than
the side panels, each side ,panel ¿having a relatively
that of said main panel to maintain the latter so curved.
broad tlap extending substantially normal thereto from
a fold line along its bottom edge and an apertured ñap
References Cited in the file of this patent
bent outwardly therefrom substantially above its bottom
ed-'ge to extend substantially parallel to said relatively 25
broad ñ‘ap; >each relatively broad 'ñap being 'adapted to be
Day ________________ __ Nov. 8, 1921
engaged by the -relatively broad lower end of a Weight
Marsh _______________ __ May 22, 1928
having 'a reduced upper end engaged conformingly
Halpern _____________ __ -June 17, 1930
through the associated apertured lla-p to maintain said
Chittum- _____________ __ Mar. 28, 1933
and ysubstantially rectangular side panels hinged to said
central _panel at fold lines extending along said side edges,
main panel -extending substantially vertically.
2. A'n upright display device as >`claimed in claim 1, in
which there are a pair of said apertured flaps bent out
Wardly from each Vside panel along adjacent but spaced
parallel fold 'lines .to extend parallel to eachother and
to the lassociated relatively broad ñap to conjointly receive
ïthe reduced upper end of such Weight.
Snelling ______________ __ Nov. 29,
Woofter _____________ __ Apr. 24,
Groh _______________ __ May 20,
Moebius _____________ __ Apr. 2l,
Australia ____________ __ Mar. 21, 1936
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