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April 2, 1963
Filed Feb. 14, 1961
United States Patent 0
Patented Apr. 2, 19353
where several such shower heads are in use in a shower
Ernest R. Grauel, 4061/2 Wheatland Ave.,
Logansport, Ind.
Filed Feb. 14, 1961, Ser. No. 89,241
2 Claims. (Cl. 239—310)
This invention relates to a shower head, and more par
room, as in a club or a factory.
In use, when bath water is ?owing through the spray
grooves 44, the user may open the valve 40 to connect
the liquid soap supply 42 or 46 to the annular chamber
34. Bath water passing through these grooves 44 will
pick up liquid soap from the chamber 34 and carry it as
suds into the spray. After suitable soaping has been
ticularly to a shower head having means for introducing
accomplished, the user may close the valve 40 so that
soap or detergent into the spray produced at the shower 10 clear, rinsing water may ?ow, as a spray through the
grooves 44 which will also rinse out the annular cham
An object of this invention is the provision of means
ber 34.
to selectively deliver plain water or a mixture of water
By reference to the annular series of spray grooves
and liquid soap to a spray producing device that may be
44, as best shown in FIG. 3, it will be noted that they are
readily attached to a water supply pipe.
15 preferably outwardly ?ared or tapered. 'Ihis outwardly
Another object of this invention is to provide a shower
?aring of the openings causes a reduction in pressure of
head having means for mixing liquid soap with the bath
the streams of spray water toward the outer open ends
water as it is supplied thereby.
of these grooves producing better liquid soap pickup and
A further object of the invention is the modi?cation
mixing before issuance from the wider open ends thereof.
of a conventional shower head to provide means for
It should be apparent that I have provided a simple and
introducing liquid soap into the spray produced thereby.
effective means for introducing liquid soap into the spray
An additional object of this invention is the provision
produced by a shower head. Various modi?cations may
of a shower head having means for introducing, at will,
be made within the skill of the art and the scope of the
a desired amount of liquid soap into the bath water as it
appended claims.
issues therefrom.
I claim:
These and other objects will be apparent upon con
1. A detergent mixing shower head comprising a gen
sideration of the following speci?cation taken with the
erally bell-shaped head casing the smaller upstream end
accompanying drawings forming a part thereof.
In the drawings:
of which is adapted to be connected to a conduit for sup
plying water to the interior thereof, the larger outer end
30 of said head casing having an annular outwardly ?ared
FIG. 1 is a side view of my improved shower head;
FIG. 2 is a front view on a larger scale, and
inner face extending to the outer end thereof, an annular
groove extending circumferentially of said face between
FIG. 3 is an enlarged view of a portion of FIG. 1 with
parts in section on the line 3--3 of FIG. 2.
the inner and outer ends thereof, a closure plug secured
within the outer end of said head casing and having its
In FIG. 1, I show a shower head 10, of substantially
periphery tapered in conformity with said ?ared inner
known construction, having a coupling 12 connected to
a water supply pipe 14. The shower head proper H
face thereof, thereby closing the inner side of said groove
comprises a tubular body 16 having an inlet 17 and an
and providing an annular chamber in said face of said
head casing, an annular series of circumferentially spaced
outwardly ?ared intermediate wall portion 18, and an
enlarged substantially cylindrical outer or exit end wall
outwardly ?aring spray grooves in the tapered surface of
portion 20. The inner annular surface of the cylindrical 40 said plug, each said spray groove communicating at its
wall 20 has a slightly outwardly tapered end portion 22.
inner smaller end with the interior of said head casing
A disc shaped plug 24 having a correspondingly tapered
and at one side thereof with said annular groove to pro
peripheral surface is inserted in the enlarged open end
vide a common mixing chamber therein, and means for
of the head H and seated in the tapered annular surface 45 supplying a detergent to said annular groove.
portion 22. This closure disc shaped plug 24 is provided
2. The device as defined in claim 1, in which said
means for supplying a detergent to said annular groove
and mixing chamber comprises an outlet tube connected
a spider 32 affixed to the interior of the portion 20.
to a port in said head casing, a manually controlled valve
On the tapered wall portion 22 I provide an annular 50 in said inlet tube, and a detergent supply container con
nected to said valve.
groove ‘34 to which is connected an inlet port 36. A
tube or pipe section 38 is suitably connected to the inlet
port 36 and carries a head valve 40 therein. A liquid
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
soap container 42 is connected to the valved pipe section
38, and is adapted to supply liquid soap under control 55
of the valve 40 to the annular groove or chamber 34.
Rasch ______________ __ July 27, 1920
with an axially opening 26 to accommodate a screw 28
which is threaded at its inner end into an opening 30* in
The disc plug 24 is provided on its peripheral surface
with an annular series of substantially axially extending
grooves '44 which cooperate with the tapered inner wall
22 to form small passages and the spray head for the 60
bath water supplied through the pipe 14.
An alternative liquid soap supply is indicated by the
broken line tube 46 which may also be connected to the
valve 41} and to a suitable tank containing a supply of
liquid soap. Such arrangement would preferably be used
Kilich _____________ __ June 17,
Bletcher ____________ __ Jan. 13,
Hinderer ____________ __ Aug. 26,
Gundlach _____________ __ May 1,
Sharnes et a1. _______ __ May 17, 1960
Great Britain ________ __ May 30‘, 1949
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