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Apnl 2, 1963
Filed March 28, 1960
II/a. 3.
Één/neo zZ ßLUrH
JAMES Engg/¿afs
8% ß/fßm
ÄrraeA/Eys .
United States Patent O
Patented Apr. 2, 1963
connected to an insulated length of cable 12a. This cable
is connected into the coupling member 1 in a manner
to be hereinafter described.
Edward i. Biuth, Downey, and James R. Green, Garden
Grove, Calif., assignors, by mesne assignments, to The
At the opposite end of the coupling member 1 there is
a rubber insulated stranded cable structure 12, which ex
Emerson Electric hdanufacturing Company, St. Louis,
tendsinto the upper end of the coupling structure.
In the form shown in FIG. 1, a ferrule 13, made of
Mo., a corporation of Missouri
Filed Mar. 2S, 1960, Ser. No. 18,126
metal such as brass, is shown as having a lower threaded
2 Claims. (Cl. 174-65)
portion 14 adapted to be threaded into a corresponding
aperture in the collar 4.
The lower end of the ferrule 13 is thickened, providing
’This invention relates to the conduction of electrical
energy to a load within a sealed space, such for example
to a submersible electric motor. More particularly, the
a sloping shoulder 14a upon which rests an insulation
sleeve 15.
This insulation sleeve `surrounds the lower end of a
the `stator of the motor from the exterior to the interior
of the casing without destroying the water-tightness of the 15 connecting member 16 which is located within the ferrule
13. This connecting member 16 may be made of a con
motor casing.
ducting material having opposed recesses 17 and 17a.
Various forms of sealed connections have been pro
Into these recesses extend bared ends of the cable ele
posed and have been used with considerable success.
ments 12 and 12a. Appropriate means may be provided
Nevertheless, it has been diiiicult to install such connec
tions; e.g., it may be necessary to mold heated plastic or 20 to secure proper electrical »connection between the cable
ends and the connecting member l16.
to vulcanize a rubber composition to the stator assembly.
interposed between the connector 16 and the ferrule
This entails handling a relatively large and bulky press
13 is a layer of vulcanized rubber plug 18. This rubber
in association with the entire motor.
is vulcanized to the exterior insulation layer of cable 12,
it is one of the objects of this invention to make it pos
sible to provide the required vulcanization or equivalent 25 as well as to the ferrule 13 and to the exterior of con
nector 16. Thus, a complete seal is eñected. This vul
before installation of the connector on the casing, the final
canized rubber layer 18 is formed while the ferrule and
seal being effected by a soldering operation between a
the cables 12 and 12a are not assembled with the motor
metal ferrule and the casing of the motor. By this means,
structure. Accordingly, it may be appropriately placed
also, it is a simple matter to remove the coupling struc
ture by causing a separation of the ferrule from the casing, 30 into a press to perform the vulcanizing operation and to
as by the aplication of heat.
provide complete insulation between the connector 16 and
It is another object of this invention to make it possible
associated leads 12 and 12a.
By tightening the threads of the lower end 14 of the
to test each lead assembly under pressure to determine
ferrule 13, a complete seal is provided.
whether the vulcanizing has been properly done before
invention is designed to provide electrical connections for
installing it.
Vulcanization being accomplished without the necessity
of installing the coupling structure 1 in the motor collar
setting plastic compound which is injected into the stator
4, the device may be conveniently and effectively as
cavity. By making it possible to install the lead assembly
prior to the injection, the casing can be vacuum-tested for
The coupling structure 1 may then be installed in a
leakage around the lead assembly; and if found defective 40 motor structure before the tubular member 9 is assembled.
at the solder joint, it can be readily repaired before the
Then the coupling structure may be vacuum-tested to de~
stator is filled with the thermo-setting material.
termine whether there are any leaks through the coupling
This invention possesses many other advantages, and
structure into the space 7. If it is found upon testing that
has other objects which may be made more clearly ap
the device 1 is free of leaks, the tube 9 can be installed,
parent from a consideration of several embodiments of 45 as by welding, and the cavity or space 7 may then be
In some instances, the stator is filled with a thermo
the invention.
For this purpose, there are shown a few
forms in the drawings accompanying and forming part
of the present specification.
These forms will now be
described in detail, illustrating the general principles of
ñlled with the insulating compound.
In the form shown in FIG. 2, the cable 12a is indi
cated as having a bared end permanently joined to the
coupling member 16.
the invention; but it is to be understood that this detailed 50
In the form shown in FIG. 3, the coupling member 19
description is not to be taken in a limiting sense, since the
is provided with a relatively deep recess 20 in which a
scope of the invention is ybest defined by the appended
connection plug 21 may be resiliently inserted. This plug
21 is carried by the end of the cable 12a.
Referring to the drawings:
lIn this instance, the vulcanized rubber insulation or
FIGURE l is a diagrammatic fragmentary sectional 55 plug 22 carries an upper portion 23 having a thin layer
view of a motor incorporating the invention; and
extending over the top edge and around the periphery of
FIGS. 2, 3 and 4 are enlarged fragmentary sectional
the ferrule 25. The lower end 26 of the vulcanized rub
views showing three forms of the invention.
ber 22 also extends over the lower edge of the ferrule 25
In the present instance, a coupling member 1 is shown
and has a lower projecting flange 27 forming a reenforc
as installed in connection with a submersible motor 2. 60 ing collar.
This submersible motor 2 has an outer shell or `casing 3
In this form of the invention, the lferrule 25 is in the
carrying a collar '4. It also has an extension 5 con
form of a tube which is soldered, as indicated at 28,
nected to the collar 4.
The collar 4 forms a part of the motor housing and
serves to define a closed chamber 7 in which is located
the stator winding S. This chamber may be filled with
a thermo-setting plastic after the coupling member 1 is
An inner tubular member 9 serves to define the annu
within an aperture in collar 4. Soldering maybe readily
accomplished after the vulcanization of rubber 22 is corn
pleted. By tinning the appropriate surfaces of the collar
4 and the ferrule 25, these surfaces may be ñrmly attached
by application of a concentrated source of heat to the
collar '4 and to the ferrule, as by a torch. This causes the
tinning to melt and adhere to both »the ferrule 25 and the
lar space 7 and may be installed, as 'by welding or the 70 aperture in collar 4.
like, with the collar 4.
As in the first form, the connector structure may be
A lead 11 extends from the windings of the stator to be
installed within the collar 4 and vacuum-tested for leaks.
In» t-heHeVent-that the“ soldered joint 28 shows a leak, it is
a »simple matterftomemove itbyr remelting. the solder, and`
repair it Without `disturbing the other parts of the motor.
After it has been tested and found satisfactory, the
housing and ferrule sealing the exterior surface of said
space 7 for the accommodation: of‘ the'thermo-settingy
second lead extending into and connected to the otherv of
said recesses. from the, interior of said housing, and a re
silient rubber plug` surrounding said> connector and` a por
ferr‘ulew to- said housing- around- thef'exteriory rim" ofi said
aperture, a connector having ltwo noncom-municating re
cesses at opposite ends and located in said ferrule, a lirst
coupling. device', may .bei finally: installed: andv the:A tubular " 5 insulated electrical lead extendinginto and connected to
memberi 92» welded.:'in.íplace;` sofas: «to provide,` the: closcdï
one of said recesses from the- exterior of. said housing, a
plastic. »
the heat applied toßt'heapartsr> for the soldering` operationy 10 tion of said iirst lead anda portion of; its~ insulation and
will not/adversely. affect the rubberfinsulationßz»
filling the space` between‘t'hcse parts and the interior of
In 1’the..-fo11mi. offr the?. invention. illustrated. inÄ FIG. x 4, the; l
ferruleí 29.'.is1solderedi as „ before, a's.indicatedä by the solder'
joint 30. The rubber insulation o1' .p1ug.'3'1» isr.v.ulcanized,
prior» tothe ,soldering operatiom
said ferrule and being ‘bonded to saidlferrule, said con~
nector, and said portion of insulation, whereby said as
semble/dlconnector,l leads, plug» and' ferrule- may be re
15 peatedlyuremoved-from andf1sealingly-~ seated- in said aper
Cableh 1‘2a4has; a, -bared'fL end-.32./permanently ettacliedl to,
the connector 33. As in the form shown in FIG. 2, an
2. A removable sealedíeleetricali coupling' asl set'forth
insulation: sleeve 34; suchasa'nylon, is< seatedr- upon,` a
in-claiint 1g. wherein .saidf plug extendsv over the fend'of 'said‘ ‘
shoulder35 formed» atv the;Í lower-f end ofl the ferrule‘ 29;
ferrulœlo‘catedâexteriorlyof saidihousingland over an ’a'di‘
The; lower endsofv the: insulating rubber materiallíìl. con' 20 jacent exterior surface portion of said ferrule.
tactsïtlíeil upperfendzof thefsleeve'ôl‘lf, andy together theyy
cooperatefully. to .enclose the »connector‘3i3’.
fldiefinventors claim:
References: Citedàin .theliile of; this: patent->`
Airemovablezsealed‘electrical coupling for a-housingtcomprising: a housing‘having anraperture therethrougln; 25
ai metal ferrule‘telescopically.- fitted in:- saidi aperture »for
slidable. insertionfthereinrfrom the: exterior: of; said housf
ingaan-_d , removal: therefrom; to,y thev exterior, oft saidhous-V
ing;;a solder'joint locatedrat the exteriorfjuncture- of- said
‘Moody- ____ ...Y ......... __. June? 5, 1906`
G01d„_____ ____________ __ Feb; 9, 1,943
>Ivanoff _____ ___.. ______ __ SeptgS, 19535
Bluth ________________ .__ .Tune 6; 196’1
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