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April 9, 1963
Filed April 3, 1958
'3 ‘82
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Paper M8127
United States Patent-O
Patented Apr. 9, 1963
for effectively depositing a hot carbon composition mate
rial 56 continuously upon one face of the web as the web
Harold W. Hulfman, Fair?eld, Ohio, assignor to The
Hamilton Tool Company, Hamilton, Ohio, a corpora
moves rapidly through the processing machine. The car
bon composition supply tank or well 58 may be kept
charged by means of a suitable pump drawing from a
source of supply, not shown.
The cabinet of unit 20 may include front and rear walls
tion of Ohio
Filed Apr. 3, 1958, Ser. No. 726,209
2 Claims. (Cl. 34—159)
62 and 64, top and bottom walls 66 and 68, and opposed
side Walls 70, all of ‘which may be of insulation material
This invention relates to improvements in a method 10 or, if desired, the walls may be of metal having a clad
ding or liner of insulating material.
Front wall 62 is provided with elongate slots indicated
at 72 and 74, whereby the web W may be fed into and
continuously apply a carbon coating to one face of a
discharged from the cabinet as the web travels contin<
paper web in rapid movement through a printing press
or similar machine, by means of applicator rollers sup 15 uously pas-t the carbon applicator. Slots 72 and ‘74 are
made quite long in the horizontal direction, to freely
porting the web. The carbon was usually applied to the
accommodate the full width of the web. The cabinet has
web in a hot, ?uid, sticky condition, after which the web
arranged therein a series of rollers 76 which support the
so coated was passed about one or more chilled cylinders
web for travel in serpentine fashion, and these rollers may
to cool and set the carbon deposit as rapidly as possible
before the web passed on to another stage of treatment 20 be idlers by preference. Exterior idler rolls are indicated
at 78 and 80, for guiding and supporting the web.
where the web might be printed, slitted, collated or other
In one of the end walls 70 of the cabinet are provided
wise processed as required.
a pair of ports 82 and 84, for entry and exhaust of ‘a
Due to the fact that the chilled cylinders used for
copious ?ow of air or other gas treated outside the cabinet
cooling and setting the carbon deposit were necessarily
and apparatus for producing carbon-coated paper.
In the paper industry, it has been commonplace to
refrigerated to a very low temperature in order to con
25 to chill and dry the air or gas ‘before introduction into
the chamber provided ‘by the cabinet. The treated air
tinuously absorb heat from the rapidly advancing hot
or ‘gas may enter the cabinet through port 82, and after
circulating about the moving web to cool and set the
process from time to time, on account of water of con
coating on the web, it may exhaust through the port 84‘.
densation collecting on the cylinders and penetratingthe
web to induce weakness and stretching of the web. This 30 By means of 1a conduit 86, the exhausted air or gas may
be conveyed to a refrigerating unit 88 which cools and
condition was most troublesome whenever the web-mov
dries the air or gas, and releases it to the cabinet intake
ing machinery was shut down, even momentarily, result
coated web, considerable trouble was encountered in the
ing in excessive condensation appearing upon the chilled
port 82 by way of a second conduit 90 interconnecting
the web-moving machine was again placed in operation
capacity room air conditioner having the usual evaporator
and motor-driven means for circulating air past the
evaporator to chill it. The unit may include also, if
the chamber of cabinet ‘64 and the refrigerating unit 88.
cylinders. The coated web in contact with the wet cylin
The refrigerating unit 88 in communication with cabinet
ders would invariably absorb some of the condensate, 35
20 may be constructed essentially as an ordinary high
causing weakness in the web at the cylinders, so that as
the paper would stretch or even disintegrate, thereby to
require another shut-down and repair of the web.
labor and waste resulting from such occurrences were 40 desired, any known form of means additional to the
evaporator, for extracting moisture from the air gathered
often very disturbing and costly, as will be understood.
in passing through the web-treating device 20*. Unit 88
An object of the present invention is to eliminate the
may include also such accessories as ?lters, defrosting
stated di?iculties heretofore experienced as the result of
weakening and tearing of the carbon-coated web due to 45 means and the like, in aid of e?icient performance for
the purposes of the invention, as will be understood. ‘It
moisture absorption.
is considered super?uous so far as the present inven
Another object is to provide a method of carbon-coat
tion is concerned, to include herein a detailed disclosure
ing a paper web, whereby the web is presented for sub
of the refrigerating unit, which may be a standard well
sequent treatment or processing in a most advantageous
physical condition to produce a superior product.
A further object is to provide means for attainment of
the foregoing objects, which may easily and quickly be
incorporated in existing web-handling machinery.
known piece of equipment.
The web treating device indicated at 20 should be of
limited thickness, as between the walls 62 and 64, to con
serve space and facilitate interposition thereof in the line
of other units not illustrated, which collectively constitute
Another object is to minimize the cost of applying a
a printing machine. It is desirable also that the width, or
carbon coating to paper webs.
distance between side Walls 70—70, be comparable with
The foregoing and other objects are attained by the
means described herein and illustrated upon the accom
panying drawings, in which:
FIG. 1 is a vertical cross-sectional view of a web con
the width of the entire composite machine, to facilitate
installation and conformity therewith. The cabinet may
rest upon suitable legs or supports 90 when necessary to
ditioner embodying the present invention, and showing in 60 provide clearance below for the passage of the web to
ward ‘and from other units of the machine. Similar legs
elevation a typical applicator for coating the web with
92 may be applied to the refrigerating unit 88, if neces
hot carbon composition.
sary or desirable. As will be understood, the regrigerat
ing unit is preferably o?set to one side of unit 20‘.
In accordance with the present invention, the hot car~
The numeral 20 denotes generally a cabinet or upright 65
bon coated web is quickly cooled and dried 1by means of
hollow case within which a paper web W is moved rap
a continuous blast of cool ‘dry air or other gas, which
idly in serpentine fashion, and therein treated with a
presents no condensation problem such as was character—
refrigerated dry gas such as air, to cool and dry the hot
FIG. 2 is a side elevational view of the web condi
tioner in association with an air conditioning apparatus.
istic of previous processes and apparata. Consequently,
carbon coating 46 of the Web applied by the applicator
roll 48. The applicator roll 48 and the back-up roll 50, 70 there is eliminated the likelihood of web weakness and
as well as the transfer roll 52 and the carbon feed roll
disintegration, even under extreme conditions when the
54, will usually be kept in heated condition continuously,
machine may be shutdown for extended periods of time.
Furthermore, maintenance costs are elfectively reduced,
apparatus comprising a housing having laterally spaced
and high quality and uniformity of product resulting from
front and rear walls, a pair of spaced side Walls, and
top and bottom walls closing said housing, a pair of hori
use of the invention are effectively preserved. Attention
is directed to additional advantages hereinbefore noted,
as well as others which will become manifest to persons
conversant with the art.
It is to be understood that various modi?cations and
zontal slots in the front wall, one adjacent the top
thereof, the other adjacent the bottom, said slots accom
modating the full Width of a paper web in motion, a
pair of ports provided in one of said side walls, wherein
one of said ports is located at an elevation above the
uppermost slot in the front Wall, and wherein the other
changes in the structural details of the apparatus disclosed
may be resorted to, within the scope of the appended
claims, without departing from the spirit of the invention. 10 port is located at an elevation below the lowermost slot
in said front wall, means continuously supplying cold,
What is claimed is:
dry air downwardly from said uppermost slot, said
1. Apparatus for treating a continuously moving paper
web having one surface thereof coated with a hot carbon
means having an outlet ‘connected to the upper of said
ports, and an inlet connected to the lower of said ports
coating subject to solidi?cation upon cooling, said appara
tus comprising a housing having laterally spaced front 15 for receiving exhaust air from said housing, and two
pairs of web-supporting rollers within said housing, one
and rear walls, a pair of spaced side walls, and a top and
pair of said rollers being disposed in the lower portion
bottom wall closing said housing, a pair of horizontal
of said housing, and the other pair of said rollers being
slots in the front Wall, one of said slots adjacent the upper
disposed in the upper portion of said housing, wherein
end thereof, the other slot adjacent the bottom thereof,
the ?rst of the rollers of the ?rst or lower pair is dis
said slots accommodating the full width of a paper web,
posed opposite and in substantial horizontal alignment
‘four rotatable web-supporting rollers within said housing,
with the lower slot of the front wall adjacent but spaced
two being disposed in the lower portion and two in the
from the rear wall of said housing, the other roller of
upper portion thereof, means adjacent the lower slot for
said pair is located above said ?rst roller and spaced
directing the web, with the coated surface downwardly,
through said slot in a substantially horizontal direction 25 from the front wall of said housing, the ?rst of the roll
ers comprising the other pair disposed adjacent, oppo
toward the rear Wall of the housing under and with its
site and in substantial horizontal alignment with the up
uneoated surface against the periphery of a ?rst roller in
the lower portion of the housing, thence upwardly in
per slot in the front wall, with the other roller of said
spaced relationship with the rearwall over and with its
upper pair located above the last mentioned roller and
uncoated surface against the periphery of a second roller 30 spaced from the rear Wall, said web movable through the
in the upper portion of the housing, thence downwardly
interior of the housing while exposed to the cold, dry
under and with the coated surface against the periphery
air circulating downwardly therethrough, with the un
of a third roller in the lower portion of the housing,
coated side of the web engaging the periphery of the
thence upwardly in spaced relationship with the front wall
?rst roller of the lower pair of rollers and the periphery
over and with its uncoated surface against the periphery
of both rollers of the upper pair.
of a fourth roller in the upper portion of the housing,
thence outwardly through the upper slot in said wall for
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subjecting the web to two vertical passes through the
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the periphery of a roller, and means continuously supply
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ing cold, dry air into the upper end of the housing and
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exhausting air from the lower end thereof.
2. Apparatus for treating a ‘continuously moving paper
web having one surface thereof coated with a hot plastic
carbon coating subject to solidi?cation upon cooling, said 4:5
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