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April 9, 1963
Filed July 19, 1961
26 Q4 32 |\0 4'4
3g 38
United States Patent 0 " rice
Henry A. Orciani, 171 West Boylston St.,
West Boylston, Mass.
Filed July 19, 1961, Ser. No. 125,132
1 Claim. (Cl. 5l-—125)
This invention relates to a new and improved device
Patented Apr. 9, 1963
it to the platform 10 in such a way that the motor is
enabled to be slightly angularly adjusted about the axis
of the member 26. The extension 22 is provided with
an arc-shaped slot 30 and a fastening screw 28 extending
through the slot into the platform .10 to provide for the
pivotal adjustment referred to and to clamp the motor
in the desired adjustment.
Adjacent sanding disc 20 there is a bracket which is
for accurately squaring the bases of bowling pins, and
generally indicated at 32 and mounted on it is mad
the principal object of the invention resides in the provi 10 justing pin 34 which may be provided with locking screws
very quickly and easily While still providing for accurate
and the like as desired. This comprises an adjustable
stop to limit the approach of the carriage 36 to be
trimming off of the base so that any worn pin which may
described relative to the sanding disc on the head 20.
sion of a device of this nature which can be operated
have a slanted bottom is trimmed off to a square or ?at
The carriage 36 comprises a rectangular plate guided
bottom so that it will stand exactly upright in the alley. 15 by a pair of upright longitudinal guideway members 38,
38 formotion in the direction of the arrow shown in
‘Other objects of the invention include the provision
FIG. 2 on platform 10 to and from sanding disc 20 paral
of a portable device of the class described which com
prises a base on which is mounted an electric motor
lel to the axis of the motor, i.e., at a 90° angle to the
plane of the sanding disc.
having a sanding wheel driven thereby, said motor being
capable of being adjusted slightly on a vertical axis, i.e., 20 _Mounted at the forward end of carriage 36 there is a
square or rectangular plate 40‘ of relatively heavy stock
at right angles to the base or platform, in combination
and this plate generally centrally thereof is provided with
with a trackway on the base, said trackway guiding a
a beveled hole as shown at 42 which receives the butt
moving carriage in a direction parallel to the axis of the
end 44 of the bowling pin and correctly positions the
motor and including a new and improved aperture base
for holding the bowling pin near the base which is to 25 same with a protruding end 46 as clearly shown in FIGS.
1 and 2 for approach towards the grinding wheel. The
be operated upon and a special new and improved clamp
beveled aperture 42 in the plate v40 is carefully made
for the head of the pin, said clamp being adjustable
and allows a correct projection of the pin so that if the
vertically to provide for slight adjustments to achieve
stop 34 is struck by the carriage 36 so that the extreme
an exact parallelism of the axis of the pin with the track
end at 46 of the bowling pin does not touch the sanding
way and the motor shaft, and said motor itself being ad~
wheel 20 or if touching, is not operated upon to an
justable in order to compensate for any possible irregu
extent to recondition the pin, then the pin is clearly shown
larity in the shaft or the grinding disc itself whereby the
to be too old and worn to be of any use. A handle 48
carriage, table, etc. with pin mounted thereon may be
is preferably provided on plate 40 to move the same and
quickly and easily operated to clamp the pin correctly
and move it a short distance toward the pin for lightly 35 the carriage in the tracks.
At the other end of the carriage 36 there is provided
sanding the same to square 011?.
a vertically adjustable post 50 having lock nuts, etc. to
Another object of the invention includes the provision
maintain the same in position, and having mounted there
of a new and improved adjustable stop means to contact
the carriage so that with the pin correctly placed as
stated on the carriage, if the carriage should hit the stop
on a collar or the like 52 which can swing on a vertical
pin without the requisite trimming action being possible
axis in a horizontal plane and is adjustable with the verti
cal adjustment of the post 50, so as to position an elon
to be made on the base of the pin, the pin is thereby
gated rod 54 adjustably vertically.
The rod 54 is provided with a handle 56 which extends
an opening 58 in a supporting post 60» so as to pro
must be disposed of.
vide for the application of a ring 62 to the head end 64
Other objects and advantages of the invention will ap
of a bowling pin. Ring 62 is provided with a beveled
pear hereinafter.
circular portion at 66 for the reception of the rounded
Reference is to be had to the accompanying drawings,
head 64 of the pin to accurately locate and hold the
in which
FIG. 1 is a view in side elevation illustrating the 50 same.
In the operation of the device it is merely necessary
invention, parts being broken away;
for the operator to insert the butt or base end of the
FIG. 2 is a top plan view looking in the direction of
pin in the opening 42 in the plate 40 and swing rod 54
arrow 2 in FIG. 1, parts being in section;
shown to be worn out and no longer ?t for use and
FIG. 3 is a transverse sectional view through the car
in a clockwise direction in FIG. 2 so as to clamp the
riage and illustrating the head-clamping means, and
55 head '64 of the pin in the ring 62. The bevels at 42 and
66 correctly position the pin with the butt end 46 of the
FIG. 4 is a view in elevation showing the clamping
pin extending therefrom sutliciently so that when the
means for the base of the pin.
handles 48 and ‘56 are grasped, then the entire carriage
In carrying out the invention there is provided a port
with pin attached is moved toward the sanding disc, the
able table, platform, or the like 10 upon which all of
latter having been adequately accurately positioned by
the mechanism is mounted. Adjacent one end of this
means of the pins 26 and 28. This will lightly square off
platform there is provided a motor M, this motor being
the base of the pin and make it ?at and at a very accurate
mounted on a pair of end plates rising upright from the
right angle with respect to the axis of the pin, but as
platform and being indicated at 12 and 14. These end
stated if the stop 34 which has been previously accurately
plates are connected in any desired way to a base plate
16 and the motor shaft which is indicated at 18 extends 65 adjusted prevents the carriage from bringing the butt end
of the pin forwardly far enough to be operated upon by
through the plates ‘12 and 114, there being a conventional
the sanding disc, then the pin is shown to be old and
sanding head 20 mounted on the shaft 18 at one end
thereof as shown in FIGS. ‘1 and 2.
can be discarded.
The pin can be reconditioned in a very few seconds
The motor supporting frame which comprises the pieces
12, 14 and 16 is also provided with outwardly extending 70 by this machine and since it is portable it can be carried
to all parts of the bowling alley in order to minimize
projections at 22 and 24. The projection at 24 is pro
transportation of the pins, and it will therefore be seen
vided with a nut, pin, or other means 26 which secures
that‘ a’ very accurate'and easily operated, foolproof device
the carriage adjacent one side edge thereof and in spaced
is provided which is portable and can be carried from
spot to spot for its intended operation.
, Having thus described my invention and the advantages
its opposite edge, a bowling pin head engaging ring means
relation to said plate, a horizontally swingable member
on said post extending across the carriage to and past
on said swingable member, the ring means being inter
thereof',,I' do not wish to be limited to the details herein
mediate the ends of the swingable member, said swingable
disclosed, otherwise than as set forth in the claim, but
what I" claim is:
member serving to position and hold the bowling pin rela
tive to said plate whereby the pin is accurately held on
A base trimmer for bowling pins comprising an elon
gated‘?at portable platform, a motor mounted thereon, the
motor having a shaft generally parallel to the platform,
the carriage between the plate on the carriage and the
swingable member and said pin may be moved to be
engaged by said tool at the base of the pin, squaring
the base of the pin, a stop adjacent the tool in position
to engage and stop the travel of the carriage in predeter
mined postiion spaced‘ from the tool, and means to verti
means for adjusting said motor on an axis perpendicular
tothe platform, a pin base trimming tool mounted trans
versely of. and driven by the shaft of the motor, the
adjustment of, the motor affording an exact squaring oif
by the tool of the base of a pin on the platform, a pair 15 cally adjust the swingable member.
of spaced parallel tracks on the platform forming a guide
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
way on said platform generally parallel to the length of
the, platform and to the axis of the motor shaft, a ?at,
horizontal,‘ ‘elongated, rectangular movable carriage in
sai‘d'guideway in general alignment with the motor shaft,
a ?xed transverse plate adjacent the end of the carriage
closer to the tool, means on said plate receiving the base
of a bowling pin with a portion of the base thereof ex
tending in the direction of the tool, a vertical post on
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