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April 9, v1963
Filed May 18, 1961
Hal D. Landan.
United States Patent O?ice
Patented Apr. 9, 1963
and has an upper end 18 which extends beyond the
point 14 and terminates freely beneath the partition 9.
The lower end 15 of the pendulum extends slightly
Hall). Landon, Box 101, Brownsville, Greg.
Filed May 18, 1961, Ser. No. 111,064
beneath the rim 6 of the bell housing and mounts a
clapper 16 formed of two bisected and normally related
3 Claims. (Cl. 84-407)
discs 17. :The discs are made of light material and are
adapted to cause the pendulum to swing in response to
wind or an arti?cial draft. The upper end 18 recipro
This invention relates generally to chime mechanisms,
and speci?cally to novel means of initiating electrical
actuation of bell chimes.
cates in an arcuate manner in response to pendulum
The shape of a bell is very popular as a decorative 10 movement and is adapted to alternately actuate two piv
otally mounted terminal arms 19 which extend down
means over the Christmas season, and such bells are con
ventionally formed of plastic or paper ‘and are gen
wards through slots 20 formed in the partition for inter~
erally inoperative from the standpoint of sound. It is
ference by the pendulum end. The terminal arms 19 are
pivoted at 21 above the partition and terminate with
my intention to provide an invention wherein the frames
of such bells may be utilized to incorporate a chime 15 inwardly facing contacts 22. The contacts are caused
to move into engagement with ?xed terminals 23 and
mechanism which is operated by movement of the clapper
24 and close individual circuits for operating different
due to wind or forced draft.
notes of a chime. The contacts 22 are urged into a
It is therefore a primary object of this invention to
normally spaced or open circuit with respect to the
provide a novel means of electrical chime operation
wherein the chime is operative in response to clapper
It is a further object of this invention to provide a
chime operating mechanism which may be incorporated
within decorative simulated bell forms to provide novelty
and sound in otherwise silent and stationary street and
terminals by small tension springs 25. The electrical cir
cuit and note ampli?cation has not been shown in detail,
since it does not form part of the inventive subject matter.
A speaker 26 and suitable amplifying equipment 27 is
shown in the upper portion of the bell housing.
The second embodiment of my invention is disclosed
shop type decorations.
in FIG. 3, and involves a bracket arm 28 secured at each
In one embodiment of the invention, the clapper is
made to pivot and contains a suitable vane shape at the
lower end which is caused to swing in response to wind
movement. The upper end of the clapper actuates spring 30
end to the underside of the partition 9. The centre of
the bracket is formed with a bushing 29 which is dis
posed centrally of the partition, and rotatably mounts a
clapper shaft 30 such that the shaft extends vertically
mounted electrical contacts which cause electrical im
downwards to terminate with a clapper 31 similar to the
pulses upon closing to operate different bell notes.
According to another embodiment of the invention, the
clapper already described. The shaft 30 extends through
the bushing 29 and terminates with radially extending
clapper is mounted so that it may revolve about a vertical
arms 32 adapted to rotate with the shaft in a horizontal
axis. Radially projecting arms disposed on the upper 35 plane. The ends of the arms are adapted to trip piv
otally mounted terminal arms 33 and 34 which respec
end of the clapper actuate electrical chime contacts. The
clapper is caused to rotate in response to drafts.
tively actuate bell circuits in a similar manner to that
described above.
A full understanding of the details of the invention,
together with further advantages, will become apparent
It will be clear that these simple mechanisms may be
by reference to the following detailed description of a 40 easily installed in presently formed imitation bell decora
preferred embodiment thereof, taken in conjunction with
tions, and will result in a realistic bell chime in response
to the movement of the clapper.
the attached drawings wherein:
Having described the invention in a preferred form, it
FIG. 1 is a cross sectional side elevation view disclosing
will be appreciated that some modi?cations may be made
one embodiment of my invention wherein the electrical
chime contacts are actuated by a pendulum motion of 45 to the precise con?guration, without departing from the
the clapper.
scope or spirit of the invention, as de?ned by the follow
FIG. 2 is a fragmentary cross sectional side view
ing claims.
showing the embodiment of FIG. 1, and taken along
I claim?
the line 2—_2.
1. A bell chime operating mechanism for installation
P16. 3 is a fragmentary side view shown partly in 50 in a decorative bell housing, comprising, a partition
extending horizontally across an upper portion of the
cross section and indicating a second embodiment of the
housing, bracket arms secured to the underside of the
invention, actuating the electrical chime contacts in re
partition and extending downwardly towards each other
sponse to rotational movement of the clapper.
terminating with a bearing disposed centrally of the
Similar reference characters indicate corresponding
55 housing, a clapper pendulum mounted in said bearing
parts throughout the several 'views in the drawings.
for movement with respect thereto and having an upper
Referring now to the drawings in detail, the numeral 5
end disposed above the bearing for alternately actuating
represents the contoured shape of a conventional bell
electrical contact means for initiating bell notes, and a
housing. The shape turns outwardly at its lower end
clapper on the lower end of the pendulum.
to terminate with an open circular rim 6. The upper
,2. A bell chime operating mechanism for installation
end 7 of the bell mounts an upstanding eye 8 ‘for sup 60
in a decorative bell housing according to claim 1 wherein
porting the same in any desired location. The upper end
7 is closed by a circular partition 9 which extends hori
zontally between the circular wall of the housing.
said clapper comprises two bisected and normally related
discs adapted to move in response to wind force and
wherein said bearing comprises horizontally aligned bush
In the ?rst embodiment shown in FIGS. 1 and 2, two
65 ings to support the pendulum in a pivotal manner inter
arms 10 are secured to the underside of the partition
mediate its ends.
9 and extend downwardly and towards each other ter
3. A bell chime operating mechanism for installation
in a decorative bell housing, comprising, a partition
extending horizontally across an upper portion of the
A hearing pin 12 extends horizontally through the bush 70 housing,
bracket arms secured at one end to the under
ings and pivotally mounts an upper portion of a clapper
side of the partition, a bushing supported by the arms
pendulum 13. The pendulum pivots about a point 14
centrally and vertically of the housing, a clapper shaft
minating with spaced bushings 11 axially aligned with
each other and disposed centrally of the bell housing.
mounted in the bushing for rotation with respect thereto,
said shaft extending above said bushing and terminating
with radially extending arms, said arms adapted to actuate
References ?tted in the ?le of this patent
electrical contacts pivotally extending through the parti
tion, said contacts adapted to initiate electrically produced
bell notes in response to rotational movement of the
shaft, a clapper disposed on the ‘lower end of the shaft
having vanes for imparting rotation thereto in response
to a draft.
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