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April 9, 1963
Filed March 1'7, 1961
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
a. a. 519%»! MW
April 9, 1963
Filed March 17, 1961
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
United States
Patented Apr. 9, 1953
William F. Kaufmann, 3n, and Henry S. Lipinslri, Phila
delphia, Pa, assignors to the United States of America
as represented by the Secretary of the Army
Filed Mar. 17, 1961, Ser. No. 96,618
the primer ?ame passes for ignition of the propellant.
Slidable within the insert 23 is a two part unit consist
ing of a plug holder 25 and a primer housing 26 threaded
together as shown for translation between an abutment 27
at one end and a radially inwardly extending ?ange 27a
on the front end plate 24. A spring 28 in cooperation
with plate 24 and with the plug holder 25 biases the
holder 25 to its position against abutment 27. Frictionally
held within the holder 25 is a ?ring plug 29‘ adapted to be
The invention described herein may be manufactured 10 impinged by ?ring pin 22 and forced against the percus
sion primer cup 30 for igniting the primer material in
and used by or for the Government for governmental
4 Claims. ((Il. 89-4.?)
(Granted under Title 35, US. Code (1952), sec. 266)
cup 36 and directing the primer ?ame from cup 30* for
purposes without the payment to us of any royalty
wardly into the black powder 31 for directing a still larger
priming ?ame forwardly into the propellant charge for
This invention relates to caseless ammunition in recoil
less guns and to ignition of the primer for such rounds. 15 igniting the same, or the ?ame from powder 31 may ?re
a longer extending quantity of black powder within the
An object is to reduce the danger of mis?res and to sim
boom 33 supporting the propellant material as has been
plify the construction in such guns and ammunition by
insuring the critical clearances needed without the high
done heretofore.
The distance between the end of the ?ring pin 22 and
production costs heretofore necessary to obtain the toler
ances permissible in obtaining such clearances.
20 whatever it impinges upon is known to be fairly critical
and should be between about .015 inch and .020 inch.
‘In ?xed ammunition using metal cartridge cases there
Also the distance between a ?ring plug 29‘ and a primer
is usually a base ?ange accurately locating the round
cup 30 should be about .001 inch and .002 inch. Hereto
in the gun for ?ring by use of a percussion primer. With
fore the number of threaded or other connections between
the so called caseless rounds using a consumable case
or covering for the propellant there is usually no such 25 the projectile and rear end of the ?ns 14- has been large
enough to make it troublesome to keep‘ all these clear
base locating ?ange with the result the needed clearance
ances within the values they should have. That is why
between the ?ring pin and the ammunition has been
the present invention was devised to make this goal easier
troublesome to maintain.
to attain.
According to this invention this di?iculty has been
Now the bar breech 17 on being closed engages to rear
avoided. Speci?cally, a primer holder is made slidable 30
face of plug holder 25 compressing spring 28 without
within a round and a breech closure caused to impinge
affecting these two critical distances mentioned. For the
upon such a holder in closing the breech with the result
sake of clarity the distance between the end of pin 22
a needed critical clearance for the ?ring pin may be more
and the rear face of ?ring plug 29‘ is shown larger than
readily obtained.
In the drawing FIG. 1 is a longitudinal section with 35 it actually is. Thus the present invention enables this
distance 34 to be readily maintained of a size desired
parts broken away through a gun and ammunition of the
to insure best results with the ?ring pin 22.
type named.
We claim:
FIG. 2 is a longitudinal section through a part of the
1. In a recoilless gun for reception of a caseless round
breech closure and rear end portion of a round in posi
of ?xed ammunition and having a generally axial venturi
tion for ?ring.
passageway in a rear portion of said gun, the combination
FIG. 3 is a left end view of the gun of FIG. 1 without
therewith of the improvement whereby a primer charge
carried by said round may be ?red without the necessity
for making any connections thereto and whereby the ne
tral venturi is provided to receive ?xed ammunition of
the type having a projectile 12, a rotating band 13, stabil 45 cessity for maintaining critical tolerances between a rotat
ing band on said round and a rear surface of said primer
izing ?ns 14, and a propelling charge 15 between the
may be preserved, said improvement including a breech
projectile and ?ns. The gun is provided with the central
bar extending across said venturi passageway and carrying
venturi opening 16 closed by a bar type breech 17 to hold
A conventional recoilless gun 10 with a generally cen
a primer ?ring pin, a primer holder or container movable
the round therein. As shown in FIGS. 1 and 3 the bar
breech is pivotally mounted at 18. A hinge bar 18a be 50 longitudinally within said round, a spring cooperating
with said container and round for biasing said container
tween the bar closure 17 and pivot 18‘ when open sup
rearwardly for engagement with said breech bar on clos
ports the bar closure 17 rotatably supported on a central
ing the same in its ?ring position.
plug 18b ?xed to the hinge bar 18a. A handle 180 is
2. A gun according to claim 1 in which said primer
?xed to the bar breech 17 for rotation between the stops
19 and '20 ?xed to the gun to enable the bar breech to 55 container is in two parts one of which contains a slidable
be locked in closed position by an interrupted thread 21
as is customary. Within the bar breech '17 is a ?ring pin
22 to be actuated in the usual manner for ?ring a percus
?ring plug and the other of which contains a two part
primer namely a percussion primer cup responsive to
movement of said ?ring pin and a main body of said
primer for ?ring said caseless round.
sion primer. The foregoing combination is not new apart
3. In combination with a recoilless ri?e comprising a
from this improvement.
barrel; a chamber in the rear of said barrel having the
As shown in FIG. 2 a primer insert 23 is threaded into
the central bar or boom carrying the propellant 15. Also
threaded into the insert 23 at its forward end is a front
round of ?xed ammunition including a projectile having a
end plate 24 having an axial perforation through which
rearwardly extending, coaxially aligned, tubular boom
form of a venturi passageway and adapted to receive a
a caseless propellant charge, and primer means; and a
4. The improvement in combination with a recoilless
ri?e according to claim 3 wherein said boom supports a
breech closure containing a ?ring pin and adapted to
lock said round within said chamber in such manner that
plurality of ?ns and said propellant charge is located
said ?ring pin ‘is coaxially aligned with said boom, the
improvement comprising a primer insert housing mounted
largely longitudinally between said ?ns and a main body
portion of said projectile.
in the rear of said boom wherein said primer means is
slidably inserted, said primer means being restricted in
translatory movement by forward and rearward stops, a
spring cooperating With said housing and biasing said
primer means against said rearward stop, said rearward 10
stop being located in such position that said breech closure
contacts said primer means and compresses said spring
at least to some extent when said round is locked within
said chamber, whereby the distance between the forward
end of said ?ring pin and the rearward end of said primer
means is maintained within limits critical for the obten
tion of an effective ?re signal.
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