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April 9, 1963
Filed Sept. 19, 1961
. 12y;
United. States Patent
Mitchell E. Panzer, 55 Oak Terrace, Merion, Pa.
Filed Sept. 19, 1961, Ser. No. 139,093
1 Claim. (Cl. 242-74)
‘Patented Apr. 9, 1963
The strip securing means 20 comprises a sleeve 22
made from a ?exible material such as paper, ‘fabric, etc.
The sleeve 22‘ is provided with a plurality of spaced
holes 24 extending therethrough at spaced points there
‘along. A limit stop 26 is provided to limit the extent
to which the strip of ?lm 18 may enter the sleeve 22.
This invention relates to a strip winding means, and
The limit stop 26 may be readily formed by folding over
an integral tab and adhesively securing the same within
the sleeve 22.
Heretofore, it has been conventional to secure strips 10
The sleeve 22 is provided with an integral extension
more particularly to a means for removably securing
strips of material such as ?lm to a reel or the like.
such as ?lm to a reel by inserting an end of the strip
into a slot in the hub portion of the reel. Such secure
ment means has not been satisfactory. Quite often, the
end of the strip is removed from the slot as the strip is
tab 28. The extension tab has a length sut?cient to ex
tend around the hub 16 at least once. One surface of
movably secured to a reel in a facile manner. The se
curement means should be of such a nature so as to
as follows:
readily permit separation of the strip of ?lm when the reel
discrete item. The protective strip (not shown) for the
the tab 28 is provided with a coating of pressure sensi
tive adhesive 30. The tab 28 is intended to remain on
wound around the reel. As a result thereof, the reel 15 the reel 12 when the ?lm 18 is separated from the sleeve
will 'be rotated without the strip being wound there
22. Thus, other equivalent devices may be utilized to
around or the strip will be improperly wound on the
secure the tab 28 to the hub '16. When purchased as
reel. Such events are every day occurrences with ama
a discrete item, the strip securing means 20 will be pro
teur photographers and the like.
vided with a removable protective strip on the coating
Accordingly, there is a need for a strip winding means 20 of pressure sensitive adhesive 30.
which enables strips of material-s such as ?lm to be re
The apparatus 10 of the present invention is utilized
is unwound.
The strip securing means 20 may be purchased as a
In addition, the securement means should 25 coating of pressure sensitive adhesive 38 will be removed
therefrom. Thereafter, the extension tab 28 is secured
be of such a nature so as to permit it to be utilized with
new reels as well as those reels currently in use.
to the reel 12 by wrapping the tab around the hub 16
It is an object of the present invention to provide a
and applying pressure thereto. The sleeve 22 is of su?i—
novel strip winding means.
cient length so as to extend beyond the outer periphery
It is another object of the present invention to provide 30 of the reel 12 when the entire length of the coating of
a novel strip winding means which may be utilized on
pressure sensitive adhesive 30 has been secured in posi
new reels as well as those reels currently being used.
It is still ‘another object of the present invention to
Thereafter, the end 18’ of the strip of ?lm 18 may be
provide a strip winding means to facilitate the winding of
inserted into the sleeve 22. The holes 24 facilitate ob
strip material such as ?lm on a reel in a facile manner. 35 servation as to the extent to which the ?lm 18 has been
‘It is yet another object of the present invention to
inserted into the sleeve 22. The relative dimensions of
provide a strip winding means wherein a strip of mate
rial such as ?lrn may be frictionally retained on a reel
the strip of ?lm !18 and the sleeve 22 are such so that
and readily separated therefrom when desired.
Other objects will appear hereinafter.
For the purpose of illustrating the invention there is
sleeve 22. The amount of frictional retention of the
strip of ?lm {18 with respect to the sleeve 22 may be
shown in the drawings a form which is presently pre
ferred; it being understood, however, that this invention
the strip of ?lm 18 is frictionally retained within the
varied by varying the extent to which the strip of ?lm
18 enters the sleeve 22. Thereafter, the reel 12 may be
readily wound in any conventional manner. When the
isv not limited to the precise arrangements and instru
reel 12 is unwound, the tension applied to the strip of
mentalities shown.
?lrn 18 during the unwinding process easily overcomes
FIGURE 1 is a top plan view of a reel incorporating
the frictional engagement between the strip of ?lm 18 and
the strip winding means of the present invention which
the sleeve 22.
is partially unwound.
Thus, the strip of ?lm .18 becomes separated from the
FIGURE 2 is an elevation view of the reel and strip
50 strip securing means 20. However, the strip securing
winding means illustrated in FIGURE 1.
means 20 will remain wrapped around the hub 16 and
FIGURE 3 is a front view of the reel showing the
secured thereto by the coating of pressure sensitive ad
strip winding means and ?lm in perspective.
hesive 30.
FIGURE 4 is a sectional view taken along lines‘ 4-4
As illustrated more clearly in FIGURE 5, sleeve 22 is
in FIGURE 3.
55 made from a ?at layer of material folded over on itself
FIGURE 5 is a transverse sectional view taken along
with the edges secured to each other in overlapping
lines 5—-—5 in FIGURE 4.
relation. However, it will be appreciated that the sleeve
FIGURE 6 is an enlarged top plan view of the strip
22 may be seamless in nature if desired. As illustrated,
winding means illustrating a manner in which it may be
the extension tab 28 is integral with the sleeve 22. To
60 facilitate the manufacture, it may be desirable to make
Referring to the drawings in detail, wherein like nu
the extension tab 28 separate from the sleeve 22. Such
merals indicate like elements, there is shown in FIG
an alternative is Within the scope of the present inven
URE 1 apparatus designated generally as 10.
tion. While the present invention has been described
The apparatus 10 comprises a reel 12 having spaced
in connection with a strip of ?lm 18, it will be appre
parallel side disks 14 and )14'. As shown more clearly
65 ciated that other strip material may be removably se
in FIGURE 2, the disks 14 and 14' may be of the type
cured to a reel by the strip securing means 20.
having a plurality of arcuately spaced slots therein. The
The present invention may be embodied in other spe
side disks I14 and 414’ are interconnected by a hub 16.
forms without departing from the spirit or essential
The reel 12 may be made from metal, plastic, or the
attributes thereof and, accordingly, reference should be
like. A strip of material such as ?lm 18 having an end
18' is adapted to be wound around the hub 16 of the reel 70 made to the appended claim, rather than to the fore
going speci?cation as indicating the scope of the inven
12. In order to facilitate the securement of the strip
18 to the reel \12, a strip securing means 20 is provided.
‘I claim:
Apparatus comprising a reel having a hub, a strip of
?exible material wound around said hub, an intercon
necting means between said hub and one end of said strip
of ?exible material, said means having a ?rst end por
tion releasably coupled to said hub and a second end
portion releasably ‘coupled to said one end of said strip
of material so that said means will become separated
from either one of said hub or strip of material during
unwinding of said reel, ‘said second end portion includ 10
ing a flat sleeve of ?exible material, said sleeve being
Open at one end, said one end of said strip of material
extending into said sleeve and being frictionally embraced
by said sleeve, said sleeve having a limit stop de?ning
the depth to which said one end of said strip of mate 15
rial can enter said sleeve, said sleeve having spaced holes
through at least one wall to facilitate ready observation
of the depth to which said one end of said strip of ma
terial extends into said sleeve, said ?rst end portion in
cluding an extension tab integral with said sleeve and
having a thickness less than the thickness of said sleeve,
pressure sensitive adhesive on one surface of said tab,
and said tab vbeing wound around said hub and releas
ably secured thereto by said pressure sensitive adhesive.
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