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April 9, 1963
3,084,91 7
Filed Oct. 22, 1958
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
April 9, 1963
3,084,91 7
Filed Oct. 22, 1958
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented Apr.‘ 9, 1963
Clinton L. Graybill, Superior, Mont, assignor to Graybill
Industries, Inc, Superior, Mont., a corporation of
Filed 0st. 22, 1958, Ser. No. 768,968
1 Claim. (Cl. 259—177)
of these arms are secured as at 11 to handle-bars 12
whose forward ends are secured as at 13 to the chassis
members 2 and 3 and whose opposite ends terminate
in handgrips 14.
Welded to the chassis members 2 and 3 between the
inner end of the arm portions 9 and 10 and braced rela
tive thereto as at 15 is a sleeve bearing 16 through which
is journaled a stub shaft 17 Whose forward end extend-s
through and is welded to the base 18 of a rotatable mix
This invention relates to a portable power driven mixer
and it is a general object of the invention to provide a 10 ing hopper 19. By this arrangement the chassis, hopper,
and dispensing unit are readily portable and maneuver
simple, eil‘icient, practical and improved mixer adapted
able by means of the supporting wheel 4.
to handle materials such as concrete, cement, plaster or
Arranged above the mixing hopper is a frame com
mortar or the like.
prising two tubular members 20 and 21 permanently in
Another object of the present invention is to provide
a mixer of the character described which is ?exible and 15 terconnected by a base plate 22 secured thereto by weld
ing or the like as at 23 and 24. The members 20 and
convenient to use, which can be easily transported and
maneuvered in the manner of a Wheelbarrow and is con
21 diverge rearwardly and downwardly from the base
venient to load ‘and unload when in operation.
A further object of the invention is to provide a power
driven mixer ‘of the type referred to including a simple,
plate as at 25 and their rear ends are permanently se
cured by welding or the like as at 26 to the arms 9 and
10 near the outermost ends thereof.
practical, improved arrangement and mounting of the
power unit in such a manner that it contributes to the
Adapted for adjustable mounting upon the base plate
22 is an auxiliary frame indicated generally at 28 com
prising a length of steel rod or tubing forming into two
proper balance of the machine and is adjustably carried
parallel base portions 29 and 30 bent upwardly as at
by frame elements supporting other parts of the machine,
and wherein the drive between the power unit and the 25 31 and 32 then inwardly and downwardly as at 33 to pro
vide a mounting bracket 34 for power transmission
mixing hopper is readily adjustable to accommodate either
means indicated generally at 3'5, and a clamping plate
an electric motor or an air-cooled internal combustion
engine as the power unit.
36 lockable to the bracket 34 by means of bolts 37 ex
A still further object of the invention is to provide
the hopper with concrete mixing blades and in addition
thereto a special slip~on blade attachment for mixing
tending through the clamping plate and into a boss 38
on a circular supporting plate 39‘ (FIG. 1) for the hous
ing or gear box 40 of the power transmission means
mortar or plaster.
35. The gear box is provided with a backing plate 41
The foregoing and other objects and advantages which
will become subsequently apparent reside in the details
extended as at 42 (FIG. 5) to match the circular sup
porting plate 39. The gear box by means of its extended
backing plate may be adjustably secured to the support—
of construction and operation as more fully hereinafter
ing plate by means of bolts 45 extending through arcuate
described and claimed, reference being had to the accom
slots 46 in the extension 42, through the supporting plate
panying drawing forming a part hereof, wherein like
39 and provided with nuts 47 by means of which the
numerals refer to like parts throughout, and in which:
gear box may be locked in any adjusted position relative
FIGURE 1 is a side elevational view of a portable
power driven mixing and dispensing machine made in 40 to the supporting plate.
Journaled within the gear box 40* as at 50 and ex
accordance with my invention.
tending outwardly therefrom is a power take-off shaft
FIGURE 2 is a top plan view of FIGURE 1 with the
51 provided on its outer end with a driving pulley 52
and on its inner end with a gear 53 and enmeshed with
FIGURE 3 is a side elevational detail view showing 45 and driven by a gear 54 secured to one end of a shaft
55 also journaled in the gear box 40 and extending out
an electric motor operatively connected to the power
wardly from the opposite side thereof. The outer end
transmission means instead of the internal combustion
power unit, power transmission means and belt drive
removed therefrom.
of the shaft 55 extends through the clamping plate 36
engine shown in FIGURE 1.
FIGURE 4 is a sectional detail ‘end view taken approxi 50 and is provided with a clutch member 56 for cooperation
with a companion clutch member 57 secured to the drive
mately along the line 4—4 of FIGURE 3 with the power
shaft 58 of an internal combustion engine indicated gen
erally at 59 mounted upon the auxiliary frame 28.
Entrained about the driving pulley 52 and about the
means of FIGURE 1 taken approximately along the line
rearward end of the hopper 19 is a belt 60 for rotating
5—5 of FIGURE 1.
55 the drum by either form of prime mover shown mounted
FIGURE 6 is a view on a reduced scale of the open
upon the auxiliary frame 28.
end of the hopper with fragments broken away and
As best shown in FIGURE 2, the parallel portions
showing concrete mixing blades and a mortar or plaster
29 and 30 of the auxiliary frame 28 are welded to trans
mixing unit operatively disposed on the interior of the
verse plates 65 and 66, the latter of which is provided
mixing hopper.
60 with slots 67 by means of which the auxiliary frame
FIGURE 7 is a plan view of the mortar or plaster
and either form of prime mover mounted thereon may
mixing unit shown in FIGURE 6.
transmission means removed.
FIGURE 5 is an end view of the power transmission
With continuing reference to the drawings, wherein
like references of character designate like parts through
out the several views, the numeral 1 indicates generally
be locked to the base plate 22 in laterally adjusted posi
tions relative thereto by the locking bolts 67A.
It will be noted in FIGURE 3, where the clutch mem
65 ber 57A is shown secured to the power output shaft 68
a chassis comprising two longitudinal members 3 turned
of a prime mover in the form of an electric motor 71),
downwardly and rearwardly at their forward end and
that the center of the motor shaft is in a lower position
provided with a supporting wheel 4 and a dispensing
relative to the auxiliary frame 28 than the crank shaft
chute 5. The chassis members extend rearwardly and
58 of the internal combustion engine 59. By means of
downwardly as at 6, upwardly and inwardly as at 7 to 70 the clamping plate 36 and the supporting plate 39 of the
provide supporting feet 8, then diverge rearwardly, up
transmission means, the same may be readily adjusted
wardly to provide two arms 9 and 10. The outer ends
vertically relative to the bracket 34 to align the clutch
member 56 for operative engagement with the companion
of my invention I am aware that many minor changes
clutch member 57 or 57A.
therein will readily suggest themselves to others skilled
in the art without departing from the spirit and scope
of the invention. Having thus described my invention
What I claim as new and desire to protect by Letters
As best shown in FIGURE 6, a U-shaped member
75 is secured to the forward end of the stub shaft 17
within the hopper 19 near the bottom closed end thereof.
Concrete mixing blades '76 are Welded, or otherwise se
Patent is:
A combination mixer and portable dispensing machine
cured, to the leg portions 77 of the U-shaped member
and rotate as a unit with the hopper.
comprising in combination a chassis wheel-supported at
its forward end, said chassis including a pair of rear
A special mortar and plaster mixing unit indicated
generally at 88 is provided for convenient placement
wardly extending tubular frame members, a mixing hop
within or removal from the hopper 19. This unit com
per having a forward open end and a closed rearward
prises a mixing blade 81 welded, or otherwise secured,
at one of its ends to a substantially right angular base
member 82 and reinforced by a diagonal brace 83 secured
end, said hopper rotatably mounted at its rearward end
to the chassis, a frame secured to the chassis above the
hopper and extending forwardly relative thereto, a base
plate secured to said frame, an auxiliary frame bent up
wardly at one of its ends, means slidably and lockably
mounting the auxiliary frame upon said base plate,
at one of its ends to the base member and at its opposite
end to the mixing blade intermediate its ends as at 84.
The base member is made of angle iron with one ?ange
82A extending downwardly toward the bottom 18 of the
hopper. The mixing blade is further reinforced and
stabilized by a second diagonal brace 85 secured by weld
ing 86 to the mixing blade 81 as shown. The opposite
end of the mixing blade and that‘of the brace 85 is each
provided with supporting arms 88‘ adapted for telescopic
engagement within the tubular frame members 20 and
21 located above the hopper. The free end of the base
member 82 of the mixing unit 80 is recessed inwardly
as at 90 to embrace the shaft 17‘ between the U-shaped
member 75 and the bottom 18 of the hopper for cooper
ating with the arms 88' in securely holding the mixing
unit in a ?xed operative position relative to the inside 9
wall of the hopper for e?fectively mixing mortar and
plaster during rotation of the hopper.
For convenience in mounting either form of prime
mover upon the auxiliary frame 28, I provide a support
ing plate 95 adapted to be secured to the bottom of‘either
prime mover in any approved manner and formed into
inverted parallel channels 96 along both of its sides and
thereby adapted to engage with and be slid along the
parallel members 29 and 30‘ of the auxiliary frame until
the clutch member 57 or 57A comes into full operative
engagement with the companion clutch member 56 where
upon the free end 97 of a downwardly biased detent 98,
secured at its opposite end to the plate 95, will engage
with the outer edge of the transverse plate 65 of the
auxiliary frame. For convenience in disengaging the
latch from the plate 65for removing either prime mover
from the auxiliary frame, I provide a chain 99 connected
at one of its ends to the outermost free end of the detent
and its opposite end to the end of a handle 10!), whose
opposite end may be secured as at 101 to the engine 59‘
or as at 182 to the forward end of the plate 95A in
While I have shown a particular form of embodiment
clamping members vertically, adjustably, and lockably
carried by said upwardly bent end of the auxiliary- frame,
a power take-01f shaft journaled in and extending through
said clamping members, a hollow cup shaped ?rst clutch
element secured to one end of said power take-off shaft,
said auxiliary frame adapted to support prime movers
whose shaft centers vary in height relative to said aux
iliary frame, whereby said horizontal bearing can be
adjusted vertically relative to the base plate into selective
alignment with said‘ shafts of prime movers and locked
relative to the base plate, a second clutch element adapted
for securement to said shafts of prime movers, whereby
upon interengagement of said clutch members rotation
will be imparted to said power take-,oif shaft, and means
driven by the power take-01f shaft and entrained over
said hopper for imparting rotation to the hopper.
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