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April 16, 1963
Filed Aug: 11, 1960
United. States Patent O?ice
John K. Campbell, 627 W. Stone, Independence, Mo.
Filed Aug. 11, 1960, Ser. No. 49,057
Patented Apr. 16, 1963
A plurality of buckshot 7 are provided for the “load”
here illustrated to be six in number and of a size known
as 00(.33) size ordinarily used for big game such as
deer, bear and the like. With this size shot and six in
number, I have found that three and three-fourths drams
1 Claim. (Cl. 102-42)
of powder is satisfactory for my purpose.
This invention relates to a shot cartridge, and more
The buckshot 7 are provided with sockets 8 (FIG.
particularly to the pattern control for buckshot charges
5) and two of such shots are connected by a tying mem
ber 9. When the ends 10 of the tying member are in
from such cartridges.
Various attempts have been made to control the stray 10 serted in the sockets 8 of the buckshot, ‘the sockets are
ing of buckshot in cartridges or shot gun shells to pre
then closed by swaging or a suitable tool (not shown)
as illustrated at 11 (FIG. 5) to retain the ends of the
vent accidents and to increase the effectiveness of the
tie member in said buckshot as illustrated at 12. In
buckshot. There is a trend toward use of buckshot for
FIG. 4 I have illustrated the six buckshot in a pattern.
big game hunting instead of bullet guns formerly in
large bullet guns are very dangerous and. many 15 The shots 13 and 14 are connected by a tie member 15
and shots 16 and 17 by a tie member 18. The tie mem
ber may be of cord or wire but I have found a mono
people are killed each year big game hunting. With the
use of buckshot in shot guns the likelihood of accident
is materially reduced.
Many attempts have been made to control the buck
shot in a shot gun shell after it leaves the barrel of a
No one so far as applicant is aware has devised a
device which would effectively control the pattern of the
It is therefore the principal object of the present in
?lament line satisfactory for my purpose. The line is
similar to that used as leader lines in spin cast ?shing.
The lines 9, 15 and 18 are secured together at substan
tially their centers by fastening member 19' which may
be of plastic or other similar material which is crimped
around the line. The fastening must be of a material
so as not to injure the gun barrel as it leaves the same.
In FIG. 3 I have illustrated the tie members 9, 15 and
vention to provide a cartridge for use of buckshot to 25
18 as being tied together at substantially the centers in
control the pattern or direction of travel of the shot after
a knot 20. Any method or means of securing the lines
it leaves the gun barrel.
together is suitable for my purpose. The buckshot are
Other objects of the present invention are to provide
then placed within a covering material 21, such as foil
a cartridge with a plurality of buckshot in a manner
wherein the recoil or “kick” will be reduced; to pro 30 or the like, and three shot are placed in the foil as illus
trated in FIG. 2 and then three more shot placed on the
vide a cartridge wherein control of the pattern of the
?rst three shot and the open edges 22 crimped and
closed closely around the lines 9, 15 and 18 (FIG. 3)
and a higher velocity of the buckshot attained; to pro
whereby the material 21 forms a bag containing the buck
vide means connected to the buckshot for preventing
straying thereof after the buckshot leaves the gun bar 35 shot and portions of the lines adjacent the buckshot,
the remainder of the tie lines extending outwardly of the
rel; to provide means of enclosing the buckshot within
buckshot will reduce the number of buckshot required
the cartridge to hold the same in a particular manner
so that when they leave the gun barrel there will not be
the tendency to stray as where they are uncontrolled;
to provide a covering for the buckshot wherein the buck
sh-ot will be prevented from engaging the inside wall of
the gun barrel; to provide tying means for holding the
buckshot together and placing the tying means between
the shot and the wadding of the cartridge; to provide
wrapper, FIG. 3.
The tie members or lines are wadded together close
to the crimped portion as indicated at 23 (FIG. 1) and
the assembly is then placed in the open end 24 of the
casing 4 of the cartridge with the crimped portion fac
ing in the direction of the powder 5.
With the lesser than ordinary number of buckshot in the
cartridge there is required a larger ?ller wad between
the wadding 6 and the buckshot and I place a ?ller wad
ding above the wadding 6 as indicated at 25 and 26, FIG.
means for holding the shot in position so they will not
become entangled with the tying means; and to provide a
1. The open end of the cartridge is closed in the same
‘device of this character simple and economical to manu
manner as is the usual practice. I have here illustrated a
‘Other objects and advantages of this invention will be 50 “star” closure as indicated at 25’ which is accomplished
by merely creasing the elongated end 27 of the casing 4
come apparent from the following description taken in
and crimping the same over the buckshot 7. Any form
connection with the accompanying drawings wherein are
of closure may be utilized without departing from the
set forth by way of illustration and example certain em
spirit of my invention.
bodiments of this invention.
The foil 21 will hold the shot in position and prevent
FIG. 1 is a vertical cross sectional view particularly 55
the tie members 9, 15 and 18 from becoming entangled
illustrating my shot cartridge for pattern control.
therewith. The foil also holds the shot in position until
FIG. 2 is an enlarged cross sectional view taken on a
it leaves the barrel. The explosion of the powder in the
line 2>—2, FIG. 1.
cartridge will cause the foil, as it leaves the barrel, to be
FIG. 3 is a perspective view of the buckshot enclosed
entirely removed from the shot. As the shot passes out
within a foil wrapping and the tying means extending
of the gun barrel, it will again spread apart and the lines
outwardly ready to be placed in position in the cartridge.
9, 15 and 18 will prevent the spreading farther than the
FIG. 4 is a perspective view of the shot and the tying
lengths of the lines. I have found that by use of a six
means in a pattern after it leaves the gun barrel.
inch light weight line or tic member the pattern will hold
FIG. 5 is an enlarged cross sectional view of the buck
at six inches and will kill deer at one hundred yards ‘and
shot showing the tying means attached thereto.
65 over.
Referring more in detail to the ‘drawings:
'It is well known that ordinary buckshot will scatter
1 designates a cartridge embodying the features of
badly and thus require heavy large loads and the result is
my invention comprising the usual metal base 2, primer
heavy recoil. With my pattern control, the number of
3 and paper or cardboard casing 4 as is the usual prac
pellets may be reduced because they will be delivered on
tice. The casing extends within the base 2 as illustrated 70 target by holding the pattern and thus allow a higher
in FIG. 1. The base contains a charge of powder 5
velocity and lower recoil and less barrel pressure.
above which is placed wadding 6.
It will be obvious that with the control of the pattern
of the buckshot, safer-hunting will be accomplished and
also by holding the pattern of the buckshot, there Will
be more game killed and less wounding and suffering of
animals which die from poorly placed shots due to excess
‘It is to be understood that While I have illustrated and
described one form of my invention, it is not to be
limited to the speci?c form or arrangement of parts here
adjacent said buckshot, the remainder portions of said
lines extending outwardly of said bag, said edges of said
wrapper forming a crimped portion closely closed around
said lines, said bag being contained in said casing above
and adjacent said wadding with said crimped portion
facing toward said powder and the remainder portions of
said lines being wadded adjacent said crimped portion,
whereby said bag is removed from said shot as it leaves
in described and shown except insofar as such limitations
the barrel upon ?ring said cartridge from a shotgun.
are included in the claim.
What I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
A shotgun cartridge comprising: a cylindrical casing, a
base having a primer closing one end of said casing, a
charge of powder within said casing and adjacent said
. ..bas,e, saidcartridge and covering said powder,’ 15"
a plurality of buckshot, tie lines having the ends thereof
Boyd __, ____________ __ Aug. 24, 1886
Schultz ______________
.._ Sept.'12',
Aug. 21, "1916'
1956 r e
secured respectively to said buckshot, said tie lines being
secured to each other for limiting the spread pattern of
said buckshot, a wrapper having edges and forming a
‘Ser. No. 336,019, Garkovenko (A.P.C.), published
bag containing said buckshot and portions of said lines 20 June ‘22, 1943.
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