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April 16, 1963
o. J. LA RocQuE
Filed Dec. 5, 1961
United States Patent 0 " IC€
Patented Apr. 16, 1963
Ovila Joseph La Rocque, 802 Patterson St.,
Ogdensburg, N.Y.
Filed Dec. 5, 1961, Ser. No. 157,119
5 Claims. ((31. 134—169)
This invention relates to drain cleaners employing a
and extends cent-rally and axiallyof the handle in chamber
13. The other end of the vibrator is open and facing
passage 16 and the interior or central chamber 20 of the
vibrator 18 is in communication with chamber 13.
Intermediate the ends of handle 12 a passage 21 through
the sidewall of the handle is provided by a nipple 22 which
is soldered or otherwise secured in place. Nipple 22 has
a threaded connecting portion 23 which is adapted for
suction cup or ?xture and more particularly relates to a
connection with ‘a hose 24 (FIGURE 4) leading to a
device employing increased space within the device itself 10
source of ?uid under pressure. '
which may be subjected to suction and which uses a stream
In operation, the drain cleaner 10 is placed with its
of fluid under pressure to set up vibratory pulsations in
cup 11 over the open end or mouth of a drain, indicated
the suction and pressure applied to the drain.
at 25 in FIGURE 4, in the usual manner. The hose 24
Dev-ices for cleaning clogged drains and other hard to
is connected to a source of ?uid under pressure which
, reach passages include steel tapes or “snakes” and other 15 ordinarily is a water spigot or other outlet since Water
instruments adapted to be inserted in the open end of the
drain to free the passage of the obstruction. When there
are sharp bends or turns in the passage preventing a prob
is usually available nearby, but air under pressure may
alternatively be used.
The suction cup 11 is alternately compressed manually
ing instrument from reaching the obstruction it has long
by means of the handle 12 and allowed or made to expand
been the practice to cover the open end of the drain with 20 setting up lowered pressure or suction in the drain 25
a device comprising a rubber suction cup having a handle
in the usual manner. The chamber 13 within handle 12
and, by working the suction cup up and down, to induce
is in communication with the interior of the cup 11 and
suction and pressure within the open end of the drain for
the volume of space subjected to the suction induced by
loosening or dislodging the obstruction therein.
the cup is increased thereby. The large space subject to
These devices, sometimes called “plumbers’ helpers,” 25 the changes in pressure induced by the suction cup 11
often cannot loosen large or stubborn obstructions, par
provides a volume of ?uid at all times which is subject
ticularly when the obstruction is at a distance from the
to the changes in pressure, even when the obstruction in
open end of the drain. In these cases it is necessary to dig
the drain is close to the mouth of the drain or the open end
up the drain, which is an expensive and time consuming
of the drain is full of water. Water ?owing through hose
30 24 and passage 21 impinges against the vibrator 18 and
It is, accordingly, the principal object of the invention
sets up transverse or horizontal vibrations of high fre
to provide a suction type of drain cleaner which, when
quency in the vibrator as indicated by the arrows in FIG
applied to the open end of a clogged ‘drain, can loosen an
URE l. The vibrations of vibrator 18 are apparently
obstruction in the drain at a great distance from the open
augmented by resonance in the chamber 13 and induce
end thereof.
rapid vibratory pulsations. on the manually induced
A further object is to provide a suction type of drain
changes of pressure in the drain 25.
cleaner which can be economically manufactured and is
Walter ?owing in through passage 21 ?ows down
easily applied and yet can set up changes in pressure in an
through the chamber 13 and through passage 16 into the
enlarged space to dislodge an obstruction at any distance
interior of the cup 11. From the cup the water ?ows
40 down into drain 25 or is expelled by the periodic com
from the open end of the drain.
A still further object is to provide a suction type of
pression of cup 11 -as the variations in suction or changes
drain cleaner ‘utilizing vibration within the suction app-ly
in pressure are continued in the usual manner by pump
ing means to provide rapid pulsations in the suction and
ing up and down by means of handle 12. Water ?owing
pressure applied to the obstruction in the drain for
down into the open end of the drain serves also to ?ush
loosening the obstruction, and to utilize a readily available 45 loosened particles from the block in the passage up to
source of power for setting up the vibrations.
the mouth of the passage.
Other objects and advantages will become apparent from
Although suction cup 11 is shown as cup-shaped it
the following description taken in conjunction with the ac
will be understood that a plunger or piston type adapter,
companying drawing in which:
which is introduced directly Within the drain pipe or
FIGURE 1 is an inverted longitudinal sectional view 50 passage to be cleaned, may be used instead of the cup
of a drain cleaner according to the invention on the line
11. Such adapters induce suction by pumping action
1——1 of FIG. 2;
in the passage as the adapter is moved away from and
FIGURE 2 is a top plan view thereof;
toward the open end or mouth thereof.
FIGURE 3 is an enlarged longitudinal sectional view
It has been demonstrated that 900 ‘feet of badly clogged
of another form of drain cleaner according to the inven
sink drain can be cleaned by the drain cleaner 10, and 90
tion with suction cup omitted; and
feet of four inch drain pipe in a service station grease
FIGURE 4 is a side elevational view of the drain clean~
pit which was badly clogged has been cleaned by the
er of FIG. 1 shown as applied to the open end of a clogged
In FIGURE 3 a modi?ed ‘form of drain cleaner is
In FIGURES 1 and 2 a drain cleaner 10 has a rubber 60 shown in which the vibrator may be removed for clean
suction cup 11 threaded-1y secured to a handle 12. The
handle is tubular in form and has a central chamber 13
The drain cleaner 30' has a cup or adapter, not shown,
and, at the ‘cup-end, a cap member 14 is soldered or other
and a handle 31. At one end a cap 32 is threadedly se—
wise secured to the end of the handle for providing a
cured to the handle and has a nipple 33 threaded for en
gagement with the cup or adapter. Passage 34 through
threaded nipple 15 on which the cup 11 may be secured.
the cap and nipple leads to the central chamber 35 of the
The cap member 14 has a central passage 16 connecting
the interior of the cup with the central chamber 13.
At the other end of the handle 31 a threaded recess
The other end of the handle 12. has a plug 17, soldered
or otherwise secured to the handle, and imbedded in the 70 36 is shouldered at 37 to receive a threaded nipple or
hollow boss 38 on a hollow metal ball 39.
plug is another tubular member, the vibrator 18. The
The vibrator tube 40 has a ?ared end 41 which is
vibrator tube 18 is rigidly secured at its end to the plug 17
seated against the shoulder 37 and held in place by the
boss 38. Suitable sealing washers 42 and 43 are pro
being free, open and adjacent and facing the suction
vided between the ?ared end or ?ange 41 and the ball
member, and passage means connected -to the source of
boss 38 and shoulder 37 respectively. Passage 44 in the
?uid under pressure leading through the handle wall
boss 38 leads from the interior 45 of the ball to the in
terior or central chamber 46 of the vibrator or tube 40.
the ends thereof for vibrating the tube.
Intermediately of the ends of handle 31 a projecting
boss 47 has a threaded end 48 adapted to be connected
rigidly secured to the handle, the other end of the tube
for directing a stream of ?uid at said tube intermediate
2. A drain cleaner adapted to be connected to a source
of ?uid water pressure for cleaning plugged drains, com
to a water hose. A passage ‘49 through the boss 47 is
prising: a resilient suction cup; a ?rst tubular member
connected to another passage 50 in the side Wall of the 10 having one end closed and the other end connected to
handle 31 leading down toward the cap 32. The lower
end of passage 50 is provided with an inwardly and ra
dially extending nozzle 51 as shown, ‘directed toward the
said suction cup, there being a passage from the interior
of the member to the interior of the cup; a second tubular
member of less diameter than said ?rst member and
free end of the vibrator '40 which is slanted or biased
as shown. The open end of chamber 46 in the vibrator
40, at this end, faces toward the passage 34.
end sealed from communication to atmosphere and se
cured to said ?rst member, the other end of said sec
spaced co-axially therein, said second member having one
The operation of the drain cleaner 30 is essentially the
ond member being ‘free, open and narrowly spaced from
same as that of the drain cleaner 10 of FIGURES 1 and 2
said passage; and a second passage in communication
except that the vibrator 40 may be removed for cleaning
by unscrewing the ball 39. The ball when attached to
with the interior of said ?rst member, one end of said
second passage being adapted for connection to the source
of ?uid under pressure and the other end of said sec
ond passage being directed at said second member;
whereby, when said suction cup is placed over a plugged
drain, and a stream of ?uid under pressure is directed
at said second tube through said second passage, suction
may be induced in the drain and said second tube is
the handle 31 also serves as a convenient hand grip and,
being hollow, provides greater resonance or increased
volume connected to the chamber 46 for increasing the
extent of the ?uctuations in pressure in chamber 46'.
The shape of the free end of the vibrator tube 40, co
operating with the ?ow of Water through ‘the jet nozzle 51
induces lateral vibrations of the vibrator 40 and rapid
changes of pressure in the chamber 46 which are im
pressed on the ?uctuations of pressure produced by the
cup or adapter used with the device 30. The stream of
water, being directed at the end of the vibrator 40, in
duces vibrations in the vibrator of somewhat lower fre
quency but of greater magnitude than if the stream of
?uid were to impinge upon the vibrator closer to its
?xed end 41.
It will be apparent that the handle 31 is adapted to be
fashioned of brass or other corrosion resistant metal so
as to be easier to keep clean.
The device of ‘FIGURES 1 and 2, as Well as the
device of FIGURE 3, may be provided with an ordinary
threaded cap to be substituted ‘for the hose to the source
of vacuum so that the drain cleaner may be used in con
ventional manner.
As will be apparent to those familiar with the art, the
invention may be embodied in other speci?c forms with
out departing from the spirit or essential characteristics
thereof. The embodiments disclosed therefore are to be
considered in all respects as illustrative rather than re
vibrated to induce vibratory pulsations in the suction ap
plied to the drain.
3. The drain cleaner of claim 2 having said second
passage directed at the second member intermediate the
ends thereof.
4. The drain cleaner of claim 2 having said second
passage directed at the second member at its end adjacent
said ?rst passage.
5. A drain cleaner adapted to be connected to a source
of ?uid under pressure for clearing plugged drains, com
prising: a rubber suction cup having an elongated hollow
handle, the interiors of handle and cup being connected
by a ?rst passage, and the end of the handle remote from
the cup ‘having an annular closure portion, the central
opening through the closure being shouldered; a hollow
metal ball having a nipple threadedly engaged in said
shouldered opening; a metal tube having a ?ared end
seated in said shouldered opening between the shoulder
thereof and said nipple to secure said tube within said
handle in sealed and spaced co-axial relation thereto,
the other end of said tube being free and narrowly spaced
‘from said ?rst passage; a second passage through said ball
strictive, the scope of the invention being indicated by 50 nipple connecting the interiors of the ball and tube; and
the appended claims.
a third passage through the side wall of said handle,
What is claimed is:
said third passage including a nipple at one end adapted
l. A passage cleaner adapted to be connected to a
to be connected to the source of ?uid under pressure, the
source of ?uid under pressure for clearing plugged pas
other end of the third passage being directed at said tube
sages, comprising: a resilient suction member adapted to
for vibration thereof by the ?ow of said ?uid.
be placed in sealed engagement with the end of a plugged
passage, a hollow handle member secured to the suction
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
member at one end and having the other end closed, the
interior of the handle member being adapted to be in
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communication with the passage, a metal tube co-axially
Allen _______________ __ July 6, 1937
disposed within said handle and having a closed end 6 O 2,086,149
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