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April 16, 1963
Filed Aug. 18, 19Go
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
April 16, 1963
s. s. D'oLNlcK
Filed Aug. 18. 1960
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??. M
United States Patent O” lCe
Seymour S. Dolnick, Milwaukee, Wis., assignor to Glen
Mfg. Inc., a corporation of Wisconsin
Filed Aug. 18, 1960, Ser. No. 50,395
6 Claims. (Cl. 150--52)
3,085,61 lPatented Apr. 16, 1963
that although it substantially defines an ellipse, the ellipse
is slightly dished in on the sides as at 11d.
The toilet bowl cover of this invention includes an
insert strip or sheet 14 which is normally suñiciently
stiff to be self-supporting and yet is pliable, and may be
made of such things as plastic, water impervious jute
or the like.
As can be clearly seen in FIGURES 5
through 8 wherein the sheet 14 is extended, the sheet is
constructed with curved upper and lower edges 14a and
particularly to a decorative and insulating toilet bowl
10 14b. The curves of these edges have been carefully
calculated so that when the strip is curved about a toilet
It has long Abeen the wish of the housewife to beautify
bowl with the strip’s ends 14C and 14d fastened together,
and camouflage toilet bowls found in the American bath~
»the upper and lower edges will define substantially par
room. These bowls are generally made of porcelain or
This invention relates «to a toilet bowl cover and more
other ceramic material and often become scarred or
defaced in some manner. Further, during the humid
periods of the year in areas where cold water is supplied
to flush toilets, the bowls will form condensation on
their outer surfaces which drips or runs to the floor
allel planes as «can be seen in FIGURE 3 while the upper
edge 14a abuts the lip 11C and the lower edge 14b abuts
the base 11b. «'I'hus, the strip 14 closely approximates
the over-all shape of the toilet bowl and is in intimate
contact with it throughout its almost entire upper and
lower surfaces. Further, the contact between the edges
and creates another unsightly problem. Moreover, the
noise accompanying flushing is often distasteful to the 20 of the strip and the bowl are such as to limit air move
ment, with one exception which will -be explained later,
user and it is desirable to eliminate such noise as much
so -that insulation both against condensation and noise
as possible.
is possible.
`It is therefore an object of this invention to provide a
The strip -14 is provided with a decorative cover 15,
decorative and insulating toilet bowl cover which is capa
ble of covering the marks and defects on the toilet bowl 25 various embodiments of which are shown in FIGURES 5
through 8. The cover may be constructed of an absorb
while at the same time insulating the bowl against both
ent material such as chenille or turkish toweling, both
moisture and undesirable noise.
of which are highly decorative and pleasing to the eye.
It is another object of this invention to provide a
These materials are also often used in decorating or cover
decorative and insulating toilet bowl cover which com
prises an elongated pliable sheet adapted to be tit around 30 ing other plumbing parts found in the average bathroom
So that an over-all decoration of the plumbing fixtures is
a toilet bowl, a decorative cover for said sheet, means
possible when a toilet bowl cover of the material described
for positioning the cover on the sheet and means for
herein is also provided. The decorative cover 15 is held
holding said sheet and cover in place on said bowl.
in place on the strip 14 by several methods. Thus, in
Other objects and advantages of this invention will
FIGURE 5, an inner panel 16 is sewed to the edges 15a
become apparent from the following description taken
of the cover. This provides a pocket in the cover which
together with the accompanying drawings.
is adapted to receive the strip 14. The cover is left
Of the drawings:
open at one end 15b and a flap of material 15e together
FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of a toilet bowl and
with a plurality of closure snaps 16a are provided. This
toilet tank with the cover of this invention shown in
place on the toilet bowl and with the outline of the toilet 40 allows the strip 14 to be inserted within the cover and
be maintained there by means of the closure snaps 16a.
bowl shown in dotted lines;
In FIGURE 6, a plurality of straps 17 are provided
‘FIGURE 2 is a top plan view of the toilet bowl co'ver
on the inner side of the cover and are riveted 18a thereto.
of this invention in place on a toilet bowl;
These str-aps hold the cover in place on the strip 14.
FIGURE 3 is a sectional view taken along the line
3--3 of FIGURE 2 showing the ‘toilet bowl in dotted 45 FIGURE 7 shows a cover wherein a plurality of male 18
and female 19 snaps `are provided on the cover and the
strip 14, respectively. By means of these snaps, the cover
is held in place on the strip. In FIGURE 8, the edges
15a and the ends ‘15d have been provided with elastic
yFIGURE 5 is a partially broken rear elevational view
of the toilet bowl cover in an extended condition show 50 material 20 which holds the cover in place on the strip 14.
The cover including the strip 14 and. the decorative
ing one embodiment of the decorative cover; and v
cover 15 may be held in place on the toilet bowl in any
FIGURES 6, 7 and 8 are views similar to FIGURE 5
one of a number of ways. In FIGURE 4, however, is
each showing another embodiment of the decorative cover.
AFIGURE 4 is a partial view taken along the line 4-4
of FIGURE 2;
Referring now -to FIGURE 1, a toilet bowl cover 10
is shown therein in place'on a toilet bowl 11 shown in
dotted lines. The bowl is of conventional construction
and in this case is shown associated with a wall-type
tank 12. Toilet bowls are manufactured with this type
shown one of the means for holding the cover in place.
Thus, a plurality of elastic loops 21 are attached as by `
basting to one end of the decorative cover 15 and a plu
r-ality of hooks 22 are attached to the other end of the
cover 15. 'Ihe loop portion 21a is designed to fit over
of tank or wi-th a tank often referred to as a free stand 60 the hooks 22. By means of the loop 21 and the hooks
22, the cover is satisfactorily maintained in position on
ing tank (not shown) or with no tank at all. However,
the bowl.
in any of these constructions, the toilet bowl cover about
to be described is satisfactory for covering the toilet bowl.
In addition, the bowl shown in FIGURE 1 is associated
with a conventional toilet seat 13.
As can be clearly seen by the dotted lines in FIGURE 3,
toilet bowl 11 is wider at its upper portion 11a than
at its base portion 11b. In addition, the bowl includes
As previously pointed out, the toilet bowl although
`substantially elliptically shaped is `dished in at 11d. For
this reason a strap 23 is provided on the cover 15. One
end of ‘the strap 23 is attached to the cover by means
of rivets >24. The other end is provided with «a male
snap 25 which is adapted to be received by a female
snap 26 attached to the corresponding position on the
a slightly outwardly extending lip 11C. Thus, the sides
other side of the cover as at 15e in FIGURE 5. When
of the toilet -bowl as well as its front and rear does not 70 the cover :is in position on the bowl and the elastic loops
define an easily covered surface. Furthermore, when the
bowl is viewed from the top (FIGURE 2) it can be seen
21 are joined to the hooks 22, and the strap 23 is in
place, the strap urges a slight pressure on the sides
of the cover 15.
It thus urges the cover into contact
taining said decorative cover on said sheet, and means
with the portions of the bowl 11d where `they `are slightly
dished in. This construction provides con-tact between
the cover and the bowl at this point thereby providing
a joint which maintains the dead air space between the
bowl and cover to eltectively insulate the bowl against
condensation and to substantially eliminate the llushing
lfor holding said ends together to maintain said toilet
an inner panel on said cover.
Having thus described my invention as related to the
bowl cover in place on said toilet bowl.
2. The device of claim 1 wherein a strap is provided
between the top edges of said cover to urge said cover
into contact with a portion of said bowl.
3. The ldevice of claim 1 wherein said first means is
4. The device of claim 1 wherein said Íirst means is a
embodiments shown in the accompanying drawings, -it is 10 plurality of straps having one end connected to a side
my intention that the invention be not limited by any
of the details of description unless otherwise specified,
but rather be construed broadly within .its spirit vand
scope as set out in the accompanying claims.
I claim:
1. A decorative and insulating toilet bowl cover, com
an elongated pliable, self-supporting sheet
of said cover and the other end connected to another side
of said cover.
5. The device of claim l wherein said ñrst means is a
plurality of snaps on‘said decorative cover `and said sheet
includes a corresponding plurality of snaps adapted to
mate with said decorative cover snaps.
6. The device of claim 1 wherein the borders of said
adapted to be encircled about a toilet bowl and to act as
cover are elastícized.
a base for `a cover therefor, said sheet having curved
edges the radius of curvature of each being such as to 20
References Cited in the ñle of this patent
deñne a pair of parallel spaced planes when said sheet is
encircled about a toilet bowl with the upper edge being
disposed adjacent the upper edge of said bowl and the
lower edge being disposed `adjacent the base of said
bowl, said sheet deñning when its ends are together a 25
substantially elliptical shape of -about _the size of said
bowl; a decorative cover for said sheet; means for re
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