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April 16, 1963
Filed June 2, 1961
United States
Patented Apr. 16, 1963
Ralph Sherman, 16 Marshall St., Irvington, NJ.
the ‘folded strip 11, the clips 18 may be 1applied to the
longitudinal indentation channels 13, 13 (-as shown in
FIGURE 2) and the trousers are ?rmly suspended from
the hanger 17.
Filed June 2, 1961, Ser. No. 114,396
1 Claim. (Cl. 223-91)
On the other hand, if a skirt 19 is to be suspended from
the hanger, the clips 18 may not reach the channels 13,
My invention relates generally to grippers for hangers,
13, but may have to be inserted over the fold 12, into the
and particularly to a trouser gripper for wire hangers in
angular channels 14, 14. The skirt 19 being wider than
which a folded strip and clips compressibly hold the
the folded strip 11, the top angular channels 14, 14 must
trousers by the cuffs.
10 be used.
It is among the objects of my invention to provide a
The dimple 15 serves :as a seat for the ends 24, 24
gripper for hangers which holds the trousers by the cu?s
of a clip 18 so that the ends may seat in the dimple
rather than by draping them at the knee.
20, 20. This serves to ?rmly anchor the clip 18 in place,
It is a further object of my invention to provide a
regardless of which of the horizontal or ‘angular channels
gripper for hangers that will not impair the neatness of 15 13, 14 are being used. The inner surface of the folded
pressed trousers, either at the knee or at the cuff.
strip 11 may be provided with a ‘dress 21 of high-friction
Yet a further object of my invention is to provide 'a
material such as rubber so that the cuffs of the trousers
gripper which securely attaches trousers to a wire hanger
22 will be securely held. As an alternative, the strip
and will not release them accidentally.
11 may ‘have perforation-s so that there will be struck
Yet a further object of my invention is to provide a
out raised internal ‘areas 23. These perforations 23 will
gripper for hangers which is easy to apply, easy to use,
serve to grip trousers or skirts more securely against dis
relatively durable, and inexpensive.
charge from the folded sheet 11.
These objects and advantages as well as other objects
While I have referred to indentation channels, it should
and advantages may be attained by the device illustrated
be understood that without such channels 13, 14, the clips
in the drawings in which:
25 18 may nevertheless be applied to the folded sheet 11.
FIGURE 1 is a vertical section taken on the line '1—1
It should also be understood that the points for applica
in FIGURE 2, showing a folded sheet (but without clips),
tion of the clips 18, 18, may be de?ned by indentation
embracing a wire hanger;
channels, may be unde?ned (without indentation chan
FIGURE 2 is a front elevation showing a trouser
nels), or may be de?ned by lines imprinted or marked
gripper for hangers attached to a wire hanger and hold 30 on the sheet 11 without being indented. The indented
ing trousers by the cuffs;
form is preferred.
FIGURE 3 is a view of a clip;
FIGURE 4 is a partial view of the folded sheet show
My hanger is primarily intended for the cheap wire
FIGURE 6 is an end view of an unfolded sheet, show—
tion channel 13 on the inside. The folded sheet 11 is
then laid over a Wire hanger 17, and when an item is
hanger 17, although it may be used on other types of
ing the indentation channels;
hangers. It is easily applied to a hanger 17 by folding
FIGURE 5 is a front elevation of a gripper for wire 35 the ?at ‘sheet of ‘corrugated board (see FIGURE 9) in
hangers, showing the hanger holding a skirt;
half along the fold line 12 with the longitudinal indenta
ing the indentation channels for receiving the wire hanger
cross-bar, as well as the clips.
intruded between its inner faces, and the clips 18‘ applied,
FIGURE 7 is an end view of a folded sheet, to which 40 the item will be held suspended from the hanger 17 .
a high-friction coating has been applied, to avoid the
Rigid or semi-rigid cardboard or corrugated board is
slippage of trousers or other garments;
preferred for the folded sheet 11 or gripper, but other
FIGURE 8 is a partial perspective view showing the
materials can be used. The clip 18 can be made of any
inside of ‘an unfolded rigid sheet on which perforations
resilient metal, plastic or other material.
have been imposed ‘as of high-friction surface;
The foregoing description is merely intended to illus
FIGURE 9 is a plan view of a folded sheet, showing
trate an embodiment of the invention. The component
the indentation channels and the dimple at their inter
parts have been shown and described. They each may
have substitutes which may perform ‘a substantially similar
Referning now to the drawings in detail:
function; such substitutes may be known as proper sub
My trouser gripper for hangers comprises 13. rigid sheet 50 stitutes for the said components and may have actually
11 as shown in FIGURE 9. Corrugated board which is
been known or invented before the present invention;
relatively rigid is preferred, since it may receive linear
these substitutes are contemplated as being within the
indentations for the hanger cross-bar, or the clips.
scope ‘of the ‘appended claim, ‘although they are not speci
It is relatively rigid, so that it will hold the trousers to
?cally catalogued herein.
the cross-bar. The somewhat rigid sheet is provided with
What is claimed is:
a. longitudinal fold line 12; corresponding opposite hori
A ‘gripper for hangers comprising,
zontal indentation channels 13 deeply embossed or im
a relatively wide rigid sheet longitudinally folded upon
pressed, and running in general parallelism with the longi
itself with opposed, generally coextensive portions,
tudinal edges of the sheet 11, are also provided. Like
an internal, longitudinal, indentation channel formed
wise, angular indentation channels 14, 14 are provided,
in the sheet at the fold line thereof in general cor
extending from the fold line 12, to the inner ends of the
respondence with the fold line for receiving the cross
indentation channels 13, 13. The indentation channels
bar of a wire hanger,
13, 14 intersect with each other in -a circular indenta
a horizontal external indentation channel formed on
tion 15.
the outer face of the folded sheet de?ning a seat
The inside of the sheet or strip 11 is provided with a 65
for a clip,
longitudinal indentation channel 16. A wire hanger 17
an .angularly disposed external indentation channel
is provided, and the sheet 11 is folded along the fold line
formed on the ‘outer face of the folded sheet inter
12 so that the longitudinal indentation channel 16 em
secting with the horizontal indentation channel,
braces the cross-bar of the Wire hanger 17. A pair of
a dimple at the point of intersection,
clips 18 are provided so that when a pair of trousers (or
a resilient clip applied to at least one of the indentation
other article) is placed between the interior surfaces of
:1 high-friction surface on the opposed inner portions
Of the folded Sheet.
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