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April; 23,, I963
Filed June 24, 19/60
United States Patent 0 " ice
Rene M. Schupbach, 142 Ridge St., Pawtucket, RJ.
Filed June 24, 1960, Ser. No. 38,568
2 Claims. (Cl. 24-49)
Patented Apr. 23, 1963
32, 33, which cams are pivotally received on the pivot
pin 31. A spring member 24 is notched to receive the
ears 30 and extends to, and may be fastened, if desired,
to the end of the reversely bent portion 14, and has its
two ends each contacting depressed areas 34 formed in
the side of the cams 32, 33 nearest the mounting por
tion 14. In this fashion I provide two pressure points
This invention relates to a necktie or cravat holder,
20, 21, one by each of the cams 32 and 33 which con
also known as a tie slide, and particularly a construction
tact the reverse face of the front jaw of the clip. The
which will a?ord a two-point contact and a camming
10 end 17 of jaw 32 is arched away from the front jaw 10 to
action to facilitate the use of the device.
provide an entrance mouth thereto for the necktie.
It is an object of this invention to decrease the re
In operation it will be apparent that as the tie and
shirt are slipped underneath the jaw end 17 a lifting
action of the cam- plate 32 takes place. The cams, of
proved mounting for a camming device which will in 15 course, are backed up by a single spring member 24, and
have independent pressure adjustments depending upon
eifect be one of the jaws of the necktie holder.
the thickness of the cloth and the tie at the particular
A further object of the invention is to provide a jaw for
point of contact. As the tie is inserted further, it con
a necktie holder in the form of a camming device which
tacts the other pressure point 21, and in effect therefore
may be backed up by a spring to provide the necessary
20 we have primary and secondary resilience which is pro
jaw action tension.
sistance of sliding a necktie holder into position to grip
the shirt and tie of the wearer.
Another object of the invention is to provide an im
With these and other objects in view, the invention
vided by the two spaced pressure points 20 and 21. Thus,
by the above arrangement a very simple form of tie clip
is provided and one which has a pair of pressure areas
be more fully described and particularly pointed out in
that in e?ect act independently over a double cam action
the appended claims.
25 for accomplishing the work holding function.
In the accompanying drawings:
I claim:
FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a necktie holder made
1. In a tie clip, a front jaw, a rigid rear jaw, means
in accordance with the invention;
having two work engaging areas for forcing the work
FIG. 2 is a sectional view in the planeof two edges
toward the front jaw at locations spaced longitudinally
of the jaws;
FIG. 3 is an exploded perspective view of the holder. 30 of the front jaw, said means comprising independent
members each having a work engaging area provided by
In proceeding with this invention, the construction that
cams having a normal point of contact with the front
is utilized is formed from sheet stock which may be
jaw, means for independently pivotally mounting each
stamped out and bent by suitable forming operations
of said members on the rear jaw, and spring means
and the jaw members may be assembled to the sheet
secured to said rear jaw and acting at locations sub
stock portion in a simple assembly operation. The front
stantially adjacent said points of contact to force said
jaw of the clip is designated 10 and is of sheet stock
members towards the front jaw.
suitably cut out to provide a bar-like form which is bent
2. In a tie clip as in claim 1 wherein the front jaw is
at 12 to provide a return bent portion or cam mounting
provided with a reversely bent portion providing the rear
arm 14. The front jaw or bar may be of any orna
mental con?guration; for instance it may be embossed, 40 jaw which centrally mounts at one location the single
spring means and said members.
engraved or provided with initial carrying devices. The
return bent portion or arm 14 need not assume exactly
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
the con?guration illustrated which is shown merely by
way of example, for here any other shaping which ?ts 45
into the design of the tie clip may be utilized.
Bailey ______________ __ oct. 9, 1894
The rear jaw means is designated generally 15 (see
Silverman __________ __ Oct. 27, 1942
FIGURE 2). The end of the return bent portion 14 is
Firon et al. __________ __ Dec. 8, 1942
provided with spaced ears 30 extending toward the bar
10, which ears are adapted to receive therebetween a 50
France ______________ __ Dec. 22, 1930
pivot pin 31 for the pivotal mounting of a pair of cams
consists of certain novel features of construction as will
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