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l April 23, 1963
D. LEvlN
Filed April 21. 1951
United States Patent O " ICC
Patented Apaaa, 1963
be hinged to fall between the doors 21 on the opening `of
David Levin, 608 Lucerne Mansions De Villiers St.,
Johannesburg, Transvaal, Republic of South Africa
Filed Apr. 21, 1961, Ser. No. 104,688
3 Claims. (Cl. 62-391)
This invention relates >to an improved mounting for
the display of advertising matter.
Much of the business of the modern world depends on
advertising and advertising to be effective depends upon
the means used to bring the advertising matter to the
notice of the right people. The provision of some valued
the latter.V
There is also room for suitable advertisements 25 in
front of land hiding the refrigeration system 19 and in
front of the insulation at 26 on the tank 16.
The cabinet 11 is designed to form a valuable adjunct
to the furnishings of a hotel room. From an aesthetic
point of view advertisements, or even a private directory
for the hotel services, are not readily acceptable if they
are normally exposed. However it is advantageous to
have advertisements in a hotel room, it is also frequently
considered a necessity to have ice cold water always
readily available. With this invention the cold water is
obtained on the exposure of the advertisements, and
serves to impress the latter on the recipient of said 15 therefore the lining of the cabinet is made to provide a
mounting for the advertisement.
The refrigeration system 19 can act quietly and in
It is understood therefore that an advertisement
oifensively and requires only a simple electrical connec
coupled with some required and sought after service
tion. The water supply can be replenished through inlet
enhances the value of an advertisement.
One of the best places for certain advertisements is in 20 17 in the daily routine service to the room.
The cabinet 11 may serve also as the receptacle for
first-class hotel bedrooms but advertisements exposed
other articles which may be considered necessities or de
in such places are not welcomed.
sirable and should certainly provide a directory for vthe
The object of this invention therefore is to provide a
hotel services `for example at 27 on panel 23 above 2S.
mounting for advertisements which will be acceptable
service provided with the display of the advertisement
and at the same time to couple with such mounting some 25
service which will afford attention to the advertisement.
In accordance with this invention the mounting for
displaying advertising matter comprises a cabinet, a com
partment therein, advertising panels forming the lining
In use the cabinet with its supply of cold water will
be a valued asset. The opening of the cabinet doors
will display the advertisements mounted in Ia prominent
way. In other words this invention provides an im
proved mounting for advertisements and at the same time
givtes service by providing a constant supply of cold
in said compartment; also therein a supply of drinking
water continually cooled; doors adapted to be opened Ito
wa er.
unit; for said panels to be part of the required heat insu
for holding drinking water therein, a filler opening in
replenishing it. The tank 16 is insulated against heat
to support advertising media whereby the advertising
What I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters
give access to the cold water and to expose said panels in
the compartment itself and on the backs of the doors.
1. A wall mounting compri-sing a narrow rectangular
Other lfeatures of the invention provide for means
associated with said cabinet to enable it to be attached 35 hollow cabinet, a horizontal elongated rectangular shaped
water tank disposed in the upper portion of said cabinet
to a wall; for said cabinet to embody a refrigeration
the top of said water tank, said cabinet having a com
lation and for said panels to carry also va directory for a
partment positioned directly below said tank, a faucet
hotel and/ or similar information.
The accompanying drawing illustrates one preferred 40 depending from the bottom of said water tank disposed
1n said compartment, a water container supported in
form of the invention.
said compartment below said Ifaucet to receive drinking
FIG. 1 is a front view of a cabinet acting as a mount
water therefrom, a refrigeration unit operatively co-n
ing for advertisements,
nected to said water tank yfor maintaining the drinking
FIG. 2 is a view of the cabinet open and exposing
45 water therein cold, said refrigeration unit being disposed
the advertisements, and
in said cabinet in the lower portion thereof below said
FIG. 3 is »a side view of the cabinet fastened to a wall
compartment, two doors hinged to the front wall of
and drawn to an enlarged scale.
said cabinet -for access to said compartment vfor obtain
In the drawings 11 is a sheet metal cabinet which is
ing a drink of water, U-shaped cradle means disposed on
fastened to a cradle 12 ñxed to a wall 13. The cabinet
11 is narrow in width so that when hung in position on 50 the rear of said rcabinet -for atiìxing it to a wall to pro
vide a yentilating space between the rear of the cabinet
cradle 12 it will not stand out too lfar from the wall 13.
and the wall to which it `is affixed, said wall mounting
Conveniently a small ventilation space is left between the
providing a neat compact and narrow cabinet for ob
back 14 of the cabinet and the wall 13.
taining a drink of water therefrom and which may be
Near the top par-t 15 of the cabinet 11 is a tank 16
readily disposed in a hotel -room the yfront surface of
for drinking water with an opening 17 at the top for
said cabinet and the rear surface of said doors adapted
and below it is a compartment 18.
The cabinet 11 con
media is exposed to the view only when said doors are
tains a suitable refrigeration unit 19 which is shown
with dotted lines in FIGS. l and 3. It is built in and 60
2. The wall mounting of claim l wherein, hinged hori
round the tank 16 for -continuously making and maintain
zontal shelf means are disposed in said cabinet in the
ing a low temperature in the water in tank 16. The
front wall thereof adjacent said doors and are operatively
connected to said cabinet to fall downwardly and be
tank 16 and the refrigeration unit is fastened to and
tween said doors and extend outwardly of said cabinet
supported by the cradle 12.
The compartment 18 below the tank 16 contains a 65 when the doors are opened to provide a shelf therefor.
3. A water cooling and advertising «device adapted to
faucet 20 through which water may be drawn from the
be mounted on the surface of a vertical wall compris
tank 16.
ing a rectangular cabinet, said cabinet including parallel
The compartment 18 is suit-ably lined and is closed
rectangular vertically extending Ifront and- -rear walls,
with doors 21. These doors 21 on the inside 22 are
covered with panels 23 on which are mounted the ad 70 horizontally extending rectangular upper and bottom
vertisements 24 it is desired to display. A shelf 28 may
walls, vertically extending rectangular spaced parallel
end walls, said top, bottom and end walls connected be
tween adjacent edges of said front and rear walls so as
to deñne a box-like chamber, a horizontally extending
elongated rectangular shaped water tank extending;r sub
stantially the entire »distance between said end walls, the
top of said tank being provided with a ñller opening, a
faucet secured to the center of the bottom of the tank
and extending downwardly therefrom, a refrigeration
unit operatively connected to said water tank `for main
taining drinking water therein cold, said refrigeration
-unit located in a lower portion of said chamber, said
front wall having an enlarged rectangular aperture therein
and including a vertically extending cover plate -extend
ing over said rectangular aperture and covering the front
of said tank and the front of said refrigeration unit, a 15
horizontal shelf `for supporting a water receptacle se
cured within »said chamber directly below said faucet and
above said refrigeration unit, a removable water recepta
cle having an open top supported on said shelf directly
surface of said cover plate, a pair of :doors pivotally
connected to :said «front Wall at the side edges of said
aperture and adapted to completely close the aperture
when the doors are pivoted to a coplanar position, a sec
ond shelf below said first mentioned shelf extending
across the lower portion of said aperture below said first
mentioned shelf and pivotally connected to said cabinet
so as to be pivoted within said chamber or supported
in a horizontal position as the bottom of said chamber,
support means connected to the back surface of said rear
wall and adapted to support said cabinet on the vertical
wall surface in spaced relationship thereto, the rear sur
rfaces of said doors and the front surfaces of said cover
plate adapted to support advertisements.
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