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April 23, 1963
Filed Feb. 3, 1960
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United States , Patent 0
Patented Apr. 23, 1963
economy and facility and simplicity in manufacture and
in subsequent loading with a prescribed medicament and
propellant. These units are provided with a valve unit
10, which may be of the metered or unmetered type as
desired. For example, such valves may be made by
the Risden Manufacturing Company Aerosol Division or
Malcolm H. Laws, St. Petersburg, Fla., assignor to Birch
and Birch, Washington, D.C., a partnership
Filed Feb. 3, 1960, Ser. No. 6,400
4 Claims. (Cl. 128-173)
The present invention relates to a medicament and a
novel pelvic cavity treating device.
by the VGA, Incorporated, who make suitable standard
type bottle valves for glass, plastic and metal containers.
In some instances the container units are coated in
10 ternally and externally, but this depends usually upon
the medicament used or the propellant.
Much concern throughout the world has developed in
Extending from the valve body '10 is a hollow valve
connection with the education, of the masses in the mat
stem 11 through which the cartridge unit contents dis
ter of proper pelvic cavity treatment. This is particu
charges into the elongated hollow tube '12 of the appli
larly a problem in countries and localities where the poor,
ignorant and uneducated classes of people are living in 15 cator C.
The applicator C comprises an elongated tube 12 formed
squalor and unhealthy overcrowded conditions, and con
tinue in the face of such di?icult and unhappy conditions
to require such treatment, but cannot afford such treat
With such classes of people there are no safe
at the discharge end with a cone 13 having a hollow
conical bore 14, while the tube 12 at the opposite end
is formed with a counter bore 15 in the provision of
inexpensive means available to treat the pelvic cavity 20 an annular land 16 to engage the rim of the valve stem
11, see FIGURE 3, to thereby actuate the valve.
The cone 13 is formed with laterally and divergent
means available, which are simple enough for the average
angularly directed outlet ports 17 and the walls of the
uninformed or lay person to use themselves without medi
tube 12 are for-med with alternately staggered outlet ports
cal or professional advice.
It is an object of this invention to provide a novel 25 18. Each of these respective outlet ports direct the pres
sure actuated medicament in a desirable spray pattern
medicament for treatment of the pelvic cavity in com
outwardly in all directions in the vaginal or pelvic cavity,
bination with a novel manual self-controlled applicator
see FIGURE 1. Also, the cone 13 at the base thereof
and container unit, which is economical and of such a
is formed with an annular rounded rim 19 at the dis
simple nature as to be controlled by the simple expedient
with maximum efficiency and furthermore there are no
of a push of the user’s ?nger on a button or the like to
apply the medicament.
Another object is to provide in a package several con
tainers or units loaded with a prescribed medicament
adapted to couple with a vaginal or pelvic cavity appli
charge tip thereof to avoid any tissue damaging edges
and if desired the cone bore may be reduced to develop
additional back pressure to increase the force of the
emitted spray.
The cartridge units B may be of su?icient volume to
provide for successive metered discharges of the medica
A further object is to provide a novel applicator for
injecting prescribed medicaments in a dense spray pat
tern into the vaginal or pelvic cavity.
Still another object is ‘to provide a pelvic cavity treat
ment kit of minimum expense and which is comprised
of mechanism of maximum simplicity.
With these and other objects in view, the invention
consists in the construction, arrangement and combi
ment or the same may be of a non-metered or continuous
pointed out in the appended claims, it being expressly
part of the palm at the thumb joint and the index ?nger
valve type and the cartridges may be emptied by one
application and thrown away after each use.
To use the vaginal or pelvic cavity treating device, a
unit B is removed from the package, the valve stem 11
inserted into the counter bore or coupling end 15 of
the applicator C with the top of the valve stem contact
ing land 16, and the assembled unit is then held in the
nation of parts hereinafter described and particularly 45 palm of the user’s hand, as shown in FIGURE 3, with
curled over the actuator lug 21 of the applicator. The
lug 21 projects from the tube 12 to either side thereof
for either left or right hand use and when the lug 21
In the drawing like parts throughout the several views
are given like numerals and are thus identi?ed in the 50 is pulled or pushed toward the cartridge, movement is
understood that there is no intent to limit this invention
to the details of construction illustrated.
following description:
imparted to the valve stem 11 to open the valve and
applicator of FIGURE 1; and
medicament directly to the vaginal or pelvic cavity and
cause discharge of the container contents from the valve
FIGURE 1 is one form of applicator used for injecting
stem and into the applicator C from whence it is pro
a medicament into the pelvic cavity;
jected from the outlet ports 17 and '18 to the walls of the
FIGURE 2 illustrates a package containing a plurality
of pressurized capsules or aerosol cartridge units loaded 55 vaginal or pelvic cavity.
Thus there is provided a kit comprised of economical
with a suitable medicament and having a hollow valve
and simple to operate means for applying a prescribed
stem adapted to be coupled to the connector end of the
wherein the novel applicator in combination with a
FIGURE 3 is an assembled view in side elevation of
an aerosol cartridge unit in connection with the present 60 pressurized spray pattern will thoroughly cover the walls
of the vaginal or pelvic cavity and related parts with a
novel applicator as it is held in the palm of a user’s
?lm of medicament for maximum efficiency.
hand for actuation by pressure upon the ?nger lugs
The prescribed medicament for use with the present
formed from the applicator.
apparatus may be comprised of particles in the range of
Referring in detail to the drawing the complete kit
comprises a package A, a plurality of aerosol cartridge 65 colloids, and of colloidal dispersions in liquids, emul
sions, jellies, fogs or foams. The condition to be treated
being known the formulation and resultant characteristic
of the medicament both chemically and physically may
be controlled by the present apparatus. For example,
Each unit B comprises any suitable tubular container, 70 some types of propellants and medicaments may result
in a ?nal ejection from the applicator C of either liquid,
for example, plastic, metal or glass. The selection of
emulsion, jelly, fog or foam, and there is provided with
container material is made with the view to providing
units B loaded under pressure with a suitable medicament
and a suitable propellant, as is well‘known in the aero
sol industry, and a novel applicator means C for admini
stering the contents of the said aerosol units.
this combination of a medicament loaded in a container
with a pressurizing means, that is, a propellant and a
controlling valve and connected ejector unit, a means to
treat the pelvic cavity, for example, whereby the ?nal
3. The combination described in claim 1, wherein said
medicament discharge outlet ports in said tubular sec
tion are alternately staggered in the provision of a dense
spray discharge pattern and wherein the axial bores of
physical formation as Well as the selected medicinal or
Ch said outlet ports in said hollow cone converge and di
chemical properties of the medicament may be con
verge with respect to each other in the provision of a
trolled to provide liquid, jelly, emulsion, fog or foam
for the best calculated cavity treatment.
Although only one embodiment of the invention has
dense spray pattern.
4. Means for treating the walls of a pelvic cavity com
pressly understood that the invention is not limited there
to and various changes may be made in the speci?c parts
and arrangement and combinations thereof without de
parting from the spirit and scope of the invention, as
?nger conforming projections adjacent the coupler end
prising an elongated tube with a bore therethrough, said
been illustrated and described in detail, it is to be ex 10 tube having an applicator end and a coupler end, lateral
of said tube, and a hollow medicament spreader cone
formed on the applicator end of said tube, said coupler
end being counterbored in the provision of an annular
will now likely occur to others skilled in the art. For 15 surface for operative camming engagement with the rim
a de?nition of the limits of the invention, reference
of a hollow valve stem of an aerosol unit loaded with a
should be had to the appended claims.
medicament, said tube being formed with a plurality
What I claim is:
of outlet ports, whereby medicament from said pres
1. In combination, a pressurized unit loaded with a
propellant and a prescribed medicament for pelvic cavity 20 surized unit ejects through said valve and said hollow
valve stem into said tube and said hollow cone formed
treatment, including a manually controlled discharge valve
on the applicator end of said tube for discharge from
staked onto said unit, said valve having a hollow man
each of said outlet ports in said tube section and from
ually displaceable valve stem, and a pelvic cavity in
each of said outlet ports in said hollow cone, said outlet
jector means comprising an elongated tubular section
ports of said tube having the bores thereof in alternately
with a counter bored end in the provision of a socket
staggered relation to each other and said outlet ports of
for said hollow valve stem and an annular land engage
said hollow cone having the bores thereof angularly di
able with the rim of said valve stem, and a hollow cone
with respect to each other, whereby a spray pat~
connected with an end of said tubular section, said cone
tern of medicament of maximum density is discharged
having divergent angularly directed outlet ports, said
tubular section being formed with a plurality of outlet 30 from said means to uniformly coat the walls of said cavity.
ports, whereby medicament from said pressurized unit
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
ejects through said valve and said manually displaceable
valve stem into said tubular section and said
cone connected with said tubular section for dis
from each of said outlet ports in said tubular 35
and each of said outlet ports in said hollow cone.
Maranville __________ __ May 11, 1926
Scott ________________ __ Dec. 29, 1931
Van Sickle ____________ __ Mar. 11, 1958
France ______________ __ Nov. 3, 1958
Great Britain ________ __ July 27, 1960
2. The combination described in claim 1, wherein the
axial bores of said outlet ports in said cone converge and
diverge with respect to each other in the provision of a
dense spray pattern.
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