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April 23, 1963
Filed May 18, 1961
2 Sheets-Sheet l
April 23, 1963
_ 3,086,572
Flled May 18, 1961
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
United States Patent Gti ice
Patented Apr. 23, 1963
front 14 and rear 16 and has smooth edges 18.
plate is preferably composed of suitable plastic material
Bertha Lubin, 1880 E. 4th St., Brooklyn, N.Y.
Filed May 1s, 1961, ser. No. 111,894
1 claim. (el. 15o-3s)
cent the right hand upper corner, the plate «is cut away
This invention relates to a lady’s carry-all or general
purpose kit for supporting and transporting a number of
but may be made of any other suitable material. Adja
forming an opening 19, and closely spaced to the left of
opening 19, there is another opening 21 in the plate for
a purpose to be presently described.
In accordance with the invention, a number of con
-tainers are suitably mounted and supported on the front 14
containers enclosing a variety of toilet and utility articles,
personal belongings or paraphernalia.
10 of the plate in spaced relationship, the containers sup
There is considerable demand for a multiple container
general purpose kit by women. Handbags have been
made heretofore for this purpose but they have been lim
ited in usefulness to certain specific purposes.
porting various items or articles of toilet, utility or per
sonal belongings. For example, a rectangular shaped
eye-glass holder 20 of plastic material with an open top
22 is secured ñatwise by heat sealing its edge 23 to the
A principal object of the present invention is to provide 15 plate adjacent the left hand top corner, with its open end
a plate-like body for supporting a variety of toilet and
opening upwardly. A set of eye-glasses 24 is shown sup
utility articles, personal belongings and the like, on both
ported in the holder 20.
sides, in convenient position for removal from the con
At the top right hand corner, a bill fold 26 of plastic
tainers and use, the body being provided with a handle
is shown supported ilatwise over the opening 19 in the
for transporting the same.
20 plate 12, with its open end and closure strap 28 positioned
Another object of the invention is to provide a plate
to the right and opening toward the right hand edge of
the plate.
like support for supporting a number of containers of
various sizes and shapes and having a variety of different
Between the holder 20 and bill fold 26, there is a small
closure members, said containers being supported in posi
plastic change purse 30 secured flatwise to the front of
tion convenient for opening and being openable without 25 the plate over the opening 21 in the plate 12, the bill fold
opening upwardly.
removal from' the support.
Yet another object of the invention is to provide a
Below the holder 2t), purse 30 and bill fold 26, a plastic
carry-all support for supporting containers enclosing toilet
envelope or bag 32 is secured to the front of the plate
and utility articles, personal belongings and the like
flatwise by heat sealing the edge 34 thereof to the plate
wherein the containers have their open ends disposed in 30 12. The envelope has a closure ilat 36 which opens
convenient position for opening.
Still another object of the invention is to provide a
carry-all kit for supporting containers enclosing toilet and
utility articles and personal belongings that is adapted to
be readily parked in small quarters such as in trains, auto
mobiles and small washrooms ready for use.
The invention broadly contemplates a plate-like support
for containers enclosing pencils, pens, combs, nail ñles,
coin purses, mirrors, memorandum pads, booklets, keys,
eye-glasses, photos, handkerchiefs, and other small arti~
cles of wearing apparel. The support is provided with an
elongated flexible hand-le adapted to be grasped by the
hand of the user or adapted to be slung over the shoulder
of the user.
For further comprehension of the invention and of the 45
objects and advantages thereof, reference will be had to
the following description and accompanying drawings and
upwardly to afford access to the interior of the envelope.
The envelope 32 occupies most of the lower area of the
front of the plate.
A number of containers are shown mounted and sup
ported on the rear 16 of the plate in spaced relation.
For example, an elongated handbag 36, rectangular in
configuration, is secured to the rear across the top thereof
over the openings 19 and 21 in the plate 12 and occupies
the major area of the top portion. The handbag is pro
vided with a zipper closure 38 actuated by a slider 49.
The body of the handbag bulges forwardly -through the
openings 19 and 21 in the plate 12 and is heat sealed to
the portions of the bill fold 26 and small change purse
30 that bulge rearwardly against the handbag as shown
in FIG. 3.
Below and disposed parallel to the handbag 36, there
is an elongated rec-tangular shaped plastic holder 42 for
a pen and pencil set or similar items and provided with
a closure flap 44. The holder is disposed flatwise with
In the accompanying drawings forming a material part 50 its long sides parallel to the handbag 36 and heat sealed
to the plate 12.
of this disclosure:
Another plastic small change pocketbook 46 is fastened
FIG. l is a front perspective view of a carry-all kit
to the rear in ñatwise condition to the right of the holder
embodying one form of my invention, various containers
42, with its open end opening upwardly, and its side edges
supporting items being shown supported on the front side
55 heat `sealed to the plate 12.
A key holder 48 in the form of a wraparound fabric
FIG. 2 is a rear perspective view thereof, various con
lbody is secured to the rear by heat sealing the upper
tainers supporting items being shown supported on the
edge thereof to the plate 12 below the left hand end
rear side thereof.
of the holder 42, Ithe body opening to the right as viewed
FIG. 3 is a vertical sectional View taken on the line
60 in FIG. 2.
3-3 of FIG. 1 on an enlarged scale.
Below the small-change pocketbook 46, there is Ia plastic
FIG. 4 is a front perspective View of a carry-all kit
comb case 50 secured to the rear surface of the plate by
embodying a modified form of the invention, various con
heat sealing the end edges thereof -to the plate. The
tainers supporting items being shown supported on the
comb case is shown opening downwardly and as sup
front side thereof.
Referring in detail to the drawings, in FIG. 1 a carry~ 65 porting a comb 52 by means of a closure strap 54.
to the appended claim in which the various novel features
of the invention are more particularly set forth.
all support embodying one form of the invention is shown
and designated generally by the reference numeral 1G.
The carry-all support 10 comprises a square-shaped body
Between the key case 48 and comb case 50, -a small
address ibook 56 is -secured to the rear surface of the
plate -by heat sealing its edges to the plate. The book
opening to the right as viewed in FIG. 2.
constituted by a plate 12 approximately 13 x 13 inches
An elongated flexible handle 60 is secured at its ends
and 1A inch thick but may be rectangular in shape or any 70
to the top edge of the plate 12 by means of metal rivets
desired thickness. The plate is smooth surfaced at the
62 centrally of the top edge. The handle may be grasped
for toilet and utility articles supported along the top on
the other side thereof and heat-sealed thereto, a plurality
of spaced plastic closable containers for similar articles
supported and heat-sealed along the bottom of said other
side, and a plurality of spaced plastic closable containers
for similar arti-cles supported and heat-sealed intermediate
by the hand of the user for carrying the carry-all support
around by hand, or the handle may ’be slung over the
shoulder of the user.
The modified form of carry-all support 10’ shown in
FIG. 4 differs from the form of carry-al1 support 10 in
that the body thereof instead of tbeing plate-like and of
the top and bottom containers, said top containers be
uniform thickness, is triangular in crossssection provid
ing disposed over said opening and heat-sealed to each
ing a broad base 64 upon which the body may Ibe sup
other, and a flexible handle secured to the body of said
ported upon a flat supporting surface.
10 one edge, centrally thereof.
Furthermore, an elastic band or loop 66 has one end
References Cited in the file of this patent
pivotally secured to the body adjacent the right hand
top corner as indicated at 68 for supporting umbrellas
and the like.
In all other respects, the carry-all support 10’ is similar
to the support 10` and similar reference numerals are
used to indicate similar parts.
Having thus described my invention, what I claim as
new, and desire to secure lby United States Letters Patent
A carry-all device of the kind described comprising a
flat plate-like body of plastic material, square in shape
yand of uniform- thickness, said body having spaced open
ings adjacent one edge thereof, said body having a -plu
rality of spaced plastic closable containers for toilet and
utility articles supported in spaced relation along the top
over said openings on one side thereof and a single elon
Schneider _____________ __ Nov. 6, 1917
Brenan ______________ __ Nov. 16, 1920
Gretsch ______________ __ Apr. 4‘19, 1927
Myers ________________ __ Feb. 2, 1928
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Langer _______________ __ July 17,
Rauen _______________ __ Aug. 18,
Solak _________________ __ Oct. 6,
Fineo ________________ __ Aug. 9,
Hunt __________________ __ Jan. 9,
gated closable container for similar articles supported
along the bottom on said one side and heat~sealed thereto,
said body having an elongated plastic closa'ble container 30
Canada ______________ __ Aug. 22, 1950
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