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April 23, 1963
L. J. KowAl.
Filed Dec. 16, 1959
36' 22d '
United ESiti-,ates Patent Ofilice
yPatented Apr. 423, 1963
ofy tube T’ is illustrated'in‘FIG. 4. The adapters are vpro
-vided with similar shankportions r'23 arranged to have
:Leonard J. Kowal, Prospect Heights, Ill., `assig'nor ‘to
Imperial-Eastman Corporation, a corporation of VIllinois
-Filed-Der. 16, Y19159, Ser. NRL-859,983
6 .Claims. `(Cl. 153-805)
` 4'This invention relates to tube'forining apparatus and
`in_partic‘ular to swaging apparatus for >forming the end
of ia‘tub’e.
One method of `joining tubes of similar diameters is
to enlarge one end Vof one tube permitting the end of
the other‘tube to be inserted .telescopically thereinto and
'secured therein as bys'oldering. ’I'he‘presentA invention is
a loose fit in `a coaxial ~recess24- opening into the inner
«radial ’end .surface 25 of support .14. Shank 23 is’loosely
.retained inrecess -24 by a‘pinlópassing freely through
shank A23 and ñxed in opposed radiallholes 27 in support
-14. A compression-spring 28 isreceived in a-reduced di
ameter extensionlîda of recess 24 at the ou-terend there
of to urge `shank 2li-to aposition wherein it projects par
tiallvfr’oml `support surface 25, as shown in FIG. 2.
` Each adap'teris provided at 'the end opposite the shank
`23 With a swaging nose portion; the -nosepor-tion of each
adapter of set 22 differs from the others thereof, nose
Vpor-tion 29u of 4adapter 22a being adapted «for `use with
concerned with 'a'.forming apparatus'ifor eifectingthe de 15 'a small diameter tube, noseportion l29‘b «of adapter >22b
'sired‘ enlargement `of--the one tube end.
A‘tprincipal object of the invention is, therefore, to
'providela'ne‘w and improved tube forming means.
Another object is‘to provide such »a tube forming means
‘including ’a Agraduated set of'swaging’adapters providing
1improved facilitated formingof each »of a plurality of
_tubes having dil‘r’erent diameters. `
‘A ‘further object is ‘to‘provide such forming Ameans
‘wherein'the’set of adapters is arranged for improved func
:being adapted for 'a larger diameter tube, nose `portion
'29e of adapter 22C being adapted'foruse with -aV still larger
diameter tube, ?andnose portion-'29d of adapter -`22d being
"adapted for use with the largest diameter tube. >Eachinose
portion includes >a truste-conical inner end portion 30
wideningloutwardly toward shank 23, a'ffrusto-conica'l mid
_portion `31`narr'owing outwardly -toward shanklîa` from
'inner end portion 30, 'a cylindrical'midpoition-32having
'1a diameter less >than‘the maximum’diar‘neter of inner end
tional association with the-means supporting selectively v215 portions() and'extending outwardly from fru'sto-conical
¿the Vadapters rinthe-tube forming apparatus.
"portion 31, .and "a "frustoïconical, outer `end portion 33
`> 'A Other "features and -`advantages «of the invention `will
lwidening outwardly’toward shar1k’23 from 'cylindrical mid
‘be lappïarent’from the‘following `description taken in con
ip‘ortion 32. ’Each'o’f the'smaller‘siz‘ed ladapters,:namely
`nection with ythe accompanying drawing wherein:
‘adapters’22a, ‘22h and 122e is‘further lprîovidedwith an 'an
jFIG. 1-is‘an elevation of -a aset of swa‘ging-adaptersfem -30
-~bodying 'the invention;
FIG. 2 is a fragmentary sectionofatube forming ap
paratusembodying the invention, `as arranged "for form
ing the end ofone size tube;
FIG. 3 is’a view‘simila'r to that of LFIG. 2 but illus
'núlar collar‘portion 34a, Sli-bland 34C, respectively, inter
mediate outer'endpor-ti-on 33-`and shankzä. Each col-lar
portion includes "a radial'surface 3S facing ‘the ‘nose of
'the adapter. 'As-»best Vseen -in`FIG.jl, ‘the‘axial length of
'=the‘collar_s are‘inver'sely related tothe-nose' diameters,
The luse‘of tube forming apparatus‘ï‘tl’in forming 2túb
ât?rat'ingiL ’the `arrangement ofthe-tube vforming apparatus- and
ing corresponding ~in diameter ‘selectively ’to one 'of
“.tube end as at Vthecompletion of a rformingoperation;
f'ada-pters 22a, Zzb‘or 22e is `illustrated‘in FIGS. -2. and
âFIG. 4 `is `au.enlarged«fragmentary«section 'of-‘the tube
3 as' each of'the‘two‘ smaller sized adaptersvfunctions‘simi
ílarly -to adapter ’22C shown therein. `>More‘speciiically,
‘íiioriningV apparatus .illustratiugrthe forming of adiiîerent -40 “tube T-is c'larnpedfintheclamping device 15 with'the tube
ësized tube.
fto‘rm'ing Aapparatus '10 arranged as 'shown `_in -FIG. 2.
In the exemplary .embodimentof‘the invention as dis
i-Handle 1~9 >is-‘then :swung from the position of F1642. to
¿c'losed [in .the l.drawing, .forming al'n’giaratiis:l generally
"the position of`
3 causingrcam '18j‘to force'support 1,4
¿designated-'I0 Jincludes .a .base l1 having lan-Lupstanding
Yto the left and> urge nose `29'c‘in'to‘ the’end of tube T_. Dur
l»,po‘rtion .12 ¿provided with a .bore 113 fthrough `which is
‘ïing vthe initial movement-'of ‘the support :14, "the `clearance
»axially `slidable ,a cylindrical support
Tribe clamp
¿betweenisuppo‘rt Vsurface ï'25 and collar 34C "is‘taken up
iinfg apparatusgenerally tdesignated V:'15 is further carried
Ipermitting»the nose >portion 29C to center 'itself `>in the
on base 11 for supporting a tube end T adjacent base por
tion 12 coaxially of isupport 14. Tube clamping means
tube end. When collar 34C abuts surface 25, the adapter
becomes longitudinally fixed on the support and further
15 may comprise a tube clamping means such as disclosed 50 advance -of the support causes the adapter nose end 30‘ to
-in `co-pending George E. Frank application, Serial No.
855,639, ?ìled November 27, 1959 `and assigned to the
Isame assignee `as is this application. The tube clamping
means 15 includes a plurality of paired blocks arranged
for selective clamping of each vof a plurality of different
diameter tubes. Illustrated in FIGS. 2 and 3 is ione such
clamping block 16 for use with a 5/16” nominal diameter
tube T; illustrated in FIG. 4 is another such clamping
block 17 for use with a larger We" tube T'. Also car
enter into and form the tube end.
As best seen in FIG. 3, at the completion of the form
ing operation, the tip 36 of ftube T is ilared` outwardly
by its engagement Iwith the frusto-conical portion 33 of
the nose. As the tip 36 passes beyond nose portion 30
to around portion 32, it constricts slightly due to the
natural resiliency of the tube material. The frusto-coni
cal portion 33 enlarges the tip portion 36 slightly to
permit a facilitated withdrawal of the adapter nose from
ried on base 11 is an operating means comprising a cam 60 the tube end, and assure facilitated insertion of another
18 movable by a manually operable handle 19* to en
gage lthe cam with an enlargement 20 at the outer end of
support 14 and force the support longitudinally toward
tube T. The support is biased outwardly into engagement
tube end in the thusly enlarged en-d of tube T. The
completion of the forming operation is positively indi
cated by the abutment of tip 36 with the surface 3‘5 of
with cam 18 by means of a helical compression spring 21 65 collar 34C eiïectively assuring a proper, fullforming of
the tube end even by non-skilled persons.
extending between base portion 12 and support enlarge
Adapter 22d which corresponds to the largest diameter
ment 20.
tube is not provided with a collar portion. However,
Tube forming apparatus 10 further includes a .gradu
the maximum diameter of the outer frusto-conical portion
ated set 22 of swaging adapters herein identiñed as
adapters 22a, 2lb, 22C yand 22d. The use of adapter 22'c 70 ¿v3` thereof is smaller than the idiam‘eter of support 14
thus permitting the tip 36’ of tube T' to abut support
in forming the end of tube T is illustrated in FIGS. 2
surface 25 at the completion of the forming operation to
and 3, and the use of adapter 22d in forming the end
provide the positive indication thereof. By thus arrang
ing the set 22 of adapters so that the largest size adapter
the support to provide a longitudinally ñxed carrying of
the adapter on the support in completing the forming
advance of the adapter into the tube end.
requires no collar, the over-all length of each of the
adapters is effectively minimized providing facilitated
3. The tube forming apparatus of claim 1 wherein the
manufacture and utilization. Further, by varying the 5 end of the nose portion of each adapter closest the shank
longitudinal extent of the different collars inversely to
portion thereof ñares outwardly toward the shank to en
the diametric size of the adapter, the over-all length of
large the tube end thereat and facilitate withdrawal of
the different adapters of set 22 may be made comparable
the tube end from the adapter upon completion of the
forming operation.
while yet the longitudinal extent of the enlargement of
the tube end is proper for each of the different diameter
4. The tube forming apparatus of claim 1 wherein the
portion of each adapter closest the shank portion thereof
tubes formed therewith.
While I have shown and described one embodiment of
my invention, it is to be understood that it is capable
of many modifications. Changes, therefore, in the con
struction and arrangement may be made without depart
ing from the spirit and scope of the invention as defined
in the appended claims.
I claim:
1. Tube forming apparatus comprising: means for
is transversely substantially larger than the shank portion.
diameters; a support; means associated with the holding
means and support for forcing the support coaxially
5. vThe tube forming apparatus of `claim 1 wherein the
nose of each adapter includes a frusto-conical, inner end
portion widening outwardly toward the shank, a mid
portion having a diameter less than that of the outer ex
tremity of the inner end portion, and an outer end portion
widening outwardly toward the shank to enlarge the tip
of the tube end being flared for facilitating withdrawal
holding a tube having any one of a plurality of different 20 thereof from the adapter upon completion of the forming
toward the end of a tube in the holding means; and a
graduated set of swaging adapters, each adapter having a
similar shank portion for attaching selectively the adapt
ers coaxially to the support, each adapter having a swag
ing nose portion, the nose portion of ea'ch adapter of
the set differing from the others thereof for use with a
corresponding diameter tube of said plurality, the adapter
6. The tube forming apparatus of claim 1 wherein the
nose of each adapter corresponding to tube diameters
smaller than the largest diameter includes a frusto-conical,
inner end portion widening outwardly toward the shank,
a mid-portion having a diameter less than that of the outer
extremity of the inner end portion, and an outer end
portion widening outwardly toward the shank to enlarge
the tip of the tube end being flared for facilitating with
corresponding to the smallest diameter tube having a 30 drawal thereof from the adapter upon completion of the
forming operation, and the collar thereof is disposed in
collar intermediate the nose portion and shank portion
thereof to abut the end of the tube when the nose portion
thereof is inserted sufficiently into the tube end to effect
the forming thereof, the adapter corresponding to the
largest diameter tube having a nose portion extending
fully to the shank portion to permit the support to abut
the end of the tube when the nose portion thereof is
inserted sufficiently into the tube end to effect the forming
thereof, and the adapters corresponding to tube diameters
intermediate the smallest and largest diameters each hav
ing a collar the relative longitudinal extents of which
differ inversely to the corresponding tube diameters.
2. The tube flaring apparatus of claim 1 including
means securing the shank of any one of said adapters to
said support which means biases the adapter to project
partially outwardly from the support toward the tube end
prior to engagement of the nose of the adapter with the
tube end and which permits the adapter to be> forced
back relative to the support by the engagement of the 50
nose of the adapter with the tube end until the portion
of the adapter immediately outwardly of the shank abuts
termediate the outer extremity of the nose outer end por
tion and the shank, the collar having a radial surface
facing the nose for positively limiting `the insertion of the
nose into the tube end by engagement of said surface
_with the tip of the tube end.
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