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April 30, 1963
Filed Dec. 6. 1960
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
Lai'iae? ‘D. Howa?d,
April 30, 1963
Filed Dec. 6. 1960
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
United Stat
atent .,
Patented Apr. 30, 1963
internal layer 10 of the similar or preferably some
what stiifer sheet material secured to the inner face of the
outer layer 8 only at spaced points as by a number of
Luther D. Howard, Brockton, Mass, assignor to Stall &
Dean Manufacturing Company, Brockton, Mass., a cor
poration of Massachusetts
Filed Dec. 6, 1960, Ser. No. 74,059
2 Claims. (Cl. 2-3)
rivets 10a of which three are indicated on FIG. 3; see
also FIG. 1. This back panel 6 is of a size and shape
to extend from adjacent the wearer’s crown downwardly
over the basal portion of the skull and the described inner
member 10 reinforces the major central and lower por
tion of the outer panel member 8. At the inner face
My present invention relates to athletic equipment and
especially protective head gear for participants in games 10 of the internal piece 110 and of the margin portions of
the outer member 8 is a heavy cushioning layer 12 of felt,
such as hockey. More particularly it aims to provide an
foam material or the like similarly as for the front panel 5.
improved specialized helmet for hockey players, especially
Said outer and inner layers 8 and 12 are secured together
ice hockey but useful also for head protection for par—
as a unit ‘as by the heavy through stitching 14.
ticipants in ?eld hockey, lacrosse and other sports involv
The front and back panels 5 and 6 which together com
ing the use of sticks and pucks or balls.
prise the body of the helmet are further and adjustably
The helmet as herein disclosed by way of example is
interconnected, in addition to the connecting overhead
particularly adapted for use by juvenile and “little league”
elastic webbing 7, by flexible side connector strips 201 and
ice hockey players. Among the objects of the inven
21. These each comprise a ‘length of longitudinally re
tion is to provide for such helmet the capacity of simple
and rapid adjustment to various head sizes, so that a given 20 silient elastic webbing having the front ends ?xedly at
tached as a 22, 23‘ to the rear edges of the front panel 5
helmet is quickly ?ttable to players differing in head size.
as by insertion between the layers thereof and anchoring
The resultant universal helmet, with respect to head size
by the described stitching 19‘. At each of the upper side
variation, further enables a team to be adequately
margins I01‘ corner areas of the back panel 6 the outer mem
equipped by a lesser number of helmet-s than if a plural
ity of each of the entire range of sizes had to be kept avail 25 ber 8 of the latter has a generally vertical slot 16, 18
through which the free end-s of the side connector strips
able. The same applies also to the retail sports goods
20, 21 are slidably passed into the space between the
dealers, in that under the present invention they need not
outer and inner layers 8‘, 10 of said panel 6. Said strip
carry such extensive stocks of helmets of dilferent sizes.
ends thus located within the panel 6 are each turned back
In the drawings illustrating by way of example one
upon and securely stitched to themselves to provide loops
embodiment of the invention:
2'4, 25 for the helmet adjusting and securing purposes
FIG. 1 shows the helmet in side elevation in use posi
tion on a wearer;
FIG. 2 is a top plan view of the helmet of FIG. 1 but
with an inner layer of the back panel unstitched and folded
forward in order more clearly to show the construction
and arrangement of certain adjustable securing means of
the invention; and
‘FIG. 3 is a rear View of the helmet in an intermediate
position of adjustment, substantially as in FIG. 1.
to be described.
Desirably the helmet further comprises an under-chin
harness or strap-type connector means such as represented
in FIGS. 1 and 2. Such means as shown comprises at
each side of the helmet a dependent strap element 26 of
V-form having the ?ared upper ends of the legs inserted
between the layers of and stitched to the lower margins
of the front and back panels 5, 6 respectively. Such de
Referring to the drawings in more detail, the helmet as 40 pending strap elements, each of which may ‘be of a single
strap of leather or other material folded upon itself, are
a whole comprises a front panel 5 and a back panel 6,
each separately constructed and permanently connected
adapted to be adjustably interconnected at their lower
centrally of the upper margins as by a strap 7 of elastic
ends as by a cross connector strap of elastic webbing 27.
covering the wearer’s forehead and having integral with
it side portions 11, 11 including dependent areas 11a,
pending side strap 26.
Further in accordance with the invention, quickly
available and readily manipulable means .is provided in
One end of such connector strap 27 is permanently at
webbing of substantial strength and having the opposite
front and back ends securely ?xed to the front and back 45 tached as by stitching to the lower end of one of the de
pending side straps 26, as at 27a, FIG. l2, and the other
panels 5 and 6 respectively. This top connector strap 7
end is adapted for releasable and adjustable attachment
is of a length to extend centrally over the wearer’s head
to the lower end of the other depending side strap 26 as
and possesses longitudinal elasticity affording capacity for
by snap fastener means 29, 29, FIGS. 1 and 2. For
the two panels 5, 6 to be separated one from the other
purposes of adjustment said cross connector piece 27 may
under resilient tensioning of the webbing strap 7 in the
have a number of alternatively available fastener elements
fore and aft direction, for accommodating different head
distributed along it or it may be equipped with a sliding
sizes of different wearers and for retaining the helmet in
buckle member such as 30, FIG. 1, which itself carries
worn position at any adjusted size thereof.
at the inner face a snap fastener element for cooperation
The front panel 5 comprises a generally half circular
element including an intermediate frontal portion 9 for 55 with such element at the lower end of the adjacent de
11a adapted to cover the wearer’s temples. Such front
panel is composed of :a plurality of layers or laminations
including a tough ?exible but form-retaining outer layer
13 of natural or arti?cial leather, ?exible ?breboard or
association with the front and back panels and the side
straps 20, 21 thereof.
Said means as illustrated com
prises a single unitary tie cord 35 together ‘with two pairs
of ports or cord passage formations in the outer layer 8
of the back panel 6 at the upper central area thereof.
synthetic or natural rubber ‘or other cushioning material
These include an upper laterally spaced and generally
and at least ‘at the central portion an inner covering layer
17 of soft ?exible material such as suede leather or the 65 horizontally aligned port pair 36, 37 and a lower general
ly similarly spaced port pair 38, 39 in approximate ver
like adapted to serve as a sweat band. These several lay
tigal line respectively with the individual upper ports 36,
ers are secured together as by strong through stitching as
3 .
indicated at 19.
the like, an inner cushioning layer 15 of heavy felt, foamed
The back panel 6 likewise is of laminar construct-ion.
The adjusting cord element 35, having at each end a
retaining and relatively stiff outer layer 8 of ?breboard,
panel, is passed inwardly through an upper port 36, not
ing particularly FIG. 2, thence laterally outwardly across
It comprises a convexo-concave outer semi-rigid form 70 suitable tying length thereof at the outside of the back
natural or arti?cal leather or the like, a separate
to and through the loop 24 of the adjacent side connector
strap 20, thence reversely laterally 'back to and out
connecting web (with opposite ends secured centrally to
through the lower port 38 vertically below the port 36
‘through which it entered. Externally of the back panel
strap members extending from the lower side portions at
the upper margins of the front and back panels, an adjust
able and releasably connecting chin harness including
each of the front and rear panels and including means for
6 said adjusting draw cord 35 extends laterally across to
interconnecting them adjustably below the wearer’s chin,
and then inward through the other lower port 39, then
and adjustable interconnecting means between the upper
laterally across to and through the loop 25 of the ad
rear portion of the front panel and the upper front por
jacent'other side strap 21 and thence reversely back to
tion of the back panel, at each side thereof, said means
and out through the other upper port 37 to the exterior
of the back panel 6 where again a sufficient length of the 10 comprising rearwardly extending straps respectively
anchored at the front ends to said upper rear front-panel
cord is made available for tying purposes in any relative
portions, vertical slot formations in said upper front
position of adjustment of the front and back panels.
portion of the back panel adapted slidably to receive said
Assuming that the two panels 5, 6 of the helmet are
straps therethrough, the latter having closed loops at the
in an intermediate relative position of size adjustment,
as for example as in FIGS. 1 and 2, and it is desired to 15 free ends internally of the back panel, upper and lower
pairs of horizontally spaced ports at the central region
adjust the helmet to a smaller head size, it is necessary
'of the back panel, a heavy flexible tie cord having the
merely to untie the ends of the cord 35 and grasp the
‘respective free end portions outside the back panel, said
readily available external projecting end portions thereof
tie cord extending in to and out from the interior of
and draw upon them equally. As evident from examina
tion of FIG. 2, such outward draft upon the two end 20 the back panel through vertically adjacent ports of the
upper and the lower pair thereof and having portions
portions of the cord 35 shortens the inside-panel looped
' Within the back panel through the loops of the straps of
portions thereof, thereby at the same time drawing the
the adjustable panel interconnecting means whereby draft
loops 24, 25 of the two side straps 20, 21 laterally and
on the end portions of the cord outside the back panel
rearwardly toward each other and toward the center
of the back panel 6. By reason of the circuitous looping 25 serves to move the panels toward each other for reducing
the helmet headsize, said cord being releasable for re
of the cord through the series of ports 36-39 frictional
verse separation of the panels for increasing the helmet
engagement particularly of the external cord portion 35x
headsize, and there being a layer of padding material at
with the back panel between the lower ports 38,’ 39
the inner face of and secured to the back panel so as to
tends to hold the parts in any position of relative ad
justment to which they are moved. Such positioning is 30 cover the adjoined loop ends of said straps and the por
tion of said tie cord which interconnects them.
further insured by tying together the two outer end por
2. A hockey helmet according to claim 1 wherein the
tions of the cord 35 in the manner as seen in FIGS. 1
under-chin harness comprises single V-turned opposite
and 3. Conversely, relative adjustment of the panels
side straps secured to the lower margins of the front and
for accommodating the helmet to larger head sizes is
readily effected by an opposite procedure, again by unty 35 back panels at the respective-helmet sides and the means
for variably interconnecting them as appropriate for the
ing the adjusting cord 35 and manually drawing apart
given helmet wearer comprises an under-chin cross piece
the front and back panels 5, 6 to whatever extent is de—
secured to one side strap and having snap fastener means
sired within the range capacity of the particular helmet.
cooperable with like means on the other side strap.
My invention is not limited to the particular embodi
ments thereof illustrated and described herein, and I set 40
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
.forth its scope in my following claims.
I claim:
1. A hockey helmet comprising a front panel con
formant to a wearer’s forehead and including lateral
temple cover portions, a convexo-concave back panel in 45
opposition to the front panel and having a lower portion
to overlie the base of the wearer’s skull, said panels each
having a plurality of component laminations including
Pierce ______________ __ Aug. 13, 1907
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McCoy _____________ __ Aug. 19, 1952
Golomb _____________ __ Oct. 30, 1956
I 2,769,176
Grancsay et al. _______ __ Nov. 6, 1956
Switzerland __________ ___ May 1, 1945
outer tough and form-retaining layers, inner cushioning
layers and at least as to the front panel an inside covering
layer of soft ?exible material a longitudinal elastic top
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