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April 30', 1963
Filed April 15. 1960
E0 mar/P0 C?/E’NS.
United States
Edward Cairns, Upper Montclair, N.J., assignor to Cairns
& Brother Inc., Clifton, N.J., a corporation
Filed Apr. 15, 1960, Ser. No. 22,542
2 Claims. (Cl. 2-3)
This invention relates to headgear, and more particu
larly to improvements in protective headgear such as
' Patented Apr. 30, 1963'
be regarded as including such equivalent construction as
do not depart from the spirit and scope of the invention.
A speci?c embodiment of the invention has been chosen
for purposes of illustration and description, and is shown
in the accompanying drawings, forming a part of the
speci?cation, wherein:
FIG. 1 is a vertical cross~sectional view of a ?reman’s
helmet embodying the present invention;
FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view taken along line 2—2
helmets and the like as used by ?remen, soldiers and in 10 of FIG. 1 and
dustrial workmen, and represents an improvement in
headgear of the general types disclosed and described in
FIG. 3 is an enlarged fragmentary perspective and
wardly and upwardly directed tongues of cushioning ma
such as canvas are each riveted at one end to the lower
sectional view of a portion of the construction illustrated
in FIGS. 1 and 2.
my prior Patents Nos. 1,575,251, 2,431,678, 2,619,638
Referring now to the drawings in further detail and
and 2,738,508.
The present invention embodies a new and different 15 more particularly to FIG. 1 thereof, there is shown a
helmet formed with a dome 10 and a brim 11 and having
combination of elements that yields extraordinarily good
an insert assembly 12.
results such that headgear made in accordance therewith
The dome and brim illustrated are in the form often
will be ?rmly retained comfortably on the head of the
preferred for ?remen’s helmets, although it will be under
wearer, and in addition, may readily be adjusted to ?t a
variety of head sizes with the same high degree of com 20 stood that the invention is applicable to protective head
gear of various other types.
fort and retention ability.
As shown in FIGS. 1 and 2, four strips 14 of fabric
As a feature of the present invention, a series of in
terial are attached to the lower region of the liningv as
portion of the dome 10 and are connected at their upper
from one another and each acts independently ei?ciently
to cushion the head even though the assembly may ‘be
formed therein. The two ends of such drawstring may
sembly. These tongues are separated circumferentially 25 ends by means of a drawstring 15 passing through hems
adjusted to comply with widely different sizes. Addition
ally, because of the independent action of the tongues,
there is a degree of self adjustment providing uniform
contact between the sweatband and the head, even though
the head contour may be extremely irregular. It is pre
ferred that the tongues number about 8 to 12 or more and
be adjustably tied together as shown whereby the strips
14- collectively provide an upper barrier adjustable in
position in known manner and against which the top of
the wearer’s head may hear, at least when downward pres
sure is applied to the dome.
An endless semi-rigid head band 16 is detachably se—
cured around ‘within the lower region of the dome 10 by
means of a series of spaced apart springy, inert metal
about the wearer’s head beneath the so-called “sweat 35 clips as at 17 which are each riveted as at 19 to the ‘dome.
The ‘band 16 is formed with an upper, internal, annular
band” of the assembly. Each of such tongues acts inde
groove 20 (FIG. 3) which receives a downwardly and out
pendently to cushion the head of the wearer and is not
wardly directed tang portion 21 at the end of each of the
affected by stresses set up in other tongues and thus the
clips 17.
cushioning tongues do not act at any time to apply con
As best shown in FIGS. 1 and 3, the lower edge of the
stricting pressure to the head of the wearer.
head band 16 is also formed with a second, internal, annu~
As a further feature of the present invention, the lining
lar groove 22 for receiving and supporting the insert as
assembly is provided with spaced loops located in the
sembly 12 in a manner to ‘be described.
region of the upper end of the tongues and a ?exible strap
The insert assembly 12 comprises a {generally cap
or belt is threaded through these loops. Means are pro 45
same are arranged so that they will extend as a series
shaped lining which, in the embodiment illustrated, is
vided for adjustably buckling the ends of the strap to
gether. These loops may take the form of spaced pairs
of slits in the sweatband of the lining assembly and the
formed of an upper cloth portion 24 and a lower leather
or sweatband portion 24’ which portions are stitched
dependently, the maximum cushioning effect is obtained
also be hemmed ‘as at 27 if desired, to receive a draw
together along their adjacent edges, although it will be
strap or belt may conveniently be formed of a ?exible
plastic, leather or like material. This construction is ad 50 understood that the lining may be formed completely of
cloth, leather or the like. A ?exible hoop 25 of spring
vantageous whether or not the upper portion of the lining
wire or the like is secured to the lower edge of the sweat
assembly is equipped with a drawstring, as is sometimes
hand 24' by means of a strip 26 of thin tough material
the case.
such as leatherette or plastic folded over upon itself to
The above mentioned strap may be adjusted through a
wide range of head sizes so that when acting in combina 55 form a hem in which the hoop 25 is disposed, such hem
being secured as by a sewn seam to the lower edge of
tion with the tongues, the headgear may ?t a wide variety
the sweatband 24'. The upper edge of the lining may
of head sizes and contours; and since the tongues act in
string 27' which is adjustable in length upon tying the
ends thereof together.
A series of closely circumferentially spaced tongues
There has thus been outlined rather broadly the more
of cushioning material such as sponge rubber may
important features of the invention in order that the
over the full range of sizes to which the band or strap is
detailed description thereof that follows may be better
understood, and in order that the present contribution to
be secured as by stitching; to the lower edge of the sweat
band 24’ so as to lie against the lower, outer marginal
edge thereof. These tongues are preferably of the order
the art may be better appreciated. There are, of course, 65
of about one inch or less in width. As disclosed in my
additional features of the invention that will be described
earlier Patent No. 1,575,251 it is known to slightly stretch
hereinafter and which will form the subject of the claims
the lower edge or margin of a band of cushioning mate
appended hereto. Those skilled in the art will appreciate
rial as it is stitched to an insert assembly immediately
‘that the conception upon which this disclosure is based
may readily be utilized as a basis for the designing of 70 above the covering which surrounds a ?exible wire ring
other structures for carrying out the several purposes of
the invention. It is important, therefore, that the claims
or hoop, such as the hoop 25 in the present embodiment;
and this technique may be utilized when applying the
the lower part of the insert assembly relatively to said
individual tongues as described hereinbefo-re. Such an
expedient causes the tongues to assume a position of
about 45° to 60° to the horizontal, as shown in FIGS. 1
and 3.
head band, and a series of tongues of resilient material
closely circumferentially spaced around the outer surface
of said ?exible material, securing means fastening the
lower region of said tongues under tension to the lower
region of said ?exible material whereby each tongue is
The sweatband 24’ is equipped with a series of spaced
loops 29, which may be formed simply by providing
biased inwardly individually to urge the adjacent portion
of the flexible material into ?rm resilient engagement with
circumferentially and positioned with their lower ends
the head of the wearer.
adjacent the upper ends of the tongues 28.
2. In a headgear-of the class described, a crown mem
A ?exible strap‘ or belt 30 of plastic, leather or the
ber, an annular head band, means supporting said head
like, is threaded through the loop 29 so- as to pass around
band within said crown member, an insert assembly hav
pairs of spaced slits at intervals around the sweatband
so as to provide about eight such loops equally spaced
the sweatband. The belt 30 is adjustable lengthwise and
ing top and ‘bottom portions and including a section of
may be retained at any regular length by a thin buckle
soft ?exible material adapted to! engage a portion of
the head of the wearer, means removably mounting the
From the foregoing description, it will be seen that
lower part of the insert assembly relatively to said head
the present invention contributes headgear of the class
band, an adjustable band substantially concentric with
described having a lining‘ assembly with features which
said ?exible material and associated therewith along a
combine to provide adjustability over a Wide range of
circumferential zone intermediate the top and bottom
head sizes and at the same time, a maximum degree of 20 portions thereof, and a series of tongues of resilient mate
comfort and retention ability, regardless of the head
rial closely circumferentially spaced around the outer sur
size selected. IIt will be appreciated that the individual
face of said ?exible material, securing means fastening
tongues will press the sweatband ?rmly but comfortably
the lower region of said tongues under tension to the
against a relatively small head so as to retain the head
lower region of said ?exible material, the upper ends
31 secured to one end thereof.
gear thereon, and at the same time will cushion a rela
of said tongues lying adjacent said circumferential zone
whereby each tongue is biased inwardly individually to
tively large head from the semi-rigid head band 16.
Thus the lining size may be adjusted by the belt 30 and,
urge the adjacent portion of the ?exible material and
said band into ?rm‘ resilient engagement with the head
since the cushioning means comprises a series of tongues,
each acting independently and without reference to
stresses in other tongues, the head gear will ?t com
of the wearer.
fortably and yet ?rmly regardless of the head size to
which it is adjusted.
What is claimed and desired to be secured ‘by Letters
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
‘Cairns _______________ __ “Mar. 2, ‘1926
Heilstedt et a1. _______ __ -Dec. 19, 1939
ber, an annular head band, means supporting said head
band within said crown member, an insert assembly
having top and bottom portions and including a ‘section
of soft ?exible material adapted to engage a portion of
the head of the wearer, means removably mounting 40
Cairns ________ _'_____.. Mar. 20*, 1956
Patent is:
1. In a headgear of the class described, a crown mem
Great Britain __________ __ Aug. 7, 1930
Great Britain ________ __ Oct. 20', 1954
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