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April 30, 1963
Filed Jan. 31
dim/E5 /77 ' c0 0 N INVENTOR
United States Patent 0 ' ice
Patented Apr. 30, 1963
positions of adjustment and at the same time providing
means for securely fastening the supporting pegs 7 to the
holder proper, for supporting articles such as combs indi
cated by the reference character A.
In view of the fact that the inner supporting member
is of a length to provide a space between the upper end
thereof and the marginal ?ange extending across one end
This invention relates to article racks, and more particu
of the outer member 9, a convenient space is provided for
larly to racks designed for holding combs, tools or similar
the reception of additional pegs to be used when it is de
articles for convenience in handling or display.
An important object of the invention is to provide a 10 sued to extend the holder for supporting a greater number
of articles than illustrated by the drawing.
holder of this character which is adjustable to the end
In this opening, the pegs are indicated by the reference
that the holder may be readily adjusted to various lengths
character 7 as packaged so that they may be readily re
to increase or decrease the size and capacity of the holder
moved ‘and used as desired.
to‘ meet various requirements of use.
In the use of the device, it is obvious that the inner sup
A further important object of the invention is to pro 15 porting
member 5 being secured by the screw 8, will be
vide a holder wherein the body comprises a pair of sepa
James A. Coon, 929 11th St., West Sacramento, Calif.
Filed Jan. 31, 1961, Ser. No. 86,109
2 Claims. (Cl. 211—103)
rable sections held together in their positions of adjust
held stationary at all times, but the outer slidable mem- ‘
ber 9 may be moved vertically with respect to the inner
member to uncover additional openings of the inner mem
be readily and easily adjusted without the necessity of 20 ber so that the supporting pegs 7 may be positioned there
in to increase the supporting capacity of the holder.
using tools to loosen or position bolts, screws or similar
It will of course be understood that the supporting pegs
securing means.
7, which are extended through the aligning ‘openings of the
Still other objects will in part be obvious, and in part
inner and outer members 5 and 9‘, will receive the sup
be pointed out as the description proceeds and shown in
porting pegs in such a way that the sections 5 and 9 will
the accompanying drawing.
be securely held in their positions of adjustment with re
Referring to the drawing:
spect to each other and can only be moved with respect
FIGURE 1 is a front elevational view of a comb sup
to each other by removing the pins and replacing them
port or holder, constructed in accordance with the inven
as desired in registering openings.
From the foregoing it is believed that a further detailed
FIGURE 2 is a rear elevational view thereof illustrat 30
disclosure of the use and operation of the inner and outer
ing the pocket at the upper end of the holder for holding
members, is unnecessary.
a supply of pegs, used as the supporting means on which
Having thus described the invention, what is claimed is:
combs are positioned.
1. A comb holder comprising a ?rst ?at rectangular
FIGURE 3 is a sectional view taken on line 3—-3 of
35 member ?xed to a supporting surface, a second ?at rec
tangular member in overlying relation to said ?rst mem
view taken on line
ment by the removable article supporting pegs forming a
part of the holder, thereby providing a holder which may
FIGURE 4 is a transverse sectional
4--4 of FIGURE 1.
ber and having top and marginal ?anges extending across
the top and along the sides of said second member, said
second member being movable relative to said ?rst mem
Referring to the drawing in detail, the holder comprises
an inner supporting member 5, which may be constructed
of any suitable material and provided with vertical rows 40 ber, said ?rst member having portions de?ning spaced
vertically aligned rows of angular inclined openings there
of spaced inclined bores or openings 6 for the reception
in, said second member having portions de?ning spaced
of supporting pegs 7.
vertically aligned rows of angular correspondingly in
The inner supporting member 5 is formed with an
clined openings therethrough and movable to align the
opening for the reception of the securing screw 8, where
45 openings therein with certain of said openings in said ?rst
by the holder is secured to a supporting surface.
member, pegs in said aligned openings to secure said sec
The reference character 9 indicates an outer member,
ond member in a selected position with respect to said
which is provided with marginal ?anges 10 extending
?rst member and extending outwardly from said second
along the longitudinal side edges thereof and the upper
member to provide article supports.
edge thereof as shown by FIGURE 3 of the drawing.
2. A comb holder as de?ned in claim 1 wherein a rear
A thin sheet of celluloid 9a or the like which may be
plate is provided adjacent said top ?ange which with
transparent, if desired, extends across the rear portion of
said top and marginal ?anges and the top of said ?rst
member 9 between the ?anges 10 and de?nes a receptacle
member de?ne a compartment to receive reserve pegs.
for extra pegs 7.
It might be here stated that the width of the member 55
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
5 is less than the distance between ?anges 10v of the outer
slidable member 9, so that the outer member 9 may move
over the inner supporting member 5 upon removal of
said pegs 7.
The outer member 9 is also formed with inclined bores 60
or openings 11 for the reception of pins 7, the bores or
openings 11 being so tar-ranged that they register with the
spaced openings 6 of the inner member 5, so that the pegs
7 may be extended through registering openings in the
members ‘5 and 9, securing the members 5 and 9 in their
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