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April 30, 1963
N. A. GEcEwlcz
Filed June 30, 1960
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FIG. 1
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United States Patent O ” ICC
Patented Apr. 30, 1963
may be envisioned, the mere possibility of the existence
Norbert A. Gecewicz, Rockford, Ill., assignor, by mesne
assignments, to Automatic Canteen Company of
America, Chicago, Ill., a corporation of Delaware
Filed .lune 30, 1960, Ser. No. 40,050
7 Claims. (Cl. S12-_212)
of this situation is very detrimental.
It is therefore proposed in the present invention by a
very simple and clever expedient to prevent the removal
of a note once the drawer or slide is in the test area. Thus
by providing a number of prongs or tongues on the ydoor
of the slide and on the slide, which mate with correspond
ing grooves in the table top, a series of stops are provided
against the back edge of the note to prevent its retraction
This invention relates in general to a currency testing 10 once the slide is in the test area.
Likewise to prevent removal of the note, if laid upon
arrangement and more particularly relates to an arrange
the door top, prongs placed on the front wall of the test
ment for frustrating attempts to cheat such an arrange
housing are provided to mate with the corresponding
ment by retraction of a currency note responsive to its
being tested.
In its organization the present invention largely com
prises novel structure for a currency acceptance unit and
constitutes an improvement in the arrangement shown
grooves in the slide and door so that the note can not
be retrieved. 'It will be appreciated, of course, that the
particular position or location of the prongs and grooves
in either case is subject to considerable variation.
It is therefore an object of the present invention to
in application Ser. No. 744,966, tiled on June 6, 1958.
frustrate attempts to retract a currency note after it has
That application and its forerunners disclose the mechan
ical structure and the basic circuit arrangements permitting 20 been placed in the test area of an automatic currency test
ing arrangement.
certain currency evaluations to be made. The arrange
~It is another object of this invention to provide a stop
ment `by which this is done comprises a horizontal -slide
arrangement which prevents the retraction of a currency
having a trough therein into which currency such as a
note in an attempt to cheat an automatic currency test
dollar bill is deposited. A door hingedly secured to the
slide is closed over the deposited currency and the slide 25 arrangement of the type that provides automatic coin
payout responsive to having tested a valid note.
carrying the currency is reciprocated into a test position
between certain lamps and light responsive cells. On
the slide being operated into the test position, appropri
With the foregoing and other objects in view which will
light is transmitted in various degrees through respective
illustrated in the accompanying drawing, and particularly
pointed out in the appended claims, it being understood
that various changes in the form, proportion, size and
appear as the description proceeds, the invention consists
of certain novel features of construction, arrangement
ate circuitry is controlled to operate a solenoid, which
locks the slide in place. The lamps are then lighted. The 30 and a combination of parts hereinafter fully described,
areas of the currency depending, of course, on the color
and value of the respective areas. The light responsive
cells underlying the various areas respond to the quantity
of light passing through those areas to provide an indica
tion of the acceptability of the currency. Thus these cells
are divided into three groups called black,` White and
green in accordance with the well known characteristics of
currency notes. The currency is rejected if either the
minor details of the structure may be made without de
parting from the spirit or sacrificing any of the advan
tages of the invention.
For the purpose of facilitating an understanding of this
invention, there is illustrated in the accompanying draw
ing a preferred embodiment thereof, from an inspection
black or green cells receive more than a predetermined 40 of which, when considered in connection with the follow
ing description, this invention, its mode of construction,
amount of light or the white cells less than a predeter
assembly and operation, and many of its advantages should
mined amount of light. If found unacceptable the slide
be readily understood and appreciated.
is released and coin payout prevented. If found accepta
FIG. 1 of the drawings is a top plan view of the slide,
ble the currency is collected into a cash box on being
stripped from the slide. This is done by a stripper motor,y 45 table top and attendant apparatus partially shown and
similar to that shown in the aforementioned application.
solenoid and guillotine arrangement which operate asy
iFIG. 2 is a rsectional view taken along the line 2-2 in
described in the mentioned application. A coin payout
motor is now energized and it operates a cam or finger
FIG. l.
The drawings insofar as practical use the same refer
in any well known manner to dispense the required coins.
50 ence characters as used in the aforementioned application
The slide is also released and automatically reciprocated
to permit easy identification of the various components
into its unoperated position where it is prepared to receive
another deposit of currency.
and only so much of those components is shown as neces
sary to illustrate the operation of this invention.
Thus in FIG. l a horizontal table 10 is indicated in part
which may encourage attempts to cheat. For example, 55 and supported by means not shown. It carries a frame
under certain circumstances an adhesive or other means
or bracket 16, shown in part, on its top wall 14 secured
might [be used to attach a light string or thread to a
thereto by fastening means 26. The top wall `of bracket
currency note inserted in the trough of the slide. After
16 carries the lamps, not shown, which overlie .the test
the apparatus has tested the note and found it valid, the
area. Bracket 16 also has a front «wall 85 shown partially
string might be used to successfully retract or retrieve a 60 in section and partially broken away. That Wall carries a
note from the test area while the coin payout arrangement
number of laterally spaced prongs, keys or teeth 125
is operated to dispense coins. The note might also he
adapted to mate with respective grooves 135 in the slide
carried on top of the slide door and placed in the test area.
44 and door 54. The depth or length of the grooves is,
After testing valid, a note in this position could possibly
of course, governed by the dimensions of the keys and the
be retrieved in a manner similar to that described. As 65 position of the slide and door in the test position.
In the described test a situation has been uncovered
A pair of runners or guide rails 46 are also appropri
the various tongues 100 and 101 and its removal from
ately secured at 47 to the top wall 14 of the table.
underneath the door 54 or slide 44 is prevented. Like
Mounted between the runners 46 and extending beneath
wise the tongues 12S mating with grooves 135 prevent
the offset portion 50 thereof, is the slide 44. It is pro
retraction of a note carried on the door top in the test
vided with an opening 52 in an intermediate portion there
area. Under some circumstances it may be possible to
of into which the currency is inserted. The slide 44 also
manipulate the note into the test position on top of door
has a handle 60 thereon to permit its operation into the
54, but its retraction from this position would be next
test area with the opening or trough 52 underlying the
to impossible. As door 54 is prevented from much move
bracket or housing 16 as shown by the broken line in
ment in the test area the note cannot be retracted and
FIG. 1 indicating the locked slide position.
10 will be collected. Thus unauthorized attempts to remove
The slide opening 52 is provided with a door 54 which
the note are defeated. It will be appreciated that the lat
is mounted on slide 44 at hinges 56 so that it may be
eral positioning of the tongues and grooves and the length
operated by means of handle 58 to permit insertion of a
and displacement of each is governed by the dimensioning
currency note into the exposed trough 52. The handle
of the various components and is selected and positioned
portion is also modified from that disclosed in the afore 15 to provide free movement thereof and without interfering
mentioned application and comprising a linger hole 59
with the test.
into which a finger may be inserted and then partially
In accordance with the above, there has been shown
-hooked into the door recess 63 to raise the door 54. The
and described herein a novel, useful and simple arrange
door is provided with aligned openings 57 whereby light
ment for preventing the unauthorized removal of cur
may be transmitted through the note indicated at 120 20 rency from the receptacle of an automatic currency test
when the note is properly related to bracket 16 in the test
arrangement, but the particular embodiments or forms of
area. An opening 126 is also provided in door 54 by
the invention described herein are not limitations upon
means of which the note is stripped from opening 52 as
other manners of practicing the invention.
described in the aforementioned application.
I claim:
The slide 44 is normally urged away from its test posi 25
1. An improvement in a currency test arrangement
tion by means of partially shown coil springs 62 and an
wherein a currency note receptacle is reciprocated into a
chored against bumpers 65. Also shown are the bill
test area to permit a validity test to be performed on a
feeler switches comprising members 72 protruding through
currency note therein which if tested valid is collected
openings 74 by means of which a determination is made
and which if tested invalid is rejected by retraction of
that the currency is in the test area. Members 72 are 30 said receptacle to a position wherein the currency note is
operated to first operate a lock solenoid (not shown),
removable, comprising means engaging with said recepta
which initiates testing and locks the slide in the test posi
cle to prevent retraction of a currency note from said test
tion. The lock solenoid is provided with an armature
area without retraction of said receptacle, said test area
which trips the latch element 84 to engage «the abutment
being provided with a wall beneath which said note is
78 carried by the slide 44 as shown by the dotted lines 35 moved and a plurality of laterally spaced apart keys car
in FIG. 1.
ried by said wall and engaging grooves in said receptacle.
As will be seen in FIG. 2, the slide 44 has directly
2. An improvement in a currency test arrangement
adjacent to one side of trough 52 on its underside a
wherein a currency note receptacle is reciprocated into a
number of laterally spaced keys or tongues 100 aligned
test area to permit a validity test to be performed on a
with correspondingly mating grooves 115 in the table 40 currency note therein which, if tested valid, is collected,
top 14. Several of the table top grooves 1‘15 underlie
and which, if tested invalid, is rejected by retraction of
grooves 135 in the slide 44 and therefore are not seen in
said receptacle to a position wherein the currency note is
FIG. 1. In addition keys or tongues 101 are provided on
removable, comprising means engaging said receptacle
the bottom of door 54 to mate with corresponding grooves
to prevent retraction of a currency note from said test
115. The keys or tongues 101 are in alignment with cor 45 area without retraction of said receptacle, said receptacle
responding tongues 100 on the slides as may be seen in
comprising an element having a trough therein of which
FIG. 1. It will be appreciated that in the aforemen
the s1de engages a currency note resting on a planar sur
tioned :application .the note on deposit in the trough lay
face and said means comprises a plurality of laterally
on the table top thereby presenting the possibility of its
spaced apart keys in said element engaging corresponding
removal by retraction either Ithrough the space between 50 grooves in said planar surface.
the table top and the back of the trough or between the
3. An improvement in a test arrangement for a sheet
table top and the slide.
materlal wherein a receptacle for said sheet material is
It Will be seen that following lthe insertion of the cur
_reciprocated into a test area, said improvement compris
rency note in the trough 52 and closure of the door 54,
lng means adapted to engage said receptacle to prevent
the note 120 cannot be removed without opening the door. 55 retraction of said sheet material from said receptacle
Thus the tongues 100 and/ or 101 mating with the grooves
while 1n_ the test area without retraction of said receptacle
115 provide a barrier to the lateral movement of the
from .said test area comprising a `wall beneath said sheet
note indicated at 120 with respect to slide 44 or trough 52.
materlal while in said test area, and a plurality of laterally
spaced apart keys carried by said wall and engaging
The slide is grasped at handle 60 and moved into the
test area with the note 120 under bracket or housing 16. 60 grooves in said receptacle.
At this time the keys 125 on wall 85 and mating with
4. A11 improvement in a test arrangement for a sheet
grooves 135 largely prevent a note from being carried
material wherein a receptacle for said sheet material is
into the test area on top of door 54 and in any event
reclprocated into a test area `to permit a test to be per
prevent its retraction therefrom.
formed thereon, said receptacle comprising an element
On being moved into
the test position, the slide 44 and currency note 120 are 65 having a trough therein dimensioned to receive the sheet
material at rest on a planar surface, and a plurality of
disposed to operate switch members 72. They in yturn
operate the lock solenoid, >not shown, which trips latch
laterally spaced apart keys in said element engaging cor
respondrng grooves in said planar surface to prevent re
84 to engage abutment 78 and lock the slide in place.
tractron of said sheet material from the test area without
The required tests may now be performed as described
retraction of said receptacle.
lin the aforementioned application and the note 120 either 70
5. In combination a currency note support and a slide
collected through opening 126 or rejected.
having a currency opening for moving said currency into
It will be noted that retraction or attempted retraction
a _test area to permit a determination of the validity of
of the note by pulling on an attached string or similar
note, the improvement comprising a plurality of keys
arrangement will bring the back edge of note 120 against 75 sald
carried adjacent one edge of said currency opening, and
grooves in said currency note support for matingly engag
ing with said keys to prevent retraction of said note from
said test area independent of retraction of said slide.
6. In combination a support and a slide movable with
respect to said support `for moving a sheet material into a
test area to permit a test -to be performed thereon, the
improvement comprising means carried by said slide and
adapted to engage said support to prevent retraction of
said sheet material when in said test area comprising a
plurality of keys carried adjacent one free edge of said 10
sheet material and grooves in said support for matingly
engaging said keys.
7. In combination a support and a slide having a cur
rency note opening for moving a note into a test area to
note is moved, and a plurality of mating keys yand grooves
associated with said wall and said slide to prevent retrac
tion of said note from said test area independent of re
traction of said slide and to prevent said note from being
inserted into said test area in any position other than that
within said currency opening.
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permit a determination of the validity of said note, said 15
test area being provided with a wall beneath which said
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