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April 30, 1963
Filed Feb. 15, 1960
Joseph James SfoneJz
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United rates Patnt
Patented Apr. 30, 1963
In brief, the light source 1 ?oods the copy 2 with in
tense light, as indicated by the beam 10. Respective por
tions of the copy 2 modulate this light and re?ect the
Joseph James Stone, In, Gienview, 111., assignor to A. B.
Dick Company, Niles, 121., a corporation of Illinois
Filed Feb. 15, 1960, Ser. No. 8,653
2 Claims. (Cl. 173-76)
modulated light, indicated by rays 11, through the ob
ito an appropriately positioned photo pick-up or light
restrictions imposed by operating the system in a light
tight compartment.
jective lens 4, which directs the light toward one of the _
adjacent rotating mirrors 5.
As the mirror 5 rotates it re?ects light, indicated by
irays 21, from various portions of the copy back through
The present invention relates in general to a scanning
%the lens 4 and these light rays are passed through the
arrangement and more particularly relates to a ?ying spot
scanner system in which the necessity for light tight opera 10 gaperture 7 to control the photo sensitive light apparatus .
‘g8, in accordance with the variations in light re?ected from
tion is eliminated.
copy 2.
In previous ?ying spot scanner systems, light emitted
Thus it will be seen that the present invention elimi
through a small aperture into a light tight compartment
nates the need for a light tight comparemtnt and thereby
is focused by an optical system comprising a lens and
creates easier service and adjustment conditions while
rotating mirror on respective portions of an object of
permitting subject matter of increased size to be more
which an image is to be formed. The light re?ected from
easily reproduced and eliminates a number of design
the respective portions of the object or copy is directed
sensitive means for providing an image of the object.
Although I have described but one embodiment of my
Such a system being operated in a light tight compartment 20
invention, I believe the invention capable of broad and
is di?icult to adjust and repair, while replacement of any
varied use and application and am, therefore, appending
of the parts is di?icult, time consuming and expensive.
In addition, limitations are imposed on the copy size and
hereto a series of claims which are believed to cover the
disclosed inventive concepts.
design of components.
By seizing on the technique of ?ooding the copy with 25 I claim:
1. A ?ying spot scanning system of the type wherein a
a powerful light, which differentiates the copy from the
plurality of rotating mirrors and an objective lens are
general background light, the applicant realized that it
located to ‘direct light from an object toward a photo
is possible to eliminate those difficulties through simple
responsive means for producing an image of the object,
reversal of the scanning system. Thus the conventional
optical system, including the lens and the rotating mirror, 30 the improvement comprising means for exposing said ob
ject, mirrors and lens to a general background light, and
focuses the re?ected bright light from respective portions
means for directing an intense light at said object where
of the copy through the small aperture behind which the
by said object modulates said intense light and re?ects
light sensitive apparatus is located.
said intense light toward said lens and then to said rotat
This eliminates the need for maintaining the copy, lens
and mirror in a light tight compartment and, therefore, 35 ing mirrors, said lens being located whereby said modu
lated light is then re?ected from said mirrors back through
permits easy access thereto for overcoming the discussed
said lens and to said light responsive means.
2. In a scanning system for scanning an object which
It is, therefore, an object of the present invention to
includes a photo responsive means for producing an image
provide a ?ying spot scanner arrangement which is op
40 of the object, an aperture disposed adjacent said photo
erable in a normally lighted background.
responsive means for transmission of light thereto, a lens
It is another object of the present invention to provide
for transmission of light to said aperture and rotating mir
a more economical ?ying spot scanning arrangement in
rors for re?ecting light transmitted from said object, the
which adjustments, repairs, replacements are easily made
improvement comprising means ‘for exposing said object,
and in which restrictions on the size and design of the
copy and components are largely eliminated.
45 mirrors and lens to a general background light, means
positioned adjacent said object for directing an intense
Other objects and features of this invention will become
light ‘directly at said object whereby said object will modu
late said intense light and re?ect said intense light directly
toward said lens and then to said rotating mirrors, said
Referring to the drawing, it will be seen that the scan
ning system of the present invention comprises a light 50 lens being located whereby said modulated light is then
apparent on the reading of the following speci?cation and
claims in conjunction with the drawing.
source 1, which ?oods an object 2 to be copied. The light
re?ected from the copy is focused by a conventional
scanning optical system comprising a lens 4, and a rotat
ing mirror arrangement 6. The rotating mirror arrange~
re?ected from said mirrors back through said lens and to
said light responsive means.
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
ment comprises a plurality of mirrors 5, displaced along 55
the periphery of a rotating holder therefor, which is con
structed and operated in a conventional manner.
Clothier _____________ __ June 20, 1939
As each mirror 5 rotates it re?ects different portions of
the copy toward an aperture 7, behind which is located a
Maguire _____________ __ Aug. 15, 1939
responsive means which may comprise a photo cell, for
2 2,192,376
Harding ______________ __ Mar. 5, 1940
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example, is conventionally controlled by the re?ected
Hunt ________ .._. ______ __ Dec. 11, 1951
light to provide an image of the scanned copy.
Stamps ______________ __ Mar. 21, 1961
conventional light responsive apparatus 8.
The light 60
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