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May 7, 1963
M. v. T. HAlNES
Filed June 8, 1962
United States Patent 0
Patented May 7, 1963
ing protrusions 32 thereon for enhancing the gripping
qualities of the clamping surface.
Mervyn V. T. Haines, 28 Glannon Road, Livingston, NJ.
Filed June 8, 1962, Ser. No. 201,144
1 Claim. (CI. 63-20)
The present invention relates generally to an adapter
for fasteners. More speci?cally, the invention is con
cerned with an adapter for attaching an ornament which
has one element of a fastener device ?xed therein to an
An aperture 33 is
provided for receiving pin 2.
In mounting the illustrated adapter upon a chosen item,
pin 2 is made to pierce the material of the item and clamp
ing surface 18 is brought into contact with the material
of the supporting structure 24 as shown in FIGURE 2.
Pin 2 is then inserted into the aperture 33 of gripper 3
and the gripper is moved along the body of the pin until
clamping surface 31 contacts structure 24. Jaws 34 and
35 will resiliently grip body 22 of the pin thereby tending
to prevent the gripper {from slipping relative to the pin 2,
particularly in a direction ‘along the body 22 of the pin
device to the apparel or accessory.
toward the point 23 (toward the right in FIGURE 2).
Numerous detachable ornaments are being made avail
able for use in conjunction with wearing apparel such as 15 Thus, the clamping surfaces 18 and 31 cooperate with
pin 2 to clamp the material of supporting structure 24
dresses, coats, shoes, hats, bathing suits and bathing caps
between the clamping surfaces and hold the fastener ele
and with apparel accessories such as hand bags and the
ment 1 firmly in place upon supporting structure 24. It
like. The adapter of the invention has been devised to
is noted that the jaws 34 and 35 will grip pin 2 at any
increase the versatility of such detachable ornaments by
desired position along the body 22 of the pin so that
permitting a variety of uses for these ornaments without 20
supporting structures of various thicknesses are accom
article of wearing apparel or an apparel accessory with
out permanently ?xing a mating element of the fastener
alteration of their basic structure.
A primary object of the invention is to provide sim
pli?ed means for attaching an ornament having one ele
ment of a fastener device ?xed therein to an article of
wearing apparel or an apparel accessory without per
manently ?xing a mating element of the fastener device
to the apparel or accessory.
modated readily. When it is desired to remove fastener
element :1 from supporting structure 24, lever 36, which
is integral with jaw 34, and lever 37, which is integral
with jaw 35, are moved in a direction toward one an
other thereby causing the jaws to spread apart and re
lease pin 2. Gripper 3 may then be released from en
gagement with pin 2 ‘and fastener element v1 may be re
Another object of the invention is to allow standardiza
moved from supporting structure 24. The release of
tion of detachable ornament fastening means without
30 gripper 3 and the removal of fastener element 1 from the
limiting the uses of such ornaments.
supporting structure is thus readily accomplished manu
The invention may brie?y be described as va fastener
ally at the selection of the user of the adapter.
adapter for use in mounting one of a variety of ornaments
A snap-on ornament 40, which is illustrated in FIG
upon one of a variety of supporting structures, each
URE 2 in the ‘form of a plastic ?ower, is shown mounted
ornament having a first element of a fastener device ?xed
therein, the adapter comprising a mating element of the 35 upon a mating element 41 of a ‘fastener device by means
of a rivet 42. ‘In the embodiment illustrated, element 41
fastener device and means cooperating with said mating
is a female element of -a snap fastener. Rim 43 cooper
element for selectively removably maintaining the mating
ates with head 44 to maintain retainer 45 in place. Re
element upon the supporting structure independent of the
tainer ‘45 is a bronze ring with a split ‘46 which will
?rst element.
40 allow the ring to expand radially to pass over ?ange 12
The novel features of the invention, as well as addi
and then anchor itself in recess 13 to hold the ornament
tional objects and advantages thereof, will be more fully
40 in place upon supporting structure 24 when fastener
understood from the following detailed description of an
element *1 is held in place upon the supporting structure
embodiment of the invention illustrated in the drawings
by the cooperation of pin 2 and gripper 3.
in which:
It will be readily apparent ‘that the adapter illustrated
‘FIGURE 1 is .a perspective view showing elements of 45 vand described above will allow anyone of a variety of
an adapter constructed in accordance with the invention;
‘existing snap-on ornaments to be employed with a wide
variety of items where it may be undesirable to per
FIGURE 2 is an elevational cross-sectional view illus
manently ?x a mating element of a snap fastener to such
trating the use of an adapter of FIGURE 1 in mounting
an ornament.
The above description of ‘an embodiment of the in
Referring ?rst to FIGURE 81, an adapter of the inven
vention is provided by way of example only and is not
tion is shown comprising an element 1, which is an ele
intended to restrict the invention. Changes may be made
ment of a fastener device, a pin 2 and a gripper 3. In
in various details of design and construction .without de
the embodiment illustrated the fastener element 1 is a 55 parting from the spirit and scope of the invention as de—
male element of ya snap fastener.
As shown in detail in FIGURE 2, shell 11 of fastener
element 1 is shaped so as to ‘form a ?ange .12 and a recess
13 designed to engage a mating element of a fastener
fined in the appended claims.
I claim:
A fastener adapter for use in mounting one of a variety
of ornaments upon one of a variety of supporting struc
device which, in the embodiment illustrated, would be 60 tures, each structure being readily capable of being
a female element of a snap fastener.
A small lip 14
formed integral with shell 11 holds disc .15 ?rmly in
place in the shell. The outer surface -16 of lip 14 and
(the outer surface 17 of the disc form a clamping surface
18. Pin 2 is ?xed in disc 115 at head 21 and projects in a
direction substantially perpendicular to clamping sunface
18. The body 22 of the pin ends in a point 23 which is
provided for piercing the material of a supporting struc
ture 24. The supporting structure may be .the body of
an item of wearing apparel, an apparel accessory or any 70
item upon which an ornament is to be mounted.
Gripper '3 is provided with a clamping surface 31 hav
pierced, said fastener adapter comprising:
(A) a fastener having a ?rst element permanently ?xed
to the ornament, said element having a radially ex
pansible retainer member located therein;
(B) a mating element of said fastener, said mating ele
ment comprising a shell having ?rst and second op
posed ends;
'(C) a ?ange in said shell adjacent said ?rst end;
(D) said shell having a recess adjacent said ?ange, said
retainer member being detachably secured within said
recess when said ?rst element is in place on said
mating element, said ?ange cooperating with said
retainer member to releasably maintain said retainer
Within said recess;
(E) a lip integral with said second end of said shell;
(F) a disc located within said shell and permanently
?xed therein at said second end, said lip being formed 0
over said disc to retain said disc in place Within said
be selectively moved toward and away from each
other to removably clamp said supporting structure
between said clamping surfaces and removably mount
said mating element upon said supporting structure.
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
shell, said disc and said lip comprising a ?rst clamp
ing surface;
(G) a pin projecting from said disc to pierce said sup
porting structure When said mating element is
mounted upon said supporting structure; and
(H) a. gripper having a second clamping surface, said
gripper being removably engageable with said pin
such that said ?rst and second clamping surfaces may
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