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May 7, 1963
Filed April 19, 1960
Zl/ilme‘r R. Tagger!
\% Ill”, 9;!
oi nay
States Patent
Patented May 7, 1963
pipe 21. Also located in the passage 18 above the con
densers 19 are a series of drier cartons 22 having col
Wilmer R. Taggert, Boylston, Mass, assignor to Riley
Stoker Corporation, Worcester, Mass., a corporation of
lector troughs 23 underlying them. The lowermost por
tion of each of these tubes is connected by a pipe 24 to
a drain manifold 25. One end of this pipe is connected
through a vertical pipe 26 and a horizontal pipe 27 to an
Filed Apr. 19, 1960, Ser. No. 23,296
1 Claim. (Cl. 122-459)
aspirator 28‘. The outlet of the aspirator is connected to
a pipe 29 extending into the downcomer valve and having
This invention relates to a steam ‘generating unit and
a ?ared end 31 lying in the downcomer.
Each of the
more particularly to apparatus arranged to purify the 10 series of condensers 19 is provided vwith a vertical outlet
pipe 32 lying in the body of water '13 and each of these
steam produced by a boiler.
outlet pipes is provided with a nozzle 33 which is directed
‘In the generation of steam, it is the usual practice to
toward the downcomer tube 12. It will be understood
provide means ‘for purifying the steam before it is passed
that all of these nozzles on one end of the steam-and
into the superheater. For that purpose, certain steam
treating apparatus has been placed in the path of the 15 water drum 11 are directed toward the downcomer on
its respective one end, while the nozzles located in the
steam as it passes through the steam-andJWater drum.
other end of the steam-anddwater drum will be directed
One of the principal pieces of apparatus for this purpose
is the steam condenser, an ‘effective type of which is shown
toward the downcomer tube at the said other end.
last condenser 19 in the series adjacent the end of the
1947. After the steam has passed over the condenser, 20 steam—-and-water drum is, however, connected through a
pipe 34 to a nozzle 35 located in the aspirator 28. As is
it is common practice to pass it over drier cartons which
in the patent to Andrews No. 2,424,212, issued July 22,
further serve to remove water from the steam.
In steam
purifying apparatus of this kind, one of the problems most
often encountered is that of the removal of condensed
or trapped water. Drains have been provided for these
devices, but quite often the drains do not operate effec
tively to remove the water.
These and other di?iculties
evident in FIG. 3, the aspiraor 28 is a 90° elbow con
nected at one side to the pipe 26 and at the other side
to the pipe 29. At the bend of the elbow, however, the
?tting is provided with the nozzle 35, which is connected
to the pipe 34, the nozzle 35 being aligned with the
pipe 29.
The operation of the invention will now be readily
in view of the above discussion. Steam gen
a novel manner by the present invention.
It is, therefore, an outstanding object of this invention 30 erated in the steam generating unit enters the steam-and
water drum 11 through the steam release tubes 14. It
to provide a steam generating unit having a steam purify
passes through the passage 18 between the ba?les 16 and
ing apparatus in which accumulated condensed or trapped
17. It passes over the condensers 19 where a certain
water is readily removed.
experienced with prior art devices have ‘been obviated in
Another object of this invention is the provision of 35
ing accumulated water therefrom.
A further object of the present invention is the pro
means associated with a steam drier carton for remov
vision of a steam generating unit in which the energy of
the feed ‘water is used to remove water from the steam
purfying apparatus.
It is another object of the instant invention to provide
a drainage apparatus for drum internals which is rugged
and simple in construction and which will not be rendered
ineffective by chemical deposits and extreme temper 45
amount of the steam is condensed and a great many of
the impurities are caught in the condensate lying on the
plates of the condenser. The steam continues through
the drier cartons 22 and passes over the steam-and-water
drum through the steam outlet tube 15; then the steam
passes to the superheater in the usual manner. Water
and foreign matter which is caught in the ba?les of the
drier cartons 22 ?ows downwardly along the drier carton
elements into the troughs 23. A considerable amount of
this material accumulates in the troughs and it is neces
sary to remove this rather rapidly for various reasons.
First of all, if the troughs over?ow, the water is brought
back into contact with the steam and the steam is likely
With these and other objects in View, as will be ap
to pick up water and carry it over into the steam outlet
parent to those skilled in the art, the invention resides
tubes. Even if the troughs 23 are full but do not over—
in the combination of parts set ‘forth in the speci?cation
?ow, they still present a problem of pick~up by the flowing
and covered by the claim appended hereto.
50 steam. The feed water, of course, enters the steam-and
The character of the invention, however, may be best
water drum through the feed water pipe 21 and passes
understood by reference to certain of its structural forms,
through each of the condensers taking part in heat ex
as illustrated by the accompanying drawings in which:
change with the steam passing over the condensers. In
FIG. 1 is a vertical sectional view of a steam generating
most cases this feed water leaves the pipes 32 through
unit taken on the line I—I of FIG. 2;
55 the nozzles 33 and helps to direct the flow of feed water
FIG. 2 is a sectional view of a steam generating unit
toward the downcomer tube 12. The main flow of water
taken on the line II-—II of FIG. 1; and
down the downcomer tube 12, of course, takes place
FIG. 3 is a somewhat enlarged sectional view of a por
due to boiler circulation. The nozzles, however, help
tion of the apparatus.
to maintain the level of the water in the body of water
The steam generating unit, indicated generally by the 60 13 or approximately the same height throughout the
reference numeral 10‘, is shown as comprising a steam
:steam-and-water drum and helps reduce the gradient
and-water drum 11 having a large downcomer tube 12
which would exist because of the flow of water between
at one end and a body 13 of water lying therein. In the
the center of the steam-and-water drum and the ends.
upper part of the steam-andewater drum are connected
steam release tubes 14 and in the uppermost portion are 65 This gradient is a handicap to proper steam treatment
because, when a gradient exists, various amounts of the
located steam outlet tubes 15. A centrallyelocated gen
condensers 19 are taking active participation in the steam
erally-vertical baffle 16 and a generally-horizontal ba?ie
puri?cation. The feed water, however, ?owing through
17 located in the upper part of the drum serve to de?ne
the tube 34 passes through the nozzle 35 in the aspirator
a steam passage 18 from the steam. release tubes 14 to
the steam outlet tubes 15.. Located in the lower part of 70 28. This produces an ejector effect on the water in the
pipe 26 and adds considerable energy to the water pass
the passage 18 just above the level of the body of water
ing through the tube 29. The flow of water down the
13 is a series of condensers 19 connected to a vfeed water
downcorner tube 12 also acts on the flared end of the
pipe 29 and produces a further ejector section tending
to cause the water to ?ow through the tubes. The combi
nation of the ejector action produced by the nozzle 35 and
‘by the ?ared end 31 causes the water to flow rapidly
from the troughs 23 down the pipes 24 into the drain
manifold ‘25; from there it flows through the pipe 26,
the aspirator 28, and the pipe 29 into the ?ow of water
drum, a passage leading from the steam release tubes to
the steam outlet tube, a feed water pipe entering the
steam-and-Water drum, a series of condensers connected
to the feed water pipe and lying in the said passage for
treating steam passing thereover, ‘a series of steam drying
devices lying in the passage between the condensers and
the steam outlet tube, a feed water supply entering the
drum through the feed water pipe and through the con
densers, a trough underlying the steam drying devices, a
It will be understood, of course, that the nozzles 33 on 10 closed tubular conduit extending downwardly from the
the ends of the pipes 32 act as ori?ces in that they restrict
trough to remove water therefrom, an aspirator in the
through the downcomer.
the flow of water through the pipes 32 and permit a su?i
cient quantity of water to ?ow through the pipe 34 to
produce adequate ejection in the aspirator 28. This ar
conduit, at least one of the condensers being connected
to the aspirator to cause a portion of the feed water to
pass through the aspirator, the other condensers discharg
rangement of ori?ces is necessary to acquire suf?cient 15 ing directly into the body of water, and means forming a
velocity in the nozzle 35 to accomplish the function
restriction in each of the said other condensers for con~
It is obvious that minor changes may be made in the
form and construction of the invention without departing
from the material spirit thereof. It is not, however,
desired to con?ne the invention to the exact form herein
shown and described, but it is desired to include all such
trolling the ?ow of feed water therethrough into the body
of water and for producing adequate ejection in the
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
as properly come within the scope claimed.
The invention having been thus described, what is
A steam generating unit, comprising a steam-and-water
Angermueller ________ __ Sept. 29, 1936
Taggert _____________ __ Apr. 29, 1958
Rehm ______________ __ Sept. 27, 1960
drum adapted to contain a body of water, steam release
tubes entering the drum, a steam outlet tube leaving the
drum, a downcomer tube leaving a lower part of the
Great Britain _________ __ July 18, 1945
claimed as new and desired to secure by Letters Patent is: 25
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