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May 7, 1963
Filed Sept. 9, 1960
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His Afforney
May 7, 1963
3 Sheets-Sheet 2
Filed Sept. 9, 1960
Fig. 3
Norman J. Bullock
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His Affamey
May 7, 1963
5 Sheets-Sheet 3
Filed Sept. 9, 1960
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Fig. 5
Norman J. Bullock’
His Attorney
Patented May 7, 1963
The spin tub or basket assembly 20 is comprised of an
imperforate tub bottom or water container portion 26,
Norman J. Bullock, Dayton, Ohio, assignor to General
Motors Corporation, Detroit, Micln, a corporation of
Filed Sept. 9, 1960, Ser. No. 55,066
1 Claim. (Cl. 21(l-—382)
an annular tub rim housing or collar 28, and an annular
tub ‘rim 30. The tub rim housing 28 is formed with 21
depending ?ange 32 which is welded about its periphery
to the upper edge of the tub bottom 26. The tub rim
housing 28 also de?nes the spin tub access opening 34
and a plurality of circumferentially arranged out?ow ports
36. Further, the tub rim housing 28‘ is formed with a
bottom shoulder 35 between the access opening collar
34 and the out?ow ports 36. In order to form a cham
ber 38 for receiving a ballast material, such as hematite
In the prior art, some spin tubs having imperforate
ore, the tub rim 30 is welded along an upturned annular
bottoms and a circumferentially arranged plurality of
?ange to the collar 34 of the tub rim housing—the lower
out?ow ports at the top thereof are provided with clothes
guard rings which overlie the out?ow ports to prevent 15 end of the tub rim being welded to the tub rim housing
just above the out?ow ports 36.
blockage thereof. One such guard ring is taught in the
When the spin tub 20 is rotated, water is centrifuged
Patent to Johnston et al. 2,956,684, issued October 18,
therefrom by way of the out?ow ports 36 into a water
1960, and assigned to the same assignee as the instant
container—the sub-top or cover portion 40 of which is
invention. All the prior art guard rings have been metal
lic to withstand the stresses involved in a centrifuging 20 seen in FIGURE 1. The sub-top 40 has an upstanding
annular radially inner ?ange for supporting a ?exible
device. This relatively rigid construction requires fur
guard collar or sleeve 42 in axial alignment with the
ther modi?cation of the ring in order to facilitate installa
cabinet access collar 16 and the tub‘ access opening collar
tion of the ring within a spin tub. However, in the mass
This invention relates to a domestic appliance and
more particularly to an improved clothes guard ring for
a spin tub.
34. The flexible collar 42 is positioned closely adjacent
production of laundry appliances, the cost of manufactur
ing and installing metallic clothes guard rings is consider 25 the tub access opening 34 to prevent articles of clothing
from being ?ung out of the spin tub into the water con
tainer. As the spin tub 20 is rotated, the water will tend
to climb the upwardly and outwardly tapered side walls
of the tub bottom 26 and will eject through the out?ow
an improved moldable clothes guard for a spin basket.
It is another object of this invention to provide a spin 30 ports 36. However, where too many clothes are placed
within the spin tub 20, certain of the articles may ?nd
basket having out?ow ports around an upper portion
their way into blocking engagement with the out?ow
thereof with a plastic clothes guard ring supported on
ports 36. If this happens, the clothing acts as a dam and
said basket by integral protuberances which extend into
the centrifuged water tends to be thrown out of the tub
certain of said ports.
A further object of this invention is the provision of a 35 access opening 34 and into the water container. For
this reason, a clothes guard ring shown generally at 44
one-piece clothes guard ring which can be installed in a
is positioned on a bias between the shoulder 35 of the
spin basket after the basket is assembled.
tub trim housing and the imperforate tub bottom 26‘.
Further objects and advantages of the present inven
The ring 44 serves to prevent articles of clothing from
tion will be apparent from the following description,
reference being had to the accompanying drawings where 40 blocking the out?ow ports 36.
In the prior art, the clothes guard rings 44 were formed
in preferred embodiments of the present invention are
‘of metal or other high stress material in order to with
clearly shown.
stand the forces of centrifuging. Similarly, the prior art
In the drawings:
FIGURE 1 is a fragmentary sectional view partly in 45 clothes guard rings were for-med in a manner which re
quired their installation within the spin tub 20 while the
elevation of a clothes washing machine suitable ‘for use
spin tub was being assembled. The aforementioned pat
with this invention;
ent taught one means whereby a jointed guard ring
FIGURE 2 is a fragmentary sectional view of a spin
could ‘be positioned within the spin tub after the tub was
tub provided with one form of this invention;
FIGURE 3 is a fragmentary sectional view of a spin 50 manufactured. However, the metallic guard ring of the
copending application was expensive to manufacture and
tub provided with another form of this invention;
included a means of locking the disjointed ring together
‘FIGURE 4 is a top elevational view of the preferred
once installed within the spin tub. Both the cost of
clothes guard ring of this invention;
manufacturing this metal ring and the cost of locking the
FIGURE 5 is a fragmentary view taken along line
ends of the ring together were undesirable and a cheaper,
5-5 in FIGURE 4;
more e?icient guard ring installation was sought. Fur
FIGURE ‘6 is a sectional view taken along line 6-6
ther, the prior art metallic rings required a plurality of
in FIGURE 4; and
welding operations wherever the concentric rings were
FIGURE 7 is a schematic view representing the method
joined together. All this added to the cost of the prod
of installing the guard ring of this invention.
In accordance with this invention and with reference 60 not in the highly competitive clothes Washing machine
market. Thus a new type guard ring was conceived in
to ‘FIGURE 1, a fragmentary sectional view of a clothes
accordance with the teachings of this invention. There
washer It) is illustrated. A clothes washer of the type
was required, ?rst, a guard ring which could be installed
suitable for use with this invention may include a top
simply and quickly within a completed spin tub. Sec
wall 1-2 having a recessed shoulder 14 terminating in an
access collar or opening 16‘. A door 18 may be hingedly 65 ondly, the guard ring must be inexpensive to manufacture
and, thirdly, the guard ring must be able to withstand the
mounted to the cabinet top 12 for opening and closing
able and it is to the solution of this adverse cost and other
problems that the present invention is directed.
Accordingly, it is an object of this problem to provide
the access collar 16 in the clothes washer cabinet. With
in the clothes washer 10, a spin tub assembly 20‘ is ro
temperatures of clothes washing liquids and the pressures
and stresses involved in centrifuging.
With reference to FIGURE 2, the guard ring 44- is
tatably disposed. An agitator 22 is carried inside the tub
assembly 2%) and an agitating and spinning mechanism 24 70 shown comprised of a one-piece, unitary or integral,
molded plastic ring having a radially inner V-shaped ring
is adapted to selectively rotate the tub assembly 20 or
50, a radially outer V-shaped ring 52 and an intermediate
vertically reciprocate the agitator 22.
V-shaped'ring 54. Spaced about the periphery of the
ring ‘70 ‘is ‘as follows. iFirst, the polypropylene chips
concentrically arranged rings 50, '52 and 54 are a plu
rality of radially directed integral ribs 56. In addition
to joining the ribs, the radial connector 56 includes a
,protu-berance .or attachment .lug 58 “which extends into
certain of .the out?ow .ports v36 .when the ring '44- is in
.stalled within the spin vtub20. Note that the innermost
ringSGrests on the shoulder .35 of the tub rim housing
are retained within a hopper and fed to a melter where
they are lique?ed. Next, the lique?ed plastic is hydrau
lically fed to a mold for forming the guard ring con
?guration shown. The mold may be cooled, as by water,
to expedite the curing process and, when the mold is
opened, the guard ring 70 may he removed as a one
.28, thereby forming an annular generally triangularly
shaped chamber-60‘ whichisinconstant communication
piece integral unit suitable for installation in a-completed
spin :tub.
To install the. guard ring 70 in the spin tub 20, reference
'ndth.the..out?ow.port_3-6 of the spin tub. Fabric or ar
may be had to >FIGURE7.
.ticlesof- clothing are prevented by the ribs 50‘, 52 and 54
,from entering the chamber .60Mand blocking the out?ow
.ports 36.
ring 76 is simply grasped at opposite points on its pe
rripheryanducollapsed or deformed into the con?guration
.of FIGURE 7. The guard ring is slipped within the spin
The ?exible .or resilient guard
I .A.preferred embodiment of this invention is shown as 15 basket 20 and allowed to assume or restore to its natural
a clothes guard ring 70, more particularly illustrated in
.FIGURES 3, 4, 5 and v6. The guard ring 70 is formed
_of azthermoplastic, such as polypropylene-a plastic resin
shape with the -toe portions~80 of the connector pieces
78 resting on the bottom of their respective out?ow
v,ports 36. An upper annular ?ange 90 on the tub‘ bottom
.lays in juxtaposition tothe out?ow ports 36 and serving
whichdoes not soften- or distort below approximately 25 0°
‘F. Since the maximum -water temperatures Within a 20 ,as an abutment against which the toe piece Sit-may ter
clothes washer ‘suitable for use with this invention do
minate. When the ring'is snapped into place in the tub,
.notexceed 180° F., the selection of polypropylene is
.eonsideredsatisfactory for use with this invention. The
clothes guard ring -70 includes a radially inner .V-shaped
.ring 72, aradiallyouter V-shaped ring 74 and an inter
mediate V-shaped ring 76, all of which rings are con
..centric one wit-h .the other. Spaced circumferentially
about the concentric rings are integral radially directed
.connectorribs 78 whichhave an outer mounting or toe
portion .80 which inter?ts with .the bottom of an out?ow 30
:port 36' to hold the ring 70 in proper relationship with
thespin tub.
Although one would believe that plastic is Wholly in—
compatible as a guard ring ina-centrifuging device where
elevated temperatures are incurred, the construction of
.the guard ring 70‘ is found to .possess all of the attributes
necessary for preventing blockage of the tub out?ow
.the top of the connector pieces 78 will bear against the
shoulder 3‘5of the ‘tub rim housing 28. The installation
is quickly-accomplished and a simple low cost guard ring
is eifected which islable to'perform the same task as the
much higher stress metallic rings used in the‘prior art.
While the embodiments of the present invention as
herein disclosed, constitute preferred forms, it is to ‘be
understood that other forms might be adopted.
vWhat is claimed is as follows:
‘In combination, a spin baskethaving a cylindrical, open
.end container portion and a tub rim housing portion, said
housing portion having an access opening smaller than
the diameter ofsaid container ‘portion and a ported ?ange
attached to said open end'ofsaid container portion, means
for rotating said tub in a centrifuging operation, and a
‘unitary contractible means having a permanently joined
circumferential construction comprising a-plurality of con
,ports. The .‘guard ring 70‘ is designed to be moldable
.in-a one-piece construction and-thus can be manufactured
centrically arranged continuous, V-shaped rings, and a
at extremely .low cost. To facilitate the molding and 40 plurality of integralconnector pieces for holding said rings
.stress requirements of the guard ring 70' (FIGURE 6),
in spaced relationship to .each other .and to said ported
the concentric rings 72, 74 and 76 are formed as follows
an explanation in connection with ring 74 serving as a
.?ange, said .contracti'ble means having a natural con
con?guration ‘is such that an angle A and B are 45°
as seen in \FIGUREV6. The thickness of the plasticside
walls .84~and .86 are %2 of an inch; whereas the Width
.of .the connector cribs, such as 78,-are %2 of an inch thick.
These dimensions are designed vto apply to the guard
.ring 70 which has a :dimension C of twenty inches in
:diameter across the outside ring 74. For strength pur
‘resilience to enable said/contractible means to be deformed
poses in .a guard ring 70 of ,the subject design, theinter
eighteen and three-fourths inches and ‘the radially inner
engagement therewith solely as a result of said restoring
force for supporting‘said contractible means in said spin
basket when said contractible means snaps to its natural
ring 72 should ‘have .an outer diameter E of seventeen
?guration ‘within said-basket in-front of said ported?ange
typical example of the other two rings 72 and 76. The
.and in interlocking engagement therewith for preventing
ring for-med .with avradially outer side wall 84- and 45 :a substance being centrifuged from blocking said ported
,a radially inner side wall .86 .forming an angle of ap
?ange, said c‘ontractible means formed of .a ,plastic such
proximately 90° with the outer wall 84. Thus, the ring
as polypropylene which has a sul?cient characteristic of
mediate .ring 76 should have an outer diameter D of
to an unnatural con?guration ‘for passing through said
access opening, the deforming of said contractible means
e?ecting a restoring force in said .plastic to enable said
contractivble means to snap to said natural con?guration,
:said integral connector pieces having toe portions extend
ing into said ported ?ange for effecting said interlocking
and one-half inches. In addition to the added strength
and molding facility provided by the V-shaped con?gura
tion of the concentric rings, each ring should ‘have a
widthF-ofapproximately % inch. The lower tip of the
Meshape should be formed with a radius G -of %2 of an
inch. With the foregoing dimensions, a one-piece guard
ring 70 molded of polypropylene plastic will provide all 65
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
‘Johnston et al _________ .... Oct. 18, 1960
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Gerhardt ____________ __ Dec. 27, 1960
Great ‘Britain __________ .._ Oct. 2, 1957
of the :strength necessary to withstand the temperature
and ‘forces within the spin tub 20.
The simpli?ed molding process vfor making the guard
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