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May 7, 1963’
Filed Feb. 26, 1962
‘ ice
Patented May 7, 1963
Turning to the drawing, and particularly to FIGS. 1
to 3, a suitably small cylindrical container 10 is provided
Mary Mechaneck, 7'05 Dunne tCour-t, Brooklyn 35, FLY.
Filed Feb. 26, 1962, §er. No. 175,635
2 Claims. (Cl. 229-—3.1)
with a plurality of suitable longitudinal slots 11 disposed
circumferentially in the cylinder Wall and in suitable space
relationship to a base 12 having a retaining rim 13.. Pref~
erably the container 10 is of integral or one piece molded
Also preferably the container 10 is provided With an
This invention relates to a cup for protecting a tooth
brush disposed in a conventional toothbrush holder and
integral suitable annular bead 14 in order to retain a co
more particularly to a toothbrush cup which is provided
with apertured walls, the apertures of which may be closed 10 acting sleeve in captive relationship on the container.
brush holder which has an aperture therein for a water
The sleeve 15 is of slightly larger diameter than the di
ameter of the container 10' and is provided with a plurality
of slots 11 preferably of a size to effect exact register with
fer of mouth bacteria from one brush to another. Fur
thermore, where there are many brushes disposed upon a
into register and the cap is disposed over a tooth-brush 16
disposed in a toothbrush holder 17. Obviously where a
as desired.
The toothbrushes disposed in the conventional tooth
slots 11 of the container thereby forming a plurality of
glass are exposed to the atmosphere and thus to dust
and bacteria ?oating in the air. Moreover, where many 15 open windows for aeration purposes when the cup is used
as a cap.
brushes are disposed suspendingly on a toothbrush holder
In using the device of FIGS. 1 to 3, the slots are brought
the adjacent bristles may touch one another causing trans
toothbrush holder has, for example, six toothbrushes
single brush holder their identity becomes confused so
that a member of the family may inadvertently pick up
someone else’s toothbrush with which to brush his teeth.
This invention provides a cup which is also used as a
cover cap for the toothbrush. The size of the cup is but
slightly larger than the toothbrush.
thereon, six cover caps are used.
After removing the cap fro-m a covered toothbrush,
the cap is converted into a liquid retaining cup by suitable
rotation of the sleeve. After brushing the teeth the cup is
25 used to rinse out the mouth. Thus the cup is a sanitary
device since each cup is used only by the owner thereof.
The modi?cation of FIG. 4 shows a cup in which the
As a cover cup it may be personalized as by having the
user’s name thereon or otherwise.
The cup is preferably made of plastic but it may be
made of other suitable material. The plastic may be flex
sleeve is a tubular cylinder. In this modi?cation a sleeve
erably a plurality of suitable elongated slots are disposed
in the container cylindrical wall and a like number of
analogous slots are disposed in the sleeve Wall and adapted
to register with the slots of the container. The distance
between slots in both the container and the sleeve is such
as to permit closing of the slots of the container by the
corresponding slots on the sleeve thereby producing a
The interior diameter of cup 22 is slightly larger than the
exterior diameter of the sleeve 20.
Preferably the cup is provided with an inner bead 24
20 is made preferably of suitable tubular plastic but it
ible plastic such as polyethylene or otherwise and it may 30 may be of glass, metal or other material. The sleeve 20
is provided with a suitable groove 21 located suitably
be colored, transparent, translucent or opaque.
between its top edge and its bottom edge. A plurality of
As a cover cup the slots of the slotted sleeve are brought
slots 11 are disposed in the sleeve 20 in a circumferential
into register with the corresponding slots of the larger
manner as in the case of container 10. A cup element 22
container. The sleeve and the container are cylindrical
and preferably the sleeve is captively retained on the ex 35 preferably of plastic is provided with suitably high cy
lindrical wall 23 and a plurality of suitable slots 11 dis
terior of the container. The sleeve is manually rotatively
posed in like number as the slots 11 on the sleeve 20.
secured to the container in a frictional relationship. Pref
liquid retaining cup.
to engage the groove 21. However a dental cup‘ having
no groove 21 and no bead 24 is operable when frictionally
secured to one another. The cup 22. is also provided with
a base 25 and a rim 26. Preferably the cup 22 is of one
Clearly, the device of this invention functions as a
liquid retaining cup in its non-register position of the
slots and it also functions as a dust protective cap per
piece molded construction.
This invention has been described by means of a plural
ity of embodiments but it is not to be limited thereto.
I claim:
1. An expansible plastic cylindrical two piece dental
mitting aeration and drying of the toothbrush covered
when the slots are in register.
50 cup, open at one end and closed ‘at the other, said cup
having a depth greater than its diameter, said cup com
This invention will become more readily apparent upon
prising inner and outer relatively rotatable sleeve por
reading the following descriptive disclosure of a plurality
of embodiments shown in the accompanying drawing and
tions, one of the sleeve portions being longer than the
other, said sleeve portions having a plurality of registering
in which:
FIG. 1 is a side elevation view of the toothbrush cup 55 openings of uniform width extending axially of the cup,
the space between the openings being greater than the
showing the cup disposed over a toothbrush, said brush
width of the openings so that the sleeves may be rotated to
being disposed through an aperture of a conventional
bring the openings completely out of registry.
stand; in this position the slots are in register to permit
2. The cup of claim 1 wherein the sleeve portion being
flow through of air, the cup functioning as a protective
and identifying cap,
60 the longer sleeve is closed at one end and having the
shorter sleeve and the openings adjacent the open end.
FIG. 2 is a section view taken along line 2-~2 of
FIG. 1 and showing the manner of disposing the cup over
a stored toothbrush,
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
FIG. 3 is an exploded view of one form of this inven
tion showing a slotted cylindrical container and its co 65
acting tubular cylindrical slotted sleeve, and
FIG. 4 is an exploded View of a modi?cation of the in
vention wherein the container portion is a tubular slotted
‘sleeve and the sleeve is a slotted cylindrical cup having a
solid base portion.
lHall ________________ _._. Jan. 12, 1904
Lingner _____________ __ Apr. 27, 1915
Punte et al ___________ ___. Sept. 10, 1940
Albion _____________ __ Aug. 31, 1943
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