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May 7, 1963
Filed March 23, 1961
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
Golda 6.!(lampferer
May 7, 1963
Filed March 25, 1961
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
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. m
_ I‘
Golda 6‘. K/ampferer
United States Patent 0 ” ICC
Patented May 7, 1963
FIG. 5 is a view in perspective showing a holder for
ornamental light bulbs or lamps and how the same may
be used as a component part of the adjustable head struc
Golda G. Klampferer, Santa Maria, Calif.
(265 Orion Ave., Lompoc, Calif.)
Filed Mar. 23, 1961, Ser. No. 97,858
2 Claims. (Cl. 240-81)
With reference ?rst to FIG. 1 the stand comprises a
suitably constructed portable self-standing base 6 having
a hollow tubular upright or standard 8 attached thereto
and rising vertically therefrom to a desired. height, a
The present invention relates, broadly construed, to a
height usually recognized as proper for ?oor lamps for
portable stand characterized by a self-standing base, a
standard attached to and rising perpendicularly from the 10 home use. With reference now to FIG. 4 it will be noted
that the upper end of the standard has an integral an
base, and a novel head structure mounted atop said
nular ?ange 10 and associated therewith are nylon
standard, the head structure embodying a source of il
washers 1'2 and 14. When the washers are positioned
lumination and being suitably adapted to function as a
one above and one below the ?ange, the ?ange 10 is
An equally general objective is to provide an especially 15 sandwiched between the washers 10 and 14, as clearly
depicted in FIGS. ‘2 and 3. The numeral 16 designates a
constructed head, which more speci?cally stated, has the
rotatable head, more speci?cally a cap. This cap com
necessary facilities and expedients embodied therein to
prises a disk-like portion \18 having a depending endless
enable a user to position and retain the light source in
marginal ?ange or rim 20. This rim is ?tted over the two
many and varied positions and, in this way, to function
washers 12 and '1-4 and the ?ange 10 and the lower lip
satisfactorily in many different ways.
of the rim as shown at 22 in ‘FIG. 3 is bent against the
In carrying out the principles of the invention, a sim
washer v12 thus providing a channel-like coupling, in fact
ple, practical and comparatively economical ?oor lamp
a swivel joint wherein washers 12 and 14 and ?ange 10
is provided, the construction and arrangement of the com
are encased in the channel. The upper part of the head
ponent parts in the head and the head mounting being
such that one may use the lamp to advantage beside a 25 is hollow and generally cylindrical in cross section and
is denoted at 24 and is provided intermediate its ends
chair or couch and may use it with equal facility and re
with a clearance slot 26 for the current conducting wires
liability adjacent to a bed whereby to thus provide an
28. The generally ?at apertured ends ‘30 serve to ac
ideal lamp which lends itself to practical and e?icient
commodate the washers 32 and this arrangement in turn
use in the home.
Another object in the instant matter is to structurally, 30 serves to permit the headed fasteners to be brought into
play. ‘One headed fastener at the right in FIG. 3 is de
functionally and otherwise improve upon similarly con
structed and performing ?oor lamps for example the
adjustable lamp of Johnson disclosed in Patent 2,850,622.
To this end it is believed that the present stand-type ?oor
noted by the numeral 34 and has a head with a screw
driver kerf and a hollow stem portion 36 which is in
ternally screw threaded to provide a socket for the screw
lamp provides several worthwhile improvements. For 35 threaded shank 38 of the headed screw 40. These headed
fasteners are jointed together as shown in FIG. 3 and
example, in carrying out the principles of the present in
passed through the holes in the washers 32 and the aper
tured ends 30. Not only this the arrangement includes
the current conducting wires, the upper end thereof be
a spacing sleeve 42 which is located within the con?nes
ing ?anged to accommodate an arrangement of washers
and the marginal rim portion of a head, said head being 40 of the hollow head 24 as seen in FIG. 3. Attention is
now directed to a hollow bracket arm 44 which is shown
such in construction that it permits a specially constructed
to advantage in ‘FIG. 4. This arm is of hollow tubular
hollow arm to be hingedly or pivotally mounted thereon
form as at 46 and has a laterally bent integral ?ange 48
whereby to thus provide a head which is free to swivel
at one end and a suitably shaped joint member 50 at the
and a head which carries a hinged arm which may be
45 other end which conforms in shape to and encases the
swung from a horizontal to a vertical position.
head 24 and has centrally apertured disk-like ends v52
Further novelty is believed to reside in the construc
which constitute hinging ears. The aforementioned
tion and arrangement of parts so far touched upon and
headed fasteners 34 and 40 pass through the apertures
wherein the bracket arm is a simple tubular member which
in the ears 52 thus providing a rigid and easy-to-assemble
has a ?anged sleeve ?tted telescopically in an outer end
thereof and which itself is ?anged to thus provide a space 50 hinge joint. 'It follows that the bracket arm 44 is hinged
ly mounted on the hollow head 24 and the hollow head
for washers and to utilize this unique construction and
24 is a component part of the over-all head 16, the latter
arrangement as an adjustable mounting for a shade for
being swivelly mounted on the ?anged upper end of the
the light source.
vention a hollow tubular standard serves to accommodate
These together with other objects and advantages which
tubular upright or standard 8.
This arm serves to ac
will become subsequently apparent reside in the details 55 commodate olf and on switch means denoted generally at
of construction and operation as more fully hereinafter
described and claimed, reference being had to the ac
54 in FIG. 2 and which switch is turned off and on by
way of an appropriate ?ngergrip or knob 56. The
adapter 57 comprises a sleeve 58 and is telescopically
?tted into the ?anged end of the hollow bracket arm 46
FIG. 1 is a view in perspective of a stand or ?oor 60 as shown in FIGURE 2. More speci?cally, this collar
or sleeve has a ?ange ‘60 which is opposed to the ?ange
lamp constructed in accordance with the principles of
48 with these two ?anges serving to assemble and hold
the invention and showing in full and dotted lines several
the nylon washers 62 in place and in conjunction with
of the selectively usable positions for the light source or
the apertured end wall ‘64 of the lamp shade 66. The
source of light and shade as a unit.
FIG. 2 is a fragmentary view on a much larger scale 65 lamp shade is thus swivelly attached to the bracket arm
and in practice a smaller auxiliary sleeve 63 is ?tted into
with parts appearing in section and elevation and which
the main sleeve 58 and is held in place by headed
view shows most of the essential features.
screw threaded fasteners 70. The nature of the light
FIG. 3 is a section on the vertical line 3—-3 of FIG. 2
source associated in a construction with or without the
looking in the direction of the arrows.
FIG. 4 is an exploded perspective view wherein most 70 shade may vary. Assuming that a shade is employed
companying drawings forming a part hereof, wherein
like numerals refer to like parts throughout, and in which:
of the essential parts are drawn and presented systemati
it is held in place by the ?anged adapter 57. In FIG. 2
the numeral 72 designates a ?uorescent tube lamp of any
and de?ning a channel, said attaching ?ange being pro
vided with cooperating top‘an'd'bottom friction washers
and said ?ange and washers being con?ned in said chan
suitable construction andwhich may be supported in any
appropriate ' manner. There" may‘ be instances where in
stead of using the semi-hexagonal elongated lamp shade
nel and cooperating therewith in providing a swivel joint
between the head means and‘ standard, the disk-shaped
portion of said head means having a substantially cylin
drical hollow head disposed in a planev above the plane
66, said shade may be omitteduand a tubular holder 74
as shown for example in 'FIG_;_5,jmay be employed.‘ This
holder would be rigged to accommodate ornamental star
shaped or other'novelly shaped lamp bulbs 76‘.
The fact vthat the component parts are, constructed
of the disk-shaped portion and of a length less than the
and assembled in the manner herein shown and described
diameter of‘ the disk-shaped portion, said hollow head
provides a structural adaptation which is indeed worthy 10 having a slot therein and also having end portions pro
vided with axially aligned holes for the accommodation
of approval and endorsement by ‘manufacturers and
of insertable and removable fastening means, a tubular
which, it is‘ believed, will serve the'wishes of retailers
bracket arm‘ having a head-like end portion conform
and, what is more important, the needs of users desiring’
ably enclosing said hollow head and provided with as
alight source, with‘ or without a shade, which is attrac
tive and which is adjustable in av diverse manner to 15 sembling and attaching means cooperating with the end
holes in said head ‘and providing a separable hinge joint
enable one ‘to focus the re?ected rays in whatever path,
which permits the bracket arm to be swung up or down
of direction may be needed for reading while sitting or
in a vertical plane, the outer end- of said bracket arm be
ing open and adapted to accommodate a lamp shade.
2. The structure de?ned in claim 1 and wherein said
and 32 they serve not only as, satisfactory bearings but 20
It has been foundjthat by using nylon washers 12, 14v
outer open‘ end is provided with an outstanding‘ assem
also o?er su?icient resistance to movementto allow the
lamp shade to stayjn any position in which it may be
bling ?ange, an adapter sleeve ?tted removably and tele
scopically'into the hollow outer end portion of said arm
placed‘by hand. The switch shown can be a suitable
and provided at an outer end with an outstanding ?ange,
one-way or three-way switch'construction. A one-way
switch would be used on a ?uorescent tube. A three-way 25 said ?anges being opposed to each other in spaced parallel
relation, a lamp shade having an apertured end wall, said
switch would be used when bulbs such, as are shown are
sleeve passing outwardly through the aperture in the end
employed. It willpbe appreciated that this lamp has
many advantages over ordinary stand-type ?oor lamps
and can be advantageously used for direct or indirect
The foregoing is considered as‘illustrative only' of‘th'e
principles of theginvention. Further, since numerous
modi?cations and changes will readily occur tov those
skilled in the art,it is not desired to limit theinvention'
to the exact construction and: operation shown and‘ de
wal to the ?ange on‘ the interior of the wall, a washer
encircling said sleeve and‘ interposed between the ?ange
and the wall, the ?ange on the open end of said bracket
armfbeing‘ spaced outwardly of said wall and said wall
beingv clamped vbetween the respective ?anges, and acces
sible fastening means cooperable with said sleeve and
outer‘ end portion‘ of said bracket arm and separably con
35 necting the sleeve with the‘ bracket arm.
scribed, and accordingly all suitable modi?cations and‘
equivalents may be resorted to, falling‘ within the scope
References ‘Cited in the ?le of this patent
of the invention as claimed.
What‘is claimed as new is asdfollows:
Schwartz‘; ____________ _._. July 4,’ 1944
Moser _______________ .._ Aug. 31, 1948'
Price _____ __'__'_______ __ Jan. 18, 1949,
Wierk _______________ __ M‘ar.'27, 1956
disposed outstanding attaching‘?ange; head means em
bodying‘ a circular cap haying‘ diskishape'd portion pro 45
Borin _______________ __ May 15, :1956
Johnson; _____________ __ Sept. '2, 1958
vided with: a‘ depending annular marginal ri'm', said‘ rim‘,
having a‘ lower‘ edge" portion‘ ‘formed with“ a turned‘ in
lateral ?ange‘cooperating' with said disk-shapedportion
Minteer- _________ __'_____ Oct. 21, 1958
Schwartz _____________ __ Feb. 16, 1960
1. A lamp construction comprising,‘ a, portable. base;
anhollow standard having‘a‘lowerfendattached to said
base,r_saidstandard' rising perpendicularly from‘ the base
and ‘having an upper end provided with a‘right angularly
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