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May 14, 1963
Filed April 16, 1962
Howard A Tap/m
BY A777. 7/ ’
United States Patent 0 ”
Patented May 14, 1963
its ends set in and suitably secured to the end walls 14.
The under face of the bottom 17 is in the plane of the
Howard A. Taplin, 932 W. Beach Ave., Inglewood, Calif.
Filed Apr. 16, 1962, Ser. No. 187,522
7 Claims. (Cl. 15-371)
lower edges of the several walls 13 and 14, although the
This invention relates generally to vacuum cleaners and
stantial distance longitudinally along the elongated body.
the like, and particularly to nozzles thereof usually used
edges of the walls 13 are preferably grooved as in said
My improved means for loosening lint, hair, threads
and the like are located in the suction head or body 10
preferably at its front or leading edge and extends a sub
on a rigid tubular handle attached to hose extending from 10 Such means comprises at least one row of vertically slid
the suction apparatus.
‘One object of the invention is to provide such a suc
able pins with blunt conical lower ends that normally
project below the bottom face of the head so as to enter
the pile of the carpet, the row being so located in the
head that the stream of air created by the suction ap
will pick up the lint, threads, and hair as they are
or other surfaces being cleaned.
loosened by the pins. When the head has longitudinally
Many vacuum cleaner nozzles are swiveled to the han
extending air inlet slots or openings such as 19, the row
dle and have a suction head that is reciprocated over the
of pins will be in one of such inlets, and preferably ad
carpet, the head having one or more air passages through
jacent the leading edge of the head as above noted. The
which the suction lifts the dirt from the surface being
cleaned. Another object of the invention is to associate 20 pins are preferably cylindrical and made of metal so that
tion nozzle with improved means for causing lint, threads,
hair, etc. to be loosened and removed from the carpet, rug
With at least one of the air inlet passages in the bottom
of the suction head, a row of gravity operated pins free
to slide up and down so that their lower ends are in con
tact with the high and low pile of the carpet, the pins
functioning to loosen threads, lint, etc. so that the latter
will be removed by the suction.
Another object is to so construct and mount the pins
that they will not snag or catch on the carpet ?ber and
they drop by gravity. Their weight is such that their
conical ends will enter both the high and low pile of the
carpet, but since they ?oat and can freely move up and
down, they will yield upwardly to release any ?bers of
the backing of the carpet that they might engage. While
the row may extend the entire length of the head 10,
that is unnecessary due to the reciprocation of the suc
tion head on the carpet and the lateral shifting of the
head as it is moved forwardly and rearwardly. The pins
may have an overall length of about an inch and a di
Another object is to construct and mount the pins so
ameter about a quarter of an inch; and they may be
that they will be self cleaning.
spaced about ?ve-eighths of an inch on centers.
Another object is to provide such loosening means for
The individually movable pins are denoted generally
lint, thread and the like, that may be used on various
by the numeral 25 and they are slidable in a supporting
kinds of suction nozzles commonly used in connection
35 and guiding member 26 that may be mounted in the head
with present day vacuum cleaners.
10 in various ways. As illustrated the pin carrying mem
Another object is to provide such loosening means that
ber 26 is an elongated generally rectangular body or
is simple and relatively inexpensive in construction, highly
block which is set in an opening 27 formed in the top
effective in use and not likely to get out of order and need
wall 15 of the head 10‘v along the front wall ‘13. At each
repairs or replacement.
With the above and other objects and advantages in 40 end of the block or carrier 26 are integral extensions 28
which rest upon the top of the wall 15 and may be fas
view, the invention resides in the novel combination and
tened by screws or other means 29. When the head is
arrangements of parts and the novel features of construc
made of hard plastic material such as phenolic resin, the
tion hereinafter described and claimed, and illustrated in
the accompanying drawings which show the present pre 45 block 26 may be of the same material and the extensions
28 fastened by a suitable cement.
ferred embodiment of the invention.
vThe major part of the block 26 extends into the cham
In the drawings:
ber 12 and its bottom face is spaced above the bottom
cause undue wear or damage.
FIG. 1 is a perspective view of one form of vacuum
face of the head 10. Formed in that portion is a row
FIG. 2 is -a bottom view of the nozzle on an enlarged 50 of cylindrical openings 30 in which the pins 25 are freely
slidable. The lower ends 31 of the pins are cone shaped
cleaner nozzle having the invention applied thereto;
FIG. 3 is a transverse section on line 3-—3 in FIG. 2,
on a further enlarged scale;
FIG. 4 is an enlarged detail longitudinal section on
line 4-44 in FIG. 2, with parts broken away; and
FIG. 5 is a perspective view of one of the pins.
While the invention may be embodied in suction noz
zles of various constructions, I have illustrated it in a
vacuum cleaner nozzle of the type shown in my Patent
and have slightly ?at or rounded extremities 32. At the
tops of the pins are ?at cylindrical enlargements or heads
33 which freely slide in enlarged cylindrical portions 34
at the upper ends of the openings 30. The pins are limited
in their downward movement by the heads 33 engaging
the shoulders formed by enlarging the upper ends of
the guide openings. To retain the pins in the block 26
a narrow stop bar 35 extends across the row of openings
on the flat top of the block and may have its ends cemented
No. 2,934,780, May 3, 1960. Nozzles of this type usually 60 to the latter or otherwise suitably fastened as by screws
have a rather ?at and generally rectangular shaped suc
36. When the pins are in their lowered positions shown
tion head or body '10 at the center of which is a tubular
in FIG. 4, their cone shaped ends 31 project below the
handle section '11. The latter has a swiveled connection
to the body and is usually connected to the tubular han
dle (not shown) at the end of the suction hose. As in
said patent, the body 1-0 is recessed to provide a chamber
bottom face of the nozzle head or body 10 so as to engage
and enter the pile of the carpet. The cone shaped ends
31 of the pins will cause them to move upwardly if they
meet with su?icient resistance; and the length of the pins
12, depending front and rear walls ‘13, depending end
and their guide openings are such that the ends 31 will
walls 14 and a top wall 15. The hollow handle section
move substantially within the openings 30 before the
11 is mounted on the top wall for swinging movement
heads 33 engage the stop bar 35. Hence the pins are
and communicates with the chamber 12. Air inlet pas 70
self cleaning.
sages 19‘ for the chamber are formed along the walls 13
Since the pin carrying member 26 is disposed against
by a flat rectangular shaped bottom plate ‘17 which has
the front wall 13 of the nozzle, the front edge of the bot
tom plate 17 is formed with a notch or cutaway portion
(c) the cone-shaped ends of said pins being movable
37, as shown in FIG. 2, to receive that member. The
notch. 37 is deeper than the width. of the member 26 to
provide an air inlet space‘ 38‘ which formsa part of the
air inlet at the front portion of the nozzle“. In short, the
front air inlet 19 has a rearwarclly offset portion 38 along
the member 26. It may also be noted that only the cone
shaped ends of the pins are exposed and threads and
hair will not cling to them; and they will not snag or 10
catch on ?bers in the carpet.
‘From the foregoing, taken in connection with the ac
companying drawings, it will be seen that novel and
advantageous provision has been made for carrying out
the objects of the invention, and while preferences have 15
been disclosed, attention is invited to the possibility of
making variations within the scope of the invention as
I claim:
1. A vacuum cleaner nozzle having means for loosen
4. The combination of claim 3 in which
(a) said guide openings for the pins have enlarged
upper ends forming shoulders therein,
(b) said pins have at their upper ends enlarged heads
to engage said shoulders to limit the downward slid
ing movement of said pins.
5. The combination of claim 4 in which
(a) said mounting member for the pins has a ?at top
face through which said guide openings open, and
(17)" ‘a stop bar mounted on the top of said member and
extending across the tops of said openings to retain
said pins in said openings.
6. The combination of claim 5 in which
(a) said suction head has a ?at top portion with a
vertical opening in which said mounting member is
disposed, and
(b) endwise projecting extensions on said member rest
ing on said ?at top portion of the head and se
cured to the latter to mount said member in the head.
ing- lint, threads and the like comprising, in combination,
(a) an elongated suction head having a chamber there'
in for engaging the surface to be cleaned,
(17') air inlet means opening into the chamber of said
head through its bottom surface, and
substantially within said guide openings in the ex~
treme upward movementof said pins.
7. In a vacuum cleaner nozzle, the. combination of
(a) an elongated body having a suction chamber with
air inlet means in its bottom, the‘ latter being en'
gageable with and movable over the carpet or the
loosening means comprising
(d) a plurality of individually movable upright pins 30
spaced from each other in the direction of the length
of the head,
(e) means for mounting said pins for limited vertical
sliding movement whereby they are individually
(b) means in said body and associated with said air
(c) loosening means for lint, threads and the like ar
ranged in said head in the path of the air sucked
into said head through said air inlet means; said
gravity actuated in a downward direction, and
(f) the lower ends of said pins projecting below the
bottom face of said head when the pins are in their
lowermost positions.
2. The. combination of claim 1 in which said‘ pins have
(a) cone-shaped lower ends to engage and enter the 40
pile of the carpet or the like being cleaned.
3. The combination of claim 2 in which said'mounting
means for the pins comprises
(a) an elongated mounting member with a plurality of
guide openings in which said pins are slidable,
(b) said member having a bottom face disposed slight
1y above the bottom face of said head, and
like to be cleaned, and
inlet means to loosen lint, threads or the like, said
loosening means comprising
(0) at least one row of upright elements mounted for
substantially vertical movement independent of each
other and gravity actuated in a downward‘ direction,
(d) said row extending in the direction of the length
of said body, and
(e) said pins having their lower ends normally pro
jecting below the bottom of said body to enter the
pile of the carpet or the like being‘ cleaned.
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