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May 14, 1963
Filed April 24. 1961
United States Patent 0 ice
mal position engaging shoulder 14 of block 5. Button
Maurice Philippe, 39 Rue Hoche,
Courbevoie (Seine), France
Filed Apr. 24, 1961, Ser. No. 104,908
Claims priority, application France May 12, 1960
5 Claims. (Cl. 42-—79)
Patented May 14, 1963
The present invention relates to apparatus for locking
chokes on shotguns.
It is well known that adjustable choke devices provide
rapid pattern changes for shotguns providing different
concentrations of the shot for proper utilization of the
shotgun under di?ering conditions.
It is the object of the present invention to provide novel
apparatus for easy replacement of a choke tube or choke
12 may have a transverse rectangular section provided
on its lateral faces with grooves mounted in slide way
11. The rectangular lateral faces of button 12 include
portions or shoulders 15 which engage, in their normal
position 'as seen in FIG. 3, in notches 16 let into the
outer surface of collar 4.
The angular position of notches 16 is identical on
all of the choke tubes for use with the shotgun and is
10 so arranged that angular locking of the choke tube by
button 12 is obtained when the cut away portion 8 is
disposed away from ?nger 7 and preferably located sym
metrically with respect to the axis of the shotgun.
To remove a choke tube, ‘button 12 is pushed to the
15 rear by manual engagement of a milled surface on the
exterior face of the button to disengage portions 15 from
notches 16. The choke tube is then turned in one di
of the choke tube or tubes to the barrel of the shotgun.
rection or the other to bring cut away portion 8 into
The present invention is useful with double-barreled
coincidence with ?nger 7 and the choke tube is then
shotguns, either opposed or over and under, and can also 20 withdrawn from the barrel. Another choke tube can
be used with a single-barreled, single loading or auto
then be inserted in the barrel by again pushing button
tubes .while providing absolute axial and angular locking
matic shotgun.
In the accompanying drawings, two embodiments of
'12 to the rear, inserting the tube so that cut away por
is not cut away at 8 is then rotated behind ?nger 7 thus
rel, a choke tube for each barrel, a recess in the muzzle
tion 8 passes around ?nger 7 and then turning the tube
the present concept are shown on large scale to illustrate
until portion 15 of button 12 engages notch 16.
the present concept, These illustrative embodiments 25
Angular, movement of the choke tube is therefore pre
should not be construedv as de?ning or limiting the in- '
vented. The choke is absolutely secure against all acci
dental movement of the choke tube in rotation, such ac
In the accompanying drawings, in which like reference
cidental rotation being common in adjustable chokes em
’ characters indicate like parts, FIG. 1 is a‘ muzzle end
ploying helicoidal threads to obtain adjustment.
view of an embodiment of locking apparatus of the pres
In the embodiment of the present concept as shown
ent invention as applied to a conventional double-bar
in FIGS. 4 and 5 the locking structure for preventing
reled shotgun;
angular rotation of the choke tube includes a spring 17
FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of the embodiment
mounted for rotation around pin 18, pin 18 being mount
of FIG. 1 on the line II-II of FIG. 3;
ed in ‘block 5. Spring 17 includes a turned portion 19
FIG. 3 is a side view, partly in section, of the embodi 35 designed to snap into groove 20 formed in the face of
ment of FIG. 1 on the line I-lI-—III of FIG. 2;
block 5. Spring 17 has two wings 21 engaging in notches
FIG. 4 is an end view, partly in section, of another
16 of collars 4 of the choke tubes when spring 17 is in
embodiment of the_present invention on the line IV-IV
the position shown in FIGS. 4 and 5.
of FIG. 5;
To replace a choke tube in the embodiment of FIGS.
FIG. 5 is a longitudinal view of the embodiment of
4 and 5, spring 17 is turned in a counterclockwise di
FIG. 4 on the line V—-V thereof; and
rection as seen in FIG. 5 to disengage the wings from
FIG. 6 is .an end view of the embodiment of FIG. 4 , notches 16 and the choke tube is then rotated, as above,
mounted on the barrel of a single-barreled shotgun.
to bring cut away portion 8 thereof opposite ?nger 7 and
Referring now more particularly to FIGS. 1-3, and
the choke tube can then be lifted from the barrel. Any
more speci?cally to FIG. 3, a choke tube 1 of trun 45 desired choke tube can be locked in the barrel by revers
cated conical shape is provided with an ‘interior bore 2
ing the steps just described.
and is centered in a cylindrical recess let into the end
The embodiment of FIGS. 4 and 5 is easily applied
of barrel 3. Bore 2 of tube 1 converges toward the muz
to a single-barreled shotgun as is shown in FIG. 6. In
zle of the gun to provide the desired amount of choke.
this embodiment, each choke tube has two spaced notches
Tube 1 is provided with a collar 4 having ‘an exterior di
l6 symmetrically disposed with respect to the other and
ameter substantially equal to the exterior diameter of the
block 5, mounting spring 17, is arranged in the axis of
and is secured beneath the barrel.
A block 5 is secured between the two barrels 3 ad
It should now be apparent that the present invention
jacent their muzzles and has surfaces 6 concentric with
in every way satis?es the objective discussed above.
each of the two barrels 3. Each surface 6 includes re 55
Changes in or modi?cations to the above-described il
taining ?nger 7 of slightly larger radius than that of
lustrative embodiments of the present concept may now
collar 4.
be suggested to those skilled in the art without depart
The outer circumference of collar 4 of each of the
ing from the present invention. Reference should there?
choke tubes is cut away at 8 (FIG. 2). Cut away por
.fore be had to the appended claims to determine the
tion 8 is slightly larger in angular length than each of 60 scope of this invention.
?ngers 7. Cut away part 8 permits the choke tube to
What is claimed is:
be placed in the barrel to its fully seated position. The
1. Apparatus for locking a choke tube axially and
choke tube is then rotated and that part of collar 4 which
angularly in a shotgun barrel including at least one bar
providing axial locking of the choke tube in position in 65 of said barrel receiving said choke tube, a collar on the
the barrel.
Angular locking of the choke tube is provided, as seen
in FIGS. 1, 2 and 3, by a disengageable locking element‘
muzzle end of said choke tube, a retaining ?nger secured
to said barrel, means for engaging said collar with said
retaining ?nger by rotation of said collar comprising a cut
or piece 10 secured to block 5 by screw 9. Piece 10 has
away portion in said collar for movement over said ?nger,
branches 11 forming a slide way for a movable button 70 and means for locking said collar against angular rotation
12 movable against the action of spring 13 and in nor
including a disengageable element mounted on said ‘barrel
for movement into and out of locking engagement with
said collar.
tube, a retaining ?nger mounted on said barrels in their
axis of symmetry, means for engaging each of said col
2. Apparatus as described in claim 1, said ?nger being
lars with said retaining ?nger by rotation of each of said
secured beneath said barrel, and said means for locking
collars comprising a cut away portion in each of said
said choke tube against angular rotation including two 5 collars for movement over said ?nger and means for
spaced shoulders engaging two notches let into said col
locking each of said collars against angular rotation in
lar of said choke tube.
cluding a disengageable element mounted on said bar
3. Apparatus as described in claim 1 including resilient
rels for movement into and out of locking engagement
means for holding said element in locking position against
with each of said collars and two shouders on said ele
sliding movement parallel to the axis of the shotgun. 10 ment, one shoulder for each of said collars, each collar
4. Apparatus as described in claim 1 in which said
having a notch, each notch being engaged by one of said
element includes a spring mounted for rotation beneath
the ‘barrel of the shotgun.
5. Apparatus for locking choke tubes axially and angu
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
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of barrels, a recess in the muzzle of each of said bar
Rhinehart ____________ __ May 15, 1923
rels receiving the choke tube, a choke tube on each of
said barrels, a collar on the muzzle end of said choke
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