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May 14, 1963
Filed July 19, 1960
/aro5/o' 2/- 70‘ uoreZ
United States Patent 0 "ice
Patented May 14., 1963
provided beginning from the ankle portion 3 of the stock
ing, said bell-shaped enlargement being produced by alter
Jaroslav Javorek, Trebic, Czechoslovakia, assignor to
ing the stitch density. The enlargement corresponds to
above mentioned disadvantages.
pensed with.
or by an alteration in the stitch density as is well known
methods the shaping of the heel is achieved by forcibly
the required size of the sole. A reinforcement 4 of the
sole is effected either by feeding an additional thread or by
exchanging the original thread for a stronger one as the
courses of the sole are produced. The number of rein
forced courses in the sole can be chosen according to the
height of the reinforced sole. The knitting process is
This invention relates to a method for the production 10 terminated in a known way by backing off the fabric from
the knitting needles of the machines.
of hosiery from a knitted tubular fabric.
At its lower end the hose is closed by joining, prefer
The production of ladies seamless stockings on circular
ably sewing, the knitted fabric along the full length of
knitting machines is well known. The automatically pro
the longitudinal axis of the sole, that is, transversely of the
duced knitted fabric shows a heel and a toe, both of which
are formed during the reciprocating movement of the ma 15 axis of the tube. The joining seam, shown in the draw
ing as a curved dotted line 5, follows the shape of the
chine by narrowing i.e. by continuous lifting of predeter
sole, and curves upward toward the leg 2 to form a heel
mined knitting needles from their operative into inoper
pocket. The portion of the seam following the shape of
ative positions, as well as by subsequent lowering of said
the sole is referred to as the major portion, while the up
knitting needles from their inoperative to their operative
20 wardly directed seam portion is referred to as the minor
portion. If required, however, the joining seam may fol~
A partially plastic form of the heel and toe portions
low the last course 6 of the fabric. The pieces outside
is attained in this way. The reinforcement of the sole is
joining seam are cut off during the sewing operation.
effected with the aid of a special device, which, in the
The ?nal shaping of the stocking is effected by heat-treat
majority of cases, is of an intricate design, rather liable
to failures in operation, the reinforcing threads in each 25 ment on a stocking board. The shape of the ?nished stock
ing is shown in the drawing by fully drawn lines.
course of the sole being automatically cut and sucked oil
Threads or yarns of thermoplastic material are used
at two points, with the result that loose thread ends pro
with advantage for the manufacture of stocking either for
trude from the interior of the knitwear.
the whole fabric or for certain parts only, in particular for
According to another known method the seamless stock
the bell-shaped enlargement at the lower hose end.
ing is knitted likewise in the shape of a hose, whose lower
The method for the manufacture of hosiery according
end is for the purpose of producing the toe, sewn together
to the invention is advantageous mainly as it does not re
in the vicinity of the toe only, while the shaping of the
quire any special mechanical appliances, such as a rein
heel, knitted during the circular motion of the machine,
forcing device of intricate construction, which is often a
is effected by stretching the heel portion on a stocking
board, which, by subsequent ?xation lends to the boarded 35 source of failures in operation. The apparatus for cutting
off both ends of the reinforcing thread in every course, as
hose the ?nal and permanent shape of a stocking.
as the respective exhausting installation are also dis
It is a primary object of the invention to eliminate the
Sdruzeni podniku textilniho strojirenstvi, Chrastava,
Filed July 19, 1960, Ser. No. 43307
Claims priority, application Czechoslovakia July 23, 1959
3 Claims. (Cl. 66-—185)
It is a further advantage of the new method that by
According to the main feature of the invention the dos
40 stretching the lower hose end near the toe on the stocking
ing of the hose at its lower axial end for the purpose of
board the stitches of the stocking instep are stretched at
forming the sole is effected by connecting the hose, prefer
the same time, with the result that the formation of in
ably by sewing, along the full length of the longitudinal
convenient and ugly creases on the instep is avoided, when
axis of the sole. It is preferable to provide the lower
the stocking is being Worn. The heel of the stocking ac
hose end with a bell-shaped ?aring enlargement corre
sponding to the required size of the sole, said enlargement 45 cording to the invention remains, however, in unstretched
condition, whereas according to the heretofore known
being produced by an alteration in the stitch construction
stretching the heel portion on a stocking board, which
leads to premature wear and tear of the heel portion when
the socking is in use.
According to a further feature of the invention the 50
‘I claim:
knitting process is carried out in such a manner that the
1. In a method of making a knitted stocking, in combi
and has been disclosed, for example, in United States
Patents Nos. 1,569,632 and 2,474,894.
courses of the lower hose end or of the bell-shaped en
largement, which can be reinforced, if required, are ar
ranged so as to follow the periphery of the sole.
nation, knitting an axially elongated tube of fabric having
a leg portion and a terminal portion ?aring in a direction
away from said leg portion, said fabric being constituted
In order that the invention may be clearly understood 55 by a plurality of longitudinally consecutive transverse
and readily carried into e?ect, the same will now be de
courses of stitches; sewing a seam through said terminal
portion to axially close said tube, said seam having a
scribed with reference to and with the aid of the accom
panying drawing showing a diagrammatic representation
of the stocking and the method of its production.
The stocking according to the invention is knitted on a
circular knitting machine in the shape of a tube, as out
major portion extending substantially coursewise of said
60 fabric, and a minor portion of said seam extending from
said major portion toward said leg portion and de?ning
a heel pocket in said terminal portion; and transversely
stretching said terminal portion to form a toe portion
lined in broken lines in the drawing, a top 1 being pro
therein opposite said heel pocket while substantially main
duced ?rst, and thereupon the leg 2, in a known way.
According to the invention a bell-shaped enlargement is 65 taining the shape of said heel pocket.
2. A method as claimed in claim 1, wherein the ter
minal portion of the fabric is reinforced.
3. A method as claimed in claim 1, wherein the ?aring
of said terminal portion is produced by altering the stitch
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References Cited in the ?le of this patent
Reed _______________ __ May 11, 1948
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