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May 14’ 1963
Filed June 9, 1961
‘FIG. 1.
FIG. 2.
FIG. 35.
FIG. 4.
B" W 4
United States Patent O?ice
Patented May 14, 1963
are both molded from plastic and are of such a thick
ness that the lip 3 and the skirt 9 may be ?exed slightly
by hand pressure.
Frank A. Buonauro, 1219 Summit Ave., Union City, NJ.
Filed June 9, 1961, Ser. No. 116,068
After the body portion A has been ?lled with a co
mestible and it is desired to use the member B is a lid,
it is merely necessary to move the same downwardly from
the position shown in FIGURE 2 so that the ribs 10 on
skirt 9 snap over the edge 4 of lip 3 and by continued
2 Claims. (Cl. 215-995)
This invention relates to a two-part convertible con
tainer for comestibles and has as its primary object to
provide means whereby the container may serve a dual
purpose as a storage vessel and also as an attractive serv
ing vessel, the conversion being accomplished by provid
ing a removable base member which may be used for
its normal function as a support and may also be used
as a cover or lid to seal the contents of the container for
storage or shipping purposes.
Another object is to provide a convertible container
which may be ?lled with a comestible such as parfait,
ice cream, frozen custard, and similar desserts at the
point of production, the product then being frozen and
shipped to distributors for storage until the container is 20
sold to consumer who may then serve the contents from
an attractive container which can be re-used as desired.
Another object of the invention is to provide the base
downward pressure the edge 4 will wedge in the ?llet
by chance, the member B was struck while in its seated
position, it might become dislodged to the point where
it would be slightly canted; however, the ribs 10 on that
side of the skirt which is at the higher level will engage
the edge 4 and resist complete removal of the cap. This
means to resist accidental removal of the cap is impor
tant to prevent possible loss or deterioration of the con
tents of the container due to rough handling in pack
ing or shipping a plurality of the containers.
10 area 11 of the base and form a frictionally tight ?t.
When it is desired to consume the contents of the con
tainer, the member B may ‘be easily removed by pulling
upwardly thereon, and at the same time, slightly squeez
ing the lip 3. When this has been accomplished, the
member B is used as a supporting base by pushing the
member with means to resist accidental removal thereof
25 stud ‘8 into the socket 2 which, due to the complementary
when it is used as a cover member.
Another object of the invention is to provide a con
taper of each of the latter members, forms a substantial
tainer of the type referred to which may be easily and
economically molded from a plastic material such as
With the foregoing and other objects in view, which
will more readily appear as the nature of the invention is
better understood, the invention consists in the novel con
ly tight friction ?t. After the contents of the container
have been consumed, it may be reused as often as desired.
As previously mentioned, the container may take a
variety of shapes as well as surface ornamentation and
with certain types of comestibles it may serve as a mold.
For this purpose, the contents may be readily deposited
upon a serving dish by inverting the container and tap
ping the bottom 1 thereof. The outwardly ?ared lip 3
inafter more fully described, illustrated and claimed.
A preferred and practical embodiment of the invention 35 facilitates the use of the container for this purpose.
is shown in the accompanying drawings, in which:
While the invention has been described with respect
FIGURE 1 is a front elevation showing the container
to the presently preferred embodiment which has been
found entirely satisfactory, it will be understood by those
assembled for use as a serving vessel.
FIGURE 2 is an exploded front elevation showing
skilled in the art after understanding the invention, that
the base member removed from the bottom of the con
various changes and modi?cations may be made without
tainer and in position to be placed over the open top of
departing from the scope of the appended claims.
the container to serve as a cover.
I claim:
struction, combination and arrangement of parts, here
FIGURE 3 is a section taken on the line 3-3 of FIG
1. A container of semi-rigid material ‘for use in stor
URE 2 with the upper portion of the container body 45 ing and serving comestibles comprising in combination,
a body portion having closed bottom and an open top
shown in dotted lines.
and a container converging side wall therebetween, the
FIGURE 4 is a bottom view of the base member.
diameter of said top being greater than the diameter of
Referring to the drawings in detail, A designates the
said bottom, said top having a ?ared chamfered lip, a
body portion of the container and B the dual purpose
base member. The body A may be manufactured in 50 boss depending ‘from said bottom and having a tapered
bore, a dome-shaped convertible base and cover member
various shapes such as square, rectangular or triangular;
having a top wall, an annular skirt extending downward
however, for purposes of illustration the body shown in
ly therefrom, and providing a ?llet area between the top
the drawings is generally circular in cross-section and
wall and the skirt to receive the chamfered lip of said
has a closed bottom 1 having a tapered socket 2 depend
member when the latter is used as a cover, a plurality of
ing therefrom. The top of the container is ?ared out
aligned spaced ribs along the inner surface of the bottom
wardly to form a lip 3 provided with a chamfered edge 4.
edge of said skirt to provide snap ?t means to resist ac
The member B is hollow and has a top wall 5, sloping
upwardly to dome 6 having an abutment shoulder 7 sur
cidental removal of said member when used as a cover,
An annular skirt 9 depends 60 and
from the wall 5 and has formed on the inner surface
thereof a plurality of spaced ribs 10. At the point where
the skirt 9 merges with the top wall 5 there is formed
rounding a tapered stud 8.
a ?llet area 11.
The body portion A and member B of the container
a tapered stud extending outwardly from said top
and adapted to frictionally ?t within the bore of said
when said member is used as a base.
A container for use in storing and serving comes
tibles comprising, in combination, a body portion having
an open top and a closed bottom with an inwardly con
verging continuous side wall, said top having an outwardly
?ared lip provided with a chamfered edge, a boss depend
member from the body portion of the container when
ing from said bottom and having a socket therein, a com
bined base and cover member having only a top wall and
an annular skirt extending downwardly therefrom, a stud 5
extending outwardly from the top wall of said member
and removably ?tted in said socket when said member is
used as a ‘base for serving the contents of the container,
a plurality of aligned spaced ribs on the inner face of
said skirt, said ribs adapted to snap over the chamfered 10
edge of said lip and resist accidental removal of said
used as a cover therefor.
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