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May 14, 1963
_|_ M, CRQM
Filed Sept. 9, 1960
5 Sheets-Sheet 1
FIG. 2
May 14, 1963
_|_ M_ CROM
Filed Sept. 9, 1960
3 Sheets-Sheet 2
FIG. 3
May 14, 1963
Filed Sept. 9, 1960
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United States
Patented May 14,1963
John M. Crom, Princess Issena, Daytona Beach, Fla.
Filed Sept. 9, 1960, Ser. No. 54,927 .
7 Claims. (Cl. 242--7)
This invention relates to the circumferential banding
of the upright and continuous wall portion of large tanks
with reinforcement of wire or the like under predeter
in my Patent 2,858,084. A wire guiding sheave 68 is
supported by a cable 70' hung from a hand winch 72, and
means 18 attached to and extending rearwardly from the
sheave block 74 provides a towing connection to my
novel wire spacing trailer mechanism 20. The tractor
is connected to the carriage 60 by a cable 76 and to the
sheave block by ‘a cable 78, whereby the carriage and
block are trailed from the tractor. The wire being
trailed onto the tank from the tractor passes through
mined tension and wrapped helically about the tank 10 a reducing die 26 which places a predetermined tension
on the wire which passes therefrom rearwardly over
wall, thus placing ‘and holding the wall under substan
tial compression. The banding thus applied comprises a ' the sheave 68 and to the trailer mechanism 20.
The wire spacing mechanism 20 as illustrated in the
succession of convolutions of the wire on ‘and in spaced
drawing comprises a frame 28 pivotally connected to the
relation about the cylindrical wall and the uniform spac
ing of these convolutions on the wall is of considerable 15 arm_18 at 30 and having a Uashaped free end. A shaft
'32 is supported at its ends in this end portion of the
importance. Otherwise two or more adjacent convolu
frame :and is secured thereto as by pins 34. Two rollers
tions will frequently contact each other and form 1a
36 and 38 are mounted to rotate on bearings 40‘ on the
cavity or cavities behind the wires which cannot be
cylindrical ends of the shaft inside of the opposing arms
reached with the Gun-ite spray that is employed to cover
the wires and such cavities form channels under the 20 42 of the frame 28. The roller 36 is in ?xed position
axially of the shaft 32 and is grooved circumferentially
wires and carry water which may enter through, ?aw-s or
at 44 to receive the wire thereinto, this roller thus being
leaks in the ,wall. , Such ?ow of water in the channels
adapted to ride on and be guided by a previously placed
?nds exit through shrinkage cracks in the cover coatings
wire convolution as illustrated in FIGS. 2 and 3. vThe
and the entrance of air together with the water will eventu
ally rust and destroy the wires. Such defects cause leak 25 roller 38 is also in ?xed position axially of the shaft and
is adapted to ride on the tank wall 12 and cooperate
age and require very di?icult and expensive repairs. Uni- _
with the roller 36 in supporting the shaft and frame
form spacing of the wires by my invention permits of
no such channels and eliminates these destructive, trouble
The portion of the shaft 32 between the rollers 36
some and expensive defects. _
In mechanism heretofore employed the spacing of the 30 and 38 is threaded and a nut member 46 is in threaded
engagement therewith. One end of this member is of
convolutions is commonly eifected by manually lifting or
reduced diameter and rotatably supports on a bearing
lowering the banding mechanism‘as described in my Patent
48 thereon a roller 50 circumferentially grooved-at 52
2,370,780which alsodis closes mechanism for automatically
to receive the wire 24-. A lock nut 54 is also threaded
thus continuously lifting or lowering the banding vehicle.
It will be apparent that such manual adustment does not 35 to the shaft for engaging the member and securing it
in rotary adjusted position on the shaft. The member
50 is adjusted to space the grooves 44 and 52 .a distance
provide uniformly spaced convolutions and that the auto
matic mechanism disclosed in said patent is complex and
expensive. The primary object of my present invention
resides in the production of a relatively simple and in
expensive mechanism for automatically performing this 40
wire spacing function with perfect ‘accuracy and at minor
These and other features of the invention will be best
corresponding to the wire convolution spacing desired and
the member is then secured in such position by the lock
out 54.
The operation of the wire spacing mechanism herein
described is believed apparent. The ?rst convolution
of wire is placed ‘by anchoring the end of the wire 24
to the wall 12 and trailing the wire onto the Wall as
understood and appreciated from the following descrip
tion of a preferred embodiment thereof selected for pur 45 the tractor travels therearound. The roller 36 is then
placed on this or a succeeding convolution and the trail
poses of illustration and shown in the accompanying draw
ings in which:
FIG. 1 is a fragmentary side elevation of a tank band
ing mechanism embodying my invention,
ing portion of the wire rearwardly of the tractor is
placed in the groove 52 over the roller 50, the parts
being so disposed that the wire is slightly bent inwardly
FIG. 2 is an enlarged elevation of the wire spacing 50 as it passes over the roller 50 (FIG. 1). As the trac
tor moves forwardly in the direction of the arrow (FIG.
mechanism shown in FIG. 1,
1) the roller 36 follows and is guided by the previously
FIG. 3 is a further enlarged view taken on line 3—3 of
placed convolution, and the wire is trailed from the reel
FIG. 2, and
22 through the tensioning die 26, over the roller 50 and
FIG. 4 is a plan view taken on line 4-4 of FIG. 1.
55 onto the wall '12. The angular de?ection of the ten
In the drawings 10 indicates a cementitious tank hav
sioned wire over the roller 50' automatically maintains
ing a cylindrical wall 12 which is required to be placed
the rollers 36 and 38 in rolling contact with the wall
under preloaded compression by banding as above de
and the roller 50 automatically guides and places the
scribed. In -a preferred form of my invention as illus
new convolution the required spaced distance from the
trated in the drawings, the banding is performed con~
previous convolution. This automatic and accurate spac
veniently and economically by a tractor 14 resting on the
ing of the trailing wire onto the wall continues through
ground outside the tank wall and adapted to be traveled
out the winding operation with the result that all con
around the tank, a castor roll 16 being provided for
volutions are accurately spaced in accordance with the
keeping the tractor spaced from the wall. The tractor
adjusted position of the member 46 and its wire guiding
carries a reel 22 of wire 24 which is trailed therefrom
roller 50.
and handed uniformly onto the tank by mechanism com
It will be understood that I have herein illustrated a
prising my invention is the tractor travels around the
preferred embodiment of my invention and that various
modi?cations thereof within the scope of the appended
A carriage 60 is supported on wheels 62 riding on the
claims are apparent.
top surface of the wall 12, the carriage being supported 70
against later-a1 displacement by wheels 64 and 66 engag
ing the outside and inside surfaces of the wall, as shown
What I claim as new and desire to secure *by Letters
Patent is:
.1. Apparatus for handing the upright and continuous
wall of a tank circumferentially with a continuous wire,
comprising a power driven vehicle disposed to travel
about and trail said wire therefrom and into contact
with said wall and including means for supporting the
a previously placed convolution of the wire, and a third
roller annularly grooved at its periphery and disposed
trailed wire at a predetermined elevation adjacent to
to rotate freely on the frame when said axially spaced
rollers are in said rolling contact with said wall, said
wire trailed from and by the machine extending into and
but spaced from the wall, means connected to and mov
able with the vehicle for placing the trailed wire under
through the groove of said third roller at the outer side
of its axis, and means carried by the machine for main
taining the trailed wire under predetermined tension and
in lateral pressure contact with ‘the third roller in said
wardly of the wire tensioning means and including a cir 10 groove, said lateral pressure contact maintaining the frame
in rolling contact with the wall and said third roller guid
cumferentially grooved roller disposed to ride on a pre
ing the wire onto said wall in predetermined spaced
viously placed convolution of said wire and a member
predetermined tension, and wire guiding and spacing
means connected to and trailing from the vehicle rear
relation from said previously placed convolution.
connected to and in predetermined spaced relation axially
4. The combination de?ned in claim 3 in which said
from the roller and having a channel therein for receiving
said trailed wire thereinto and guiding it onto said wall 15 third roller is disposed between said two axially spaced
in said predetermined spaced relation from said pre
viously placed convolution.
5. The combination de?ned in claim 4 plus a shaft
supported in the frame and rotatably supporting all of
2. The apparatus de?ned in claim 1 plus a second
roller spaced axially from the ?rst named roller and dis
said rollers thereon.
posed to ride on said wall and cooperate with the ?rst 20
6. The combination de?ned in claim 5 plus means
comprising a member disposed coaxially on and in thread
named roller to support said member in spaced relation
from said wall, said wire receiving channel being dis
ed engagement with the shaft for effecting a relative axial
posed at the outer side of said member relative to the
adjustment of the annularly grooved rollers, said third
wall whereby inward de?ection of the tensioned wire
roller being rotatably mounted on the member coaxially
against the member in the channel maintains the rollers 25 of the shaft.
in pressure riding contact with the wall.
7. The combination de?ned in claim 3 in which said
3. A wire spacing trailer connected to and trailed from
third roller is disposed coaxially of and is of less di
a mobile wire banding machine and disposed to space , ameter than said two rollers.
a wire trailed from and by the machine into uniformly
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
spaced convolutions on and about the vertical cylin 30
drical wall of a relatively large stationary tank, said
trailer comprising in combination, a frame, two axially
spaced rollers rotatably supported on the frame and sup
porting the frame in rolling contact on said wall, one of
said rollers being annularly grooved at its periphery for
receiving said wire thereinto and riding at its groove on
Crom _______________ __ Mar. 6, 1945
Great Britain _________ ..- Apr. 19, 1938
France ______________ -_ Sept. 30, 1953
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