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May 14, 1963
Filed April 14, 1960
United States Patent 0
Patented May 14, 1963
Thomas Dawley Fentress, Jr., Eatontown, N.J., William
concentric corrugations 12. The diaphragm 11 carries
a grid 13 which is concentric with the grid 10.
Cooperatively associated with the cavity resonator, are
Gerald Shepherd, St. Paul, Minn., and Gunther Ernest
Wurthmann, Red Bank, N.J., assignors to The Bendix
Corporation, a corporation of Delaware
Filed Apr. 14, 1960, Ser. No. 22,235
3 Claims. (Cl. 315-523)
an electron gun 14 and a repeller electrode 15 to con
stitute a re?ex oscillator therewith. The electron gun
14 includes a cathode 16 and focusing electrode 17. The
gun 14 is secured to the block 3 by means of an insulating
ring 18 and ?anged cylinder 19. An accelerating grid
20 may be provided between the cathode 14 and grid 10.
The present invention relates to electron discharge de
The plate 3 has an axially extending ?ange 21 which
vices and more particularly to re?ex oscillators of the
supports a tuner focusing electrode 22 on an insulating
cavity resonator type.
washer 23. A top plate 24 is also supported by the
In re?ex oscillators of the klystron type, due to op
3 and clamps the electrode 22, washer 23 and in
eration at very high frequencies, the dimensions of the
sulating member 25 therebetween. The top plate 21 may
critical components are of necessity small in physical size. 15 have a plurality of ‘openings 26 to aid in the evacuation
Further, as the frequency is raised, the components be
of the device. The repeller electrode 15 extends through
come smaller in size. If an attempt is made to ther
an opening 27 in the top plate 24 and is supported therein
mally tune a re?ex klystron at very high frequencies by
by an insulating collar 28, insulating washer 29, spacer
means of a conventional diode type tuner, the small size
30 and nut 31. A repeller electrode shield 32 is secured
of the resonant cavity so limits the size of the tuning 20 by the collar 28 and spacer 30.
diaphragm that it is di?icult to achieve the compliance
A ring-like cathode 33 is positioned in the space be
and movement required to cover the desired ‘frequency
tween the tuner ‘focusing electrode 22 and repeller elec
range without making the diaphragm extremely thin and
trode shield by metal tabs 34. The cathode 33 is of
the conventional type and includes a heater 35. A dia
The present invention provides a novel thermally tuned 25 phragm 36, which serves as the anode for the tuner diode,
device in which two diaphragms or ?exible members are
is supported at the outer edge on a step 37 on the plate
utilized. One of the diaphragrns is relatively large in
3 and has an opening 38 therein concentric with the
diameter and is located outside of the resonant cavity.
grid 13. The diaphragm 36 is connected to the diaphragm
It is an object of the present invention to provide an
11 by a ring 39 to which the two diaphragms are brazed.
improved electron discharge device.
30 The diaphragm 36 is of a stubstantially larger diameter
Another object of the invention is to provide an im
than the diaphragm 11 and by virtue of its size it pos
proved re?ex oscillator.
sesses the necessary compliance to yield the desired mo
Another object of the invention is to provide an im
tion, using thermal means, without being so fragile as
proved =klystron.
to move by mechanical environments. The diaphragm
Another object of the invention is to provide an im 35 36 is of a material having good thermal expansion char
proved thermally tuned klystron.
acteristics together with good creep strength, for exam
Another object of the invention is to provide novel
ple, a stainless steel known as Carpenter 347.
means for thermally tuning a re?ex oscillator of the cavity
In operation, the diaphragm 36 serves as the anode
resonator type.
of a diode tuner and is moved by thermal expansion
Another object of the invention is to provide a novel
caused by heating resulting from the collection of cur
diode tuner for a klystron.
The above and other objects and features of the in
vention will appear more fully hereinafter from a con
rent from the cathode 33.
This motion causes the dia
phragm 36 to move the diaphragm 11 to change the
grid spacing of the resonant cavity with a corresponding
sideration of the following description taken in connec
change in frequency.
tion with the accompanying drawing, wherein one embodi 45
The connections to the various elements in the device
ment of the invention is illustrated by way of example.
have been omitted for simplicity, however, it is under
In the drawing, the single FIGURE is a cutaway sec
stood that they would be made in a conventional manner.
tion of a device embodying the invention.
Although only one embodiment of the invention has
Referring now to the drawing wherein an electron dis
illustrated and described, various changes in the
charge device is indicated generally by the numeral 1, 50 been
form and relative arrangement of the parts, which will
which may, for purposes of illustration, be a klystron of
now appear to those skilled in the art, maybe made with
the re?ex type. The device 1 has an envelope 2 which
out departing from the scope of the invention.
may be of the conventional type and is merely shown
What is claimed is:
by ‘dashed lines. Enclosed in the envelope 2 is a plate
1. A re?ex klystron comprising an envelope enclosing
3 of metal which has a circular opening 4 de?ning a
part of a cavity resonator. A slot or cut-out portion 5
extends from the opening 4 and de?nes a wave-guide ‘out
a resonant cavity, a ?xed grid, a movable grid, a (first dia
A=?ixed to one face of the plate 3 is a circular, me
tallic frame or support 8 having a frusto-conical portion
9 upon which is mounted a grid 10 which may be of
?ne wire. An annular metallic diaphragm 11 is secured
to the other face of the plate 3 and may be provided with 65
means including a cathode for causing a thermal change
phragm for mounting said movable grid in one wall of
cavity, a second diaphragm member concentric with
put section for the device. A choke joint 6 is provided
said ?rst diaphragm and positioned external of said cavity,
to minimize loss of energy propagated through the wave
60 means for connecting said diaphragms together, and
guide 5 and a window 7 mounted in the envelope 2.
in said second diaphragm thereby to tune said cavity.
2. A thermal tuned re?ex klystron comprising a res
onant cavity, a ?xed grid mounted in one wall of said
cavity, a movable grid, means including a ?exible mem
her for mounting said movable grid in the other wall
of said cavity concentric with said ?xed grid, a second
?exible member supported outside of said cavity and of
said second ?exible member is of a material having a
a size substantially larger than said ?rst ?exible mem
ber, means including a ring for connecting said ?exible
members together, and thermal means for heating said
second member to cause movement therein whereby said
movable grid is moved to tune said cavity.
3. The combination as set forth in claim 2 in which
high thermal coe?'icient of expansion.
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