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May 21, 1963
Filed Feb. 1, 1962
& ém
atent 0 " C6
Robert L. Weiss and Earl R. Hunt, Wooster, and Howard
C. Davis, Columbus, Ohio, assignors, by direct and
mesne assignments, to The Wooster Brush Company,
Wooster, ()hio, a corporation of Ohio
Filed Feb. 1, 1962, Ser. No. 170,318
3 Claims. (Cl. 15—193)
Patented May 21, 1963
45 has a pair of downwardly converging apertures or bores
50 disposed one on either side of the detachable gripping
portion 43. These apertures or bores 50 open at both
the top and bottom surfaces of the bristle receiving por
tion 45 and are of substantial diameter whereby a bond
ing compound 51 disposed‘ within the ferrule 42 above
the bristle knot in suf?cient amount rises upwardly into
the obliquely directed apertures. Said bonding compound,
in its solidi?ed or cured state, is provided with a pair of
This invention relates to paint brushes and similar struc
tures and particularly to means for attaching a solid brush
handle to the bristle portion of a brush.
The invention has for its primary object the provision
of a device :of the aforesaid nature which is characterized
by its structural simplicity, its inexpensive manufacturing
upwardly diverging extensions 52 which, in eifect, pro
vide a mechanical interlock between said bonding com
pound and the ‘bristle receiving portion 45. ‘Said com
pound also permeates the upper end portions of the bristles
46, and when solidi?ed forms them into a solid bristle
15 knot.
and operating costs, the ease of assembly of its parts, the
The bonding compound ‘51 may be of any suitable kind
attractive forms in which the device may be made, and
such as a thermosetting epoxide containing composition
the particularly effective manner in which it performs its
which may ‘be cured at relatively moderate temperatures.
Epoxy res-ins ‘have the advantage that they adhere well
A more speci?c object of the invention is to provide a 20 to both wood and metal and that when cured they form a
paint brush structure wherein the bristle receiving end of
strong, rigid mass which mechanically interlocks with the
a brush handle is so formed as to mechanically interlock
apertures 50 of the bristle receiving portion 45.
with a solidi?ed bonding compound used for bonding the
It will be readily appreciated that the apertures 50 may
bristle portion of a brush to the handle thereof.
be of any suitable or practical number and may be down
Further objects of the present invention and a number 25 wardly diverging as well as downwardly converging to
of its advantages will be referred to in or will be evident
effect the interlock desired. It will also be understood
‘from the following description of one embodiment of the
that the extensions ‘52 of the bonding compound 51 may
invention, said embodiment being illustrated in the accom
completely ?ll the apertures 50‘ to afford a smooth, ?nished
panying drawings in which:
‘upper surface to the ‘bristle receiving portion 45 thereby
FIG. 1 is a front elevation of a brush constructed ac 30 greatly enhancing its appearance. If desired, said aper
cording to a preferred embodiment of the invention;
tures may be utilized for pouring the liquid compound
FIG. 2 is a side elevation of the brush as shown in
into the ferrule 42 a?ter the handle, ferrule, and bristle
FIG. 1;
portion have been assembled.
FIG. 3 is a vertical fragmentary section taken along the
In the present invention, a bristle receiving portion of
35 a handle is provided affording oppositely obliquely direct
line 3—3 of FIG. 2; and
FIG. 4 is a section taken along the line 4—4 of FIG. 3.
ed bores within which is ?owed a bonding compound
Before the device here illustrated is speci?cally de
which when cured adheres strongly to all of the surfaces
scribed, it is to be understood that the invention here in
that it contacts. In addition to the bonding effect, the
uolved is not limited to the structural details or arrange
oppositely obliquely directed bores actually mechanically
ments of parts here shown since paint brushes embodying. 40 lock the solidi?ed ‘bonding compound to the bristle re
the present invention may take various forms. It also is
to be understood that the phraseology or terminology
herein employed is for purposes of description and not
of limitation since the scope of the present invention is
denoted by the appended claims.
Referring now to the drawings in all of which like parts
are designated by like reference numerals, the embodiment
of the invention as herein illustrated comprises a paint
ceiving portion in such manner that even if there were
no bonding effect, the two members could not be pulled
The recited bonding compound also provides
means for uniting the upper end of the bristles into a
45 bristle knot as well as bonding a portion of the inner sur
face of the ferrule unitarily with the bristle receiving por
tion and the bristle portion.
It will be understood that many changes in the details
brush having a handle 40‘, a bristle portion 41, and a
of the invention as herein described and illustrated may
ferrule 42. The handle so in the form shown has a de 50 be made without, however, departing fromv the spirit
tachable gripping portion 43 having a reduced, threaded
thereof or the scope of the ‘appended claims.
lower end portion 44 by means of which it is thread ?tted
What is claimed is:
into a rectangular, blocklike bristle receiving portion 45.
1. A brush structure comprising a handle having a
The bristle portion 41 comprises closely packed bristles 46
having separation strips 47 adjacent their upper ends in
the area of the bristle knot. The bristle knot is disposed
substantially below the bristle receiving portion 45, and
the ferrule 42 extends downwardly whereby the lower end
thereof embraces the bristle ‘knot. Said ferrule is prefer
bristle receiving portion; a bristle portion connected at its
55 upper end to the lower end of said bristle receiving por
tion; said bristle receiving portion having a pair of aper
tures therethrough open-ing at the top and bottom surfaces
of said bristle receiving portion; said apertures converg
ing in one vertical direction; and solidi?ed bonding com
ably made of metal or like material and the lower end 60 pound permeating the upper end of said bristle portion
of the ferrule is provided With a pair of peripherally con
and extending upwardly into said apertures.
tinuous, reinforcing ribs 48. The handle 40 as herein
2. A brush structure comprising a handle having a
illustrated is made of wood but may be made of any suit
bristle receiving portion; a ferrule surrounding said bristle
able material such as plastic, metal, or the like.
receiving portion and extending downwardly therebelow;
As best shown in FIG. 3, the bristle receiving portion 65 a bristle portion having a bristle knot; said bristle knot
disposed within the downwardly directed end of said ‘fer
permeating the upper end of said bristle portion and ex
rule; said bristle receiving portion having a pair of aperé
tending upwardly into said ‘apertures.
tures therethnough opening at the top and bottom surfaces
of said ‘bristle receiving portion; said apertures converging
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
in one vertical direction; and solidi?ed bonding compound 5
permeating said lbristle knot and extending upwardly into
Gruber ______________ __ Sept. 20, 1881
said apertures.
3. A brush structure comprising a handle having a
Engle _______________ __ Aug. 25, 1891
portion; said ‘bristle receiving portion having a pair of
Italy ________________ __ Aug. 25, 1953
apertures therein opening at least at the bottom surface
France _______________ __ Feb. 9, 1959
France _______________ __ Oct. 5, 1959
bristle receiving portion; 1a bristle portion connected at
its upper end to the lower end of said bristle receiving 10
of said ‘bristle receiving portion; said apertures converging
in one vent-ioatl direction; and solidi?ed bonding compound
France ______________ __ June 27, 1960
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