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May 21, 1963
Filed July 21, 1960
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May 21, 1963
F. E. BuscHBoM
Filed July 21, 1960
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May 21, 1963
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Filed July 21. 1960
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United States Patent 0
Patented May 21, 1963
suspension or supporting assembly or means generally
designated 9 and a collecting arm or gathering means
Floyd E. Buschhom, Long Lake, Minn, assignor to Van
dale Corporation, Long Lake, Minn, a corporation of
generally designated 8, as shown in more detail in Pat
ent No. 2,794,560. Supporting means 9 is substantially
rotatively stationary and gathering means 8 is rotative
over the ensilage surface as described in Patent No.
2,794,560‘ being driven by drive means (not shown) of
the type disclosed in Patent No. 2,794,560‘ but which is
Filed July 21, 1960, Ser. No. 44,508
15 €laims. (Cl. 214-17)
This invention is a silo unloader leveling means.
Broadly it comprises vertically movable elevating struc
not described in detail here since it forms no part of
The usual conveyor ?ighting 12
is rotatably supported in its frame 13. At the outer end of
the ?ighting is seen the wall cleaner 14 and the guide
wheels 15. The ?ighting frame 13 is rigidly secured to
ture mounted at the outboard end of an unloader collect 10 the invention per se.
ing structure that is pivoted, at its inboard end, about a
horizontal ‘axis on a support member. A sensing means
(a ?xed length cable in the speci?c form shown) directs
the vertically movable elevating structure to maintain
the impeller housing 16‘. Seen in fragment above the
the outboard end of the collecting structure at a prede 15 impeller is the discharge conduit 17 supported by ring
termined elevation relative to the support member, i.e.,
18 to which the cables 19, shown in fragment, are se
controls the elevation provided by the vertically movable
cured and extend upward to the top of the silo. The
elevating structure. It is a new {and useful improvement
vertical position of cables 19 and hence of ring 18 is
for silo unloaders of the type exempli?ed in US. Pat
determined by ‘a suitable winch (not shown) under the
ents 2,719,058; 2,794,560 and 2,877,907.
20 control of the operator. Ring 18 may, therefore, be
Much has been accomplished in providing practical silo
supported at a ?xed elevation and provide a frame of
unloaders as shown by the structures of the foregoing
reference for the collar 20.
patents which have been commercially accepted. Never
Collar 20 is rotatably supported by ring v18 and has
theless continued improvements are desirable.
secured to it rigidly the arm 21 by suitable means such
Previous attempts to control the relative position of 25
as the bolts 22. ‘Impeller housing 16 and, therefore,
the ?ighting with respect to a vertical for example have
also ?ighting frame 13 and ?ighting 12 are pivotally sup
been predicated on either manual adjustment which is
ported in collar 20 at a single pivot axis comprising
not satisfactory and requires much inconveniences or on
as here shown a pair of diametrically oppositely posi
leveling devices which are cumbersome and inefficient.
tioned bolts one of which designated 24 appears in FIG
Accordingly it is the principal object of this invention to
URE 1 and both of which may be seen in FIGURE 2;
provide a leveling device for silo unloading mechanism.
the second one is designated 25.
It is a further object of this invention to provide such
Arm 21 may be advantageously made from a pair of
leveling that is automatic by employing means comprising
angle members that are secured to opposite sides of
a sensing device which responds to changes in angular
20 and converge to a single point 26 as seen in
disposition relative to the horizontal of the silo unload
ing conveyor.
A central spine 27 over the ?ighting 12 is a rigid por
of ?ighting frame 13‘ and provides a suitable support
a leveling means which has a ?xed reference member
for a sheave carrying means 28 in which sheave 29 is
with respect to which one end of the unloader ?ighting
may change elevation and in so doing adjust the support 40 rotatably supported. Spine 27 also supports an outboard
sheave holding structure 30 which rotatably supports a
means for that end of the ?ighting to cause it to re
sheave 31. A suitable elongated ?exible element such
turn to the desired elevation.
as cable 32 is secured to arm 21 as at 34 is reeved under
A still further object of this invention is to provide
sheave 29 and over sheave 3-1. The outboard end of the
an automatic leveling means of ‘a simple mechanical na
45 elongated flexible member 32 is secured by suitable means
ture in which there is little chance of malfunctioning.
to the leveling vertically movable supporting structure
Other objects are inherent in the speci?c structures dis
generally designated 35 and which will be described in
closed and described herein.
more detail in relation to FIGURE 3.
To the accomplishment of the foregoing and related
Referring now to FIGURE 3, frame 13 is seen to be
ends, this invention then comprises the featurm herein
supplied at its outer end with strut pivot supports 36 and
after fully described and particularly pointed out in the
37 between which the leveling wheel struts 38 and 39‘ are
claims, the following description setting forth in detail
suitably pivoted as by the nut and bolt assemblies 40‘ and
certain illustrative embodiments of the invention, these
41. The two leveling wheel struts carry guides here
being indicative, however, of but a few of the various
shown as sleeves 42 and 44 secured to their outboard end
ways in which the principles of the invention may be 55 so as to be in an approximate vertical position when the
Yet another object of this invention is to provide such
unloading mechaism ?ighting 12 is in an approximately
The invention is illustrated by the drawings in which
the same numerals refer to corresponding parts and in
level position. Vertical elements 45 and 46 slidably en
gage and are vertically adjustable within guides 42 and
FIGURE 1 is a side elevation of the leveling structure
provided to determine the position of vertical elements 45
and 46 within the sleeves 42 and 44.
Each of the two vertical elements 45 and 46 rotatably
supports a wheel 49 and 50 respectively by means of suit
able axles 51 and 52 respectively.
The upper end of each leveling wheel strut is articulated
and of so much of a silo unloader as is necessary to
illustrate the operation of the leveling device; broken lines
illustrate hidden parts;
FIGURE 2 is a plan view of the structure shown in
FIGURE 1 With broken lines illustrating hidden parts.
FIGURE 3 is an enlarged sectional view taken on the
44. Suitable means such as the set screws 47 and 43 are
by suitable means such as the U-members 54 and 55 to a
cross member 56. Cable 32 is secured to cross member
56 in a suitable manner here illustrated as an eye formed
by a U-bolt 57 rigidly secured to cross member 56.
line 3—3 of FIGURE 2; broken lines illustrate hidden
p Referring to the drawings, speci?cally to FIGURE 1,
a representation of the silo wall is seen at 10 which en
closes the ensilage 11. On top of the ensilage 11 is
shown the silo unloader of this invention comprising a
Suitable pivots are provided for connecting the articu
lated members 54 and 55 to the upper ends on the leveling
wheel struts and shown illustratively here as the nut and
bolt assemblies 58 and 59.
Similar pivots 60‘ and 61
of said gathering arm means for supporting it on the sur
connect the articulated members to the cross piece 56.
face ‘of said ensilage, and ?exible means interconnecting
said vertically movable supporting structure means and
said depending support means for controlling the vertical
position of said vertically movable supporting structure.
Referring again to FIGURE 1, it is pointed out that all
of the leveling structure is secured to and carried by the
frame of the ?ighting structure except the ?xed reference
arm 21; Since the sheaves 29 and 31 remain ?xed to spine
27, the amount of cable 32 necessary to reach between
2. A leveling device for a silo unloader including a sup
port member, a reference means secured to said support
them remains ?xed. As the cable length itself is ?xed,
member, a vertically movable support means secured to
therefore, the amount of cable that extends from pulley
a silo unloader at a distance from said reference means,
31 to cross piece 56 and from pulley 29 to arm 21 will be 10 and means continuously interconnecting said reference
a" ?xed amount, being the total length of cable less the
amount of cable extending from sheave to‘ sheave.
meansnnd said vertically movable support member for
continuous vertical adjustment thereof.
When the unloader gathering means 12-15 pivots so as
3. A silo unloader comprising a support means, means
to raise its outboard end, the sheave support 28 and sheave
secured to said support means for suspending it in a silo,
29'move closer to arm 21 which means that a greater 15 a gathering means pivoted about a horizontal axis to said
amount of the cable is available to reach between sheave
31 and cross piece 56. To the contrary, however, when
the gathering structure lowers at its outboard end, a greater
portion of cable 32 than previously is required to extend
from arm 21 to sheave 29, and a smaller amount of cable
is available to reach from sheave 31 to cross piece 56.
support means and extending therefrom to a free end,
a vertically'm-ovable supporting structure means secured
to the vfree end of said (gathering means, a reference means
rigidly secured to said support‘ means, and means inter
connecting said reference means and said vertically mov
able supporting structure means for control thereof.
" 4. The silo unloader _of claim 3 in which said means
When the outer end of the gathering arm raises with re
spect to arm 21, therefore, the element 56 is lowered
~ interconnecting said reference means and said vertically
which in turn permits the wheels to rise and cause. more of
movable supporting structure means continuously inter
the Weight of the outboard end of the gathering arm to 25 connects them.
be supported by the augers and less by the wheels. The
5. In combination, a radial gathering means, having
augers under these conditions‘, dig into the ensilage more
an interior end and an exterior end, said gathering means
deeply’ at the outboard end than they previously did thus
journalled for rotation in a’horizon‘t-al direction about
causing the ensilage nearer the wall of the silo to be re
its interior end, supporting means for supporting said
moved at a more rapid rate than previously.
30 interior end, a ?rst portion of said gathering means being
Contrariwise, when the gathering arm dips down at its
pivoted adjacentsaid interior end for movement in a
vertical direction by pivotediattachment to a second por
outer end‘ and more of cable 32 is required to reach from
ari'n 21‘to' sheave 29, then cross piece 56 is necessarily
moved closer to sheave 31 because of the smaller amount
of cable available at this point under those conditions.
With the lifting of the cross piece'56, as will be clear from
tion of said gathering means, vertically movable support
ing means adapted to engage a. supporting surface and
positioned adjacent said exterior end, and ?xed length
?exible means connected-at one end to said second por
tion of said gathering means and at the other end to said
supporting means for movement thereof.
viewing‘ FIGURE 3, the supporting wheels 49‘ and 50
are forced downward against the top of the end ensilage
which reduces the amount of weight of the gathering arm
being supported by the augers, and hence reduces the
amount of ensilage being conveyed from the outer end of
the angers.
6. A leveling device for a silo unloader comprising a
suspended reference means connected to one end of a
silo unloader gathering means, a vertically movable sup
porting means adapted to be secured to the other end
of said gathering means for the support thereof ‘and ?xed
length means ?xedly secured to said reference means and
said vertically movable support means for control thereof.
7. The leveling structure of claim 6 in which said ver
As the greater amount of ' ensilage nearer
the‘ impeller housing 11 is gradually conveyed away so
that the gathering arm begins to approach level again
there is a constant readjustment of the amount 'of gather
ing arm Weight supported by wheels 49 and 50‘ as a result
in the change of elevation of the auger with respect to arm
21. In this manner the leveling structure tends to keep.
the gathering arm horizontal at any given disposition of
ring 10‘.
tically movable supporting means includes a pair of
wheels, each of said wheels being movably secured to
said vertically movable supporting means, and means for
_Wheels 49 and 50 are independently adjustable ver
tically so that they’ may be'accommodated in ‘height to the.
fact that the surface of the ensilage behind the moving
gathering arm may be lower than that in front of it.
either wheel is raised by encountering a portion ‘of the en
silage that is higher than its surface generally, it will roll
up over‘it ‘and simultaneously pull down on cross piece 56-.
Cross piece 56 will pivot in response to such a pull, as it
is pivotally secured to the articulating links and suspended
from cable 32. Such pivoting of cross piece 56 lowers the 60
opplosite wheel which causes it'to assume its share of’ the
loa .
It is apparent that many modi?cations and variations
moving each of said wheels independently and vertically
with respect to the balance of said vertically movable
supporting. means.
8. A silo unloader comprising‘ a gathering arm pivoted
near one end about a horizontal axis to a ?rst support
ing means,
adapted to
and cable
a vertically movable second supporting means
be secured to one end of said gathering arm
means‘interconnecting said ?rst and second
means for control of said second supporting
means by said ?rst supporting means.
9. The structure of claim 8 in which direction changing
means is provided for engaging said cable means for
changing the direction thereof.
10. A silo unloader having a support means, a gather
ing means pivoted near one of its ends to said support
without departing from the spirit and scope thereof. The 65 means and for movement about a horizontal axis, strut
speci?c embodiments described are given by Way of ex
means pivoted to the end of said gathering means remote
of this invention as hereinbefore set forth may be made
ample only and the invention is limited only by the terms"
of the appended claims.
from its point of attachment with said support means,
cable means interconnecting said support means and a
What is claimed is:
portion of said strut mean-s above its pivot, and a wheel
1. A silo unloader comprising a‘ depending support 70 rotatably secured to the lower end of said strut means.
means, a gathering arm means pivoted about a horizontal
11. The silo unloader of claim 10 in which there is pro
axis and ‘about a vertical axis to said depending support
vided a she-ave supporting means rigidly secured to said
means and extending therefrom to a free end, a vertically
gathering means and extending to a point above said
movable supporting structure means adapted for engag
strut, a sheave rotatably secured to said sheave supporting
ing the surface of ensilage and secured to the free end 75 means, a second sheave supporting means secured to said
gathering means near said unloader support means, a
interior end, a ?rst portion of said gathering means be
ing pivoted adjacent said interior end for movement in
sheave rotatably secured to said second sheave supporting
means and a cable reeved around said sheaves and ex
a vertical direction by pivoted attachment to a second por
tending between the upper end of said strut means and
tion of said ‘gathering means, vertical-1y movable support
said unloader support means.
ing means adapted to engage a supporting surf-ace and
12. The silo unloader of claim 11 in which said wheel
is vertically movable with respect to said strut means.
13. The silo unloader of claim 10 in which said wheel
is vertically movable with respect to said strut means.
14. The silo unloader of claim 10 in which there are 10
positioned adjacent said exterior end, ‘and ?xed length
two struts pivoted to said gathering means, a cross piece,
articulating links pivoted to said cross piece and the
upper ends of said struts, said cable means being secured
to said cross piece, and a wheel rotatably secured to each
15. In combination, ‘a radial gathering means, having
an interior end and an exterior end, said gathering means
journalled for rotation in a horizontal direction about
its interior end, supporting means for supporting said
flexible means connected at one end to said second por
tion of said gathering means and at the other end to said
supporting means for movement thereof, and said sup
porting means including a cable means including a plu
rality of members secured to ‘a frame means at spaced
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