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May 28, 1963
Filed Nov. 24, 1961
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May 28, 1963
Filed Nov. 24, 1961
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United States Patent 0 ice
Patented May 28, 1963
When the pontoons are in caravan supporting position
Alfred Bernard Franks, 37 Delmar Parade, Glades Bay,
Gladesville, near Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Filed Nov. 24, 1961, Ser. No. 154,781
iaims priority, application Australia Nov. 24, 196i}
1 Claim. (Cl. 9-1)
the sides of the caravan rest upon the pontoons as shown
in FIGURES 2 and 5.
Two clevis brackets 9 are ?xed to each side wall 9a of
the caravan 10 at mid-heighth; they are located to hold
the pontoons in a selected position relative to the cara
van, and to permit the pontoons to be moved from a
stowage position on top of the caravan to a caravan water
borne position as illustrated in the drawings. A hinge pin
This invention has been devised to provide an am
phibious caravan mounted on wheels and having buoy 10 11 in the top of each post 7 supports the pontoons in the
clevis brackets.
ancy units connected thereto by means which enable the
Brackets 12 and 13 are also ?xed to each side wall 9a;
buoyancy units to be supported on top of the caravan for
one pair adjacent the top thereof and the other pair ad
jacent the bottom and in alignment with the respective
One embodiment of the invention is described with ref 15 clevis brackets 9. These brackets 12, 13 (FIGURES
6~7) are made of plate which is shaped to provide wedge
erence to the annexed drawings wherein:
road transport and which enable the buoyancy units to be
moved to a position to support the caravan on water.
FIGURES 1 and 2 are perspective views of the cara
van with the buoyancy units supported on the top of a
caravan and in caravan ?oating support position respec
slots 14. A clamp plate 15 shaped to embrace a tubular
post 7 has wedge ends 16 made to fit in the wedge slots
14 and a handle 17 whereby it can be moved into and
out of post holding position. ‘Means, such as locking
FIGURES 3 and 4 are side elevations of the caravan
with the buoyancy units in the positions shown in FIG
URES 1 and 2 respectively;
pins, may be provided to secure the clamp plate in post
‘holding position.
‘I claim:
An amphibious caravan comprising, in combination, a
buoyancy units in the position shown in FIGURES 2 25 caravan body including a floor, side, and end walls, and
a roof, wheels beneath the floor, a pair of spaced posts
and 4;
having their inner ends pivotally connected substantially
FIGURES 6 and 7 are fragmentary perspective views
to the horizontal median line of said opposite side walls,
of one of the devices which are used to hold the buoyancy
and a pair of pontoons each having a top wall connected
units in the positions shown in FIGURES 1 and 2.
In this embodiment of the invention the buoyancy units 30 medially to the outer ends of each pair of related posts,
whereby, when the pontoons are elevated the outer edge
1 are two ?at-topped pontoons with a out water nose 2.
portions of the top walls thereof overlie and rest on the
The pontoons are made of a shell of marine plywood or
side portions of the top wall of the caravan body, and,
resin bonded ?bre glass which is ?lled with a foamed or
when the pontoons are lowered the inner edge portions of
expanded synthetic resin (i.e. polyurethane). They are
so much longer than a caravan as is necessary to support 35 the top walls thereof underlie the ?oor of said caravan
body to support the latter above the surface of the Water.
a decking 3, 4 at each end respectively. Catches 5 hold
the decking in place on the pontoons when the pontoons
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
are in caravan supporting position. In addition, the
catches 5 achieve an interlock of the decking 3-4 with
the pontoons 1 thus forming a catamaran-like structure. 40 2,588,084
Bush?eld ___________ __ Mar. 4, 1952
FIGURE 5 is an end elevation of the caravan with the
The decking 4 is constructed to support an outboard mo
tor which is indicated by the reference 6.
Two tubular posts 7 having foot plates 8 are mounted
on the top of each pontoon adjacent the longitudinal edge
next to the caravan.
Braces may be incorporated to make
the post-pontoon assembly rigid.
O’Mara _______________ __ Aug. 13, 1957
Great Britain ________ __ Mar. 14, 1922
Great Britain ________ .__ Aug. 29, 1929
Italy _______________ .._ Nov. 23, 1954
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