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May 28, 1963
Filed May 2, 1961
N. @MW
United States Patent O" ice
Patented May 2s, 1963
erally dat back 12, a generally tiat front 13 and generally
ñat ends 1'4, 15. The back §12 connects with the ends
14, 15 at a sharply defined corner 16. The front 13 how
ever, intersects with the ends 14, 15 in a gently curved,
smoothly rounded corner 17. Sockets 18 are formed in
the rear and front walls 12, 13. A socket -1'8 is also
Allan M. Baum, 545C Morris Ave., Springfield, NJ.
Filed May 2,1961, Ser. No. 116,220
1 Claim. (Cl. 15---244)
formed in each of the end walls 14, 15. The bottom
My invention relates generally to sponge mops and spe
cifically to sponge mops having external contours shaped
to fit curved articles, and further having a removable
19 of the housing 11 is gently curved in general parallel
ism with the longitudinal axis of the housing 11. The
top of the housing is enclosed by a top wall 20. An en
10 largement 21 extends outwardly and upwardly from the
absorbent cover.
It is yamong the objects of my invention to provide a
top wall 20 and defines a socket 22 for the stick 23. The
sponge mop adapted to cleanse curved surfaces.
socket 22 extends above the top wall 20.
lIt is yet another object of my invention to provide a
As shown in FIGURE 5, the sockets 18, 18 etc. are
sponge mop that enables the wielder of the mop to clean
generally rectangular indentations. They are-provided
surfaces facing away from him, above which he may be 15 with a generally T-shaped central enlargement 24. A
Yet another object of my invention is to provide a
sponge mop which may be held at la convenient angle for
manipulation, thereby to enable its application to a variety
of surfaces having complex curvature and angular dis 20
cover 25 is provided having general internal conformity
in correspondence with the external conñguration of the
housing 11. This cover 25 is preferably formed of sponge
material such Ias polyurethane foam, sponge rubber or
the like. If desired, the cover can be slightly `smaller
in dimensions intern-ally than the external dimensions of
Among the further objects of my invention is to provide
a Sponge mop which is relatively inexpensive, sturdy,
the housing 11 so that it will have to be stretched in order
to apply it to the housing 11. Formed integrally on the
easy to use, and provided with a cover which is replace
inside of the cover 25, pairs of hooked enlargements 26
25 are located. These enlargements 26 may also be cemented
'Ihese objects and advantages as well as other objects
on the inside of the cover 25. Their hooked configura
able upon depletion.
and advantages may be attained by the device shown in
the drawings by way of illustration in which,
tion generally conforms, as shown in FIGURE 6, with
the socket 18, shown in FIGURE 5, so that the enlarge
FIGURE l is a perspective view of a sponge mop
ments 26 may be press-fitted into the socket 18. Then
illustrative of the invention;
the space defined between the enlargements 26, being gen
FIGURE 2 is a vertical section taken on the line 2-2
erally T-sh'aped, will accommodate the T-shaped enlarge
in FIGURE 3, looking in the direction of the arrows;
ment 24 in the socket and hold the cover 25 in place on
FIGURE 3 is la top plan view taken on the line 3-3
the housing 11.
The handle 23 is preferably set at an angle of 45 de
in FIGURE 2, looking in the direction of the arrows;
FIGURE 4 is a horizontal section taken on the line 35 grees to the top 20 of the housing 11.
4-4 in FIGURE 2, looking in the direction of the arrows;
FIGURE 5 is an enlarged partial sectional view of the
wall of the housing;
FIGURE 6 is an enlarged partial sectional view of the
sponge cover; and
FIGURE 7 is an elevational view of the sponge cover.
It has been found
that this makes for ease of manipulation of the sponge
mop; the gently contoured ends 14, 15 and front 13 will
substantially accommodate themselves to the curvature
of the object being cleaned so that the cleansing operation
40 proceeds with ease even when the sponge mop is being
The present invention is 1a sponge mop especially de
signed for cleansing surfaces difficult to reach such as the
near, far and curved sides of batbtubs, and similar items
having surfaces which intersect in a curve. Accessibility
is often impaired by reason of inability to reach or ap
proach the surface to be cleansed, and the fact that the
brush or mop does not have a surface which readily con
forms to the contour or curvature of the surface being
applied to a surface `such as the near wall of the inside
of a bathtub which faces Iaway from the operator of the
sponge mop.
The covers 25 may wear-through, or lose their com
pressibility, in which case they may be easily vstripped olf
and a new cover applied, thereby continuing the life of
the housing indefinitely.
The foregoing description is merely intended to illus
trate an embodiment of the invention. The component
cleansed. rIhese problems are obviated by a sponge 50 parts have been shown and described. They each may
mop, having a long handle, and being provided with a
have substitutes which «may perform a substantially simi
curved front, and curved ends which generally conform
lar function; such substitutes may be known as proper
with the internal curvature of a bathtub or a similar ob
substitutes for the said components and may have actual
ject. VThe person using a sponge mop made in accord
ly been known or invented before the present invention;
ance with the present invention is able to manipulate 55 these substitutes are contemplated as being within the
the mop so that its curved surfaces sweep the curved sur
yscope of the appended claim, although they are not spe
faces of the interior of the bathtub with a great degree of
ciñcally catalogued herein.
conformity and consequent eflicient cleansing action.
Referring now to the drawings in detail:
My invention provides a housing 11, preferably formed 60
of plastic material although it may be made of other ma
terials such as wood or ymetal and the like.
For con
venience -in molding the housing 11 of plastic materials,
it may be made in several parts, divided into components
at »any convenient point and subsequently united to form 65
the housing 11. The housing 11 is provided with a gen
What is claimed:
A sponge mop comprising,
(a) a rigid support having a generally tubular socket
4adapted to receive a handle,
(b) a generally ñat rear surface on the support,
(c) a front surface on the support, a portion of the
front surface being liat,
(d) the front and rear .surfaces converging toward
their bottomsv and merging to deñne a convex bottom
Surface having a straight crest,
(j) pairs of hooked enlargements on theinside of the
cover complementary --to the sockets in the external
surface of the support `and the central enlargement
and adapted to engage therewith.
References Cited in the ñle of this patent
(e) Áa pair of generally parallel, ñat, opposed end sur
faces on the support,
(Í) the end surfaces sharply merging with the rear
surface but gradually merging with the Iñat portion
of the front surface to define a pair of generally ver
tically arcuate front corner surfaces,
(g) an elasticised cover of compressible absorbent
sponge material slightly smaller than the support and
ñtted over the front, rear, end, bottom and corner
Townsend ____________ __ Sept. 23, 1924
Wílding _____________ __ Apr. 30, 1957
Di Rubbo _____________ __ Dec. 24, 1957
Franzene ______________ __ Apr. 4, 1961
Switzerland __' ________ __ Nov. 16, 1949
(h) a plurality of sockets in the external surface of
the support,
(i) a T-shaped central enlargement in each of the last
mentioned sockets, »and
France '___V_V______'__'_'___ Mar. 29, 1920
France _______________ __ Oct. 19, 1955
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