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May 28, 1963
Filed Dec. 14. 1960
8%, @vm ,M-J
United States atent O ice
Patented May 28, 1963
hollow cylindrical member B. A flat bar 14, approxi
mately coextensive in length with the cylinder B, has its
Robert E. Davis, 812, and Robert E. Davis, Jr., both
% Southland Sox (30., Fort Payne, Ala.
Filed Dec. 14, 1960, Ser. No. 75,841
1 Claim. (Cl. 132-41)
This invention relates to a tensioned spring steel clip
?at face 15 positioned to engage a coil of hair on the
cylindrical member B.
The ?at bar .14 is provided with a right angle twist, as
indicated at 16, so that beyond the right angle twist #1-6
the bar may be bent to provide the angular extension i7,
having a toothed edge 18 provided with spaced teeth 19
a?acin g the end 20 of the wall 13 of the hollow cylindrical
for holding a coil of hair on a hollow cylinder during
10 member B. The angularly disposed extension v‘17 of the
treatment of the coil of hair as in the curling thereof.
tensioned spring steel clip terminates in a projection 21
Many forms of so-called hair curlers have been pro
posed in the prior art, most of which are overly complex
and impractical.
‘It is the primary object of the present invention to
provide a tensioned spring steel clip universally ap
plicable to the conventional form of hollow cylindrical
member on which strands of hum-an hair are coiled.
‘It is a more detailed object of the invention to provide
a tensioned steel spring clip formed in a unitary struc
ture and which requires the application of manual force
10 ?ex the clip in ‘application to and removal from a
hollow cylindrical member on which a strand of hair has
been coiled.
Still more speci?cally it is a more detailed object of the
extending in the direction away from the end 2%} of the
hollow cylindrical member vB, to which the spring steel
clip -A is adapted to be applied.
The spring steel clip A is adapted to be heat treated,
tempered and tensioned so that the inner edge 18 of the
angular extension 17 carrying the teeth 19 is at all times
biased toward the hook 11. Conventional hollow cylin
drical rollers, such as illustrated at B in the ‘drawings, are
usually about 2 inches long and about 5/8 of an inch in
diameter. These dimensions may vary and likewise spring
slips embodying the present invention may be supplied in
varying lengths, each length being applied to hollow
cylindrical members of corresponding dimension. The
invention to provide a tensioned spring steel clip including 25 length of the flat bar 14 determines the length of the
hollow cylindrical member, such as B, to which the
the thickened portion at one end formed into a hook, a
tensioned steel spring clip A of this invention may be
flat bar, coextensive in length with the hollow cylinder
.to which the clip is to be applied with the free end of the
In use [a strand of hair is coiled upon a hollow cylindri
bar, bent in the same direction as the hook, providing
an angularly disposed extension so that the hook and 30 cal member such as B and then clamped on the cylindrical
angularly disposed extension embrace opposite ends of
the hollow cylinder to which the clip is applied with the
steel bar so tensioned that any one of a plurality of
member by the ‘tensioned steel spring clip A by merely
applying the hook 1-1 to one end such as 12 of the hollow
cylindrical member B and imposing a longitudinal man
ual pull through the medium of the projection 21 of the
teeth carried thereby will be biased into locking with one
end of the cylinder wall when the book has been applied 35 angular extension 17 while pressing the flat face 17 of the
bar 14 against the coil of hair until the desired degree
to the opposite end of the cylinder wall.
of clamping pressure has been applied when the projec
it is also an object of the invention to provide a ten
tion 21 is released and :the selected tooth 19 is biased into
sioned spring steel clip for application to a hollow cylin
locking engagement with the end such as .20 of the as
drical member on which a strand of hair has been coiled
which may be fabricated from spring steel as a unitary 40 sociated cylindrical member such as B. The clip cannot
he accidentally displaced since pressure imposed upon the
member which may be mass produced with each clip ap
?at bar 14 toward the cylindrical member B will only
propriately tensioned and tempered to insure long life and
effective use.
Further and additional objects and advantages of the
serve to lock the clip more tightly to the cylindrical mem
her. A positive manual pull through the projection 21
invention will become apparent as the description pro 45 on the angular extension 17 is required to e?ect the re
lease of the teeth 19 from the end of the cylindrical
ceeds, which will be given in connection with the accom
member B.
panying drawings wherein:
It will be appreciated that the tensioned spring steel
FIGURE 1 is ‘a perspective view illustrating the spring
vof the present invention can be mass produced, tem
steel clip of the invention applied to a conventional hol 50
low cylindrical member.
FIGURE 2 is a side elevational view showing the
cylindrical member in cross section with the steel spring
clip in one position of adjustment thereof.
pered and appropriately tensioned to provide long life.
The tensioned spring steel clip of the present invention
is applicable to a variety of hollow cylindrical members
and, of course, may be fabricated and supplied wholly
independently of the hollow cylindrical member.
FIGURE 3 is a cross sectional view along the line 3—3 55
From the foregoing it will 'be apparent that we have
of FIGURE 2.
provided a highly effective economically producible ten
FIGURE 4 is a perspective view of the tensioned steel
sioned ‘steel spring clip for clamping a coil of hair on a
clip of the present invention in the form ready to be ap
plied to a hollow cylindrical member carrying the coil
of hair.
Referring to the drawings, the tensioned steel spring
cylindrical member.
clip of the present invention is designated generally by
including a flat thickened portion at one end bent upon
itself to form a hook to embrace the wall of the hollow
the reference character A and the conventional type of
What we claim is:
A tensioned steel clip for holding a coil of hair on a
hollow cylinder during treatment of said coil, said clip
cylindrical member is designated by the reference charac
cylinder at one end thereof and a ?at bar, integral with
ter B. The tensioned steel spring clip A is provided at 65 said hook, coextensive in length with the hollow cylinder
to which the clip is to be applied, the free end of said flat
its right hand end, as seen in FIGURES 1, 2 and 4, with
bar being twisted at substantially a right angle and bent
a substantially thickened portion 10 which may be
downwardly at substantially a right angle providing an
achieved in any desired manner such, for example, as .by
angularly disposed extension adapted to embrace the op
welding a short section of spring steel to ‘the clip A at
the hook end thereof. The thickened portion ‘10 is bent 70 posite end of the hollow cylinder, said extension having
in the edge thereof facing the cylinder a plurality of
upon itself to provide the inwardly extending hook .11
spaced teeth for selective engagement with the wall of the
adapted to be ?tted over the end 12 or" the wall 13 of the
hollow cylinder, said ?at ‘bar being so tensioned and
twisted that any pressure exerted thereon to bias said ?at
bar toward the hollow cylinder will pivot said extension
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
in a direction to bring any selected tooth into ?rmer lock~
D. 158,698
ing engagement with the cylinder wall and means project- 5
ing from said angular extension for applying manual force
to ?ex said bar to effect engagement and disengagement
of any ‘of said teeth with the wall of the cylinder.
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