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May 28, 1963
Filed 001;. 2'7, 1961
United States Patent
Patented May 28, 1963
bars 24 of shelf 20‘ and a wing nut 25 being adapted to
rigidly retain upper end 19 of rod 11 substantially at right
angles to shelf 20.
It may be seen that collars 12 and 21 may be suitably
adjusted on rod 11 to allow for varying distances between
refrigerator shelves 16 and 20.
A number of knurled nuts 26 are threadedly engaged
with rod 11 in spaced apart relationship, each nut 26
being adapted to support a smoothbore bush 27.
Herbert A. Neumann, % Canadian Research and De
velopment Foundation, 1434 Queen St. W., Toronto,
Ontario, Canada
Filed Oct. 27, 1961, Ser. No. 148,142
2 Claims. (Cl. 211-—74)
This invention rel-ates to improvements in refrigera
tors and, more particularly to improvements in storage
accessories for use in conjunction with refrigerators.
In refrigerators it is highly desirable to utilize all
available storage space in order to derive the maximum
Bushes 27 are close but sliding ?ts on threaded rod 11
and each is adapted to support an arm 28 normal to the
axis thereof.
Arms 28 may support a variety of shelf members,
those illustrated being a ring support 29 for the retention
of hemispherical type containers or conical containers
30 as shown in FIG. 2, and a ?at rectangular support
'31, suit-ably perforated to permit a ?at bottomed con
bene?t therefrom, but at the same time it is necessary that
packages and the like stored therein are readily available.
Other attempts to solve this problem have resulted in
rotatable shelves which also adjust in height, the dis
advantages thereof being the added expense during manu
facture, due to the necessity for having semidcylindrical
tainer to be stood thereon on to accommodate various
taper sided containers.
It will be noted that the height of each bush 27, and,
therefore, its arm 28 and relevant support members 29,
31 or the like, may be adjusted by the screwing of its
particular knurled nut 26 up or down rod 11. At the
walls and also the shelves must be rotated in order to
raise or lower them.
Furthermore, with these and with conventional refrig
erators there remains a problem of retaining a number
of bowls, dishes and the like of various shapes and sizes
which do not readily lend themselves to stacking and
which may also be somewhat unstable. These conditions
same time, ‘any or all of arms 28 may be rotated about
rod 11 so that any containers supported thereby may be
easily brought to the front of the refrigerator for easy
are exempli?ed by the practice of making jelly in mixing
access, or stored at the back of the refrigerator when not
required. Furthermore, ‘all arms 28 may be substantially
vertically aligned and the various containers retained
while the jelly is still liqui?ed, it is easily possible to upset
30 thereby closely stacked in vertical alignment Without
a bowl and spill the contents.
touching each other and without any danger of spillage.
It is an object of the present invention to provide a
The general design of the individual parts of the inven
refrigerator shelf accessory to be hereinafter known as
tion as explained above may be varied according to the
a shelf asesmbly which will permit the stacking of a
requirements in regards to manufacture and production
number of containers without damage to their contents.
It is another object of the present invention to provide 35 thereof, while still remaining within the spirit and prin
ciple of the invention, Without prejudicing the novelty
a shelf assembly which is adapted to receive various
shaped containers and hold them stable.
bowls, the bowls having only small base areas, so that
It is a further object of this invention to provide a
shelf assembly which will permit independent rotation
of the individual shelf units.
It is still another object of the invention to provide
a shelf assembly which will permit independent height
adjustment of individual shelves without the necessity
of rotating said shelves.
It is a further object of the invention to provide a
shelf assembly which is easily attachable or detachable
The embodiments of this invention in which an exclu
sive property or privilege is claimed are de?ned as
1. A refrigerator shelf accessory including vertical rod
means; means for the detachable attachment of said
rod to said shelf; said detachable attachment means in
eluding a lower stop member; upper and lower plain
washers and nut means assembled on said rod means;
said upper washer being assembled between said stop
member and the upper surface of said shelf; said lower
washer being ‘co-operable with the undersurface of said
These ‘and other objects and features of this invention
will become apparent when taken in conjunction with 50 shelf and said out means being threadedly assembled to
the accompanying drawings in which:
the lower end of said rod, and adapted to co-operate with
said stop member to compress said shelf between said
FIG. 1 is a fractional perspective view of a shelf assem
bly embodying the present invention shown installed in a
upper and lower washers; at least one bush slidable and
rotatable upon said rod; each of said bushes supporting at
FIG. 2 is a sectional side elevation of the invention 55 least one arm extending normal to the axis thereof; each
shown in FIG. 1.
of said arms terminating in a container support member;
vertically adjustable means upon said rod for the support
Referring to FIGS. 1 and 2, shelf assembly 10 includes
of said bushes; and a second detachable attachment means
a vertical, threaded rod 11 having a threaded collar 12
located at the upper end of said rod, co-operable with a
assembled thereon adjacent the lower end 13 thereof.
Collar 12 provides a stop member for a large, plain 60 second shelf in said refrigerator for the support of said
washer 14 adapted to rest on the bars 15 of a refrigerator
shelf 16. Rod 11 is of a sufficiently small diameter to
2. A refrigerator shelf accessory including a vertical,
enable the lower end 13 to pass downwardly between
threaded rod; a lower collar threadedly attached to said
two adjacent bars 15, extending therebelow to receive
rod; a plain washer assembled on said rod outwardly of
another plain washer 17 and a wing nut 18. Tightening 65 said collar and resting on the upper surface of said
of wing nut 18 therefore results in compression of bars
refrigerator shelf; a second plain washer assembled on
15 by washers 14 and 17 and rod 11 is maintained in
said rod adjacent the undersurface of said shelf; said rod
to or from any refrigerator shelf.
substantially perpendicular relationship with shelf 16.
As particularly illustrated in FIG. 2, the upper end 19
passing through said shelf; and a wing nut, threadedly
attached to said rod outwardly of said second washer,
of rod 11 may be similarly attached to an upper refrig 70 co-operable with said collar in retaining said Washers and
erator shelf 20 by means of a threaded collar 21, plain
said washers and said shelf in compressive engagement,
washers 22 and 23 oppositely disposed about two adjacent
a plurality of bushes closely slidable and rotatable on
said rod; an equal plurality of knurled nuts threadedly
engaged on said rod; each of said nuts providing a vertical
support for one of said bushes; at least one arm extending
radially outwardly from each of said bushes; each of
said arms terminating a container support member, an
upper collar threaded‘ly attached to the upper end of
said rod and washer; and Wing nut means co-operable
with a‘ second shelf in said refrigerator for the rigid sup
port of the upper end of the said rod.
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