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June 4, 1963
Filed Nov. 6. 1961
United States Patent 0
Patented June 4, 1963
of operating handles ‘6 and 7 and auxiliary link 8, all
constructed from ?at plates. The handle mechanism is
Lajos Steiner, 2/1 Harriette St., Neutral Bay,
New South Wales, Australia
Filed Nov. 6, 1961, Ser. No. 150,448
4 Claims. (Cl. 81-329)
This invention relates to automatic locking handle
interconnected at pivot points 9 and 10 and joined to
body member 1 at pivot points 11 and 12 to form a
four bar linkage with it. To actuate the moving jaw
3 the handle mechanism is joined to it at pivot point
13. The hole in the moving jaw is slotted to ‘compensate
for the arcuate movement of the pin about point 12.
Handle ‘6 has incorporated between its outside plates a
mechanisms for tools and the like.
10 cam 14 made from a circular disc and drilled off centre
It is usual to lock devices which hold, clamp or pull
so that pivoting about point 10 vit has ‘a positive displace
articles against reactive ‘forces. Such devices may be
ment 22 against an anti-clockwise disengaging move
tools, handbrake fasteners and the like. The locking
ment. Locking element 15 is retained in operating han
of such devices has been achieved in various ways, but
dle 7 on pivot point 16 consisting of a cam 17 made from
automatic and continuous or stepless locking has been 15 an 011 centre drilled round disc and end lever 13 bent
seldom achieved successfully at the same time. The
from a more or less thin plate into a channel so that a
“dead centre” locking effect for instance needs some man
tension spring 19 can be accommodated in it on pin
ual adjustment and the “ratchet” is not fully continuous
20. Pivoted on point 16 cam 17 has a positive displace
or stepless.
ment 23 when moving clockwise. Tension spring 19 is
The present invention aims to give automatic, and at 20 continuously pulling cam 17 in a clockwise direction,
when its free end, inside of operating handle 6 is attached
simple way, by providing two continuously engaging cams,
pin 21. The socket wrench is shown in the ‘fully
which prevent the operating handles from pivoting in the
closed position. The jaws are ?rmly locked in position
disengaging direction, but at the same time allowing them
as the handle mechanism operating the moving jaw can
to move unhindered in the engaging direction.
the same time continuous locking e?ect, achieved in a
Another object of the invention is to provide a device
where all operations can be maintained by using one
hand only.
Other objects of the invention are to provide useful
tools and the like vfor a large variety of ‘applications,
where continuous and automatic locking effects are of
25 not be opened, due to the positive interference of cams
14 and 17. To disengage the cams locking element 15
must be moved in an anti-clockwise direction by moving
end lever 18 towards operating handle 6. Operating han~
dles 6 and 7 are then ‘free to be moved apart, which action
setting said four bar linkage in motion would actuate
moving jaw 3 through point 13 ‘and separate it from ?xed
jaw 2 to release work elements clamped between ‘faces 5.
Other desirable objects will be apparent from the \fol
Releasing end lever 18‘ tension spring 19 pulls locking
lowing description.
element 15 clockwise re-establishing interference between
According to this invention an automatic locking han 35 cams
14 and 17 and again locking operating handles 6
dle mechanism for tools and the like comprises: a body
and 7, which though can be moved towards each other
until a work element is ?rmly clamped between the jaws.
It is to be understood, that the invention is not limited
the one embodiment described, which I ‘believe at
sisting of pivotally interconnected handles and auxiliary
present to be the best application of it, as it may undergo
link forming a four bar linkage with the body member;
further development and within its scope may be em~
one of the operating handles having a cam incorporated
ployed in other useful applications.
about a pivot point to continuously interfere with a cam
I claim:
incorporated about a pivot point in another member
1. An automatic locking handle mechanism -for tools
of said four ‘oar linkage preventing any handle move 45
the like comprising a body member accommodating
ment in one direction while allowing handle movements
handle means which is in continuous engage
in the opposite direction.
ment with a spring motivated lock-ing element, said handle
In order that the invention may be more fully under
means including handles pivotally connected together and
stood, reference will now be made to the accompany
50 an auxiliary link pivotally joined to said body member
ing drawings which show the invention in one embodi
and one handle, the other handle being pivotally joined
ment as an adjustable socket wrench and wherein:
to said body member thereby forming a four bar link
member pivotally accommodating an operating handle
mechanism which is continuously engaged by a spring
motivated locking element; said handle mechanism con
FIGURE 1 shows an elevated view.
FIGURE 2 shows a lefthand side view with the han
dles cut away.
FIGURE 3 shows a top view.
FIGURE 4 shows a section through operating han
dles, showing the locking arrangement.
The invention as illustrated consists of a body member
age, said one handle having a ‘cam incorporated about
its point of pivot with the other handle, a pivot joining
55 said locking element to said other handle, said locking
element including a cam located around its pivot, and
spring means biasing said locking element cam in con
tinuous engagement with said ?rst mentioned cam there
by prohibiting relative handle movement in one direc
1 of hollow construction having co-operating jaw forma 60 tion while allowing relative movement in the opposite
tions comprising a ?xed jaw 2 and a moving jaw 3 ac
commodated and sliding on guideways 4. The clamping
2. A handle mechanism as de?ned in claim 1 wherein
faces 5 of the ja-"Ws are formed as 120 degree Vs. The
said other handle includes a pair of side plates receiving
moving jaw is actuated by a handle mechanism made up
therebet-ween said body member and said other handle,
and said one handle includes a pair of side plates incor
porating said handle cam therebetween.
3. A handle mechanism as de?ned in claim 2 wherein
said locking element is made channel-shaped and said
spring means is in the form of a tension spring secured
at one end to the free end of said one handle and secured
at the other end to an intermediate portion 1of said look
tive movement ‘of said handle members toward each other
Will move the jaws in a closing direction.
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
including operating ?xed and movable jaw members
Re. 23,761
mounted on said body member, said movable jaw being
ing element.
4. A handle mechanism as de?ned in claim 3 further
pivotally connected to said auxiliary link whereby rela
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