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J1me 4, 1963
Filed May 31, 1960
@4144 65’. 6M
Patented June 4, 1963
or any one of a number of other similar types of gas
3,092,47 8
pervious materials, are suspended from a right angle grid
Tom R. Smith, Louisville, Ky., assignor to American Air
Filter Company, Inc., Louisville, Ky., a corporation of
frame member 9 which extends in a horizontal plane trans
verse the upper portion of housing 2. Tubes 8 are closed
at their suspended upper ends and, as aforementioned,
communioably connect at their opposite lower ends
through a suitable sleeve arrangement with apertures 7 of
header plate 6. Since the suspension arrangement of the
The present invention relates to dust collectors and
tubes and their connection with header plate 6 is known in
more particularly to dust collectors of the gas pervious 10 the art and does not constitute a critical part of the present
tube type which utilize ?lter aid materials therewith.
invention, it is vonly disclosed schematically herein.
It is known in the ?ltering art to coat gas pervious fabric
Centrally positioned below header plate 6 in suitably
?lter tubes of tube type dust collectors with ?nely divided
preselected spaced relationship therefrom is a ?lter aid
materials such as asbestos in order to enhance the ?lter
disperser and distributor member broadly designated by
ing characteristics of the ?lter ‘fabric, particularly with 15 reference numeral 11. Distributor 11 is connected
respect to ?ne particles. In the past, such ?nely divided
through duct \12 to a ?lter aid supply source 13 which in
?lter aid material has been introduced randomly into a
cludes a storage hopper 14 and a rotary lock 16 posi
plenum of the dust collector upstream of the ?lter tubes
tioned below the hopper to control the amount of ?lter
and allowed to be deposited by movement of the gaseous
aid material introduced from the hopper into duct 12.
stream to be treated along the inner surface of the tubes.
Connected to the extremity of duct El2. opposite distributor
As a result of this arrangement, the overall resistance of
11 is a suitable blower mechanism 17 which serves to de
the collector on occasion has been inordinately high with
liver ?lter aid material passed to duct 12 from hopper
a concomitant decrease in operating ?ltering e?‘iciency.
14 through distributor 1'1 and ultimately to the inner sur
face of tubes 8.
The present invention, recognizing that this inordinate
As can be seen in FIGURE 3 of the drawings, distrib
increase of resistance often is occasioned by the ine?'icient 25
utor 11 is comprised of a truncated open-ended housing
‘application of ?lter aid material to the tubes, provides an
improved, straightforward and economical arrangement
or enclosure 118 having disposed therein a plurality of
spaced blades 19”. These blades 19 extend radially out
for applying such ?lter aid material to the tubes so that
ward from a common vertical axis and are curved in con
the overall e?iciency of the collector can be maintained at
Filed May 31, 1960, Ser. No. 32,746
1 Claim. (Cl. 55-262)
high levels over long operational periods. More particu 30 cave fashion to ‘form a rosette type distributor. With the
larly, the present invention provides a dust collector com
prising a housing having spaced gas inlet and outlet
means, such housing including a plurality of ?lter tubes
disposed therein and connected to a ?lter tube header
vertical axis from which the blades 19‘ extend in align
ment with the longitudinal central axis of housing 2, dis
tributor 1'1 is capable of delivering and dispersing particles
of ?ltering aid material passed therethrough from duct v12
downstream of the gas inlet, the housing further including 35 in dispersed cone like form over a large face area to thus
insure uniform distribution along the entrance of ?lter
tubes '8 and subsequently along the inner surfaces of
divided ?lter aid material uniformly along the entrances
tubes 8, avoiding any undue concentration of such ?lter
ing aid material in only a few of the ?lter tubes.
of such ?lter tubes so that the ?lter aid material is de
posited uniformly along the interior surfaces of all of 40 In a typical operation ‘of the apparatus disclosed, with
the tubes.
tubes 8 free of ?lter aid material, ?lter aid material is
delivered from storage hopper v14 through lock 16 into
Various other features of the present invention will be
duct 12 and is blown through duct 12 by means of blower
come obvious to one skilled in the art upon reading the
17. Advantageously, the material can be ?nely divided
disclosure set forth hereinafter.
Referring to the drawing which discloses one advan 45 asbestos which has a very ?ne fabric size so as to permit
collection of the ?ne dust particles from the gas to be
tageous embodiment of the present invention:
treated. The ?lter aid material is propelled through duct
FIGURE 1 is a partially broken away vertical view of a
dust collector of the tube type, the collector incorporating
12 by the blower at any one ‘of a number of preselected
the improved structure for dispersing and distributing
rates and advantageously at about 6 feet per minute. As
?lter aid material to the ?lter tubes in a uniform manner; 50 the material passes through distributor 11 into housing 2
from duct 12 it disperses and spreads into solid cone form
FIGURE 2 is a cross-sectional view of a portion of the
?lter tube header of FIGURE 1 taken in a plane passing
and is distributed uniformly along the entrances of tubes
through the line 2—2 of FIGURE 1;
8 and with the aid of the dirty gas to be treated entering
FIGURE 3 is an enlarged perspective view of the ?lter
housing 2 through gas inlet 3, it is deposited uniformly
raid distributing means of the dust collector apparatus 55 along the inner surfaces of the tubes. The material is
of FIGURE 1.
allowed to build up on the inner surface of the tubes until
Referring to FIGURE 1 of the drawings, a vertically
a preselected concentration is obtained, for example .1 of
means upstream of the ?lter tube header between the
header and the gas inlet to disperse and distribute ?nely
disposed cylindrical dust collector housing 2 is disclosed.
a pound to .2 of ‘a pound per sq. ft. of tube area. Once
Housing 2 is provided at its lower portion with dirty gas
the preselected concentration of ?lter a-id material has
inlet 3 (broken lines) and at its intermediate portion 60 been reached, blower 17 is turned off and the dust collec
spaced from such dirty gas inlet ‘with clean gas outlet 4.
tor allowed to continue in operation over a period of
It is to be understood that dirty 1gas inlet 3 can communi
several months or longer. When the resistance of the
cate through 1a system of duct work with a dirty gas
collector becomes excessive and the elfectivity of the ?lter
source such as the olftake from a foundry furnace or the
aid material has been diminished substantially, the tubes
like (not shown).
are vibrated by some suitable mechanism (not shown) to
Extending in a horizontal plane transverse housing 2
shake the used ?lter aid material into the hopper of hous
downstream ‘of inlet 3 so as to be intermediate of such
ing 2, and the operation is repeated. In this connection,
inlet and gas outlet 4 is ?lter tube header plate 6. As
it is to be noted that such operation ordinarily takes about
can be seen in FIGURE 2, header plate 6 is provided with
a plurality of spaced apertures 7 with which the ends of 70 a 15 minute period. Thus, in only a brief period of time,
?lter tubes 8 communicably connect, as will be seen
hereinafter. Filter tubes 8, which can be of cotton sateen
the ?lter tubes are prepared with a uniform distribution
of ?lter aid material in a striaghtfonward and el?cicnt
manner to permit improved ?ltering operations over ex
means to disperse and distribute the ?nely divided particles
of ?lter aid material uniformly and substantially equally
along the interior surfaces fof said tubes, said disperser
tended periods of ‘time.
The invention claimed is;
A dust collector comprising a vertical housing having
spaced gas inlet and gas outlet means, a ?lter tube header
‘having a plurality of apertures disposed therein extending
in a horizontal plane transverse said housing intermediate
said gas inlet and gas outlet means, a plurality of spaced
pervious ?lter tubes vertically suspended in said housing
downstream of said header, each of said tubes having
one end communicably connected to an aperture in said
vand distributor including an open ended enclosure in
communication ‘With said?lter supply means, a plurality
of spaced blades arranged in said open ended enclosure
to extend radially ‘from a vertical axis in alignment with
the central axis of said housing in the form of a rosette
and curved to deliver ?lter aid material to said ?lter tubes
10 in a dispersed solid cone shaped pattern to insure uniform
and substantially equal application of the material along
header and the opposite end closed, ?lter aid supply means
‘the interior surfaces of all of said tubes.
communicating with said housing upstream of said header,
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
‘blower means cooperating with said ?lter aid supply
,means to introduce ?nely divided particles of ?lter aid 15
material from said supply means into said housing and
Dennison ____________ __ Dec. 24, 1872
the tubes disposed therein, and a ?lter aid particle dis
Plaisted ______________ __ Aug. 13, 1929
perser and distributor disposed in spaced relationship from
Vedder ______________ __ Nov. 16, 1948
and in axial alignment with the central portion of said
Frangquist __________ __ Mar. 4, 1952
header upstream thereof and cooperating with said blower 20 2,875,844
Pring ________________ __ Mar. 3, 1959
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