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June 11, 1963
Filed May 15, 1961
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
0/4 V/D B. TRAl/V
(Fig/.127 '5
United States Patent ,0 "'
Patented June 11,1 963
ventional closure ?aps 34 are foldably connected along
Gary M. Donahue, Toledo, ()hio, Joseph Seller, Rock
score lines 35 to free edges of respective side walls 31.
The side walls 31 are folded into a tubular con?guration
ville, N.Y., ‘and David 13. Train, East Orange, NJL, as
siguors to Owens-Illinois Glass Company, a corporation
and secured together by means of a glue tab 33. The
closure ?aps 34, are inwardly folded, normal to the side
of ()hio
walls to close one end of the tubular con?guration in a
Filed May 15, 1961, Ser. No. 109,946
3 Claims. (Cl. 206—45.l9)
conventional manner, thereby forming a sleeve having
one opened end.
Referring to FIG. 2, the upper interior packing 40 com
This invention relates generally to display shippers, and
a primary locating panel 41 having a central aper
more particularly to a display shipper having a novel
ture 42. The perimeter 4-3‘ of the aperture 42 is made
display base.
to coincide with the upper end of the article A. Three
In the packaging of relatively small articles destined for
upstanding ?aps 44 are foldably attached to the primary
consumer use, such as appliances, for example a coffee
panel 41, and when upwardly folded serve to limit the
maker, it is conventional to con?ne the anticle in what is
commonly referred to as a regular slotted carton. The 15 upward movement of the primary panel in a manner to be
described. A third ?ap 45 is attached to the other edge
article’s relative location within the carton is determined
by interior packing which keeps the article spaced from
the walls of the carton, thereby preventing the article
from being damaged during shipment. To display the
article it is necessary for the retailer to remove the in
terior packing and then the article. In repacking the
article after it has been displayed it is necessary to repeat
the foregoing procedure in reverse order.
Our invention relates to a display shipper having a novel
display base. The display base of our package serves both
as a pedestal for displaying the article and also serves to
con?ne the lower end of the article during shipment.
The package of our invention is easily opened, and im
mediately upon opening, the article is ready to be dis
played on its own individual display base.
Accordingly, it is an important object of our invention
to provide a novel, improved display shipper of simple
design and construction.
Another important object of our invention is to provide
a display shipper having a novel base portion which
serves both as a display base and also as interior packing.
The speci?c nature of this invention, as well as other
of primary panel 41 and has a secondary locating panel
46 foldably attachedthereto. The secondary locating
panel 46 is folded to overlie, in parallel relationship, the
primary panel 41. A second upstanding flap 47 is fold
ably attached to a secondary panel 46 and serves to re
strict its upward movement by abutting against the closure
?aps 34 of the sleeve in a manner to be described.
triangular tabs '48 are formed in the secondary panel 46
and serve to confine and restrict the uppermost point on
the article A.
' Referring to FIGS. 3 and 4, the blank for the display
base to is formed of bendable sheet-like material, such
as corrugated paperboard or the like. The display base
10 comprises a base portion and a retaining or con?ning
portion. The base portion comprises a bottom panel 11
having four outer side walls 12 foldably attached to its
free edges. Two pairs of end ?aps 13 are foldably at
tached to the end edges of an opposed pair of outer side
walls 12. The outer side walls 12 have inner side walls
14 foldably attached to their outer free edges. The inner
side walls 14 have outwardly extending locking tabs 15
which are adapted to be received by mating slots 16 ap
objects and advantages thereof, will become apparent to
propriately arranged in the bottom panel 11. Referring
those skilled in the art from the following detailed descrip 410 particularly to FIG. 4, the outer side wall panels 12 are
tion taken in conjunction with the annexed sheets of draw
upwardly folded normal to the bottom panel 11, and the
ings, on which, by way of example only, the preferred
end ?aps 13‘ are folded normal to their associated outer
embodiment of this invention is illustrated.
side Walls 12 so as to lie parallel to the adjacent outer
On the drawings:
side walls. The inner side walls are reversely folded
FIG. 1 is a top plan view of the blank used to form the
downwardly so as to lie parallel with their associated
sleeve of our display shipper;
outer side walls, whereby the locking tabs 15 extend into
FIG. 2 is a top plan view of the blank used to form the
the slots 16 to lock the inner side walls in place. The
upper interior packing ‘of our display shipper;
structure thus described resembles a self-locking tray.
FIG. 3 is a top plan view of the blank used to form the
The retaining portion comprises a load bearing'panel 21
novel display base of our display shipper;
having foldably attached to its peripheral free edges two
FIG. 4 is a perspective view showing the novel base 50 pairs of opposed upstanding walls 22. Two- pairs of cor
portion of our display shipper partly assembled; and,
ner ?aps 23‘ are foldably attached to the end edges of an
FIG. 5 is a front elevational view, partly in section,
opposed pair of upstanding walls 22. Four trapezoidal
showing the display shipper of our invention.
shaped ?aps 24 are foldably attached to the outer free
Brie?y, the display shipper of our invention comprises
edges of the upstanding walls 22. In assembly, the walls
three elements: a novel display base It}, sleeve 39, and 55 22 are folded upwardly normal to the load bearing panel
upper interior packing 40. The display base comprises
21. The corner ?aps 23 are folded normal to their asso
an outer base portion and an inner retaining portion which
ciated walls 22 into parallel contact with the adjacent
locates and con?nes the lower end of the article A being
walls 22. The trapezoidal ?aps 24 are then downwardly
packaged. The upper interior packing 40 con?nes the
folded so as to form a generally truncated pyramid-shaped
upper end of the article. The sleeve 39 is adapted to
con?guration. The free edges 26» of the trapezoidal panels
telescope over the interior packing, the article, and the
are adapted to be snugly con?ned within the inner perim
base portion of the display base, thereby cooperating with
eter of the base portion. One of the trapezoidal ?aps 24
the interior packing and the base to restrict the longitu
is attached along its free edge to one of the inner side wall
dinal movement of the article within the display shipper.
panels 14 so as to tie the retaining portion and the base
The display shipper is completed by taping the sleeve to
the bottom panel of the display base.
Referring to FIG. 1, the sleeve 30> comprises what is
portion together.
commonly referred to as a half slotted container.
within the retaining portion and isvcon?ned within the
upstanding walls 22. The load bearing panel 21 and
blank for the sleeve, which may be formed of corrugated
paperboard or the like, comprises four side wall panels
31 foldably connected together along score lines 32. Con
To assemble the display shipper, the display base 10‘ is
erected in the manner described. The article A is placed
the upstanding walls 22 are dimensioned so as to restrict ~
the lateral movement of the article, and snugly con?ne it.
Next, the interior packing 40 is placed on the upper end of
the article with the upper end of the article being con?ned
within the aperture 42. The sleeve 30' is then telescoped
over the interior packing 40, the article A, and the dis
play base 10. The upstanding flaps 44 and 47 abut
against the closure ?aps 34 to restrict the upward move
ment of the interior packing 40, and hence the article A.
locking said inner side walls in said downward position,
said article retaining portion comprising a load bearing
panel, upstanding walls foldably connected to said load
bearing panel and arranged to con?ne the lower end of
said article, trapezoidal flaps foldably attached to the outer
free edges of said upstanding walls, said trapezoidal ?aps
folded to slope downwardly and outwardly from said
A length of tape 50, which may be decorated to coin
upstanding walls, the lower free edges of said trapezoidal
cide with the printing on the exterior surface of the sleeve
?aps adapted to ?t snugly within the perimeter formed by
is then put in place to secure the sleeve to the display 10 said inner side walls, a sleeve having one closed end and
base. In unpacking the article, the tape is merely broken
adapted to telescope over said base portion and enclose
and the sleeve 30 and interior packing 40 are removed.
said article, and interior packing adapted to con?ne the
The article then, setting on its display base, is ready for
upper end of said article within said sleeve.
display purposes.
2. The display shipper of claim 1 wherein one of said
It will, of course, be understood that various details of 15 trapezoidal ?aps is foldably secured to the outer free edge
construction may be modi?ed through a wide range with
of said inner side walls.
out departing from the principles of this invention, and it
3. The display shipper of claim 1, wherein said inte
is not, therefore, the purpose to limit the patent granted
rior packing includes an apertured panel having foldably
hereon otherwise than necessitated by the scope of the
attached upstanding flaps adapted to abut against the end
appended claims.
We claim:
of said sleeve, said aperture being sized to snugly receive
the upper end of said article.
1. A display shipper for shipping and displaying an
article, comprising, a display base having a base portion
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
and an article retaining portion, said base portion com
prising a bottom panel, four upstanding outer side walls
foldably connected to said bottom panel, two pairs of end
Hahn ________________ ..._ Oct. 12,
?aps foldably connected to the end edges of an opposed
Bockmann ____________ __ July 28,
pair of said sidewalls, said end ?aps folded normal to their
Fulmer _______________ __ Oct. 6,
respective outer side walls into parallel relation with their
Whitehead ____________ __ July 6,
respective adjacent outer side walls, inner side walls fold 30 2,758,781
White ________________ __ Aug. 14,
ably connected to the outer edges of said outer side walls,
Raeburn ______________ __ J an. 22,
said inner side walls folded downwardly into parallel re
Frisosky ______________ __ Apr. 11,
lation with their respective outer side walls, means for
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