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June 11, 1963
Filed Oct. 14, 1960
United States Patent Qf?‘ce
_Patented ‘June
jacent thereto to retain the spools 34 on spindles 30 re
gardless of whether the lid 20 and cover portions 18
Marvin D. Mann, 4619 E. 25th St., Tucson, Ariz.
Filed Oct. 14, 1960, Ser. No. 62,577
1 Claim. (Cl. 223-106)
are on the top or the bottom of the box 10.
My improved sewing box is to be distinguished from
other types employing shafts and spindles.
In one such type, a central shaft carries a disc at one
end and is equipped with a plurality of spindles in cir
This invention relates to an improved sewing box.
eumferentially spaced relation near the periphery of the
More particularly, the invention relates to improved means
disc and parallel to the shaft. The free ends of the spin
for supporting spools of thread in a sewing box.
An object of the invention is to provide a container 10 dles are disposed in closely spaced relation to a wall to
keep the spools in place on the spindles, there being one
having ample storage space for spools of thread within
point at which spools may be placed on or removed from
a relatively small box, the arrangement being ‘such that
the spindles through a cut-out portion of the wall. With
the user can remove spools quickly and easily.
the type of sewing box just described it is necessary either
Another object of the invention is to provide a sew
ing box wherein a rotary rack is rotatably mounted in a 15 to limit the number of spools that can be stored therein
by having short spindles accommodating a single spool
box in such a manner that spools of thread may be stored
of thread or provide adequate storage by employing long
vertically on the rack ’without falling o? as the rack is
spindles accommodating several spools. When several
spools are mounted on a single spindle, it is inconvenient
rack which ‘will store more spools than racks heretofore 20 to remove a number of spools to get a desired spool which
may be the ?rst one on the spindle adjacent the disc.
available and yet permit removal of a single spool with
In another type of sewing box employing shafts and
out disturbing any other spool on the rack.
spindles, a single row of spindles is mounted on a shaft
Another object of the invention is to provide a shaped
A further object of the invention is to provide a rotary
wall which cooperates with vertical spool-holding spin
dles to retain spools of thread thereon as a shaft ca-rry
ing the spindles is rotated.
These and other objects will become apparent by refer
ring to the accompanying speci?cation and drawing
which is rotatably mounted in the lid of the sewing box.
A single row of spindles must be used because there is
no way to keep the spools ‘from falling off the spindle if
the shaft is rotated too rfar past its normal position. This
type of sewing box also requires means to lock the shafts
against rotation so that the weight of the spools will not
‘FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of a sewing box of 30 rotate the shaft when the lid is closed.
With my improved sewing box, on the other band, a
the invention with its lid open showing spool holders
plurality of rows of spindles may be vertically spaced
along the longitudinal axis of the shafts on all sides there
FIGURE 2 is a cross-sectional view through the box
of because the shaped wall 36 and the covers 18 and 20
of FIGURE 1 with its lid closed; and
35 retain the spools 34 in position on the spindles 30 even
FIGURE 3 is a perspective view of the spool holder
though the shaft 28 be rotated until the spindles 30 are
of FIGURE 1 showing the knob for rotating same.
pointing straight down or the box 10 be upset. This
The sewing box or container comprising my invention
arrangement permits storing more ‘spools in a smaller
includes a box 10 having end walls 12, sidewalls 14, a
space with each individual spool being readily accessible
bottom wall 16, ?xed cover portions 18 and a hinged
than in other types of sewing boxes.
cover portion or lid 20. A pull-tab 22 may be provided
The operation of this device is now readily apparent
for opening the lid 20. The lid 20 cooperates with the
from the foregoing. When it is desired to place spools
?xed cover portions 18 to de?ne an opening to the in
of thread on the spindles 30, the knob 32 is rotated to
terior of the box 10 which is no wider than necessary to
admit the ?ngers of a person removing a spool of thread 45 turn the shaft 28 until a desired row of spindles 30 is
exposed in the opening under the lid 20‘. When one row
from the interior of the box 10.
of spindles 30 has been ?lled with spools, the shaft 28
A spool holder or rack 24 is rotatably mounted between
may be rotated to bring the next row of spindles 30 into
the end walls 12 by means of shafts 26 which rotate in
position under the lid 20. All of the spindles 30 may
suitable apertures in the end walls 12. The spool holder
24 includes a shaft 28 which may be square (as shown), 50 carry spools of thread and any single spool may be
quickly selected and removed without disturbing any other
round, hexagonal or other suitable shape. A plurality of
spindles 30 are vertically mounted on the shaft 28. The
The shaft 28- needs no locking-means to prevent unde
spindles 30 are suitably dimensioned to receive spools
sired rotation because the wall 36 and the covers 18 and
of thread 34. While only two spools are shown, it will
be apparent that spools may be placed on all spindles 30. 55 20 will prevent dislodgment of the spools regardless of
the amount ‘of rotation of the shaft 28 or the box 10.
The shaft 28 is rotated by means of a knob 32 which
The foregoing is considered as illustrative only of the
may be af?xed to one shaft 26 exteriorly of the end
principles of the invention. Further, since numerous
wall 12.
modi?cations and changes will readily occur to those
The box 10 may be suitably dimensioned to serve as
skilled in the art, it is not desired to limit the invention
a drawer in a sewing-machine cabinet. ‘In this case, the
to the exact construction shown and described, and ac
knob 32 will also serve as a drawer-pull.
cordingly, all suitable modi?cations and equivalents may
A wall 36, which must be shaped substantially as shown
be resorted to, ‘falling within the scope of the invention
in FIG. 2, is mounted on the box 10 closely adjacent the
as claimed.
‘free ends of the spindles 30 to retain the spools 34 on
1 claim:
the spindles 20 when the spool holder 24 is rotated to
A container for spools of thread ‘having spindle engag
bring a particular spool of thread into position under the
ing bores comprising:
lid 20. The lid 20 may then be opened and the desired
a :box having end Walls;
a square shaft rotatably mounted between said end
spool of thread removed without disturbing any other
spool 34. The wall 36 ‘cooperates with the lid 20 and
the ?xed cover portions 18 to form a wall which en
compasses the free ends of the spindles 30 closely ad
spindles vertically mounted along the longitudinal axis
of said shaft, the diameter of said spindles being sub
stantially smaller than the bores in said spools; and
a shaped Wall encompassing said shaft, said spindles
cooperating with said shaped wall to prevent spools
of thread from falling off said spindles when said
shaft is rotated.
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