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June 18, 1963
Filed June 8, 1961
BYQaJrA w. E042
United States
Patented‘ June 184, 1953
are moved relatively toward and away from each other
as will be described hereinbelow, said stem 5 serves to
Kenneth G. Smith, RR. 1, Farmington, M0.
Filed June 8, 1961, Ser. No. 126,754
2 Claims. ((31. sa-zs)
maintain said jaws in registering relationship for effective
operational purposes.
At their extreme inward ends jaw members 1, 2 are
bent upwardly and downwardly respectively, toward each
This invention relates in general to cutting instruments
other, and centrally are formed to provide cooperative,
of the general cutter-nipper character, and, more par
opposed, beveled cutting or knife edges 9, 9’, respectively;
ticularly to certain new and useful improvements in nail
each edge 9, 9' being formed along converging sides, as
10 10, 10' of each jaw of a cutting portion indicated at b
Ingrown nails, more commonly encountered with :toe
The apex of said cutting portion b is located preferably
nails, which consistently provide a source of pain and
along the longitudinal center line of clipper A. Through
discomfort, are caused by the growth of the nails laterally
the bias of jaws 1, 2, the cooperative cutting edges ‘will
into the adjacent flesh. Limited attention, if any, has
be urged into parted or open relationship (FIGURE 2)
been given to procedures or means for preventing the 15 but upon the application of a compressive force jaws 1, 2
development of ingrown nails, but, inexplicably, there has
will be brought together bringing the knife edges 9, 9’
been a general resignation to ignoring any possible pre
into direct operative relationship so as to cut material re
cautionary means and to an acceptance of the curative
ceived therebetween, such as, particularly, in this instance,
treatment which requires the surgical cutting away of the
the human nail, in conformity with the con?guration of
portions of the nail which have exceeded the con?nes of 20 cutting portion b.
the channels of normal growth.
In order to facilitate the closing of jaws 1, 2 there is
Therefore, it is an object of the present invention to
swingably mounted on the upper, projecting end of stem
provide a nail clipper which is designed to effect the
5 a lever arm 11 adapted for movement between inopera
removal of a portion of a properly growing nail which
tive position as shown in FIGURE 2 wherein it may be
will allow the nail to have a growth component inwardly 25 disposed in overlying relationship upon jaw 2, and raised
toward its center and thus counter any inherent laterally
or operative position, as shown in FIGURE 3, wherein
outward growth to thereby prevent ingrowth within the
a small projection, as at 12, on said lever arm 11 is
adjacent ?esh.
brought into engagement with the upper surface of jaw 2,
It is another object of the present invention to provide
and upon downward pressure upon said lever arm 11, as
a nail clipper for the purpose stated which may be easily
in the direction of the arrow shown in FIGURE 3, said
and effectively utilized by the average individual in an
jaws 1, 2 are easily forced together for clipping operation.
habitual manner, as in customary nail clipping or like
Referring to FIGURE 4, it will be noted that the co
acts of personal grooming and hygiene, and without the
operating knife edges 9, 9’ of cutting portion b‘ cause a
requiring of any developed skill.
V-shaped cut, as at 13, extending inwardly from the
It is an additional object of the present invention to 35 edge of the materials being operated on, such as, a toe
provide a nail clipper of the character stated which may
nail, as indicated at T, in FIGURE 4. Said V-shaped
be most economically manufactured, having a simplicity
cut 13, being preferably made in the central portion of
of parts and being amenable to high speed production;
the free edge of a toenail produces a space or void, as
which is most durable and reliable in operation; and
it were, which reduces the pressure of laterally directed
which may be made in a compact, easily manipulated 40 growth components of the toenail and creates an area
into which the normally lateral components may be di
These and other detailed objects are obtained by the
rected. Thus, the V-sliaped cut effected by the use of
structures illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in
the present invention reliably prevents a nail from grow
ing into adjacent ?esh with expected painful consequences.
FIGURE 1 is a top plan view of a nail clippers con 45
It is apparent that the nail clipper of the present in
structed in accordance with and embodying the present
vention is a most simple device, which may be cheaply
manufactured by well-known, high-volume production
FIGURE 2 is a vertical transverse sectional view taken
techniques; and which may be easily manipulated by an
on the line 2—2 of FIGURE 1.
individual for home usage without any previous training.
FIGURE 3 is a side view illustrating the clipper in 50
Furthermore, the present invention provides a positive
operative position.
FIGURE 4 is a View of a toenail subsequent to clip
ping by the present invention.
Referring now by reference characters to the drawing
which illustrates the preferred embodiment of the present
invention, A generally designates a nail clipper comprised
of a pair of registering, normally lower and upper jaw
members 1, 2 formed of suitable spring steel, which at
their outer ends (being the ends remote from a nail
being clipped) are in superimposed surface-wise abut
ment and secured together in such state as by a rivet
3. Spacedly inwardly from said rivet 3, as at a, jaw
members 1, 2 are slightly bent downwardly and up
manner in which the user can reliably avoid the incident
of ingrown toenails and can be accordingly spared the
discomfort, pain and cost attendant to surgical treatment.
It is understood that changes and modi?cations in the
form, construction, arrangement, and combination of the
several parts of the nail clippers may be made and sub
stituted for those herein shown and described. without
departing from the nature and principle of the present
Having thus described my invention, what I claim and
desire to secure by Letters Patent is:
1. Nail clippers for creating a substantially central out
wardly opening indentation in a nail to be clipped for
wardly, respectively away from each other, for mutual
relieving pressure of lateral growth components of the
divergence and thereby being urged apart through their
nail, ‘comprising E?-I‘St and second jaws adapted for move
inherent bias. Proximate its inner end jaw 1 is drilled
ment toward and away from each other, said jaws hav
to form an opening 4 for extension therethrough of a
ing cooperating, complementary, opposed cutting edge
stem-forming member or pin 5 having an enlarged ?anged
portions provided at one of their ends, said jaws being
head 6 against the normally upper surface of which jaw
1 restrainedly abuts. In its normally upper portion, stem 70 formed of resilient steel and biased into separated parted
relationship at their cutting edge ends, the cutting edges
member 5 projects freely through ‘an aperture 7, aligned
of each of said jaws comprising a pair of lateral portions
with opening 4, in jaw member 2 so that as jaws l, 2
extending transversely of said jaws and an intermediate
portion extending endwise thereof, said intermediate por
tion of said cutting edges comprising a pair of straight
sides in converging relationship.
2. Nail olippers for creating a substantially central out
wardly opening indentation in a nail to be clipped for
relieving pressure of lateral growth components of the
nail comprising ?rst and second jaws adapted for move
ment forward and away ‘from each other, said jaws be
ing formed of resilient metal, means ?xedly engaging 10
said jaws together at one of their end portions, means
lbiasing said jaws into separated, parted relationship at
their opposite ends, said jaws at their said opposite ends
having cooperating, complementary, opposed cutting
edges, the cutting edge of each jaw being comprised of a 15
pair of symmetrical lateral portions extending transversely
of said jaws, said lateral portions being of equal extent,
and an intermediate portion projecting endwise of said
jaws beyond the said lateral portions, said intermediate
portion having a pair of straight side components in con
verging relationship for meeting at a point on the longitu
dinal center line of the clippers spacedly forwardly from
said lateral portions.
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