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- June 18, 1963
Filed July. 24. 19e;
Y {ën-esl?
United States Patent O ” ICC
Patented June 18, 1963
portion 33 and an outlet portion 34 by the liner 35 of
the enclosure rear wall 36 which includes an upper
opening 39 fitted with la louvered inlet device 40 for pass
ing -air from freezer chamber ‘13 to inlet portion 33 of
Corporation, a corporation of Delaware
chamber 28.
The liner 35 is provided wi-th -a second opening 41
-across which the fan 31 extends. A portion «of the air
James P. O’Grady, Evansville, Ind., assignor to Whirlpool
Filed July 24, 1961, Ser. No. 125,997
9 Claims. (Cl. 62-408)
This invention relates to refrigeration apparatus and
in particular to dual chamber refrigeration apparatus
having forced air circulation.
end 42 of a duct 43 having a louvered outlet 45 at its
air circulated through the chambers is refrigerated.
through .the respective freezer and refrigerator chambers
delivered by fan 31 passes downwardly through the upper
lower end «for delivering the air to the refrigerator cham
ber 16. The lower end of the inlet portion 33 of chamber
A conventional form of refrigeration apparatus, las -for
28 communicates with a duct 47 having an inlet open
use in the home, includes means defining an upper freezer
ing 49 at the lower end thereof adjacent the bottom wall
chamber and means defining -a lower refrigerator chamber
50 of the enclosure 11 for passing air from refrigerator
with a muli-ion, or horizontal dividing Wall, disposed there 15 chamber 16 to the inlet portion 33 «of the fan chamber
between and defining a refrigerated air passage wherein
28. Thus air is circulated by fan 31 in two streams
` The present invention is concerned with the control of
the air flow to provide temperature regulation in the
refrigeration apparatus.
as shown in FIGURE l. The |air lof the upper stream is
‘ refrigerated in passage 21 by its passage in thermal trans
20 fer association with evaporator 27 therein to refrigerate
Thus, a principal feature of the present invention is
the provision of a new and improved refrigeration ap
the chamber 13 to =a low subfreezing temperature. The
lower refrigerator chamber 16 is refrigerated to a higher;
above-‘freezing temperature by a mixture of refrigerated
‘ paratus.
Another feature of the invention is the provision of
air from the upper stream and recirculated air from the
such an -apparatus having new and improved means for 25 lower chamber 16 delivered to .the inlet portion 33 of the
i controlling the flow of refrigerating air through a cham
fan cham-ber 28, which mixture is delivered through the
ber thereof for regulating the temperature of the
duct `43 to the chamber 16.
The presen-t invention comprehends a control of the
Another feature of the invention is the provision of
temperature of refrigerated chamber y16 by controlling
such a refrigeration apparatus including new and im 30 thev-olume of air delivered lthereto through duct '43.
‘ proved means for controlling the ilow of refrigerating air
to and from the refrigerator chamber thereof.
Other features .and advantages of -the invention will be
apparent from the vfollowing> description :taken in connec
‘ tion with the accompanying drawing wherein:
FIGURE V1 is a fragmentary vertical section of a
refrigeration apparatus embodying the invention;
FIGURE 2 is a front elevation of the ‘refrigeration ap
paratus. with hidden portions thereof shown in dotted
~lines; and
FIGURE 3 is -a fragmentary enlarged section illustrat
Áing in greater detail the lair flow control thereof.
More specifically, as best seen in FIGURE 3, a damper
51 is pivotally carried on a horizontal support 52 for
selectively opening and thrott-ling the ducts 43 and 47.
The damper includes a lirst portion 53 in duct 43 and a
‘ second portion 54 in -duct 47 which portions are integrally
joined to the support 52 for concurrent adjustment of the
’ `air flow through each of the ducts 43 and 47. The ad
justment of the damper -51 is effected by means of a con
‘ trol member 55 defined by la wheel havin-g la gear 58 mesh
40 ing with a gear 59 on support 52. Thus the wheel is
readily available for manipulation by the housewife to
control the setting of the damper 51. The periphery of
_ In -the exemplary embodiment of the invention as shown
>the wheel may be provided with suitable indicia 60 to
1n the drawing the refrigeration apparatus 10 comprises
. indicate to the housewife the adjustment of the damper 51.
an insula-ted enclosure 11 and a mullion, or horizontal
'dividing wall, 12 dividing the interior of the enclosure
1-1 into an upper yfreezer chamber 13 having a front
In operation, fan 31 circulates the :air through cham
bers V13 and 16 in response toa thermostat 61.
stat 61 may be disposed lselectively within chambers 13
opening 1‘4 selectively closed by -a door ì15, land a lower
or 16; herein the thermostat 61 is disposed in the refrig
refrigerator chamber 16 having a front opening 17 selec
erator chamber 16. Concurrently with the oper-ation of
tively closed by a door 18. The wall 12 includes a pair 50 fan 31, the evaporator 27 is refrigerated to refrigerate «the
of generally horizontally extending, vertically spaced
stream of fair passing through passage 21 and chamber
plates 19 and 20 defining `an a-ir passage 21 having an
13. As indicated above, a portion of this refrigerated
outlet 22 at the front end thereof communicating with
»air is mixed with air circulating from refrigerator cham
the freezer chamber 13 and :an inlet 23 at the rear end
ber 16 through duct 47 to the fan chamber inlet portion
thereof. Outlet 22 comprises an opening in the upper 55 33 and the resultant mixture is delivered to refrigerator
plate 19 and inlet 23 comprises an opening defined by
chamber 16 through duct 43 at ya rate controlled by
the upturned rear portion 24 of the lower plate 20 and
damper 51. The temperature of chamber 16 may be ad
the rear end of the upper plate 19. The wall 12 further
justed as desired by suitable setting of thermostat 61,
includes a body of insulation 25 disposed between lower 60 and the temperature of chamber 13 will -be lowered to a
plate 20 and a bottom plate 26. A conventional evapo
lower temperature `as determined by the `setting of the
rator 27 is disposed in the passage 21 for refrigerating air
damper 51 which controls the length of time the fan 31
passing therethrough from inlet 23 to outlet 22.
must operate to lower the temperature of chamber 16 »to
A third chamber 28 is defined by »a front plate 29 and
the setting of the thermostat.
a rear plate 30 rearwardly of chamber 13 and dividing 65
The concurrent adjustment of the air flow rate 4through
wall 12. A fan 31 driven by a suitable motor 32 is dis
ducts 43 and 47 provided by the integrally associated
posed in chamber 28 for moving the air in the apparatus
damper portions 53 and 54 eliîectively precludes develop
10. Herein fan 31 is arranged to move the air from
ment of undesirable pressure in the refrigerator chamber
chamber 28 to passage 21; as will be obvious to one
16, such as an undesirable positive pressure resulting from
skilled in the art, however, the fan may be reversed to 70 a restriction of duct 47 greater than of duct 43, or an
provide a reverse direction of air flow 4in the respective
undesirable negative pressure resulting from a restriction
compartments. The chamber 28 is «divided into an inlet
of duct 43 greater than of duct 47. The development of
such pressures would adversely effect the desired tempena
ture differential between the'chambers 13Jand>16iasair
passage; means defining =a third chamber; means inter
would pass as a result thereof between the chambers
sage; air moving means in said third chamber for de
connecting said first chamber, third. chamber 4and air pas
livering refrigerated air to said first chamber; first duct
5 means for conducting air from said third chamber to said
ventionally employed for sealing the chambers.
second chamber; second duct means for conducting air
Thus, refrigeration apparatus 10 provides ‘an improved
through the insulation walls and around the breakers con
simplified structure for facilitated control of the Atempera
'ture of refrigerator chamber- 16 utilizing simple, manual
adjustment means for regulating `the flow of refrigerated
from said second chamber back «to said :third chamber;
and a pair of interconnected flow restrictors disposed one
air. thereto.
Having described my invention as related to the em
5. The refrigeration apparatus lof `claim 4 wherein Isaid
flow restrictors comprise a bipartite damper having a first
bodiment shown in the accompanying drawings, it lis my
intention` that the invention be not limited by any of the
details of description, unless otherwise specified, but rather
»be construed broadly within its spirit and scope as set
out 4in the accompanying claims.
I claim:
L‘Refrigeration apparatus comprising: means defining
each in said duct means.
fiow restricting portion in one duct means and a second
-flow restrictingpor-tion in the "other duct means.
6. The refrigeration apparatus of claim 4 wherein said
second `duct means is juxtaposed to Asaid first-duct means.
7. The refrigeration apparatus yof =c1tairnf4 wherein said
'secondiiow restrictor impedes the-flow of air in said
second duct means to ysubstantially [the same extent that
Vthe "first flow restrictor impedes the ñow of Iair in -said
defining an air- passage; means for refrigerating `air in said 20 :first duct means therebyfto maintain the Vair pressure in
said yseco-nd chamber substantially equal to the air pres
passage; means defining a third chamber; airmoving
' sure in s'aid'ñrst chamber.
means in-said third chamber; means sequentially inter
‘8. ¿The refrigeration :apparatus of claim 6 wherein said
connecting said >first chamber, third chamber and air
first Iand second flow restrictors comprise a bipartite
« passage to form »a continuous air path to supply refriger
a first chamber; means defining a second chamber; means
ated air to said first chamber; ñrst duct means for con 25 . damper having a lfirst portion in said first duct means and
>a « second .portion in Vsaid second duct means.
ducting air from said third chamber to said second cham
9. Refrigeration apparatus comprising: means defining
ber; second duc-t means-for conducting lai-r from said sec
a first chamber; means defining a second chamber; means
ond chamber back to said Ithird chamber; and means in
defining an air passage; `means for refrigerating air in
`each of said duct means for controlling the rate of air
30 `saidzpassage; means Vdefining~a1third chamber; means in
- flowv therethrough.
2. Refrigeration apparatus comprising: means defining
terconnectingfsaidffirst chamber, third chamber'fand air
-a first chamber; means defining a second chamber; means
passage; air moving means in said third chamber for
deliveringrefrigerated' air to` said first chamber; first duct
.means for conducting air from said third chamberto said
«said passage; means defining a third chamber; means in
terconnecting said first chamber,` third chamber and tair 35 «secon-d chamber; second duct means for conducting air
from said secondlchamber back to the third chamber; `a
passage; air moving `means in -said -third chamber for
fûrstñow >restrictor in said first duct means;~-a second flow
delivering refrigerated «air -to said first chamber; first 'duct
wrestrictor in said second duct meanseinterconnected for
V~means forconductingair from said third chamber tosaid
movementzwith said first flow restriotor; and manual-con
second chamber; second duct means for conducting air
»from said` second chamber back to said ‘third chamber; 40 trol means'for concurrently controllingfsaid first and sec
ond flow »restrictors, said‘ñrst'fi‘ow restrictor fat all times
and `means for controlling the air flow through each of
.impeding the-flow of-air in said first duct meansto sub~
said duct means to adjust the rate of delivery of refrig
`stantially the samecxtent that the second flow restrictor
erated air from the third chamber to the second chamber
impedes the flow of air in said second duct means thereby
while maintaining -the air pressure in said second charn
~ber substantially equal to the air pressure- in said first 45 ~,to maintain the air-pressure in saidl second chamber sub
st-antial‘ly equal tothe air pressure in saidfirst chamber.
3. The refrigeration apparatus of-claim 2 wherein said
AReferences Cited inthe file of this patent
second duct means is juxtaposed to said firstduct means.
4. Refrigeration 5apparatus comprising: means defining
`Mann _______________ __ Oct. 6, 1959
a first chamber; means defining a second chamber; means
Quick ______________ _... Nov. 22, 1960
J defining :an air passage; means for refrigerating air in said
defining ian Yair passage; meansïfor refrigerating air in
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