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June 18, 1963
c. J. WISE
Filed June 13, 1961
3 Sheets-Sheet 1
COY J'. W l S E
June 18, 1963
c. J. WISE
Filed June 13, 1961
3 Sheets-Sheet 2
BY v/(Z/MV 02am;
June 18, 1963
c. J. WISE
3,094,020 -
‘Filed June 1-3, 1961
s sheets-sheet s,
3:5 ‘5.
United States Patent 0
Patented June 18, 1963
Coy J. Wise, Rte. 2, Box 1590, Vale, Oreg.
Filed June 13, 1961, Ser. No. 116,758
1 Claim. (Cl. 81—-13)
This invention relates to a novel form of device for
might be applied by a hammer or other tool. The outer
end portion of the head portion 10 terminates in a de
pending inwardly turned arcuate nose1~1 formed with a
relatively sharp inner edge portion .12, this nose portion
having its arcuate bottom area capable of insertion slightly
beneath the outer periphery of the ‘bolt head A, as best
shown in FIG. 6.
Referring now to FIG. 3 it will be seen that the lower
or second cross member includes an elongated handle
applying or removing a nut.
The main object of the invention is to provide a tool 10 portion 14 terminating in a blade area‘ 15 at its lower ex
tremity and the upper part of this second cross member
formed from a pair of cross members, said tool embody
holding bolt heads to prevent the bolt from turning while
is provided with a relatively wide ?at portion de?ned by
side walls 16 and 17, upper \wall port-ion 18, and lower
wall portion 19. Within this relatively large ?at portion
while another gripping element is carried by the other
member to apply a force and a gripping action inter 15 which is generally rectangular in form is provided a rela
tively large opening de?ned at its bottom portion by
mediate the areas engaged by the spaced gripping elements
wall '20 and at its upper portion by a wall de?ned in part by
of the ?rst member.
?ngers 21 and 212, which de?ne three parallel slots 24, 25
Another object of the invention is to provide gripping
and 26, these slots having a transverse dimension capable
jaws for engaging and holding a bolt head, the gripping
jaws projecting below the rigid head members and having 20 of receiving the body of the pin or rivet 9 to provide for
the cross members a pivotal adjustment permitting rela
arcuate inwardly projecting terminal portions capable of
tive lateral displacement between the jaw members as may
projecting beneath the head of a bolt to be associated
be required by the dimension of the bolt upon which the
device is to be used.
Another object of the invention is to provide a bolt
The head portion 30 is of greater length than the head
holder including a pair of cross members, the cross mem 25
portion 10 of the other jaw member and embodies a rela
bers having enlarged rigid head portions from which
tively heavy blow-receiving area at its outer side. The
arcuate gripping elements depend.
inner face of the head portion 30 is provided with the
Another object of the invention is to provide the cross
gripping faces 31 and 32 de?ned at their inner faces by
members with handle portions which are capable of being
ing a plurality of spaced gripping elements at least two
of which are for-med on one jaw member of one element,
locked together ?rmly and securely after the gripping ele 30 the recess 33. The gripping faces 31 and 32 include the
sharpened edge portions 34 and 35 and depending arcuate
ments are forced into engaging position with the bolt head
so as to leave an operator’s hands free while removing a
nose portions 36 and 37 (FIG. 6). These nose portions
36 and 37 project slightly inward towards an axis of a
bolt head so as to center the gripping forces with respect
A further object of the invention is to incorporate at
one end of the cross members an inwardly projecting pin 35 to the opposed gripping nose 12. of the other cross mem
ber. The gripping nose 12 is positioned and shaped to
having an enlarged head portion and capable of use ‘for
direct its gripping ‘force medially of the space between
recessing areas about a bolt head to permit the application
the sharpened edge portions 34 and 35. The nose por
of the arcuate gripping points of the assembly.
tions 36 and 37 depend below the head and include arcu
These and other objects of the invention will more
clearly hereinafter appear by reference to the accompany 40 ate inwardly projecting terminals.
When the tool is assembled and the gripping portions
ing drawings forming a part of the instant speci?cation and
are forced into engagement with a bolt head, as by the
wherein like characters of reference designate correspond
application of impact to the enlarged head portions or by
ing parts throughout the several views, in which:
FIG. 1 is a top plan view of the invention showing the 45 compressing the handles towards each other, these parts
are then retained in ?xed permanent position by the use
device applied to a bolt head, the latter being shown in
of the rack arm 40 having teeth 41 which engage the tooth
formed by the angular face 42 at the bottom edge of the
slot 43 and through which the rack 40 projects. The rack
bodying the pin structure;
FIG. 3 is a top plan view of the opposite side of the 50 40 is mounted on the pivot pin 44 which extends trans
versely of the upper member, as best shown in FIG. 2.
tool from that shown in FIG. 1;
At the lower extremity of the handle 1 of the upper cross
FIG. 4 is a side elevation of the opposite side of the
member there is provided a pin assembly 45 including an
tool from that shown in FIG. 2;
inwardly angularly extending extremity 46 and a flat
FIG. 5 is’ an enlarged detail showing the hammer-like
dotted lines;
FIG. 2 is an elevation of the tool showing the side em
pin structure driven into position to form a recess for a 55 head portion 47, this head portion being available for
recessing the wood or metal material B about the bolt
gripping jaw; and
head for receiving the gripping extremities if such is
FIG. 6 is an enlarged detail of an end elevation of the
tool showing the gripping jaws in position.
deemed necessary by the operator.
It is customary for a bolt to include an enlarged
The invention embodies a pair of opposed cross mem
rounded head having a ?at bottom surface for lying flush
bers, the ?rst or top cross member as shown in FIG. 1 60
upon a metal or wood surface and the purpose of the
including an elongated shank or handle 1 and an enlarged
present tool is to provide a structure in which the depend
relatively flat upper portion 2. The shank 1 and the
ing points can be driven into the metal or wood structure
enlarged ?at portion 2 are separated by a ?attened area
and below the rounded head of the bolt, as shown in
formed with an enlarged transverse slot 3, the slot being
FIG. 6, to insure rigid gripping of the bolt to prevent its
de?ned by side walls 4 and 5 and end walls 6 and 7‘. The 65 rotation when the nut for the bolt is applied to or re
upper ?at portion 2 diverges outwardly to provide a rela
moved therefrom. In order that a proper application of
tively wide area 8 through which projects a pivot pin or
force may be made by the tool, the pivot pin for the cross
rivet 9 which forms a connecting medium with the other
member is so constructed and arranged that these cross
cross member, as will be more fully hereinafter described.
members may be laterally adjusted for properly position
minating in a head portion 10, the head portion 10 being
relatively heavy in structure to accommodate a blow which
the depending gripping portions of the jaws are in position,
The enlarged upper portion 8 has an offset shank 88L ter 70 ing the gripping jaws with respect to the bolt head. When
as in FIG. 6, the handles can be compressed and the
ratchet member caused to engage the pawl or tooth to
secure the bolt head in ?xed position. Obviously the
ratchet provides means whereby the hands of an operator
are free for manipulation of the nut on the bolt.
In instances where the material to which the bolt ‘is
applied is of such a character that the depending hook
portions of the gripping members can not be readily ap—
plied to the bolt head, then the pin 45 at the end of handle
1 can be driven into the material as shown in FIG. 5 to
provide a recess for the gripping members. In many 10
jaw portions at one end of one of said handles including
an outer enlarged laterally projecting head and an inner
‘sharp transversely extending straight gripping edge por
tion, said straight gripping edge depending substantially
below the enlarged portion and terminating at its lower
end in an inwardly curved tapered pointed terminal, the
jaw portion of the other cross member being provided
with an outer laterally enlarged projecting head portion
and a pair of parallel spaced straight transversely extend~
ing inner sharpened gripping edges, said spaced gripping
instances such preliminary recessing may not be necessary
edges extending below the enlarged head portion and ter
as the depending hooks can be forced into position by
minating in inwardly projecting arcuate sharpened ends,
appropriate hammer blows to the thickened portions of
said last-named gripping edges being so positioned that
the jaws of the tool.
the single straight gripping portion of one head member
What I claim is:
15 will be directed intermediate said spaced gripping por
A bolt holding tool comprising a pair of cross members
tions of the other head member and all of the gripping
hingedly connected together, a pivot member forming the
hinge for the cross members, said pivot member being car
edges of the jaw portions being parallel to provide a three
point contact for a bolt head.
ried by one of the cross members and the other cross
member being formed with a plurality of aligned longi 20
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