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' June 18, 1963
Filed June 10. 1960
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United States Patent() ” ce
‘ 3,094,129
Patented June '18,‘ 1963
p‘ sleeve 22‘, so as to serve as a currency holder
one or more bills may be stored for use. Since the bills
David V. Wills, 4828 Brown St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Filed June 10, 1960, Ser. No. 35,319
5 Claims. (Cl. 131-438)
are relatively ?exible, their presence will not ‘interfere
with the normal use of the coin holder in which’ it is
, only necessary to insert the coins 27 partly into the space
between adjacent convolutions.
Thisv invention relates to article holders and more par
ticularly, to a coin holding device for use in automotive
A shallow trough-like tray 28 is provided with‘a pair
of side arms 30, the free end of each of which includes
an inwardly projecting detent 32 that is slidably and piv
Ordinarily, it is‘inconvenient'to“ reach into a pocket or 10 otally received withinan ‘upwardly opening groove 34
purse, for coins and currency while driving. It is there
formed on the exterior side of each side wall 14. The
fore‘ an object of the'pr'e-‘sent invention to provide a con
length ofthe arms 30 is such that the tray .28 may selective
ventional device which is readily mounted upon the dash
ly be rotated between the. normally forwardly disposed
board of a vehicle that will hold a selection of coins and
position shown inFIGURE 1 and the rearwardly adjust¢
currency for payment 'of various tolls and for various pur 15 ed position shown in FIGURE 2, or completely removed, >
chases during travel.
. 1‘
as shown in broken lines in FIGURE 2. The side edges
Another object of the present ‘invention is to provide
36,38 of the tray 28. or straight and ?at so as to provide
an article holder of the type‘ described having a permanent
full face ‘?ush engagement with the. facing sides of the
magnet which will secure the device in place upon a dash
mounting elements 16 in either the forwardly disposed
board of the vehicle, does not require a permanent in 20 or rearwardly pivoted positions thereof. This tray, when
stallation, and will not interfere with the normal opera
in the forwardly disposed position serves as a coin holder
tion of other accessories of the vehicle.
for loose change which may be placed therewithin or
A more speci?c object of the present invention is to
which may be temporarily dislodged from the coin holder
provide an article holding device which can be convenient
spring 24. Also, this tray serves as an ash receiver for
ly used as a coin and currency holder and a cigarette 25 preventing accidental injury or damage due to falling ashes
ashtray by the driver and passengers.
An additional object of the present invention is to pro
from a cigarette 25 placed upon the spring 24. It will
also be noted that a space 40 is provided between the base
12 and the spring 24, which may be used for clam-pingly
vide a holding device of the above type in which a trough
is selectively movable between a ?rst position adjacent
to a front side of the assembly, in which it serves as an 30
receiving currency therein for more accessible use.
In use, an assembly is provided which can be placed
ash receiver and coin tray, but which is selectively mov
able to a rearward position or completely removable
upon any metallic magnetically permeable surface of the
automotive vehicle, to serve as a holder for various ar
ticles, such as the aforementioned coins, currency, and
Another object of the present invention is to provide
cigarettes. The parts may be constructed of any desired
a coin holding device of the aforementioned type which 35 material and color arrangement to further enhance the
can be manufactured in large quantities at a relatively low
appearance thereof and its application to all types of
cost, and which is attractive and unusual in appearance
so as to be adaptable for all types of vehicles.
While this invention has been described with particular
All of the foregoing and still further objects and ad
reference to the construction shown in the drawing, it is
vantages of this invention will become apparent from a 40 to be understood that such is not to be construed as im
whenever desired.
study of the following speci?cation, taken in connection
with the accompanying drawing, wherein:
parting limitations upon the invention, which is best
de?ned by the claims appended hereto.
FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of an article holder
Having thus described my invention, I claim as new and
desire to secure by Letters Patent:
in actual use as an ash tray;
1. An article holder comprising a main frame, mounting
FIGURE 2 is an end elevational view‘ of the assembly
means for detachably securing said main frame upon a
shown in FIGURE 1 in an adjusted position; and
vehicle part, a pair of laterally spaced apart side walls
FIGURE 3 is a front elevational view of the assembly
mounted upon said base, each having a groove opening
shown in FIGURE 1 in use as a coin holder with the
extending in one direction away from said base and part
assembly made in accordance with the present invention
tray portion removed.
ly along the length of said side wall, a coil spring having
a plurality of spaced apart convolutions for receiving coins
between adjacent convolutions of said spring, and a tray
supported upon said main frame adjacent to ‘said coil
a base plate 12 and a pair of spaced apart parallel side
for receiving coins therein removed from said
walls 14 which project upwardly therefrom.
spring comprising a shallow trough extending substan
Referring now more in detail to the drawing, an article
. holder assembly 10 made in accordance with the present
invention is shown to include a main frame consisting of
One or more permanent magnets 16, secured to the base
12, such as by‘ rivets 18, serve as a mounting means for
detachably securing the assemblyupon a magnetically
permeable surface 20 of the vehicle, such as the dash
. Each side wall 14 is further provided with an inwardly
extending’ sleeve portion 22 upon which a coil spring 24
tially the entire length of said main frame and a pair of '
arms each joined with said trough and including a detent
portion received within a respective one of the grooves of
said side walls for pivotally connecting said trough with
60 said side walls to provide angular adjustment of said tray
for being horizontally positionable to serve as an ash tray.
2. The holder of claim 1 including ?rst and second
is mounted as shown in FIGURE 3. This spring serves
sleeve members carried respectively by each of said side
as a coin holder for supporting individual coins between
walls of said main frame and each receiving thereabout
adjacent convolutions, as shown in FIGURE 3. How 65 a respective end of said coil spring, and each of said side
ever, the space between adjacent convolutions increases
- in dimension toward the center of the spring, to facilitate
the insertion of a cigarette 25, as shown in FIGURE 1.
Thus, the coin holder spring 24 may also be used as a
cigarette holder, whenever required.
Each side wall 14 is further provided with an aperture
26 which communicates with the interior of the respective
walls includes an opening into each of said respective
sleeve members for receiving currency within said coil
spring through either of said openings.
3. The holder of claim 2 in which said trough includes
70 a concave plate having a pair of laterally. spaced apart ,,
straight side edges for ?ush’ contact with said mounting
means, and said base and said coil spring de?ne a lon
gitudinal space for receiving currency,'said base and coil
spring clampingly securing currency placed therebetween.
stop limiting the extent to which coins may be placed in
said helical member.
4. A combination coin holder and cigarette supporting
ash tray comprising a base member adapted for being
positioned upon a supporting body, said base having brack
et members extending from said base at opposite ends
thereof, said brackets having means for supporting a
helical member therebetween in spaced parallel relation
to said base and said brackets having means for support
ing a tray thereon, a- helical member and a tray supported
by said bracket members, said tray comprising a ?at planar
5. The combination of claim 4 in which said means on
said brackets for pivotally supporting and attaching the
arms of said tray with said base are eccentrically located
with respect to the central axis perpendicular to said base
of each of said brackets of said base.
portion adapted to rest upon said supporting surface be
side and parallel to said base and also comprising arms at
opposite ends thereof pivotally and removably attaching
said tray to said brackets whereby said tray may be piv 15
oted and placed in a horizontal position beside said helical
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